4+ Things You Need To Have in Your Modern Desk Chair for Your Home Office

For most of us millennial, having a home office is a must. Because our work often times does not end after conventional work hours, or our job simply enables us to work from home. One of the most important things you need to pay attention to when setting up a home office is choosing the right modern desk chair. Because we’re going to spend a lot of hours sitting there, working. So here are some things you have to look for in a modern desk chair for home office.

Adjustable height and backrest

You should be able to adjust your modern desk chair’s height and backrest, as this feature will provide you with more comfort. Adjustable height and backrest allow you to set up your chair so it fits your body shape and your desk. This will also minimize the side effect of sitting too long in a desk.

Lumbar support

A lumbar support in an office chair is an important thing. We will most probably sit there for up to 8 hours a day. Therefore, choose a modern desk chair with a contoured backrest that will keep your back supported. This kind of desk can prevent back injuries from continuously sitting in the wrong position.

Breathable materials and padding

As you will sit on your modern desk chair for hours, you will also need a breathable material on your chair. Choose a fabric that can absorb sweat and feels comfortable to sit on. Also, the padding should have the right hardness so it will give you enough support yet not too hard that it might be painful for you.


An armrest is an important part of your modern desk chair. As this feature can take off some strains in your shoulder and neck by giving you arms supports. Note that the armrest needs to be adjustable as well so you can position them in a way that supports your arm comfortably.

Control mechanism

These entire adjustable features can be a pain in your ass if your modern desk chair doesn’t have a good and easy control mechanism. Therefore, you have to make sure that the control mechanism is easy and practical.

With the right modern desk chair, your productivity and overall health might increase. This piece of furniture can prevent several back injuries, and also make your working experience better. So, always pay attention while choosing the right modern desk chair for you.

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