6 Best And Borderline Genius Kitchen Design Tricks for Small Space

Having a small house with small spaces might be challenging and sometimes quite frustrating since you don’t have a lot of space to move. But with the right kitchen designs for small spaces, you can absolutely enjoy your small kitchen. Though you do need to think the designs through to create a comfortable small kitchen, with these tricks, you can maximize your space and make the best of your small kitchen.

 Keep it minimalist

The rule of thumb when designing a kitchen in small spaces is to keep it minimalist. Stick with clean looks and bright pallet. This will prevent your kitchen from looking cramped with a decorative pattern. Also, the bright pallet will create a spacious illusion that can trick the eye.

Maximize storage by using space savvy storage

You need to be smart when it comes to storage in a small kitchen. As we all know, the kitchen area needs a lot of storage for all your kitchen utensils. And with small space, storage gets trickier. So use space savvy cabinets and put extra shelves on the wall for storage.

Use counter tops with multiple functions

Another thing that you need to maximize when having a small kitchen is to use countertops that has a double use. Some countertops double as a rolled out cutting board. Or you can use a fold over countertops to have that extra space for meal preparation.

Keep it bright

You need to carefully plan the lighting in your kitchen designs for small spaces. Keep your kitchen bright, as this will eliminate shadow and make the room feels bigger. So put a bright LED ceiling light and several tape lights under the cabinets. Also, use a simple light fixture that does not eat up too much space. A flush mount ceiling lights will be a good choice.

Choose a glossy finish or even use a mirror

Glossy finish that can reflect is what you’re looking for. This finish will create an illusion of bigger space as it reflects its surroundings. Or if you’re not so into glossy finish you can place a mirror strategically in your kitchen to create that illusion.

Use open shelves

Don’t be afraid to use open shelves in your small kitchen. This will provide you with an airy and open look that makes your room feel more spacious. But you also need to keep in mind that this type of shelves, while benefitting your small kitchen, requires extra upkeep to clean. So if you’re not up for the hassle, you can always choose to use shelves with glass door instead.

After all, kitchen designs for small spaces should not frustrate you. Take it as something fun and challenging to do and you will end up with a kitchen that suits you best.

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