6+ Design Tips on Remodelling Small Bathroom That Every Homeowner Should Know

Remodelling small bathroom is a tricky task to tackle. But when you finally succeeded, it can feel even more rewarding. Because the bathroom is such a personal space that you spend your most private time. Therefore, don’t give up on your small bathroom and give it a redesign so it feels better and hopefully, bigger too. Here are some tips for remodelling small bathroom that you can easily do.

Put a corner sink

With a small bathroom, you need to be really careful about where to put your sink. Put it in the wrong place, and you’ll have to deal with awkward placements and disrupted traffic lane. Therefore, it is always safer to put your sink in the corner.

Change your shower room door into a shower curtain

Although shower curtain looks dull and old, when you’re remodelling a small bathroom, you need to seriously consider putting one in your bathroom. The sliding curtain compared to the in or out shower door can save up much space and help you avoid those weird walk-around condition.

Use large scale pattern

Just like the striped pattern, a large-scale pattern can also trick your eyes and create an illusion of a wider space. So use large-scale pattern on your floor or wallpaper to give your small bathroom an edgy yet functional touch.

Use wall mounted faucets

Wall mounted faucet makes narrow sink and vanity possible. It saves up a few squares and frees up your foot space. Therefore, wall mounted faucet can be your saviour.

Float your vanity

This might seem unimportant, but floating vanity can give your room some foot space and create an illusion of a bigger room. Also, you can use the space under your vanity to store your towels and bathroom linens.

Choose round vanity

Another trick to make your small bathroom better is to install a rounded vanity instead of the square one. Round vanity can eliminate corners that make your room feels smaller and may cause you hip-corner accident. Thus, round vanity and small bathroom is a match made in heaven!

Install a trough sink

A trough sinks, just like shower curtains, may make your bathroom feels like it’s your grandma’s bathroom. But this type of low profile and compact sink can create a good look in your bathroom. Especially when it is wall-mounted, you can have extra space underneath to store your stuff.

Don’t give up on your small bathroom just yet. With the tips on remodelling small bathrooms above, you can definitely make your small bathroom looks better and feels more comfortable.

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