King Size Platform Bed Frame Ideas for Your Comfortable Bedroom

Having a good bed base is extremely important if you want to enjoy great sleep. It can be an important investment because you spend a third of your life in bed. One of the best bed bases that can you get is a platform bed frame.

Platform beds don’t have springs, so it is very comfortable to sleep. It has a soft mattress that makes you will never want to leave your bed. It has king size which is perfect for you who want a bed to sleep with your lovely ones.

Here are some of king size platform bed frame ideas that surely will make you sleep soundly, comfortably and stylishly.

King Size Platform Bed Frame with Headboard

Headboards not only protect your head from a cold wall but also add a distinctive, personal touch to your space. So, having a king size platform with headboard can be an option if you want to get deeper comfort and stylish look to your bedroom.

King Size Platform Bed Frame with Storage

If you have a small bedroom, a king size platform bed frame with storage will add extra space for your stuff. The great things about storage beds are that although they hold a lot, they are not bulky. It will keep your bedroom organized yet make your bedroom look neat and tidy.

Solid Wood King Size Platform Bed Frame

If you wanted more rustic or cottage styles, you can choose a wood bed frame. A platform bed uses slats or a solid piece of wood to support the mattress. Wood is one of the best materials for a bed and it guarantees the quality and durability of your bed.

Metal King Size Platform Bed Frame

A king platform bed made from metal is a strong material type that will blend well with modern or industrial themes. It provides a level surface and stabilizes your bed. The sturdy and sleek design makes it a perfect way to make a statement in your bedroom.

Low-Profile King-Size Platform Bed Frame

Platform beds with low profiles will instantly make your bedroom look minimalist and modern. The low-profile design will encourage rest and relaxation. Moreover, low-profile platform bed works well in a bedroom with a low ceiling, because it doesn’t need a box spring. It will make your bed looks cozy, smart, and stylish.


Amazing Stools With Backs Ideas To Get You Inspired

Having stools in your kitchen bar or kitchen island is pretty much a must. Stools have grabbed the popularity and are widely used by home owner in homes or even restaurants, pubs and bars. Stools equipped with back are very versatile and durable. Stool with backs are very functional thing to be owned, plus they’re one of those elements that will elevate the style of your space.

Nowadays, it is easy to find different varieties of stools with backs which include different types of material, styles, patterns and colors. Choosing the right stools with backs is essential if you want to use your high tabletops in comfort and style. So let’s see our recommendation on amazing stools with backs idea to help you get inspired.

Adding these stools with backs will bring more modern approach that will beautifully incorporates industrial features of your kitchen bar.

These pretty stools with backs have a rather classical design and can easily be included and well blended in your modern kitchen island space.

Sleek and simple, these wooden stools add a touch of rustic beauty that matches well with the overall farmhouse decor in the kitchen.

Crafted of solid metal frame featured with comfy cushion, these elegant stools with backs is an understated addition to your room that will keep your conversation with your significant other more comfortable.

Although these beautiful mixs of rattan and metal look very delicate, the stools are also very strong and durable that will last long in decoring your space.

The structure of the solid metal base gives these stools with backs tall and sleek look that add statement to your kitchen.

Sleek and simplistic base featuring dynamic colors of leather are a nice opportunity to introduce a fun shade, in order to become a focal point in the overall decor.

Crafted with a steel frame features wooden seat and back, its distinctive mix of materials emphasizes contemporary feels.

These wooden stools with backs with soft cushion add a touch of warm feeling to a white kitchen decor.

The simple, straight-forward design of the black stools complements well the simplistic decor without disrupting the harmony.

Arranging Your Vanity Lighting Fixtures

Among all rooms at our house, bathroom is the one which most likely gets the least natural light. It is because most bathrooms are made without any windows; just proper ventilation. Having thoughtful vanity lighting fixtures in your bathroom will therefore become a huge help for you to get ready every single day. That’s why, it is important to add some wall sconces around your vanity mirror, and the way you set them up is as crucial.

It is usually not enough to set one type of lighting for a room. Even though you have had some overhead lamps on the ceiling that provide you ambient lighting for the whole bathroom, you will need more lamps to help you see your face better. For this reason, putting extra wall sconces that supply you with adequate task lighting is necessary. Regarding this, we need to choose the right sconces shades as they influence how bright the light will be produced. White fabric shades are recommended ones as they emit bright light with clean tone. The best place for your vanity lighting fixtures is at left and right sides of the mirror. Besides, you can also put one set of vanity lighting above it.

Before installing any wall sconces around your vanity mirror, you need to think about the vanity lighting fixtures. The main rule is to put the side sconces at about your eye level to provide you light bright enough to avoid casting shadows on your face. This is especially important for shaving or putting on some make-up. The American Lighting Association suggests vanity lighting fixtures to be about 65 to 70 inches or 165.1 to 177.8 cm above the ground. The distance between the sconces at each side depends on the size of the mirror and the room and also the design of the sconces. The fixtures placed above the mirror are ideally 78 inches tall.

Lighting is an inseparable item with other decorations in interior design. Bathroom interior is not excluded. The whole look of your bathroom should be one of your considerations when arranging your vanity lighting fixtures. Make sure the wall sconces you choose complement and beautify the whole look of your bathroom vanity.

Extra tip:

For small bathrooms, sometimes the fixtures are mounted near a shower or a tub. If this placement has a risk of having them splashed by water, make sure you look for any sconces with damp rating.

Live Like Royals: What You Need To Know Before Getting A Tufted Velvet Sofa

What says ‘classic’ and ‘royalty’ better than a tufted velvet sofa? These deep tufted sofas have been around for so long and gained popularity in the aristocratic family. According to the legend, these sofas were originally made in 18th century England for the Earl of Chesterfield. He wanted a sofa that will not wrinkle his clothing when he sat in it, hence the tufted details. Even though tufted velvet sofa will still wrinkle your clothes, but its luxurious looks have captured the heart of others, thus the popularity.

If you consider getting a tufted velvet sofa in your living room or any other room, here are some things that you need to know.

The materials

Velvet can be made out of any kind of fibre, from natural fibres to cellulose or even synthetic. But each material is of different quality and you may want to take that into consideration. If you want a wet and luxurious look, opt for silk velvet. For matte and dry look, go for linen velvet. But if you need more durable and not prone to crushing material, try the wool or mohair velvet. Synthetic velvet is a good option as well, as it is both durable and fairly cheaper. But synthetic velvet has different feel and depth of colour compared to the natural ones.

The quality

As stated before, each velvet materials have different qualities. You can check the quality by bending the material diagonally and try to see the backing fabric. If the backing is easily visible, then the velvet is of low density and therefore low quality. This will create huge differences for your tufted velvet sofa, so you need to understand the quality of the material.

The durability

Velvets are prone to crushing and marking. Therefore to test the durability of velvet, we need to conduct a rub test. The test measure how many double rubs can the velvet endure before it shows one or two broken threads. The most durable velvets can endure up to 250.000 rubs. This durability aspect of your velvet is important to know so you understand if your tufted velvet sofa can be exposed to hard usage.

Before you get a tufted velvet sofa for your living room, consider these three things. Because by then you’ll understand how your velvet sofa will hold up in the long term.

Awesome Bathroom Vanity Lighting Inspiration to Steal

A bathroom with a perfect mood can provide you comfort, energy, and peace of mind that you are looking for after a bad day’s work, to keep you going. The perfect LED bathroom vanity light can transform your bathroom into a cosy spot ideal for relaxing and help you cope with stressful days. In choosing ideal led vanity lights for your bathroom, you need to select it carefully and placed it strategically to bring out the best of it use. Check out these awesome tips for the sake of your dream bathroom.

Choose the one with subtle accent lighting.

Accent lighting of your bathroom vanity light needs to be subtle and has to be positioned correctly to bring the most of it. In this case, The Trinity lighted mirrors offers evenly balanced lighting in a subtle and artistic way, while also offering the simple look that your pleasant bathroom crave.

Think about having the one with flattering shadows.

A led bathroom vanity lights with unflattering shadows can give you an ugly shadows reflection under your chin, cheeks and eyes when you look in the bathroom mirror. The shadows appear because your bathroom vanity were illuminated the wrong way. To fix this, hanging a pendant LED light in the corners of your bathroom to light up your vanity will give you a favor. This LED bathroom vanity light can project beautiful shadows on the adjacent walls and never on your reflection in the mirror.

Ensure that you choose the one that can light up your bathroom evenly.

This is something to take into consideration after getting the one that suits your bathroom vanity well, make sure that your LED light can be evenly spaced on either side of the vanity mirror so it do not cast unwanted shadows in its reflection.Consider getting the one that can also light up your bathroom ceiling. These sparkling little lights will make your bathroom look glamorous and stylish and they’re just what your minimalist bathroom needs.

Look no further for your dream bathroom. One simple change as adding a LED vanity light can uplift the mood of your entire bathroom. So, what are you waiting for?

Comfortable Office Task Chairs Ideas To Complete Your Workstation

Also known as work, desk or simply office chairs, task chairs are designed for providing users with ergonomic support while seated at an office desk or workstation. Office task chairs can be adjusted to suit a wide range of body shapes and sizes, thanks to its flexible features.

If you need to sit and carry out your duties in comfort while allowing for voluntary changes in the working position, office task chair might be just for you. With so many options from traditional to contemporary office chairs, choosing a functional home office task chair that could also create a cohesive look can seem overwhelming.

Here’s a list of comfortable office task chairs ideas that we have rounded up for you to give an inspiration before buying the office chair that’s right for you.

A good office task chair is the one that could provide both comfortable seating and an ergonomic design.

Choose an office task chairs that offers comfort and durability with its adjustable features.

The key to a great task chair is lumbar support that can relieve the muscles in your lower back and allows you to recline as necessary.

If you want to fine-tune your position for a various tasks to prevent injury, an adjustable office task chair with non-slippery fabric is just what you need.

A swivel task chair with casters gives you an easy access to move quickly from one area to another.

Opting for an office task chair with comfortable seating that does not put pressure on the back of your thighs or knees is important.

Having an office task chair with armrests gives you a place to rest your arms and allows you to position your hands comfortably when typing.

An ergonomic office task chairs be with mesh offer great back support and are ideal for heavy computer users who are at a desk for long periods of time.

If you are setting up a desk in a small workstation, then you may want to choose a task chair design without armrests to avoid overwhelming the space.

If you are into a task chair with armrests, then choose armrests that will not likely interfere with your free movements within the workstation.