Adding interior barn door? Why not!

What comes to your mind when we talk about putting a barn door into your room? Pretty weird, isn’t it? Well, not really. Classy, rustic look becomes a thing nowadays and everyone loves adding a pinch of ‘countryside’ look to their home. Now if you dream of adding a barn door to your interior, there are several points that you need to think of first. Read on to know what to consider.

The high-quality one is the best one

Barn door is not something that we usually find inside the house. This makes any kind of bar door a focal point of your room, no matter how simple the design you choose. So, you’ll need to make it looks flawless. Choosing the best one with the highest quality will save you much efforts and money. Not only will it be more durable and slide smoother, its beauty will also make the whole interior décor perfect.

Measure the size of your doorway

Barn door is always wider than your doorway, though as a type of sliding door in the end it will save up more space than swinging ones. However, you’ll need to free up some space twice as wide as your door in order to allow it to completely open. For double doors, then of course you’ll need some space slightly wider than each door on each side. It is important to have clean wall free of wall outlet, light switches, windows or everything else that can block up the way, prevent smooth opening/closing, and leave scratches on your wall and barn door.

Consider having a header to mount your track on

This creates some gap between the door and the wall to prevent scratches when it slides. But, the most important reason to mount the track of your door onto a header is for stability and sturdiness. It is because bar doors may be quite heavy. So, as support, header is needed as wall anchor is usually not enough to hold the hanging doors. Besides a header for your track, you may need to attach handle and latch as well. Handles help you to open and shut the door easily and a latch adds more privacy.

Any kind of classic interior barn door usually fits many styles, whether your room has rustic touch or modern design. You can always play with colours and textures, making your room simple or outstanding, and matching your door with the other furniture and decoration. What you need to do is to think of your concept carefully before going out to shop for your dream interior barn door.

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