10 Gorgeous Dining Room Chandelier to Beautify Your Home!

When it comes to interior design, lighting is very important. For example, lamps in the dining room can create warmer atmosphere and make everyone more comfortable. Also if you choose chandeliers for your dining room, it will make your dining room look good and elegant.

It is not easy to choose the proper lighting for your dining room. But for gorgeous dining room, i think chandelier is the best option to beautify your place. Of course you should be given special attention. So, there are 10 inspiring chandelier design that will deligt you!

1# Classic style is the best!

I think classic style of chandelier for your dining room is the best option. But, consider the size of your room before you buy it. When choosing one, consider the size of your room. Also, you have the choice to keep the traditional look of your own!

2# Be formal

Dining room may be where family or colleague gather for huge dinner. It becomes good idea if you want to keep formal atmosphere by choosing the formal style of chandelier.

3# Reflect your casual style

I will say that dining room is an intimate area for you and your family. So for your inspiration, you can choose casual style chandelier to make comfortable and warmer atmosphere.

4# Stay minimalist

Maybe your dining room is an open floor and has plenty of light. So, you need chandelier only as an artwork, not a lighting source. It becomes easy for you to choose minimalist chandelier to make your dining room special and unique.

#5 Chandelier is the main attraction

To make your chandelier as the main attraction of the dining room, choose crystal! It is the best way to add gorgeous touch in your dining room. However, chandelier with crystal material usually need more cost. So, before buy it, check your budget first!

6# Gorgeous crystal glass

Not all crystal chandelier are expensive. There are many different types of crystal glass available today in a wide range of styles, cuts and price points. For example: svarovski, spectra, gemcut, and etc. You can choose crystal that suitable with your interior style and of course your budget.

7# Be more creative

Forget the traditional chandelier, because non traditional chandelier can give more creative value in your dining room. For example, you can make your own chandelier from vintage glass bottles. Just use your imagination!

8# Stay simple stay unique

In today’s interior design, non traditional chandelier are gorgeous. You can build your own creation using imagination and mixture in do-it-yourself project. This must be fun when you can show your creation in every dining moment.

#9 It is okay to be cute

It is okay if you like cute things, for example dining room chandelier. This kind of cute and unique design will create friendly atmosphere. So, you and your friends can have warmer conversation and just chill!

10# Choose smaller chandelier

Do not put great lighting in the smaller dining rooms. Better for you to choose smaller chandelier with greater intensity. The chandelier also should be hung a little lower at a height of 150 cm. So, the light is close to the table and resulting a sense of warmth.

So, which dining room chandelier as your favorites?

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