5 Ideal Places to Hang Your Large Globe Pendant Lighting

As a fan of uniquely designed light fixtures, a large globe pendant might catch your attention. This fixture has an odd nostalgic feeling to it, yet we can also find some that have contemporary design and concept. Large globe pendant can surely add a statement to your room. And with recent trends, you can actually put this piece of pendant lighting in other rooms beside the usual living room. Here’s our guide on how to hang your globe pendant lighting in different rooms.


Don’t shy away from a large globe pendant lighting when it comes to your room. You can hang it at the foot of your bed or in the middle of the bedroom. This will add a warm and nostalgic feeling to your room. Don’t forget to put it on a dimmer so you can set the ambience of the room.


Large globe pendant lighting can surely make your kitchen look rather edgy and classy. Choose a clear glass globe pendant lighting to create a more romantic feeling or the ones with a tiny pattern to give soothing ambience. Your cooking experience with loved ones might be ten times better as the light fixture already set the mood right.

Dining room

Just how large globe pendant lighting can set the mood in your kitchen, it can also set the mood in your dining room. Put it on a dimmer and you can control how you want the lights to work, whether to set an ambience or to highlight your dining table where you’re currently working at, or even to light up the entire room.


Never hesitate to put a statement light fixtures in your bathroom. This place should be where you feel most comfortable in your home. Therefore, large globe pendant lighting can create wonder in your bathroom. Hang it in the middle of the room or above your tub.


A patio is a place for you to hang out with your loved ones after a long tiring day. Therefore, you might want to create a good ambience that set the mood for nice talks and drinks. Large globe pendant lighting can surely do the job. Put a large one above the coffee table and enjoy your night with your family and friends.

Overall, large globe pendant lighting is not a tricky light fixture to work with. As long as it matches your room design, you can surely hang them around. The round shape can also balance the straight lines in your room and give it more flow.

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