4+ Vanity Bath Light Ideas That Match Your True Personality

Designing the interior of your bathroom should be your personal job, since bathroom is your second most private place in the house after your bedroom. Personalizing your bathroom to match your true personality can give you so many benefits. Imagine walking out of the shower, feeling refreshed and so ready to take on the world. That’s how you would feel when your bathroom reflects your true, best personality.

If redecorating the whole bathroom to match your personality feels like a huge deal, then you can start by swapping the little things in your bathroom. In this case, let’s talk about changing your vanity bath lights to match your personality. Here’s a few inspiration you can use.


For you who love a simple and minimalistic lifestyle, a pair of these simple tube chrome sconces light fixture will fit you right. If chrome vanity bath light is not your style, you can always opt for the black one. Also, make sure you use a white lighting instead of the yellowy one, to give it a more modern feeling.

Nature lover

As a nature lover, of course you would love to have window or skylight instead to provide your bathroom with natural light. But as we all know, natural light will go out as day turn to night and you still have to install several artificial lights in your bathroom. These pair of natural wood led wall lamp will definitely give you the calmness of nature. Or if you think it’s way too much for your bathroom, you can opt for copper sconces instead.

Pop, bright personality

Who doesn’t love someone with such a strong and bright personality? Never be afraid to show your personality, by choosing for vanity bath light with playful solid colour. This light fixture will emphasis your bright optimism and helps you to get through the day with a renewed spirit.

Vintage and romantic

What suit a romantic person better than a chandelier? It doesn’t have to be a real candle. You can always opt for a lamp shaped chandelier. This will give your bathroom a very vintage and romantic feeling that suits your preferences well.

Bold and dramatic

For you whose fierce at heart, your bathroom design should definitely reflect your unique and fierce self. Therefore, choose a chrome vanity bath light with extra-ordinary designs to represent you. And don’t be afraid to play around with your wallpapers or paint your wall in a dark solid colour, as those will enhance the dramatic effect of your bathroom.

As old saying goes, Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. Therefore don’t hide that beautiful personality of yours. Make sure it is reflected on everything, from your clothing style, to your bathroom. Be true to yourself, and show the world how beautiful and unique you are!

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