4 Reasons Why Wall Sconces for Bathroom Is a Must Have

A good bathroom lighting plan is paramount to any bathroom we have in our home. Even though we may have a tiny bathroom, but good lighting is still something we can’t neglect. This personal room needs to be well-lit because it can prevent the development of moss that likes humid, wet, and dark areas. Also, a well-lit bathroom can help you set the mood every morning when you get yourself ready to face the day or every night when you want to have a good hot bath after a rough day.

A light fixture that you have to consider on your bathroom lighting plan is a pair of wall sconces. Wall sconces for bathroom serve multiple functions and thus it is hard to pass. To reassure you, here are 4 main reasons to install wall sconces for bathroom.

Wall Sconces can give the perfect lighting for your mirror

How else you want to get that perfect mirror lighting for your bathroom mirror? Wall sconces are the one for this task. Install a pair of bright LED wall sconces on the side of your bathroom vanity, at the right height, and you’ll turn your bathroom to a perfect room for getting ready. Wall sconces can easily have its height adjusted, so you can easily put them at eye level and make it a great lighting for your vanity.

Easy to adjust and install

This one goes without saying. Wall sconces are one of the easiest light fixtures to install. But you need to make sure that all electrical cords you use are rated for a wet environment unless you want to risk getting electrocuted during a bath.

Sconces come in many different style and design

What makes sconces really special is the fact that it comes with many varieties. From classic and rustic to a more contemporary or even futuristic design, wall sconces have it all. Therefore, whatever your bathroom design concept is, you can surely find sconces that match your style and preferences.

Good task and ambience lighting

As mentioned above, wall sconces for bathroom can provide good task lighting. Aside from its function as task lighting, wall sconces can also act as ambience lighting. Set a dimmer on your wall sconces and you have a perfect ambience lighting that is easy to set and to install.

With these reasons, it is clear enough that wall sconces for a bathroom are something we need. So stop hesitating, and get one for your bathroom!

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