6 Luxurious Bedroom Closet Design Ideas with Minimal Cost

Bedroom closet is one of the most pleasurable rooms to design. As a place to store our clothing and other personal stuff, and a place where we get to dress every morning, we want to make our bedroom closet design ideas to be as fun and comfortable as possible. Before designing, we need to first know what kind of bedroom closet design that we want to have. We often take a look at other references to find inspiration. Yet the bedroom closet design ideas we find on the internet were all mostly look sort of Carrie Bradshaw-esque and it may cost a lot. If you’re on a budget, and you still want that Carrie Bradshaw-esque effect, consider these cheap bedroom closet design ideas below.

Use gold paint

What is a better way to look luxurious than using gold paint? Sure, you don’t need to coat everything in gold, but you might want to consider painting your ceiling or the metal trim on your closet with gold paint.

Get a good lighting plan

Whatever your closet design concept is, you always need a good lighting plan in your closet. This one detail is often forgotten while this might be the most important thing you need to have in your closet. Make sure you can see your closet and your clothing well enough that you don’t have to get dressed in the dark. Therefore, always, always, get a good lighting plan for your bedroom closet.

Bring in a small chair or an ottoman

If you have the room, squeezing in a small round ottoman can create a different feeling in your bedroom closet. A chair can make your closet feels like it is a living place, where you can hang out and enjoy your time dressing.

Faux Fur

To create a comfortable yet fancy feeling, use a faux fur for carpet. Even though it might need more effort to keep it clean, but faux fur is worth it.

Create a jewellery drawer

One thing that can mess up the luxurious look of your bedroom closet in an instant is clutter. So you need to make sure that your closet is clutter-free. Even your jewellery needs to be organized really well. Customize your jewellery drawer with an acrylic rack so you have a different place for each type of jewellery.

All these changes will not cost you too much but it will certainly give your closet that Carrie Bradshaw-esque effect. So, are you ready to make your bedroom closet design ideas come true?

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