4 Reasons Why Wall Sconces for Bathroom Is a Must Have

A good bathroom lighting plan is paramount to any bathroom we have in our home. Even though we may have a tiny bathroom, but good lighting is still something we can’t neglect. This personal room needs to be well-lit because it can prevent the development of moss that likes humid, wet, and dark areas. Also, a well-lit bathroom can help you set the mood every morning when you get yourself ready to face the day or every night when you want to have a good hot bath after a rough day.

A light fixture that you have to consider on your bathroom lighting plan is a pair of wall sconces. Wall sconces for bathroom serve multiple functions and thus it is hard to pass. To reassure you, here are 4 main reasons to install wall sconces for bathroom.

Wall Sconces can give the perfect lighting for your mirror

How else you want to get that perfect mirror lighting for your bathroom mirror? Wall sconces are the one for this task. Install a pair of bright LED wall sconces on the side of your bathroom vanity, at the right height, and you’ll turn your bathroom to a perfect room for getting ready. Wall sconces can easily have its height adjusted, so you can easily put them at eye level and make it a great lighting for your vanity.

Easy to adjust and install

This one goes without saying. Wall sconces are one of the easiest light fixtures to install. But you need to make sure that all electrical cords you use are rated for a wet environment unless you want to risk getting electrocuted during a bath.

Sconces come in many different style and design

What makes sconces really special is the fact that it comes with many varieties. From classic and rustic to a more contemporary or even futuristic design, wall sconces have it all. Therefore, whatever your bathroom design concept is, you can surely find sconces that match your style and preferences.

Good task and ambience lighting

As mentioned above, wall sconces for bathroom can provide good task lighting. Aside from its function as task lighting, wall sconces can also act as ambience lighting. Set a dimmer on your wall sconces and you have a perfect ambience lighting that is easy to set and to install.

With these reasons, it is clear enough that wall sconces for a bathroom are something we need. So stop hesitating, and get one for your bathroom!

Make the Most of Your Kitchen with These Functional Prep Sinks for Kitchen Islands

Making the kitchen island highly functional is considered as one of major trend in kitchen today. Many homeowners install multiple sinks, which are game-changing in the kitchens of large families, in the interest of improving the time spent in the kitchen. As with all kitchen remodels, prep sink in island is a functional addition that can make your cooking task easier and your kitchen seem more exquisite.

Therefore, if you have a limited space at home, putting a sink in the island can save your kitchen layout.

Prep sinks for kitchen islands varies between sizes, models and shapes, and with so many options on the market, it may be somewhat confusing to choose the right one for your kitchen. But, worry no more because we have compiled some ideas of prep sinks for kitchen islands that we hope it will help you with some planning and inspiration.

Proximity and practicality need to come first when considering where to install a secondary sink. If your kitchen layout includes an island, it’s nice to put sink in it like in this idea to create an efficient workspace.

Experiment the eggshell toned granite of kitchen island with stainless steel sinks can be aesthetically charming, while also makes better use of the space within the island.

Consider choosing simple and modern style like this idea of wonderfully crafted kitchen island with a secondary sink. The all-white style of the cabinets and the counter is pretty too.

We have a nice wooden island here with a prep sink in it. Look at how aesthetic the marble prep sink on the kitchen island is and how much it complements the kitchen’s space.

It made sense to have a prep sink at the island in addition to the main sink, and second sink or prep sink would be perfect for couples who enjoy cooking as a team.

This light grey toned kitchen has a sophisticated style and a nice configuration of multiple sinks that allows two chefs to simultaneously prepare meals.

The prep sink in the kitchen island is simple, but sure is functional and all of the vegetable cleaning and rinsing of other foods can take place on this prep sink.

You can even get turn your countertop into a functional work of art with an elegant kitchen island that have prep sink like in this artsy looking kitchen.

If you like to follow the new black trend, you will love the prep sink for kitchen island in a soapstone counters, which were used in this kitchen with the white cabinets.

Consider how you’ll use the sink before you settled on one. A prep sink for kitchen island can also be a wonderful asset to transforming your island into a bar or appetizer center.

Inexpensive Small Bathroom Remodelling Ideas Your Bank Account Will Love

Do you find your small bathroom look dull and boring? Do you find yourself scrolling pictures of a chic and beautiful bathroom a lot, wishing they were yours? Well, you might need to remodel your bathroom. But remodelling, especially if you want your small bathroom to look fancy like the pictures you find on the internet, will cost you a lot. If money is not a problem, well good for you, you can absolutely remodel your bathroom any way you want. But for those who have to live on a budget, small bathroom remodelling ideas on the internet may sound like few months living on potato soup and cereal.

Well, although remodelling bathroom can cost a lot, there are ways to make it cheaper. Check out these inexpensive small bathroom remodelling ideas

Refinish instead of replacing your tub

You might be tempted to replace your old tub that is not looking pretty anymore. But before you do that, count the cost of buying a new tub and the installation. It will not be cheap for sure. Rather, you might want to consider refinish your tub instead. If the problems with your tub are cosmetics, like staining, tiny cracks and nicks, refinish offer a more budget-friendly option to make your tub feels new.

Paint your bathroom on your own

Hiring a professional painter can cost you a lot. While actually, when you’re doing only a small bathroom remodelling, there are only a few square feet to paint over. And you can absolutely do it on your own in just a couple of days. So consider painting your own bathroom.

Look for low-cost substitutes for flooring

You may want to have that beautiful patterned floor or that warm wooden floor. But changing your flooring requires a lot of work and professional help. Therefore, it’s better to look for low-cost substitutes for flooring. You can try to use the luxury vinyl flooring. It looks just like those wooden floors and it will cost you a lot less.

Install your own vanity

Installing a vanity nowadays shouldn’t be a hassle since there are nearly or fully assembled bathroom vanities being sold out there. You can easily install them in a couple of hours. So skip professional help for this task and save your money.

These inexpensive small bathroom remodelling ideas will give you a renewed bathroom and a sense of satisfaction since you’re doing most of it on your own. So are you up for the challenge?

Sit With Style On These Comfortable Dining Chairs Ideas

Dining room, either you sit there to eat your breakfast or to gather the kids around for a family dinner, is an essential part of your home. In dining room, you may even want to hold a fancy dinner party every once in a while with friends and family. It is important to consider switching things up to change the look of your space. In this case, comfortable dining chairs–while it’s not just about the comfort–can totally transform your dining area and take the space to the next level. From antique-inspired and romantic to modern and industrial, we’ve compiled these ideas to help you find the right comfortable dining chairs that suit your needs.

With an elegant cushioning and its graceful curves, these comfortable dining chairs will elevate your dining room, whatever its style.

These comfortable but sturdy wooden chairs can add a classical statement to your casual dining room.

Exceptionally sturdy and very comfortable, this family-friendly chair set offers tons of potential for customizing your dining area.

Lightweight but stylish, these dining chairs strike a harmonious balance between traditional ergonomics and new-age radical designs that bring modern look and feel.

Made of elm wood with a natural rattan seat, these beautiful and comfortable dining chairs evoke a rustic charm that adds aesthetic interest to your dining space.

These casual, industrial style dining chairs with amazing quality are compact in size, so it’s a great choice for smaller spaces and work great both indoors and outdoors.

Solid and easy to assemble, these comfortable dining chairs are sleek and have crisp look. It’s extremely light and easy to move around.

While the color blue on these chairs can vibrate comfortable feels, these chairs are not only stylish, but practical as well, thanks to its streamlined shape and sturdy design.

A refined touch for a farmhouse-style dining room, these clean-lined white wooden chairs that constructed of solid wood with a molded seat and slatted back are a can’t-go-wrong addition.

Opting for mix and match styles to truly personalize your space. The combination style of woven rattan seats and elegantly-painted-white metal chairs is so gorgeous that gives your dining space so much personality.

On Kitchen Island Lantern Pendants: What You Need to Note

Kitchen island lantern pendants have gained popularities among homeowners. The unique, open, and antique yet casual style of lantern pendant has successfully captured the heart of many. And it has made its appearance in so many rooms, from the foyer to the bedroom. As for the kitchen Island, the use of lantern pendants is quite common. Usually, homeowners choose lantern pendants to hang above their kitchen island because it can give your kitchen a unique look instantly.

Despite all the benefits of kitchen island lantern pendants, there are several things you need to note and think about before deciding if it is the right fits for your kitchen.

Does it match your kitchen style?

Take a good hard look at your kitchen, and remind yourself of the design theme of the room. Kitchen island lantern pendants will be getting all the attention for everyone that first enters your kitchen. So you have to make sure that the lantern pendant style matches your kitchen design theme. Usually, lantern pendants will go really well with rustic or farmhouse kitchen design. But if you have a more contemporary and modern kitchen design, you can still choose a more modern lantern pendant style.

What function do you expect them to serve?

Typically, kitchen island pendant lights can serve as task lighting, ambience lighting, decorative lighting, or accent lighting. Lantern pendants may serve really well as decorative lighting, accent lighting, and ambience lighting. But if you want them to serve as task lighting, you need to reconsider getting a kitchen island lantern pendant. Because lantern pendants usually have their bulbs widely exposed and therefore have no cap that can focus their light on the kitchen island. This will make it hard for lantern pendants to serve as task lighting.

Is it easy to clean?

Kitchen island lantern pendants came in many form and design. Typically they have metal frames and a bulb in the centre, but it has many other variations. Some have fabric or glass covers. Others have an elaborate and beautiful frame shape. But one thing you need to remember when picking a lantern pendant is whether it will be easy to clean or not. As you know, the kitchen area can be quite greasy and dirty. You wouldn’t want your lantern pendants to look dirty and greasy, so you have to regularly clean them. By making sure that the lantern is easy to clean, you have saved yourself a lot of energy in the future.

Guides on Choosing the Right Brass Bathroom Sink Faucet, So You Won’t Regret

Bathroom sink faucet comes in many styles and sizes. And although faucet may seem small and doesn’t really matter, it actually can accentuate your bathroom design. So you still have to put a lot of thought in choosing the right bathroom sink faucet.

If you are looking for warm bathroom vibes, you may want to consider using brass bathroom sink faucet. This metal finish can easily amp up the warmth of your bathroom without looking ‘too much’. If you are going to shop for the brass faucet, here are the things you need to consider.

The finish

Brass in itself is a type of metal finish. But brass has two type of finish as well, which is polished brass and satin brass. Polished brass has a more contemporary look and can go well in any kind of bathroom style while satin brass looks more bold and perfect for grungy or luxurious bathroom look.

Lacquered VS unlacquered

You need to really consider this point. Lacquered brass means that your faucet is sealed so it will not show significant signs of age, therefore, you will have that new brass look for a longer period of time. Unlacquered brass will develop stains, spots, and other sign of age as time goes by. Some people actually prefer this natural look as each stain and spots shows different stories and memories. But it all goes back to your personal preference.

The installation type

Brass bathroom sink faucet came with different installation type. You need to understand first what kind of look you want to obtain in your bathroom and what kind of installation type that your bathroom sinks support and choose your brass bathroom sink faucet accordingly.

The style

Brass bathroom sink faucet usually goes well with a retro or vintage style bathroom. But you can always experiment with style. Choose the right faucet style and brass finish so your bathroom still has that cohesive looks.

It isn’t hard to pick the right brass bathroom sink faucet if you already consider these factors. In the end, it all goes back to your creativity and personal preference.

Kitchen Sconce Light Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Fabulous Ambient Lighting

While lighting is often overlooked by most homeowners, it is the one defining factor that makes or breaks the look of your kitchen interior. Installing perfect lighting can accentuate your kitchen design and give its interiors a far more refined and tasteful appeal. If you are looking to add a touch of romance, elegance and dazzling beauty to your kitchen, nothing enlivens a dull and dreary space like sconces lighting.

Sconce lights are amazing lighting fixtures that do help your kitchen area stand out in terms of its overall look. Kitchen sconce lighting eliminates the dark corners, creates ambient lighting in the right fashion and offers the modern and relaxing atmosphere you seek for a kitchen area.

Here are some best kitchen sconce lighting ideas to inspire you in creating perfectly ambient atmosphere that is both visually appealing and ergonomically charming in your kitchen.

These sconces lighting idea can create a sense of airy and open interiors in your kitchen. Showcase the timeless look of the kitchen design with this idea for an added dramatic feel.

The perfect combination of the feminine white decoration and sconces lighting with delicate smooth finishing, bring warmth and calm appeal to the kitchen.

Different lighting styles can totally change the room’s mood. The country charm is found in the warm and welcoming rustic kitchen sconces lighting you add to your kitchen space.

You can go minimalist by combining a power duo of classic sconce lights with modern-sleek look pendants. It really showcases the type of value you can expect and yes, it’s really astonishing.

Here is a kitchen sconce light idea with eccentric fixture that you should definitely consider checking it out. It can offer you the unique sense of quality without that much of a problem.

The concept of this sconces lighting idea is a fun one and it also looks nothing short of amazing. You will love it because its style goes greatly with any kitchen design.
If you want a more appealing set of visuals, this kitchen sconce lighting idea is one of the classic fixtures you want. Adding in golden brushed sconce does make a lot of sense, and the fact that some other stuff in the kitchen has gold accents is really nice too.

The interior designs of your kitchen don’t have to be very complex. These simple sconces lighting idea is certainly going to stand out, especially in simple mid-century modern schemes.

Whether your kitchen is done in pale colors or dark ones, the light beaming from these sconces lighting idea will help it feel as airy as possible.

The smart use of lighting, shades and color of these sconces idea can truly make any kitchen turn into a charming atmosphere.

8 Stylish Lucite Dining Chair Ideas that You’ll Love

Dining chair is one of the important parts of a dining room. It should be comfortable and functional so that you can enjoy your meal peacefully. From many materials and colors, clear acrylic lucite is one of the materials that will go along with any dining room. It has a great design and is often the perfect addition to any space. Here are 8 stylish lucite dining chair ideas that will you love forever.

Clear Acrylic Chair

Add these clear acrylic chair to make your dining room look modern and minimalist. It is perfect for you who want a contemporary style that never goes out of style.

Lucite Chair Covered with Fur

Want to make your lucite chairs look different with others? You can style it with fur like this one. It will make your dining room look beautiful and elegant.

Lucite Chairs with Cushion

Besides fur, you can organize these lucite chair with cushion like this. It will make your dinner feel more comfortable and cozy.

Lucite Chairs with Black Cushion

The combination of clear acrylic and black cushion will make your dining room look calm and elegant. This versatile look is very popular and can fit into any dining room.

Lucite Chairs with Ribbon

These lucite chair with ribbon will make your dining room look more pretty than usual. It also will create an ethereal feeling in your dining room.

Lucite Dining Chairs with A Round Table

These pretty lucite chair also goes well with a round table. It can make your small space look and feel more expansive.

Lucite Chair

Still can’t decide to add between cushion or fur to your lucite chairs? Don’t worry you can add both of them like this one. It is will not only making it look unique but also it can seamlessly blend into a room and allows other pieces to really stand out.

Lucite Chairs with Rectangular Table

These lucite chairs are a perfect addition to your dining room. It blends well with any shape of table. One of the examples is this rectangular table. You can achieve a decadent effect with these clear acrylic chair.