Adding interior barn door? Why not!

What comes to your mind when we talk about putting a barn door into your room? Pretty weird, isn’t it? Well, not really. Classy, rustic look becomes a thing nowadays and everyone loves adding a pinch of ‘countryside’ look to their home. Now if you dream of adding a barn door to your interior, there are several points that you need to think of first. Read on to know what to consider.

The high-quality one is the best one

Barn door is not something that we usually find inside the house. This makes any kind of bar door a focal point of your room, no matter how simple the design you choose. So, you’ll need to make it looks flawless. Choosing the best one with the highest quality will save you much efforts and money. Not only will it be more durable and slide smoother, its beauty will also make the whole interior décor perfect.

Measure the size of your doorway

Barn door is always wider than your doorway, though as a type of sliding door in the end it will save up more space than swinging ones. However, you’ll need to free up some space twice as wide as your door in order to allow it to completely open. For double doors, then of course you’ll need some space slightly wider than each door on each side. It is important to have clean wall free of wall outlet, light switches, windows or everything else that can block up the way, prevent smooth opening/closing, and leave scratches on your wall and barn door.

Consider having a header to mount your track on

This creates some gap between the door and the wall to prevent scratches when it slides. But, the most important reason to mount the track of your door onto a header is for stability and sturdiness. It is because bar doors may be quite heavy. So, as support, header is needed as wall anchor is usually not enough to hold the hanging doors. Besides a header for your track, you may need to attach handle and latch as well. Handles help you to open and shut the door easily and a latch adds more privacy.

Any kind of classic interior barn door usually fits many styles, whether your room has rustic touch or modern design. You can always play with colours and textures, making your room simple or outstanding, and matching your door with the other furniture and decoration. What you need to do is to think of your concept carefully before going out to shop for your dream interior barn door.

Add Statement To Your Bathroom With These Stunning Single-Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Choosing a bathroom vanity with sleek lines and clean design can break your decor space and elevate your bathroom look. A bathroom vanity is the combination of a mirror or mirrors, one or more sinks, a countertop, and usually some form of storage for accessories, linens or other bathroom necessities. Opting for bathroom vanity is a great way to add some style to your bathroom space without having to adhere strictly to the overall design scheme.

Bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of both sink and vanity designs, so matching the style of your bath space should be fairly simple. If you’re installing a vanity in a small bathroom, a guest bathroom, or one that’s mainly used by one person, 54 inch bathroom vanity single sink can be an excellent option.

Explore your option by checking out these 54 inch bathroom vanity single sink ideas, and get ready to take control of your bathroom that needs updating and better functionality.

Aqua tone bathroom cabinetry gets a graphic treatment when paired with a stark white composite-stone countertop. The look of this single sink bathroom vanity is both sophisticated and versatile.

When you combine a classic finish like whitewashed wood with a trough-style vanity in modern bathroom, the result is timeless.

An asymmetrical design single-sink bathroom vanity with opaque accent elevates the contemporary-style look of your bathroom.

If you love the look of wood, choose a 54 inch single-sink vanity type with a dramatic grain and make it the focal point of the bathroom. This rustic bathroom vanity fits in just about any style of house.

This bathroom vanity style provides contemporary contrast to the rustic wood drawer fronts and is perfectly suited for a modern bathroom design, thanks to its minimalist look.

Make the most of limited space of your small bathroom with a wall-mounted single sink vanity. The sleek finish lends sophistication to its modern design.

An open bathroom vanity like this table-inspired design is a smart choice because in this modern single-sink vanity, the storage possibilities are endless–and tucked away.

When your bathroom space is limited, seek a custom solution that will allow you to match your lifestyle needs specifically to your room’s layout. Go minimalist with a clean look single sink vanity for your tight modern bathroom.

In this natural-inspired vanity, drawers outfitted with storage containers hold bathroom essentials while fluffy white towels find a home on the shelf below the sink, max out the storage.

A modern single-sink bathroom vanity with straight lines becomes a graphic element in this monochromatic bathroom. A thick marble countertop creates dramatic contrast against a stark black vanity.

Elegant and Stylish Wishbone Dining Chair Ideas That You Wish You Were Have

Wishbone dining chair is such a versatile piece that many people tend to overlook as they believe it to be too strong a statement for their dining table. Homeowners really need to get over that impression because wishbone dining chair, if paired with a simple dining table, harmonizes well with modern, vintage, and retro looking settings.

Its graceful, shapely form was inspired by traditional Ming chairs, and of course, it earned its nickname from its wishbone-shaped back. Wishbone dining chair can both be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and clean; this makes it suitable for any type of dining room: large or small, formal or informal. The designs and styles of wishbone chairs are also endless due to its versatility.

Wondering which kind of style that you like to own in your dining room? Steal some wishbone dining chair ideas from the elegant and stylish inspiration below.

It’s crucial the chair design style matches the versatility of the space. With its elegance, you can place wishbone dining chair in your breakfast nook, acting almost like a piece of functional artwork.

This wishbone dining chair, with its wooden and natural tones, brings the earthly concepts together to warm your eye. It is a perfect piece to sit on relaxes and enjoys the meal.

You will love this wishbone dining chair for its elegant black colour and sleek appearance. The stylish black furnitures stand out instantly, coordinating well with the neutral colour of the wall and flooring.

If you’re after room decor style with clean and crisp look, then a simple white wishbone dining chairs is exactly what you need. This set of wishbone chairs are a soft, sweet match for a dining room with minimalistic decor.

These black and white wishbone chairs accents the dining table to complement the whole decor of this beautifully set-up contemporary dining room interior.

This set of sexy black wishbone chairs are visually popped and added extra glamour to the space. The balance of its glam touches and organic elements feels fresh and vibrant.

These wishbone chairs take a step away from midcentury modern towards traditional East Coast prep when topped with a soft blue seat cushion. Its character is undeniable, and its versatility makes it king.

So far the wishbone chair has been a beacon of simplicity, and here, it’s an edgy, shapely rugged idea that is rustics but still managed to be functionally pretty.

The wishbone chair usually looks quite midcentury, but in this idea, the look is equal parts modern and traditional. You can add these pieces in any style dining room to add elegance.

This last functional wishbone dining chair idea has modern simplicity style, which is an affordable formula for a chic modern breakfast nook that anyone can pull off.

Check Out These Ideas On Modern Bedroom Furniture That Are Beyond Stunning

Your bedroom should be one of the most comfortable and relaxing rooms in your home, because there is nothing better than lying down on bedding and crisp sheets after going through a long hard day of work. To design a bedroom that is stylish yet functional and calming without making it look like a soulless show home is not an easy thing to do. You need to blend colors and styles to create a harmonious sanctuary that will provide you with the relaxing haven that you need.

If you’ve been looking for some inspiration on modern bedroom furniture ideas look no further, because we’ve compiled up some stunning ideas that will surely give you a great idea for your own.

If you like a streamlined style but wants to display something tribal, celebrate your bedroom in a minimal display with graphic interest that dramatically defines the sleeping zone and setting your room ablaze with vibrancy.

A bedroom with classic scheme style that has subtle shift from blue to a color with warm shades is a blissful interior harmony that will ease your mind.

This minimalist modern bedroom idea with lots of white and big contrast of bold red rug and deep colored furnitures will make you fall head over heels.

This contemporary modern bedroom furniture has a calming, neutral pallet that is kept interesting through a mix of textures that creates an ambiance in your room.

If you prefer a simple and chic modern bedroom furniture with soothing white color, this idea give a high-end look without compromising the comfort.

If you’re looking for something more contemporary, check out this classic go-to combo that have blend of white and light brown that bring open and airy feels.

The overall look in this modern bedroom furniture idea with a touch of glamour that worked alongside the dark walnut furniture is luxurious and inviting.

If you are after modern bedroom furniture with a cool, calm feeling of serenity in the bedroom, this pleasant looking idea may suits you well.

If you looking for something classier, this idea with monochromatic white base palette and wooden surrounding give this shabby chic room an eclectic look.

If something dark is your personal choice of color palette, this dark and alluring modern bedroom furniture evoke a sense of cocooning warmth and comfort.

6+ Best Looking Bronze Faucets For Your Kitchen

A spray kitchen faucet is a good choice for washing dishes, fruits, and vegetables easily. The sprayer also helps you to rinse all around your sink to make it clean. From all of the finishes of faucets that available in the market, bronze is the ultimate color that will make the kitchen look luxurious and appealing. This bronze kitchen faucet with sprayer has a large selection that can you choose. Here we will help you to choose by providing 6+ best looking bronze kitchen faucets for your kitchen.

Rozin Oil Rubbed Bronze Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

With its contemporary looks, this sink faucet will allow you to control water with just one hand. You can multitasking and do something else with your other hand. So convenient!

Delta Oil Bronze Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Another great kitchen sink faucet that will make your kitchen look stylish and modern. This sprayer kitchen sink faucet is easy to install and suitable for any model kitchen sink that you have.

Ulgksd Pull Out Sprayer Bronze Kitchen Faucet

This one is a pull-out sprayer that will make your washing easier. You also can pull it out to the longest reach possible to watering your plants or flowers that you have indoors.

Victorian Style Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Inspired by Victorian style, this kitchen faucet will give a classic and vintage vibe to your kitchen. With this faucet sprayer, you can easily reach the area near the kitchen sink and clean it with ease.

Moen Bronze Kitchen Faucet

An elegant looking kitchen faucet, that has deep bronze undertone that really makes it pop. It will make your washing simple by spray water into the chores to wash and rinse right on the counter or in a kitchen sink.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

This kitchen faucet is ideal for anyone who wants a long faucet. You can rely on this faucet to make your kitchen works finish quickly.

Delta Champagne Bronze Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Last but not least, a champagne bronze sink faucet that can you roll around with your hand. The sleek and minimalistic design will make you easier to spray and wash your vegetables.

A Shopping Guide to Cheap Bathroom Faucets

Whether you want to renovate your old bathroom or build a new one, choosing which cheap bathroom faucets to buy is not an easy pick. You might end up getting overwhelmed with the range of its varieties. There are of course lots of. This article provides you a short guide to choose your bathroom faucets.

Style & Design

Put this in mind: not all faucets are made for every bathroom. In purchasing bathroom faucets, you need to know the style and design of your own bathroom. There are faucets with classic design and the others with modern look. By knowing how you plan to design your bathroom, you’ll understand what kind of faucets that match the whole interior. Not only the style and design of the sink itself, matching the faucet with the other furniture inside your bathroom will create better finish look.


When buying a faucet, think of your sink. Even when it looks super cool and it’s cheap, if it doesn’t fit, you can’t use it the best way. Logically, the bigger your sink is, the bigger the faucet you’ll need to buy.  If you buy the faucet that is smaller than the sink, you might have the water sprays on the wall and create splashes. If it’s too big, it won’t fit or it’ll fit awkwardly.


When you plan to buy something, make sure you’ve set a budget for that. No matter how great a faucet may look like, it will always have good and bad sides. Besides, a very expensive faucet doesn’t always have the highest quality. If you’ve set the limit and narrow the range of choices, you might find some good-quality faucets that are not too costly. Just look up and take your time doing some research before buying anything.


It is one of the most focal features of a faucet. If your faucet has a high-quality finish, it will be easier to maintain and it will be more durable. A fixture with strong durability won’t scratch and get worn out and torn easily. The most popular option is the chromed or stainless steel finish, but you can go for an oil-rubbed bronze or polished brass to match with the look you want to achieve.

There are lots of bathroom faucets out there with various design and price to choose from. However, rather than only focusing yourself on the price, paying attention to the details and quality may save you a lot of works and costs at the end of the day.

Choosing Comfortable Chairs for Work

Office staff nowadays works for five to eight hour each day, five to six days a week. They all sit on their desk during their working hours. For those who work for hours sitting in front of their computers, having comfortable chair is a blessing. As you know, sitting position affects our spine and back. Sitting for a long period of time may cause you to have backache. While exercising and living healthy lifestyle are important, having comfy chairs also help you survive each day. If you are about to buy some office chairs, there are several things you should pay attention too.

When choosing something, the first thing you should do is thinking about its usage: how it is use and how you will use it. As mentioned above, office workers sit on their chairs for hours. It worsens the conditions they may have related to back, spine, neck, arm, and leg pains, as well as problems in lumbar region. If you experience the pain more easily, it means it’s time to change your office chair to a better one.

Good chairs consist of good seat width and depth, seat height, lumbar support, backrest, armrests, and swivel. Adjustable office chairs are one of the best ones. It is a kind of chair with ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort. Adjustable office chairs usually have a knob to allow the users to lower or raise the chair. This is important to make the height of the chair perfect for the person who uses it to sit comfortably, allowing his/her feet to rest flat on the floor.

Good adjustable office chairs not only have one knob to adjust the seat height, but also contain more adjustments for the back, armrest, and many other parts of the chair. They are adjustable in five up to fourteen ways. It allows the user to make changes so that s/he can get the best sitting position.

Besides the adjustments and parts, the materials used to make the chair also have a big role in offering comfort. Also, making sure you have enough filling or padding is crucial. The fabric used for the seat and back, especially, should allow the user to feel comfortable even after sitting for few hours. Mesh Pellicle material used in Herman Miller’s Aeron is great choice because it is not only breathable but also regulates body temperature and distributes weight evenly.

Be Smart! Do These 5+ Steps Before You Buy Modern Dining Room Chairs

Dining room is one of the most-used spaces in house. Of course, dining room is a place where people gather around to eat and have conversations, or even work. So, having a comfortable dining room chairs becomes the most important thing that you need to think about.

You need your dining room chairs to be both, comfortable and stylish. It must be comfortable, so you can enjoy conversation with your family or friend. Also it must be stylish because it will look good and reflect your style. Just be smart, do these 6+ steps before you buy dining room chairs!

1# Measure for size

As a part of the furniture buying process, size often gets neglected. People maybe more focus on styles, colors, and materials. However, the first thing that you need to do is determine the size of dining chairs you will need. For this you have to consider the size of the room, and the room around your dining chairs and table. Since your dining table is not fully extended all the time, you also have to figure out where you will place any extra chairs. Remember to calculate the space between chairs and do not forget to give additional space when pulled away the chairs from the table.

2# Choose your style

As stated in the opening of this article, style becomes significant. The style of your dining room, especially your dining chairs will reflect your style and characters. Choose the right style of dining chairs also make your dining rooms look good. Maybe you can choose according to who usually dines at your house. For example, armless dining chairs do take up less space than armchairs. But, it will not comfortable for older people who need arms on a chair to help in getting in and out of the seat.

3# Prior comfort

It is not easy to define what comfortable means. Of course, because everyone has different comfort priorities. However, you just need to try your dining chairs first before you buy it. Sit on a chair to see how it feels then decide. The chair can be too high or too low. Feels your back when you lean back against it. Remember more comfortable your dining chairs will make everybody in your family happy to dine together.

4# Select material

Think about the material of your dining chairs. Metal, acrylic, wood, or rattan will determines the look and the comfort of your dining chairs. I will suggest you to choose arcrylic chairs for your modern and small dining room. But for more style and texture, rattan chairs maybe the best one. If you want to focus on styles, wood chairs are great. Of course you can also pick a chair made from mixed materials, too.

5# Check the quality

Do not buy something without judging the quality. Before you buy your dining chair make sure you check the quality first. For example, check to see if it is structurally sound by moving it around. The legs, arms, or back should not move. Wood chair must be all in one piece, not made of pieces glued together. If you are buying a vintage chair, check to see if it is strong enough to be used.


Set your budget

You do not need to buy something only for pride or your own saticfaction. It is more important to think about your needed and the budget. Yup, do not spend a lot of money to get what you want. Just spend your money wisely when it is related to your home decoration. Set your budget before you buy dining chairs, and do research to find the suitable one.

These Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas Will Overflow Your Space With Style

Bathroom vanities with mid-century modern style can be very chic and trendy for your bathroom makeover. The vanity is the feature that most likely to serve as s focal point in a bathroom because it leave much room for customization. Most often featuring clean lines and simple, sleek, elegant and modern design, mid-century modern style is heating up everywhere and if you are one of those who fancy this style, you can easily integrate this aesthetic into your home.

Elevate your bathroom look with mid century modern bathroom vanity that looks simple but offers great functionality. If you’re considering bringing a mid century modern bathroom vanity style into your bathroom, there is a collection of ultra-inspiring images of varying types of mid-century modern bathroom vanities that we have gathered together to give you some great ideas to choose from. Let’s get to it and have a look at some.

If you decide to go with a simple design, this mid century modern wood vanity has the potential of giving your bathroom a distinctively elegant and sophisticated look.

Another option is to choose a vanity design that’s simple and interesting at the same time, like this one here that perfectly combining function and minimalist look.

While the color palette is straightforward – the design of this mid century modern bathroom shelf vanity is absolutely captivating. It is also very practical and great at keeping the room spacious and airy.

Whether your space’s color palette consists of neutral hues or something more colorful, this sleek mid century modern bathroom vanity adds visual interest and analogous color harmony into your bathroom.

Opt for a wall-mounted bathroom vanity doesn’t necessarily have to mean less storage space. You can have sufficient storage and keep the room spacious with a mid century modern design that’s simple and practical.

For the bathroom whose inherent components are relatively un-colored, this model of mid century modern vanity has an awesome pop of color that creates a lovely, calm, yet still perfectly colorful, bathroom setting.

A dark stained finish vanity with a white counter top and sink can contrast with the wooden wall, creates a clear distinction between the elements that very elegant and versatile.

Choose a wall-mounted bathroom vanity if you want to make the room appear larger, more spacious and more airy than it actually is. The shade of this vanity model looks feminine and soft, creating a fairly feminine space for the bathroom.

Add a rustic touch to your modern bathroom with a mid century modern bathroom vanity made of reclaimed wood or with a distressed finish to implement simple, straightforward design style.

Pick your favorite vibrant hue for your bathroom vanity, maybe you fancy turquoise, and make it the jumping-off point for the rest of your modern bathroom space.

Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs Inspiration For Your Cozy Porch

Rocking chairs on the porch have always been everyone all-time favorite for lazing around in a one fine chill day. Rocking chairs are convenient, practical and stylish furniture that evoke pleasant and nostalgic emotions, making home decoration more interesting and enjoyable. An outdoor rocking chair that’s compatible with your porch style, will make your home exterior decoration look inviting, relaxing and familiar. However, for some reason, you may want to upgrade your rocking chairs and give your porch a fresh twist. If you’ve been on the lookout for some ideas on best outdoor rocking chairs, check out this list of awesome outdoor rocking chairs. You would be thrilled to have any one of these gracing your front porch!

Make your outdoor space your favorite escape. Go outside, grab a drink, a book and rock away in the sun in this nautical wood rocking chair.

Select this classic rocker that settle into the generous proportions and comfortable contours of the Nantucket outdoor rocking chair and get ready to rock and relax on the porch or patio all season long.

This double bench glider with rattan design style is particularly well suited for your outdoor decor and perfect for two people to relax comfortably in the sun.

Enjoy poolside conversations while lounging on this classic rocking chair that handcrafted with an elegant touch of North American ash hardwood.

Durable, comfortable and earth-friendly, you can relax your cares away with this classic slatted wood porch furniture, in the most attractive and comfortable slatted furniture yet!

Sit back in this beautiful and unique outdoor rocking chair, features an oiled copper finish and stylish daisy patterned backrest with a cushion to ensure all day comfort.

Made using solid wood, this simple rocking chair is sturdy, durable and will look great in your cottage or country styled home decor.

Sophisticated elegance meets classic beauty, you’ll fall in love with its classic look and feel, as well as its rich mocha finish and luxurious, comfortable beige cushion. This lovely rocking chair is a gorgeous addition to any home.

Use this farmhouse style rocker on the front porch or deck to rock away the hours in comfort.

Durable construction with variegated wood grain, this summerton teak rocking chair captures the organic beauty of teak, while make your rock hours feel cozy and calming.

Refresh Your Kitchen’s Look with These Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles are finishing touch that can enhance the design of your kitchen. If you have a frameless or full-overlay cabinet, kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles allow you to open and close your doors and drawers with ease. While your kitchen can get messy on a daily basis, kitchen cabinet hardware help protect your cabinet surface from mess and wear of daily use.

If you are remodeling or building new cabinet, choosing the knob and handle based on personal preference is very important because your hardware should not only look good, but it must be comfortable to use, too. Available in a plethora of styles and finishes that can pull the overall look of your kitchen together, kitchen cabinet hardware fits seamlessly into your kitchen with any design.

Check out our ideas on kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles to help narrow down your choices and find the best cabinet hardware for your kitchen.

Spice up your kitchen’s cabinetry with these shapely unique handles. Made from rubbed bronze, this hardware brings a timeless classic look to your kitchen.

You may also want to consider a more personalized look by picking kitchen cabinet hardware made from non-traditional materials like leather for your informal, relaxed-style kitchen.

If your kitchen is more into traditional style, antique kitchen cabinet knobs and handles can be a great option because its offer styles that reflect an antique look which help your kitchen personality shine through.

Function and beauty are good reasons to love this kitchen cabinet hardware idea. The black finish is dramatic on a white colored cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet hardware made of stainless steel is another great option because it is so durable. Not only that, stainless steel knobs and handles in a highly polished finish will look great in a kitchen with contemporary style.

Simple and streamlined, these kitchen cabinet knobs made from solid brass are the perfect choice that will make a bold statement in your kitchen.

You can mix knobs made from glass with stainless steel handles to create visual interest in your kitchen. Consider choosing these kitchen cabinet knobs and handles idea for an ultra-modern look.

You can also combine the clean look of cabinetry with hardware that is not too ornate, but not too hard-edged and contemporary either, like these knobs and handles idea.

If the design of your kitchen is particularly contemporary look, with sleek, sharp lines, then these cabinet knobs and handles can be a great choice.

Kitchen cabinet hardware made from pewter and brass offers a substantial look and feel, and works well for cabinets made of thicker woods. Its understated style looks more at home in a traditional setting.

10 Comfy Outdoor Chaise Lounge Ideas You’ll Want in Your Home

Outdoor chaise lounges remains one of the most elegant and stylish ways to relax. Everyone likes chaises lounge because it’s a functional modern furniture items that add comfort, interest and fun to home decorating ideas. Outdoor chaise lounges adds a touch of luxury and style to your poolside, patio, or porch without compromising on comfort. You may even want to consider add a cozy throw blanket on this long, sofa-like chair and pair it with outdoor cushions for a cozier effect. When it comes to choosing the perfect chaise lounge for your home, there are lots of different styles, colors, and other considerations. See if one of these outdoor chaise lounges is the right chair for you.

This nautical chaise lounge with arms is designed for relaxing — either napping, reading, or just daydreaming, it’s perfect for your poolside.

If you like to sip lemonade in a basic chaise like the one made from durable wood with formal design, the Captain Chaise with Arms is the one for you.

This lovely South Beach Chaise has a simple design and features comfy cushion with distinctive look that brings festive feel.

A modern, stylish twist on a classic design, Long Island Chaisle contoured seat makes for hours of pleasant relaxing, and its classic design is one you’ll love for years to come.

With its modern slatted chase and aluminum frame, Euro Chaise bring a sense of the continental to your outdoor space.

Bayline Chaise can add a touch of the dramatic to your porch with its sleek, elegant design.

Don’t be surprised if the occupant of this relaxing model retreats in it for hours at a time. This chaise is an outdoor lounger’s dream.

Opt for this Casual Chaise Lounge that features smooth wheels for a comfortable and stylish design with a sturdy construction.

This chaise lounge have a long chair with an angled back at its end, providing complete support and maximum comfort for the whole body.

With vintage floral cushion set that straps securely onto the chair’s back and seat, this chaise lounge resembles one you’d find poolside at a luxury hotel, but keep in mind it sits quite low to the ground.


Outstanding Oil Bronze Kitchen Faucets You Don’t Want To Miss Out

In nowadays trend, kitchen faucets are no more not just chosen for functionality, they are also chosen for their appearance. Faucets can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, an addition that is noticed by your guests. If you are purchasing a new sink and new faucet to replace a faulty faucet, or simply wish to modernize your kitchen’s look, you have many styles and finish of faucets from which to choose, and one of those choices is oil rubbed bronze.

Oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets are beautiful and ageless, complimenting different styles: old world, Tuscan, traditional, or rustic. Opting for oil bronze kitchen faucet not only will make you get a faucet that won’t discolor or corrode, but you will also have an upgraded look that will have everyone wanting to spend more time in the kitchen.

Take a look at these inspirations on outstanding oil bronze kitchen faucets, and select the best one for your new kitchen look today!

This oil rubbed bronze faucets with light and dark accents is beautiful and functional. The installation process is easy and you will love the motion sensors and the faucet’s attractiveness.

The design of this oil bronze faucet speaks of antique elegance and a visual appeal that corresponds beautifully with the finish.

In addition to its beauty, the design of this faucet was very practical and suitable for a modern designed kitchen. This faucets work perfectly in kitchens that have warmer or darker tones in them.

This kitchen faucet promotes form and function together with modern technologies of motion sensors that will immediately upgrade the look of your kitchen.

The primary advantage that you receive with an installation of kitchen faucet with high arc design is an improved aesthetic. It’s also offer pull-down sprayhead so you’ve got added versatility.

If you want a modern oil bronze kitchen faucet that is modern but has classical style on it, then you need to give a shot to this idea. This faucet will give your kitchen the timeless look you want.

This faucet has a high arc spout with an ageless design that enhances the traditional decor. You will like its looks and the ease of its installation.

This faucet has an urban-inspired design that is beautiful, modern-looking, and easy to install. It is a gorgeous faucet as well as functional.

The nice oil bronze accent in this faucet helps to coordinate with the kitchen style and other kitchen fixtures, yet it is also bright enough to set the kitchen faucet apart so that it catches the eye.

This last idea is a durable faucet that can stand up to the rigors of your household. It offers a pull-down design for better sink coverage that is both smooth and lightweight.

Get A Better Reading Experience With These Sleek Wall Mounted Reading Lights Ideas

Having the right task lighting that provide enough light for you who enjoy reading in bed or playing games on your computer is essential. Ceiling lights, however, give too much light in the areas you don’t want, and table lights also isn’t a better option because it often didn’t give enough light in the areas that you needed the most.

Installing a wall mounted reading lights is the ideal solution because its adjustable feature could provide you light in just the area you want. Wall mounted reading lights have a varied selection of styles and sizes and are perfect lighting solution for your reading time. To inspire you, these are our best ten picks that you might want to consider before you purchase yours.

Get a wall mounted reading light that just right in the style and function and will make you comfortable when laying up against your pillows.

Add this wall mounted swing arm reading lights that look beautiful and well functioned in lighting up your reading nook.

When choosing reading light that might suits your bedroom well, opting for the one with easily reach on and off switch for more comfortable reading task.

This wall mounted reading light is not only stylish while providing the light, but also save your table space.

This one with an elegant on/off chain and its height adjustability might soon become one of your favorite.

Opting for the one that can be set depends on your need, as example set on a dimmer so that it casts a soft light and not quite as bright when you’re not using it.

This contemporary wall light which is warm and retro in design, will effortlessly fit into your decor room as well as looking stunning when illuminated.

This reading light would be fantastic as a bedside lamp, thanks to its stylish appearance as well as the added convenience and efficiency of the light.

This fabulous wall mounted reading light come with special protective finish, and its arm can be pushed away easily when it’s no longer used to read.

And last but not least, an option in nickel plated solid brass which is elegant and aesthetically pleasing to your bedroom.

A Simple Guide of Where to Buy Kitchen Faucets That Strikes Balance in Form and Function

A kitchen faucet is not simply just an essential aspect to a functional kitchen. A well-chosen kitchen faucet can set the style and become the design focal point in a kitchen area. You need to consider the details before buying a new kitchen faucet because it depends on largely what existing plumbing you have to work with.

There is no need to sacrifice your desired look for the function your kitchen requires. With an endless array of styles and layouts, faucets have become so reliable that we found few performance differences between brands.

If you’re doing kitchen remodel or makeover, yet still not sure about where to buy kitchen faucets, here are some recommendations that we hope might help you narrow down the choices and make your buying decision easier.

Give your kitchen an instant update with this single-lever, pull-down faucet from the Oletto Series by Kraus. Available in stainless steel and chrome finishes. Buy on Amazon.

This Purist single-hole kitchen faucet combines a strong architectural form and simple-to-use features. This sleek faucet is available at Kohler.

Give your kitchen decor a quick contemporary makeover with this Kingston Brass’s black-handle pull-down chrome kitchen faucet. You can shop it at Home Depot.

This solid brass Ultra kitchen faucet features a flat gooseneck spout and smooth finish that will add modern flair to any kitchen style. You can buy it on Signature Hardware.

A modern masterpiece with architectural flair, this faucet is built to last through many years of pouring, washing and rinsing. This brushed black metal BOSJÖN kitchen faucet is available at IKEA.

This faucet has goes-with-anything designs where simplicity reigns. You can buy this two-handle wall-mounted chrome Delta’s Peerless kitchen faucet on Amazon.

This chrome two-handle bar and prep faucet has elegant styles that will stand to rest of time.

Hansgrohe’s Axor Montreux faucet is available at Lowe’s.

Kingston Brass’s Heritage kitchen faucet with sprayer in oil-rubbed bronze features aesthetic colonial elegance, brings a timeless traditional design. You can shop it on Amazon.

This Kingston Brass’s Concord kitchen faucet in polished chrome features a neoprene trim for easy handling and adds a contemporary flair to the faucet. Buy it on Amazon.

Gicasa’s Semi-Pro sculptural kitchen faucet with sprayer in oil-rubbed bronze has the combination of fashionable style and sophistication. You can check it out on Amazon.

Warm Ambiance Meets Modern Sophistication In These Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets Inspiration

These Inspiring Dual Bathroom Vanity Ideas Deliver on Storage and Style
Designing a bathroom that can offer you all those much-needed features and incredible visuals that do make a lot of sense for you is essential. The right fixtures often add style and sophistication that can transform an otherwise boring bathroom into something truly special. Get your simple bathroom an impressive update with the addition of dual bathroom vanities.

With the amount of variety currently on offer when it comes to bathroom vanities, a gorgeous dual bathroom vanity can redefine the look of your entire bathroom area. Dual bathroom vanities are designed to be efficient and provide great convenience in shared bathrooms. It is one of the most impressive models out there, so you should try it out.

Find inspiration for bathroom vanities with double the space, double the storage, and double the style that offers a whole new dimension to your bathroom interiors.

This double-sink console which is constructed from a single piece of white marble looks really nice and it does offer you timeless impressive results.

If you are after a vanity with built-in-wall storage, this salvaged bathroom vanity creates a one-of-a-kind look and allows room in your budget for splurges.

The idea here is to invest in dual bathroom vanity that really works for your space. This vanity is a study in symmetry while also clean and sleek in decor.

Add to your bathroom this dual amazing vanity with scenic simplicity, and you have an attractive, astonishing outcome that reflect the relaxed state of mind that comes from gazing out over the lake beyond this bathroom.

An extremely popular choice, this cottage convenience dual bathroom vanity is robust and modern. A curvy shelf made of marble extends above the sinks for more bonus shelving space.

Lovely and enchanting, this double bathroom vanity with sage green cabinets that bathed by natural light provides central storage for both sides of the vanity.
Get a dual bathroom vanity with modern lines and a dose of warmth and texture with walls of reclaimed wood and stone. The gray color palette is lightened up with crisp white light fixtures and accessories, makes quite a statement.

Add grace and charm to your bathroom with this dual-sink vintage style bathroom vanity. Bright and clean whites that used throughout the bathroom are traditional without being fussy.

Add an artistic element to your bathroom with this luxurious spa-like dual bathroom vanity that makes getting ready each morning a treat, not a chore.

In a cozy bathroom where space is at a premium, this compact double-vanity compliments the cozy space with a calming palette.

8+ Cool Chandelier Ideas for Your Dining Room

A chandelier is an eye-catching focal point in a dining room. It can enhance your style by complementing its surrounding. Chandeliers have long been a symbol of elegance and class.

Nowadays are available chandeliers that combines traditional elegance with modern shape. They are the best choice for any dining room that you have. These are 8+ cool chandeliers that will make your dining room more beautiful, no matter the design and style.

Rustic Chandelier

This stunning rustic chandelier will add some country charm to your dining room. The earth tones can match with any design and bring effortless style to your ceilings.

Crystal Chandelier

This crystal chandelier will bring elegant and dramatic vibe to your dining room. This is one of the most popular chandeliers that will boost the bling in your lovely dining room.

Contemporary Chandelier

This contemporary chandelier with a crystal design will bring some character to the room. The fresh modern light can update your dining room in an instant.

Cascading Chandelier

This chandelier offers a brilliant contemporary lighting look for your home. The unique design will make your dining room look sophisticated and classy.

Traditional Chandelier

This beautiful traditional chandelier will instantly add charm and luxury to your dining room. It has classic look in ceiling lighting that will never go out of style

Modern Chandelier

This modern chandelier will brighten up your décor and create a gorgeous centerpiece in your dining room. The futuristic shape and the antique design will make your dining room more stand out.

Orb Light Transitional Chandelier

This transitional chandelier blends together modern and traditional in an eclectic way. It will brighten up your dining room with stylish lighting ideas.

Farmhouse Chandelier with Lantern Style

This farmhouse chandelier will make casual dining room that gets used daily feel more special. The sleek and rustic design will make you comfortable and pleasant.

Industrial Chandelier

This industrial style chandelier will complete your unique home look. You can bring a touch of the classic look to an industrial-style to your dining room with this chandelier.

Lovely Wool Area Rug Ideas That Will Add Statement To Your Home

Perfect wool area rug is about what great interiors have on their floors. Wool area rugs play some helpful roles in rooms and can give it a lot of benefits. They add color and depth to decor while also protects your room floors, provide comfort in your daily activities. If you think it’s definitely time to buy some wool area rugs, you should look for the one with a nice style and good quality natural materials.

Yes, all the interior experts out there emphasize the importance of touching, experiencing and seeing a good rug before you buy, but they also suggest that you need to browse online to get a feel for its designs and trends. Now that you have some reason on mind about why you need a rug in your room, let’s look at these lovely wool area rug ideas that will help you choosing the perfect area rug to complement your home.

Choose a bold colorful rug for a bright, neutral room that will please you every time you look at it. The vibrant shades of colorful patterns will fill the room with cheerful vibe.

This vibrant wool area rug add depth, warmth, and beautiful pops of color in your room that will wear well and even look better over time.

While it’s fantastic at separating large open rooms into individual spaces, wool area rug is a wonderful piece of furniture that will protect your wood floors from scuffs, early aging, and warping from spills.

Add a classical beauty and maximum comfort to your bedroom floor with placing a lovely wool area rug with warm color.

If you have a large kitchen with an open floor plan, definitely consider placing a practical wool area rug under the eat-in kitchen area floor that can handle foot traffic or heavy furniture.

This look is very stunning and shows off your wool area rug with warm shade, so choose a rug that you are in love with.

If you’re looking to venture out and try something new, a wool area rug with lovely and colorful floral patterns will make you pleasantly surprised.

Wool rugs can be placed in any area of the home, even entryway. A small wool area rug with natural color is perfect in rooms with an entryway with narrow space to fill.

If you like to go neutral, a wool area rug with neutral color will appear more subtle and tend to blend well into its surrounding.

No matter what your decor style is, the timelessness of traditional wool area rugs, with its deep patterns and colors, is always a fantastic choice and makes them a perfect fit in every genre.

A List of Fabulous Outdoor Dining Table Ideas To Get You Inspired

Dining outdoors with people you love is one of the true joys of having a home and yard. Dining outdoors is a much-anticipated ritual during the summer and warmer months of the year. The mood that is created during the outdoor dining experience can be meaningful and unforgettable. In this case, a perfect dining set with a nice dining table need to be included for a charming experience. Celebrate the warm season as you dine outdoors by setting the stage with fabulous outdoor dining table for an enjoyable evening outdoors and bring coziness that is not normally found outside. We hope this list will give you some inspiration you need to make a thoughtful choice. Just scroll down until you find the one you are looking for!

You don’t necessarily need expensive dining table with dramatic views or place settings to get magical outdoor dining experience. A fine wooden rustic dining table, with the addition of few simple elements as a decoration are all you need.

This outdoor dining table is a casual contemporary addition to your backyard retreat with a look that speaks of natural beauty.

A Mid-Century Austin Ranch dining table is a solid, high-quality, durable outdoor furniture. Its a perfect material that provides luxury, comfort, and resilience for a stylish outdoor dining table.

Sporting a pleasant looking outdoor dining table inspired by driftwood, this one elevates the art of indoor-outdoor living. Beautiful and durable, this high-style/low-maintenance table charms your outdoor space with a natural complement.

This type of outdoor dining table with is completely weather resistant, durable and manufactured to last a lifetime, make your exterior space stays looking great.

Featuring lovely accents and a polished finish, this dinning table brings the elegance of an indoor dining chair, to your outdoor social area. It’s an item you’ll be proud to put on your front porch.

This one is an impressive dining table with a classical design and a contemporary twist to create styles that suitable for any outside space.

Elevate your outdoor living space with this comfy and casual dining table. The wood-look resin tabletop provides stylish appeal.

Let the dinner conversation flows effortlessly around this antique outdoor dining table. Its graceful profiles make gathering at the round table more enjoyable.

Rustic in style and generously scaled, this rectangular outdoor dining table is the ultimate in carefree comfort while serving a sleek look.

Give Your Bathroom A Fresh Look With These Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Traditional framed glass shower has a bulky look that can become an eyesore in your home. It’s the right time to cosider upgrading your out-of-date shower with a new custom glass enclosure. Frameless glass shower doors can add minimalist aesthetic touches you want for your bathroom and maximize its functionality and impact. To get a newly remodeled bathroom that looks even better than you imagined it could, a frameless shower door is one of the best bathroom upgrades you can make. It leaves your bathroom feeling airier, brighter and bigger. There are a wide selection of frameless shower door designs and styles. Take a look at our list of best frameless glass shower doors and be prepared to see your bathroom in a whole new light, with more open space and a modern look!

Elegant and classy, this great frameless glass shower door make the pretty bathroom looks so clean and sleek for a comfortable showering.

The frameless glass shower complements the awesome shaped tub and bring the best look of this contemporary cool style bathroom with its solid, smooth surface.

Clean frameless glass door combined with natural lighting and natural materials in this bathroom creates a relaxing and functional space.

Adding a frameless door in a rustic style bathroom make this bath feels so warm and inviting.

Unique and minimalist, this frameless shower is definitely the focal point in this bathroom.

A stunning walk in showers featured a sliding frameless door add pretty and clean statement to this contemporary bathroom.

Featured a clean and solid frameless door, this bath brings in many outdoor elements to make it feel tranquil and fresh.

The marble shower tray definitely stands out in this shower because the help of the cool roller sliding glass door.

The pops of frosted glass within the frameless doors add a little more interest to this casual bathroom.

Have a me time, just relax and forget your worries behind an impressive frameless shower of your bathroom.

Stunning Swing Arm Wall Lamp Ideas To Keep Your Space Well-lit

A wall mounted swing arm lamp is a real attention grabber in a room that offer convenience, style, and it can swing side to side too. Swing arm wall lamp makes a practical addition in any room, as it can provide focused task lighting whilst freeing up the room space. They’re perfect on either side of a bed headboard, above a desk, next to a favorite reading chair, or even on the kitchen wall. From sleek modern swing arm lamps to more traditional designs with shades, swing arms are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. We’ve put together some of the most stunning and trendy swing arm wall lamp to help you pick the one that is right for you.

If you are after the kind of lighting that follows the industrial lighting trend of showcasing an exposed bulb, Prouvé Potence Style is a smart black swing arm wall lamp that fits perfectly with just about any room with contemporary decor.

Need functional but stylish multiple light sources? This retro design  lamp that produced from carbon steel and copper with dual arm could be the answer.

Functional swing arm lamps, like the one shown below, allowing you to control the position of the lighting source while also add an elegant touch to your space decor.

This cool swing arm wall lamp is not only has an iconic mid-century inspired look, but also has a highly adjustable body too, thanks to its hinged arm and tall bracket.

Crafted in sustainable smooth white oak, the turned wood fabrication leaves a beautiful grain that made this handmade Wooden Swing Arm Wall Lamp brings a much more mellow modern look.

This single headed Serge offers the great looks and its long reaching arm would also make it a good solution for lighting your dining table.

This Oluce Coupé 1158 Arc Shaped Swing Arm Lamp with a gooseneck style has a glossy black metal shade that looks awesome to put in your room with any decor in a very understated way.

Opting for plug in swing arm wall lamp means that you don’t have to worry about making a mess of your hallway walls. Otherwise, its designs save space and add a chic touch to any decor.

With its adjustable arm, this Tolomeo Style Swing Arm Bedroom Wall Reading Lamp can be used for a more comfortable reading experience, since you can position the light source right where you need it.

Saving the great one for the last, this Giant 1227 Outdoor Swing Arm Wall Lamp is a humorous oversized piece that makes you feel like you’re starring in a movie as a mini creature.