Chrome Bathroom Lighting, For a Classy and Elegant Bathing Experience

Bathroom always have a special position in our heart. Not only it is the place where we pamper ourselves with a good hot bath after a long and tiring day, bathroom is also the only room in our house where we are encouraged to lock ourselves in for a while. Hence, it makes perfect sense if we want to put extra attention and energy to give our bathroom a more comfortable and luxurious design.

One of the easiest way to make our bathroom feels luxurious and comfortable, is to put the right lighting in it. One of the best choices to put in your bathroom for a more luxurious feeling would be chrome bathroom lighting. Yet before you jump right in and buy yourself new chrome bathroom lighting, you need to know how to light your bathroom properly.

Bathroom lightings are important

Some bathrooms are lucky enough to have a window or a skylight so natural light can brighten them up during the day. But other bathrooms are not lucky enough, and therefore needs extra lighting to keep the room from being too dark. There are several places and ways you can install a chrome bathroom light fixtures. With the right positions and amount, your bathroom will feel so comfortable and elegant that you don’t even want to leave. So here are the kinds of chrome lightings you surely need to have in your bathroom.

Task Lighting is a must!

Task lighting is non-movable light fixtures that are installed to light a specific task, or things. In a bathroom, you need to have a task lighting to properly light yourself in front of the bathroom vanity’s mirror. You wouldn’t want to rely solely on an overhead light, since this kind of light will create a shadow under your eye and on your neck. Therefore, you need task lightings on two sides of your mirror. And make sure your task lighting is not too bright that it will make you hard to look at your own reflection. Also, never install task lightings above your head, or above the mirror, as this will create an unflattering light on your face when you look into the mirror. Two sconces chrome bathroom lighting would be perfect for task lighting.

Decorative lighting because your bathroom is a piece of art

Chromatic bathroom lighting on its own is a beautiful thing. The chromatic finish will instantly give a fancy and elegant look to your bathroom. But more than that, a chrome bathroom light fixture can also act as a decorative lighting.

Despite the name, decorative lightings are not only used for decorative purposes. This lightings will be the main source of your bathroom light. You can put a beautiful pendant chrome bathroom lighting on your ceiling to create a classy look.

Ambient Light to set up the mood

You already have task lights on the side of your mirror, and you also have installed a pendant decorative light fixture on your ceiling. You think you’ve had it all? Nope. You need one more kind of lighting: Ambient light. This lighting will set up the ambience of your bathroom. If you’re a big fan of a good hot bath after work, ambient light play an important role in your bathroom. Usually, you can put several small chrome bathroom lighting on the ceiling, or a pendant light fixture with a translucent shade can do the same job just as well.

Overall, putting chrome bathroom lighting is a good option for giving your bathroom that elegant and luxurious feels, especially if it matches the bathroom theme. The chrome bathroom lighting will also looks well with a geometric patterned tiles or a dark wall.

How to Style White Round Pedestal Dining Table, Stunning Yet Classic!

White round pedestal dining table may be a classic piece that you feel rather uneasy about. This dining table has such a distinct look and it is quite hard to make it work with the surroundings. Even though it has a neutral colour, but when you mismatch it, the dining room can look a bit washed out and off-kilter. The round shape can also look weird and out of place with the surroundings. Yet if you can style them properly and create a good balance of design, you may not have to throw your white round pedestal dining table away and make it work in your favour. So here are a few tips on how to style a white round pedestal dining table.

Shabby Chic

If you’re into shabby chic style, white round pedestal dining table is your holy grail and it may not bother you a bit on how to style them. You can easily match it with pastel colour and cute pattern to create a cute and romantic look to your dining room. Don’t forget to put some vase and flowers just to accentuate that romantic vibe. But don’t go too sweet, as your dining room may look like an old lady weaving station instead.

Keep it minimal

So, shabby chic is not your style, and you’re dying just to get that flowery imagery out of your head. It’s okay, you can always keep things minimal. Try monochromatic look and pair your white round pedestal dining table with black or grey square dining set. This will balance the already embedded sweet look of white round pedestal dining table and give it a touch of masculinity.

Use contrasting colour

If you’re just not so into the monochromatic look but still resent the idea of using pastel and flowery pattern for your white round pedestal dining table, try to use bold contrasting colour instead like blue or red. This will send your neutral coloured white round pedestal dining table to the back and make your bold accessories pop instead.

Different colour tops

It never hurts to modify your white round pedestal dining table a bit. Try changing the tops or repaint them in different contrasting colour like black or dark brown. This will push the sweetness back a bit and keep your dining room looking classy and elegant.

Consider These 5 Things before Buying a Contemporary Wool Rug

The rug is an easy way to decorate your room with less commitment. The most ideal rug material available in the market is wool. Since wool rug is spill-resistant, dirt-resistant, hard wearing and fire-retardant. This type of rug can complete your room and add a nice touch to the floor. Especially the contemporary wool rug that has many pattern varieties and colour that can lift up the overall mood of the room. But even though a wool rug seems perfect, but there are several things you need to consider before buying one for your home.

The place

When you’re considering the material for your rug, the place where you intend to put it matters a lot. Because it will determine how much traffic and what kind of environment will the rug have to face. For a contemporary wool rug, since it has a fairly high quality and a high price, you might not want to put it in a place where it would come into contact with too many people and pets like on the entrance, dining room, or living room. The right place to keep this luxury rug is in your bedroom or any other private room that has a nice humidity and not too much sunlight exposure.

How the rug will be used

Just like the first point stated, the place where you put your rug will also determine how the rug will be used. For example, if you put your contemporary wool rug on the entrance, it will face high traffic and therefore worn out much faster as well. Therefore, put your high quality contemporary pure wool rug in a private room that will not face such a rough environment to make it last longer. Opt for a synthetic fibre rug for your entrance or living room.

The texture

You need to understand what kind of texture you want to have in the room. The wool rug may have a nice texture and provide warmth, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So do make sure that the texture of your contemporary wool rug is exactly what you want.


A natural fibre rug such as contemporary wool rug is quite expensive, as it is derived from natural materials. Of course, with a high price, it also comes with superiority such as excellent heat and sound insulation. But as a smart homeowner who understands that we always need to match our financial capacity and not over-limiting our budget, we need to stick to our budget post. So if you really want a nice contemporary wool rug but you have a budget limit, choose ones that are mixed with synthetic fibres.

Room design

Last but not least, you need to pay attention to the room design as well. Consider if a contemporary designed wool rug will suit your room design and concept. Wool rug offers a warm feeling for the room. Decide if that’s the kind of feeling you want to have for your room or you want something that feels more ‘rich’ and luxurious like silk.
Consider these 5 things before you decide to get a contemporary wool rug for your home. After all, a wool rug is an expensive home décor and you need to be extra careful before spending a large sum of money. Make sure that the rug is the right one for your home and the budget is going to be worth it.

Why You Will Love Linen Chesterfield Sofa

As one of classic furniture piece, nothing says class and elegance quite the same as chesterfield sofa. This particular piece of furniture has been around for centuries. From the rich man’s waiting room to tiny lofts in New York City, chesterfield sofa has paved it ways. Even though it is most known for being the sofa in gentleman’s clubs, but it gains more and more popularity in libraries and living rooms as well.

If you want to get that instant elegance in your living room, chesterfield sofa can be the answer. But chesterfield sofa came with many fabric options. One that definitely suits a family living room is linen chesterfield sofa. Linen is another casual yet classic fabric that also has been around for centuries. And this natural fibre fabric stays around for good reasons. Here are some reasons why linen chesterfield sofa is furniture of choice.

Linen is easy to clean

The first question that typically pops in our mind when choosing fabric for our upholstery is whether they are easy to clean and maintain or not. Linen fibre is very compact and tight that dust and dirt will not be able to settle. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to microbes. Therefore, linen won’t give you a headache when it comes to maintenance.

Linen has beautiful textures and overall look

If you ever lay a hand on linen furniture, you will realize how soft its texture is. The fantastic textures make ways for great looks as well. Linen also has natural sheen that looks great when drenched with natural light. Despite all that, linen still retain its casual appearance so you can have them in any living room.

Linen is strong and durable

Since linen has compact fibre composition, it will not come loose even after a long time of use. Therefore, linen makes a very strong and durable fabric especially for chesterfield sofa.

Linen is eco-friendly

Linen is made out of flax plant fibre. This plant is very easy to grow even without fertilizer and pesticides. That means linen need tiny amount of chemicals only. It also requires a lot less water in processing and producing compared to cotton. With this in mind, it is safe to say that linen is an eco-friendly fabric.


Oil Rubbed Bronze for Bathroom Vanity Light? Why Not!

Putting oil rubbed bronze vanity light might not be a popular decision. Usually, people choose vanity light with chrome, gold, or even solid colour finish. Bronze often feels too outdated and gloomy to be put as vanity light. But for those of you who are up for the challenge, oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light might be a good addition to your overall bathroom design. If you like the idea of making a statement in your bathroom, here are some bathroom design ideas with bronze vanity light.

Understanding the difference between bronze and oil rubbed bronze

Yet before, we need to comprehend what is bronze and what effect will it gives to your room design. Bronze is the earliest type of metal alloy that is used and developed by human. It has a dark chocolate matte finish that will change a bit yellowish over time. Therefore, some people who don’t like this colour change choose oil rubbed bronze instead. Oil rubbed bronze is a metal finish that is chemically made to create a darkened surface. This finish will add earthy feelings in your bathroom that sort of deflect the viewer’s attention. Oil rubbed bronze light fixture may be used for any kind of light, but it can do a really good job in being ambience lighting.

Oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light in this design creates a good ambient in the room. It suits the earthy colour of the wall and bathroom vanity really well thus enhances the room’s tranquillity.

This oil rubbed bronze vanity light give your bathroom a vintage feeling. It might remind you of an old public bathroom in which they use rather wiry light fixture above the mirror.

Pair oil rubbed bronze light fixture with dark coloured wall and white vanity to create this look. It balanced out the vintage and modern sides of the room.

You don’t have to have a fancy or natural-themed bathroom to nail this oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light. You can absolutely pull this off with a classic ordinary bathroom. Just add a touch of bronze on your faucet, and you’re good to go!

While you can make do with a simple classic bathroom, you know you can always highlight your quirky vintage bathroom with oil rubbed bronze light fixture. It tones down the weirdness of the barrel vanity and creates a balance in this bathroom or powder room.

Oil rubbed bronze might be a tricky metal finish to nail off, but with a little inspiration and imagination you can surely pull it off. So never be afraid of trying new designs and challenge yourself, because the end result will definitely be worth it.

Guides on Edison Bulb Chandelier for Dining Room: What You Need to Know

Planning a dining room lighting can feel a little bit overwhelming and fun because you need to understand each fixture, their functions, and how to layer them correctly. There are so many variables at play and you may find yourself wanting to resort to just use one piece ceiling lamp for everything. But to really create a beautifully lit dining room, with nice ambience, you absolutely need to layer the light. The main thing you need to first address when layering dining room light, is the ceiling mounted lamp. This light can make or break your dining room design since ceiling light can be a statement piece to your room.

For homeowners who dig the industrial look, Edison bulb chandelier dining room may be your lamp of choice for its strong vintage and industrial characteristics. But here are the things you need to know about Edison bulb chandelier.

Vintage Edison bulb and a regular incandescent bulb is different

First of all, a vintage Edison bulb and a regular modern incandescent bulb is different. Although they are both incandescent bulb, they have different power, different light results, and different markings. Edison bulb was made with the filament stretched out into a pattern and therefore creates less light than a regular bulb. So when you buy 75 Watt Edison bulb and regular bulb, you will have a lot fewer lumens in Edison bulb.

The composition matters

When hanging Edison bulb chandelier, you need to really consider the composition of the room. Edison bulb works well with simple and uncluttered room design, as it is a statement piece on its own and prone to clash with other pieces. You can also try different chandelier composition by hanging the Edison bulbs at different levels. This can make a really nice warm glow in your room and beautiful romantic ambience.

How to dispose of the bulb

As we all know, disposing of a bulb can’t be done carelessly as it may harm others or even breaking the law. Luckily, Edison bulb, just like any other incandescent bulb can be easily disposed of in your trash bin. Although you need to first wrap them in a box so if the glass breaks it won’t hurt anyone.

The function it serves

As we already know, Edison bulb creates fewer lumens compared to a regular bulb. Therefore, we can’t use Edison bulb as the main lighting in our room. Edison bulb can only serve as an ambient light and decorative light in your dining room. Layering is important in this state because we need proper lighting in our dining room. You can layer with sconces or even another ceiling mounted led to support the Edison bulb chandelier in your dining room.

Refresh Your Kitchen’s Look with These Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles are finishing touch that can enhance the design of your kitchen. If you have a frameless or full-overlay cabinet, kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles allow you to open and close your doors and drawers with ease. While your kitchen can get messy on a daily basis, kitchen cabinet hardware help protect your cabinet surface from mess and wear of daily use.

If you are remodeling or building new cabinet, choosing the knob and handle based on personal preference is very important because your hardware should not only look good, but it must be comfortable to use, too. Available in a plethora of styles and finishes that can pull the overall look of your kitchen together, kitchen cabinet hardware fits seamlessly into your kitchen with any design.

Check out our ideas on kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles to help narrow down your choices and find the best cabinet hardware for your kitchen.

Spice up your kitchen’s cabinetry with these shapely unique handles. Made from rubbed bronze, this hardware brings a timeless classic look to your kitchen.

You may also want to consider a more personalized look by picking kitchen cabinet hardware made from non-traditional materials like leather for your informal, relaxed-style kitchen.

If your kitchen is more into traditional style, antique kitchen cabinet knobs and handles can be a great option because its offer styles that reflect an antique look which help your kitchen personality shine through.

Function and beauty are good reasons to love this kitchen cabinet hardware idea. The black finish is dramatic on a white colored cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet hardware made of stainless steel is another great option because it is so durable. Not only that, stainless steel knobs and handles in a highly polished finish will look great in a kitchen with contemporary style.

Simple and streamlined, these kitchen cabinet knobs made from solid brass are the perfect choice that will make a bold statement in your kitchen.

You can mix knobs made from glass with stainless steel handles to create visual interest in your kitchen. Consider choosing these kitchen cabinet knobs and handles idea for an ultra-modern look.

You can also combine the clean look of cabinetry with hardware that is not too ornate, but not too hard-edged and contemporary either, like these knobs and handles idea.

If the design of your kitchen is particularly contemporary look, with sleek, sharp lines, then these cabinet knobs and handles can be a great choice.

Kitchen cabinet hardware made from pewter and brass offers a substantial look and feel, and works well for cabinets made of thicker woods. Its understated style looks more at home in a traditional setting.

10 Comfy Outdoor Chaise Lounge Ideas You’ll Want in Your Home

Outdoor chaise lounges remains one of the most elegant and stylish ways to relax. Everyone likes chaises lounge because it’s a functional modern furniture items that add comfort, interest and fun to home decorating ideas. Outdoor chaise lounges adds a touch of luxury and style to your poolside, patio, or porch without compromising on comfort. You may even want to consider add a cozy throw blanket on this long, sofa-like chair and pair it with outdoor cushions for a cozier effect. When it comes to choosing the perfect chaise lounge for your home, there are lots of different styles, colors, and other considerations. See if one of these outdoor chaise lounges is the right chair for you.

This nautical chaise lounge with arms is designed for relaxing — either napping, reading, or just daydreaming, it’s perfect for your poolside.

If you like to sip lemonade in a basic chaise like the one made from durable wood with formal design, the Captain Chaise with Arms is the one for you.

This lovely South Beach Chaise has a simple design and features comfy cushion with distinctive look that brings festive feel.

A modern, stylish twist on a classic design, Long Island Chaisle contoured seat makes for hours of pleasant relaxing, and its classic design is one you’ll love for years to come.

With its modern slatted chase and aluminum frame, Euro Chaise bring a sense of the continental to your outdoor space.

Bayline Chaise can add a touch of the dramatic to your porch with its sleek, elegant design.

Don’t be surprised if the occupant of this relaxing model retreats in it for hours at a time. This chaise is an outdoor lounger’s dream.

Opt for this Casual Chaise Lounge that features smooth wheels for a comfortable and stylish design with a sturdy construction.

This chaise lounge have a long chair with an angled back at its end, providing complete support and maximum comfort for the whole body.

With vintage floral cushion set that straps securely onto the chair’s back and seat, this chaise lounge resembles one you’d find poolside at a luxury hotel, but keep in mind it sits quite low to the ground.


Guides on Picking the Perfect European Sleeper Sofa

European sleeper sofa may be a great solution for homeowners or apartment owners with such limited spaces. This sofa can turn your living room or any other room into the guest bedroom in an instant, so you don’t have to worry if a friend or family wants to crash at your place. Sure it may not be the most comfortable option for your guest, but it is still better than a regular sofa. But choosing the right European sleeper sofa for your home is not as easy as choosing a regular sofa. There are several things that you need to consider.

The type

There are several types of European sleeper sofa out there in the market. The standard sleeper sofa is the futons. It is typically a wood or metal frame with a single mattress folded on top to create sofa cushion. But there are many other variations of the European sleeper sofa. If you’re looking for more comfort as a bed, you may want to get the air foldout type. But if you want more comfort when used as a sofa cushion, the pull out sofa may be your pick.

How often will it be used?

The type of sleeper sofa also depends on how often it will be used. If you’re looking to use it daily, you may want to choose a sleeper sofa that has spring mattress so it feels more comfortable. But keep in mind that the metal frame may make it quite uncomfortable as a sofa.

Where will you place them?

The room where you plan to place your European sleeper sofa also matters. If you want to place them in a small room that is not frequently used as a hangout place, choose a small sleeper sofa with spring mattress so it is more comfortable as a bed. But if you’re going to place it in the living room, choose the one that is comfortable to sit at for long hours.

How to Pick the Perfect Comfy Dining Chairs For Amazing Dinner Experience

Dining chair may not be the piece that you put a lot of thought on. You may want to keep it simple by choosing a table set or just go for any kind of chair that match your dining table. Yet dining chair does have some variables you need to factor in before you get the table set or buy individual chairs. Because when you don’t think about these variables, you may end up sacrificing your comfort and dinner time will not be as pleasant as it would be. Therefore, to make sure you get the perfect comfy dining chairs, here are some points you need to factor in and consider.

The seat depth

Every dining chair came with different seat depth. Some are narrower to save space, and some are deeper. As a rule of thumb, the deeper the seat is, you will have more place for your derriere and sit comfortably. But not too deep, since you will have to lift your feet up or not being able to lean on the chair back. To have comfy dining chairs, you need to pick the ones that are wider than 17 inches.

The right height

As it goes with the depth, dining chair also came with different height. This is crucial especially if you’re buying individual chairs instead of a set. You need to have at least 12 inches between the table and the comfy dining chairs cushion. This distance will allow your feet to move freely and not being pushed against the table.

The movements

It is not always about the comfort of the people when they sit at the chair. You need to also consider if the comfy dining chair is easy to move or not, especially when you live with older people or children. They may not be able to pull out the chair easily if it’s too heavy or too large. Therefore, cater to their need and choose a comfy dining chair that will be comfortable for everyone in the home!


Now, even though you don’t plan to spill anything on your dining chair cushion, but sooner or later, it will happen. So it is always better to choose low maintenance dining chair upholstery material. This will make cleaning way more convenient and your chair looks great for a longer period of time.

Ways That You Can Replace Sofa with Wide Chaise Lounge

The sofa is a classic staple for comfortable seating. Little did we know that there are some other alternative to sofa if you find yourself wanting to get a little off the mainstream. One of the best alternatives to sofa out there is wide chaise lounge. Chaise is originated in 18th century France. It is essentially an upholstered recliner, made for style, comfort and stretching out. With this in mind, the idea of replacing sofa with wide chaise lounge became even more understandable. So if you’re thinking of going on this route, here are 4 instances where wide chaise lounge is a better option than a sofa.

Preserving the view

What will you do if you want to put comfortable seating furniture in front of a huge window with a beautiful view? Will you choose a sofa? Yes, a sofa may sound great, but it will block the view when you’re not sitting on the sofa. Therefore, if you want to preserve the view and keep them out of obstacles, a chaise can be your answer. It will give you more access to the view while still providing comfortable seating.

Unblocking traffic flow

In small rooms, the sofa can get a little tricky. Because the sofa is typically large, it may block the traffic flow in such a small room. Chaise can solve this problem by providing more space to move and therefore unblocking the traffic flow. You can replace the sofa with two chaises and place them apart so people can easily move between the chaise.

DIY Sectional

Have you realized that you can push two chaises together and create an L shaped sectional? Yes, even though chaise doesn’t have enough back support, but the length and depth of the chaise still speak comfort. Also, with this DIY sectional, you can easily move them around if you want to change the look of your room.

Media room

If you have a media room, you can add more comfort to it by choosing two wide chaise lounges instead of a sofa. The chaise offers more space to snuggle and stretch even when compared with deep-seated sofa. You can take up the coffee table space for the chaise and replace it with a small table between the two chaises.

Emergency guest room

Of course, there are several downsides to wide chaise lounge compared to a sectional sofa. Such as the non-existent back support and arm support.  These downsides make wide chaise lounge a lot more uncomfortable when you placed them in the living room. However, the shape can gain your advantages when you want to convert your living room into an emergency guest room. Since sleeping in a wide chaise lounge would feel better than a sofa. You can easily put some pillows and blanket and turn them into a place where your guest can lay down.

Not to mention, the relatively smaller size of wide chaise lounge compared to sectional sofa makes them a perfect alternative for smaller spaces. See? It’s totally okay to replace your sectional sofa with wide chaise lounge!

Reasons to Choose Round Teak Dining Table for Outdoor Dining Area

There is nothing better than having an outdoor dining area in your home, so you can have the perfect spot for barbeque and hang out with family and friends. You can make use of your patio, garden, or even rooftop to create a lovely outdoor dining area.

But choosing furniture for an outdoor area is a bit different from choosing the indoor counterpart, so you may want to pay attention to the details and do more research, especially when it comes to the dining table.

This furniture piece will be the focal point of your outdoor dining area. Therefore, you may want to consider the best option out there: Round teak dining table. And here’s why round teak dining table is the best you can get.

Teak is great outdoor material

When it comes to outdoor furniture, teak is the champion. This beautiful golden coloured wood has a high amount of natural rubber and oils which serves as natural weatherproofing and waterproofing agent that also protect your furniture from insects and rot. Therefore, teak can last for a long time. It is also strong and low maintenance, so you don’t have to spend too much effort on maintenance since outdoor furniture is often out of sight and forgotten.

Roundtable creates more intimate dining situation

If your reason to create an outdoor dining space is to hang out and spend quality time with your loved ones, round teak dining table is the perfect one for you. Roundtable will create intimate dining situation since everyone is seated close together. It can also enhance your conversation because you don’t have to tilt your head to have a conversation with others, hence you can have long talks without having neck strain.

Roundtable saves more space and makes room for more people

If your patio, rooftop, or garden space is tiny, roundtable may be your saviour because it saves more space. You can also seat more people in roundtable since it doesn’t have any corner. But always make sure that you don’t overcrowd your table so everyone can sit comfortably without having their elbows touched.

These three reasons is enough to grant round teak dining table the title of the best outdoor dining table, don’t you think?

Guides on Round Cocktail Ottoman and Why You Should Get One

The living room is a great place to hang out and spend the time with your loved ones. Not only the living room speaks for the house design, but it is also a representative of you and your family. So it will be for your best intention to make your living room as comfortable as possible. Round cocktail ottoman can be a really good alternative to the old coffee table for added comforts. If you’re wondering why round cocktail ottoman deserves a place in your living room, take a look at these reasons.

It is safe for babies and toddler

First of all, we all need to acknowledge that coffee table, especially in small living room, can be hazardous. Because of the height, we often overlook them and not realize that they’re there. As the result, we may hurt our toes and smashing toes against a table is not a pleasant experience. A coffee table can be even more hazardous if we have a toddler in the home. They might hurt themselves while moving around in the living room. Therefore, round cocktail ottoman is a safer option for your house. It has no corners and the surface is soft so your toddler won’t hurt themselves.

It blends in with so many styles

Since round cocktail ottoman is not a statement piece and came in so many different styles, you will not have a hard time finding one that suits your taste. It can easily blend in with the surrounding due to its low height and basic shape.

Add comforts while not being too dramatic

The puffy surface of round cocktail ottoman will make the room seems even more comfortable. You can pair it with large sectional sofa for maximum comfort. This will make your living room looks like a cosy nap corner. You can still put vase or glasses on top of round cocktail ottoman using a tray. But you need to make sure that your ottoman has a flat surface or your tray may wobble.

Outstanding Oil Bronze Kitchen Faucets You Don’t Want To Miss Out

In nowadays trend, kitchen faucets are no more not just chosen for functionality, they are also chosen for their appearance. Faucets can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, an addition that is noticed by your guests. If you are purchasing a new sink and new faucet to replace a faulty faucet, or simply wish to modernize your kitchen’s look, you have many styles and finish of faucets from which to choose, and one of those choices is oil rubbed bronze.

Oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets are beautiful and ageless, complimenting different styles: old world, Tuscan, traditional, or rustic. Opting for oil bronze kitchen faucet not only will make you get a faucet that won’t discolor or corrode, but you will also have an upgraded look that will have everyone wanting to spend more time in the kitchen.

Take a look at these inspirations on outstanding oil bronze kitchen faucets, and select the best one for your new kitchen look today!

This oil rubbed bronze faucets with light and dark accents is beautiful and functional. The installation process is easy and you will love the motion sensors and the faucet’s attractiveness.

The design of this oil bronze faucet speaks of antique elegance and a visual appeal that corresponds beautifully with the finish.

In addition to its beauty, the design of this faucet was very practical and suitable for a modern designed kitchen. This faucets work perfectly in kitchens that have warmer or darker tones in them.

This kitchen faucet promotes form and function together with modern technologies of motion sensors that will immediately upgrade the look of your kitchen.

The primary advantage that you receive with an installation of kitchen faucet with high arc design is an improved aesthetic. It’s also offer pull-down sprayhead so you’ve got added versatility.

If you want a modern oil bronze kitchen faucet that is modern but has classical style on it, then you need to give a shot to this idea. This faucet will give your kitchen the timeless look you want.

This faucet has a high arc spout with an ageless design that enhances the traditional decor. You will like its looks and the ease of its installation.

This faucet has an urban-inspired design that is beautiful, modern-looking, and easy to install. It is a gorgeous faucet as well as functional.

The nice oil bronze accent in this faucet helps to coordinate with the kitchen style and other kitchen fixtures, yet it is also bright enough to set the kitchen faucet apart so that it catches the eye.

This last idea is a durable faucet that can stand up to the rigors of your household. It offers a pull-down design for better sink coverage that is both smooth and lightweight.

Get A Better Reading Experience With These Sleek Wall Mounted Reading Lights Ideas

Having the right task lighting that provide enough light for you who enjoy reading in bed or playing games on your computer is essential. Ceiling lights, however, give too much light in the areas you don’t want, and table lights also isn’t a better option because it often didn’t give enough light in the areas that you needed the most.

Installing a wall mounted reading lights is the ideal solution because its adjustable feature could provide you light in just the area you want. Wall mounted reading lights have a varied selection of styles and sizes and are perfect lighting solution for your reading time. To inspire you, these are our best ten picks that you might want to consider before you purchase yours.

Get a wall mounted reading light that just right in the style and function and will make you comfortable when laying up against your pillows.

Add this wall mounted swing arm reading lights that look beautiful and well functioned in lighting up your reading nook.

When choosing reading light that might suits your bedroom well, opting for the one with easily reach on and off switch for more comfortable reading task.

This wall mounted reading light is not only stylish while providing the light, but also save your table space.

This one with an elegant on/off chain and its height adjustability might soon become one of your favorite.

Opting for the one that can be set depends on your need, as example set on a dimmer so that it casts a soft light and not quite as bright when you’re not using it.

This contemporary wall light which is warm and retro in design, will effortlessly fit into your decor room as well as looking stunning when illuminated.

This reading light would be fantastic as a bedside lamp, thanks to its stylish appearance as well as the added convenience and efficiency of the light.

This fabulous wall mounted reading light come with special protective finish, and its arm can be pushed away easily when it’s no longer used to read.

And last but not least, an option in nickel plated solid brass which is elegant and aesthetically pleasing to your bedroom.

A Simple Guide of Where to Buy Kitchen Faucets That Strikes Balance in Form and Function

A kitchen faucet is not simply just an essential aspect to a functional kitchen. A well-chosen kitchen faucet can set the style and become the design focal point in a kitchen area. You need to consider the details before buying a new kitchen faucet because it depends on largely what existing plumbing you have to work with.

There is no need to sacrifice your desired look for the function your kitchen requires. With an endless array of styles and layouts, faucets have become so reliable that we found few performance differences between brands.

If you’re doing kitchen remodel or makeover, yet still not sure about where to buy kitchen faucets, here are some recommendations that we hope might help you narrow down the choices and make your buying decision easier.

Give your kitchen an instant update with this single-lever, pull-down faucet from the Oletto Series by Kraus. Available in stainless steel and chrome finishes. Buy on Amazon.

This Purist single-hole kitchen faucet combines a strong architectural form and simple-to-use features. This sleek faucet is available at Kohler.

Give your kitchen decor a quick contemporary makeover with this Kingston Brass’s black-handle pull-down chrome kitchen faucet. You can shop it at Home Depot.

This solid brass Ultra kitchen faucet features a flat gooseneck spout and smooth finish that will add modern flair to any kitchen style. You can buy it on Signature Hardware.

A modern masterpiece with architectural flair, this faucet is built to last through many years of pouring, washing and rinsing. This brushed black metal BOSJÖN kitchen faucet is available at IKEA.

This faucet has goes-with-anything designs where simplicity reigns. You can buy this two-handle wall-mounted chrome Delta’s Peerless kitchen faucet on Amazon.

This chrome two-handle bar and prep faucet has elegant styles that will stand to rest of time.

Hansgrohe’s Axor Montreux faucet is available at Lowe’s.

Kingston Brass’s Heritage kitchen faucet with sprayer in oil-rubbed bronze features aesthetic colonial elegance, brings a timeless traditional design. You can shop it on Amazon.

This Kingston Brass’s Concord kitchen faucet in polished chrome features a neoprene trim for easy handling and adds a contemporary flair to the faucet. Buy it on Amazon.

Gicasa’s Semi-Pro sculptural kitchen faucet with sprayer in oil-rubbed bronze has the combination of fashionable style and sophistication. You can check it out on Amazon.

Warm Ambiance Meets Modern Sophistication In These Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets Inspiration

These Inspiring Dual Bathroom Vanity Ideas Deliver on Storage and Style
Designing a bathroom that can offer you all those much-needed features and incredible visuals that do make a lot of sense for you is essential. The right fixtures often add style and sophistication that can transform an otherwise boring bathroom into something truly special. Get your simple bathroom an impressive update with the addition of dual bathroom vanities.

With the amount of variety currently on offer when it comes to bathroom vanities, a gorgeous dual bathroom vanity can redefine the look of your entire bathroom area. Dual bathroom vanities are designed to be efficient and provide great convenience in shared bathrooms. It is one of the most impressive models out there, so you should try it out.

Find inspiration for bathroom vanities with double the space, double the storage, and double the style that offers a whole new dimension to your bathroom interiors.

This double-sink console which is constructed from a single piece of white marble looks really nice and it does offer you timeless impressive results.

If you are after a vanity with built-in-wall storage, this salvaged bathroom vanity creates a one-of-a-kind look and allows room in your budget for splurges.

The idea here is to invest in dual bathroom vanity that really works for your space. This vanity is a study in symmetry while also clean and sleek in decor.

Add to your bathroom this dual amazing vanity with scenic simplicity, and you have an attractive, astonishing outcome that reflect the relaxed state of mind that comes from gazing out over the lake beyond this bathroom.

An extremely popular choice, this cottage convenience dual bathroom vanity is robust and modern. A curvy shelf made of marble extends above the sinks for more bonus shelving space.

Lovely and enchanting, this double bathroom vanity with sage green cabinets that bathed by natural light provides central storage for both sides of the vanity.
Get a dual bathroom vanity with modern lines and a dose of warmth and texture with walls of reclaimed wood and stone. The gray color palette is lightened up with crisp white light fixtures and accessories, makes quite a statement.

Add grace and charm to your bathroom with this dual-sink vintage style bathroom vanity. Bright and clean whites that used throughout the bathroom are traditional without being fussy.

Add an artistic element to your bathroom with this luxurious spa-like dual bathroom vanity that makes getting ready each morning a treat, not a chore.

In a cozy bathroom where space is at a premium, this compact double-vanity compliments the cozy space with a calming palette.

Small Home Office Desk Ideas That Brings Out the Best In Your House

As the price of housing rises from time to time, it is getting quite hard for millennial to have a home with sufficient space. Often times, they have to end up with a very small home or apartment that barely has enough space for everything. Yet we need that particular space to work, to scan emails, organizing bills, or even just to surf the internet. Even more so, a lot of millennial nowadays have a job that allows them to work from home. This makes our need for a home office even higher than before.

But don’t be discouraged by your lack of space. Here are some ideas for small home office desk that are not only functional but also look aesthetically pleasing that it can boost your productivity.

Lucite desk

Transparent crystal clear desk made out of acrylic can give you a less flashy workspace in your bedroom or living room. The transparent effect can make your room feel less cluttered and cramped.

Floating window desk

Floating window desk is nice to have if you have a recessed window. This can also boost your productivity by providing you with outdoor scenery.

DIY Murphy desk

Who wouldn’t love a desk that can be folded and kept away on the wall? Well, this DIY murphy desk can be the answer to your on and off needs for a working station. Another plus side, it’s a DIY so it will boost your creativity.

Floating drawer

Anything floating can surely save space and create an illusion of bigger space. So does this floating drawer. Pair it with a ghost chair, and you’ll have a less conspicuous yet still chic working space.

Wireframe shelving

Having a wire frame shelving in your bedroom or living room? Get a little creative with it and install a board in it so you have a working desk in your wireframe shelving.

Wrap around counter

If you have an unused corner, this wrap around counter can provide you with a nice working corner. All you need to do is install a wall-mounted board that wraps around a corner and set up a working space.

Closet desk

I know, this option may take away your storage space, but this is a really great idea to maximize your bedroom. You can also keep your bedroom clean from all your work clutter by simply shoving the chair in and closing the closet door. Easy peasy!

Working with a small space is indeed a challenge. But you can definitely tackle them by being creative. Utilize everything you have to maximize every space in your home. And voila, you’ll have that chic small home office desk.

Guides to Setting Up 9 Piece Patio Dining Set on the Yard

Dining outdoors is a great way to bring families and friends together. The informal settings can melt the ice and bring everyone closer. Therefore, it is always a great idea to have an outdoor dining area with 9 piece patio dining set and grilling station. This patio dining set enables you and your loved ones to fulfil the desire for great barbeque party or casual dinner.

Setting up an outdoor dining area with 9 piece patio dining set is fairly easy. Check out this basic guides to get yourself ready.

The placement

Before everything else, you need to figure out where you will place your patio dining set. This should be the first one you think about and plan. Because 9 piece patio dining set is quite large and you need to make sure you place them correctly to enhance the outdoor dining experience. Check out your outdoor spaces and layout your outdoor dining area near your kitchen and bathroom as these two rooms are important for you and your guest. Another thing, you need to carve out space that can accommodate not only your patio dining set but also a buffet table.

The comfort

When choosing 9 piece patio dining set, check out the materials and the comfort aspect. Choose the ones with a cushion if your outdoor dining area will not be directly exposed to the sun or the rain. These chairs can double as well as a poolside chair.

The style

Even though your patio dining set will be located out of the house, doesn’t mean you can ignore the style of your dining set. You need to keep them aligned with the interior décor concept so your house will feel more cohesive.

Find shades

Just because it is an outside dining area, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about shades. Put your dining set under shades so your guest doesn’t have to sit right under the sun and you can enjoy your meal even when it rains. Put up a pergola or set the area under a tree if you don’t have a sheltered patio with shade.

Table settings

Another thing to consider is the table settings. Invest in an outdoor table set so you can avoid paper plates and cups. This way, you’re helping the world by not adding more waste. Also, get outdoor tablecloths to make your dining experience more festive.

Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas That Stuns

So you have your whole kitchen remodelled and you absolutely love how it looks. But then you notice something is missing when you use the sink for washing dishes and vegetables. Yes, you forgot the kitchen sink lighting. This seemingly small and insignificant matter actually contributes a lot to your kitchen functionality. Imagine washing your dishes with improper lighting, you may end up hurting yourself or breaking your dish. Therefore, you need to get yourself a good kitchen sink lighting to avoid the worst. If you’re confused and not sure on what kind of lighting type you should get, check out these awesome ideas.


A window is always the best source of light since it provides not only natural lighting but also a breeze of air and ventilation for your kitchen. However, the window still needs to be paired with lamps for artificial lighting. Because as we all know, natural lighting is not available all time all day. But even so, getting a window in front of your sink can give you a lot of advantages. So you may want to consider this option.


Pendant lighting is chic and nice to have in your kitchen, especially if you already use the same pendant lighting above your kitchen island. However, installing a pendant lamp above your kitchen sink is not a task you can do on your own. You need to hire professional help for this. But pendant lighting can provide you with really good task lighting. And it came in many styles option so you can absolutely find ones that suit your kitchen design.

Under cabinet tape light

Under cabinet tape light works really well if you don’t want to change the look of your kitchen. This concealed type of lighting only adds necessary kitchen sink light without adding any visible ornament. However, this lighting can only work when you have a cabinet above your kitchen sink.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are a nice option you may want to consider. Just like pendant lighting, wall sconces can provide you with enough artificial lighting and come in many different styles. However, wall sconces are easier to install than pendant lighting. You can easily put it as your DIY project. But wall sconces, unless you used the ones with moving arm, is not really a good task light since it produced a more diffused light.

Flush mount ceiling light

One of the easiest options to light up your kitchen sink area is by installing a flush mount ceiling light. This type of light doesn’t require much maintenance, it stays away from your head unlike pendant light, and it usually provides good lighting. Especially if you want to keep your kitchen sink lighting low profile, flush mount ceiling light is the one.

Table lamp

If you are not up for the hassle of installing anything serious or you just don’t want to make a permanent change in your kitchen, you may want to consider a table lamp. Just put a table lamp in safe proximity and voila, you have kitchen sink lighting. But be sure to use ones that are water resistant as you may risk exposing the lamp to water.

8+ Cool Chandelier Ideas for Your Dining Room

A chandelier is an eye-catching focal point in a dining room. It can enhance your style by complementing its surrounding. Chandeliers have long been a symbol of elegance and class.

Nowadays are available chandeliers that combines traditional elegance with modern shape. They are the best choice for any dining room that you have. These are 8+ cool chandeliers that will make your dining room more beautiful, no matter the design and style.

Rustic Chandelier

This stunning rustic chandelier will add some country charm to your dining room. The earth tones can match with any design and bring effortless style to your ceilings.

Crystal Chandelier

This crystal chandelier will bring elegant and dramatic vibe to your dining room. This is one of the most popular chandeliers that will boost the bling in your lovely dining room.

Contemporary Chandelier

This contemporary chandelier with a crystal design will bring some character to the room. The fresh modern light can update your dining room in an instant.

Cascading Chandelier

This chandelier offers a brilliant contemporary lighting look for your home. The unique design will make your dining room look sophisticated and classy.

Traditional Chandelier

This beautiful traditional chandelier will instantly add charm and luxury to your dining room. It has classic look in ceiling lighting that will never go out of style

Modern Chandelier

This modern chandelier will brighten up your décor and create a gorgeous centerpiece in your dining room. The futuristic shape and the antique design will make your dining room more stand out.

Orb Light Transitional Chandelier

This transitional chandelier blends together modern and traditional in an eclectic way. It will brighten up your dining room with stylish lighting ideas.

Farmhouse Chandelier with Lantern Style

This farmhouse chandelier will make casual dining room that gets used daily feel more special. The sleek and rustic design will make you comfortable and pleasant.

Industrial Chandelier

This industrial style chandelier will complete your unique home look. You can bring a touch of the classic look to an industrial-style to your dining room with this chandelier.