5 Most Popular Floorings to Try in Your New Home

When you build a new home, choosing the right flooring is crucial since you can’t easily swap it with something new, when you find yourself hating it. Beside, flooring takes a large part of your home and it can make or break your home design. The trends for flooring are also quite rapid. Every year, there are always new trends. But worry not, despite the time; here are several most popular floorings to try in your new home


Forget about those wood floorings that everyone is using. Bamboo is getting a rise in popularity for its beautiful grain and incredible hardness. This type of flooring comes in plank too so it’s easy to install. But remember, no matter how hard your bamboo is, keep it out from rooms with a lot of moistures like the bathroom and kitchen.


We see a jump of concrete flooring, from an old and bare-bones to chic and trendy. With low cost, low maintenance, yet high durability, concrete can be your flooring option. It can give your new home that rustic and simple feeling. No wonder concrete became one of the most popular floorings.

Reclaimed wood

Wood will never lose its charm. It offers a warm and rustic feeling to your room. One of the classic wood floorings that are still on the rise is reclaimed hardwood. This type of flooring, just like the name, is a reclaimed one. So you can see the distressed mark clearly. Also, because it’s reclaimed, it comes at a cheaper price.

Large format tile

Tiles are also your simplest to go option. With its widely varied shape, design, colour, and size, you can never go wrong with tiles. Nowadays, we see an upsurge of popularity in large format tiles. This type of tiles needs less maintenance because of its large surface and fewer grout lines.

Cut and loop carpet

Popular in the 1970’s, cut and loop tiles are getting its comeback. This unique type of carpet is gaining all the hype and it might be the perfect flooring solution for your new home. The factory also offers new technology that makes carpets softer to the touch.

All of the 5 most popular floorings for your new home that we mentioned above have their own strengths and weaknesses. You need to pay attention to your overall room design to choose which flooring suits you best.

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