8+ Wall Sconces for Modern Interior Designs

Looking for an additional feature to make your room a bit brighter and fancier? You may want some modern wall sconces. A sconce is a candleholder or an electric bulb holder. Different from other movable lamps or candles you put on tables or counters, wall sconces stick on one place. That’s why it is important to think carefully of the place of instalment to fit with your entire interior. Have a look at these wall sconces! You might find one that meets your need.

This modern wall sconce is half-cylindrical but has very interesting design with the bunches of sophisticated uneven lines. It is a perfect combination of reflective silver cover and dim orangey light inside.

If you are choosing minimalist interior design for the room, you might want to have some of this modern wall sconce. It is basic, modest, and doesn’t need much space on the wall.

This gorgeous lamp is named after the legendary Jimi Hendrix and truly inspired by vinyl records. This wall sconce fits in both modern and classic interior design just perfectly. Where would you put this stunning lamp? You decide.

With its elegant and expensive look, this shiny crystal sconce will make your room look splendidly luxurious without putting so much effort. It goes perfectly well with white-coloured wall.

These two modern wall sconces look pretty nice together as the design, though very different from each other, share similar characteristics. You can choose one of them, but having both at the same room won’t let you down.

These outdoor wall sconces will give extra beauty for your front garden. The matching colour and simple design of the sconces and the door make them look good together.

It is always nice to add a little natural touch indoors. Nature lover will adore this design. The tiny modern wall sconces put on several spots on the limestone wall look pretty combined together with the tree.

Before lamps, wall candles are fashionable. The combination of wood, glass, and metal makes them stay simple but pleasant to look at. Having all three of them makes the look even better.

If you can’t choose one between artwork and wall sconces, why not combining them? This floral wall candle sconce offers an artistic look for your room. It serves you as both wall decoration and lighting. It even looks nice without having the candles lit on!

There are so many kinds of beautiful modern wall sconces to choose. The first thing you need to do before buying some is considering the particular interior design for your room. It will give you ideas or images on what kind of wall sconces you’ll want to have.

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