5+ Ways to Use Wall Sconces Light Fixture to Brighten Up Your House

In designing your house’s interior, lighting became one of the most crucial parts. It can change the look and the feeling of a room drastically. Just by changing your lighting plan, you can create a very different place with different ambience as well.

If you’re thinking of changing your house’s lighting plan, one type of lighting appliances that you have to keep in mind is the wall sconces light fixture. These wall sconces, especially the plug-in ones, are really simple to use. But the changes they make in your room are incredible. So, without further ado, here are 5+ ways to use the wall sconces light fixture in your lighting plan!

Save up space

The greatest thing about wall sconces is that it doesn’t need a table or space on your floor. It is wall mounted so you can save up so many spaces by using a wall sconces light fixture instead of a table lamp or standing lamp. You can put stylish wall sconces on the sides of your sofa instead of a traditional table lamp and you definitely have saved up some space.

Brighten up your house’s weird or awkward spots.

Sometimes you have that weird part of your house that is less illuminated because either the light can’t reach it or it has so many shades. Wall sconces can save the area by providing a source of light as task lighting. You can put wall sconces in that awkward spots without looking too weird.

Balance a wall

Putting up a wall sconces light fixture on the sides of an art piece will highlight it and create a more balanced wall. Not only it may enhance the composition of the room’s design, but it can also fill up the wall and improve the room’s appearance.

Bedside table no more

Bedside table is often too bulky and takes up quite some place. While it might be important to some people as they put their personal belongings there before sleep, but for some people, it is a waste of space. So if you’re not a big fan of a bedside table, wall sconces light fixture will be a nice alternative. Instead of installing a bedside table just to put a table lamp on the sides of the bed, wall sconces can do the same job with less required space.

Illuminate your dressing area

The dressing area is an important part of any bedroom. We use it every day, every morning before we go about our day. And of course, as it is a dressing area, it needs to be well lit. A pair of wall sconces on the sides of your standing or full body mirror might do the trick.

Make a quirky overhead lighting

For those of you who have a quirky soul and quirky sense of design, swapping your overhead pendant light with a swing out sconce is a good alternative. Not only it provides a focal lighting, but it also helps you avoid rewiring work that might cost you a lot.

There you have it, 5+ ideas on how to use the wall sconce light fixture in your lighting plan. Wall sconces can be a good alternative from a traditional pendant or tableside lamp. And it might be cheaper too as you can opt for the plug-in ones that don’t require any rewiring. You can just simply install them on your wall and creatively use the cord as a decoration before it disappears into your wall panelling.

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