Adds Style and Function To Your Bathroom with These Recessed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Ideas

If your bathroom is small on size, you have to be creative in terms of dealing with the lack of storage space in your bathroom. One of the best ways to secure bottles of lotions, beauty products and prescriptions away from grouping around the sink is to install a medicine cabinet above your vanity.

If you looking for medicine cabinets that’s functional and easy to install, recessed mirrored medicine cabinets for bathrooms is an excellent option for those homeowners who need a new mirror in their bathroom but also want additional storage for toiletry and medicine items. There are bathroom medicine cabinets for every bathroom style and finding one that’s a good fit is important for your day-to-day routine.

If you want to have a more innovative and modern medicine cabinets for the bathroom, here are some best ideas on recessed mirrored medicine cabinet to inspire you.

Here’s an elegant recessed mirrored medicine cabinet’s option that provides an elevated solution to your organizing needs. It is an ideal way to optimize overhead space in your bathroom.

This medicine cabinet looks really flattering in its class, and its white color scheme does not go out of style easily. This piece is something that you can definitely give a shot to.

If you’re looking for a medicine cabinet that can give the illusion as if there’s nothing behind your bathroom mirror, then you’re going to love this recessed medicine cabinet idea.

If you’re after storage space, why don’t you choose this stylish cabinet design? Featuring three open cubbies with tempered-glass mirrored doors, this stylish medicine cabinet can boast your bathroom’s look.

With its modern linesand unique design, this sophisticated cabinet not only can become an attention-grabber for your bathroom but also sure to serve its purpose wherever you need it most.

If you’re after classic cabinet finishes like deep espresso or white with simple and clean lines, this next idea will serve as a great inspiration for you.

Single door recessed mirrored medicine cabinet is the perfect way to add storage without it actually appearing that you added storage shelves. It is a multipurpose cabinet that both works as a mirror and a storage unit for the bathroom.

Love the look of an old fashioned medicine cabinet? Here is a solid, standard option of classically modern medicine cabinet style that you can place your bet on.

Here is a medicine cabinet design that makes use of a wooden finish which shows off a glamorous and simple style. This is the kind of piece that you will definitely appreciate in a modern bathroom.

Featured with a sleek mirrored design, a white clean steel body and hidden hinges, this recessed mirrored medicine cabinet offers a simple, yet modern look that works well for those with minimalist taste.

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