Bathroom Design 101: Basic Guidelines on Choosing Vanity for Vessel Sinks

When thinking of decorating your bathroom, vessel sink will certainly come in mind. This beautiful, stylish sink can definitely amp up your bathroom, giving it some sort of ‘statement’ that will make your bathroom feels more luxurious. That transparent basin bowl, filled with water, sitting on top of your bathroom vanity, would seriously be a beautiful thing to look at. However, when you consider using a vessel sink, another question would come to mind. How to choose the right bathroom vanity for your vessel sink?

Choosing vanity for vessel sink

There are so many different kinds of vanities you can choose for your bathroom. But before browsing and choosing a vanity for your bathroom. You need to know what kind of sink you want to install on your vanity. If you happen to want a vessel sink in your bathroom, you need to consider several things so everything won’t get awry and you can get the bathroom of your dream. So here are a few things you need to consider before buying vanity for vessel sink.

The material

Typically, vanities for vessel sink use countertops that are made of stone or glass. This will make cleaning your bathroom vanity and vessel sink much easier, since cleaning vessel sink on its own is already a difficult task. But you can also opt for other materials such as solid wood, manufactured wood, or even plastic. As long as you can drill through the material, installing a vessel sink should be possible.

The dimension

Vessel sink is basically a basin and faucet sitting on your countertop. Unlike the traditional under mount sink, vessel sink will add the height of your vanity. And it might cause a problem if your vanity is already pretty tall. Therefore you need to choose a shorter vanity so you can use your sink with ease. Typically, the right height for a vanity for a vessel sink is around 29 or 36 inch.

The space available on the surface

Vessel sink will take up quite some space on your vanity. You need to carefully consider the space available for vessel sink instalment. Also, make sure you have some space left on the countertop where you can place your things.

The style

Last but not least, in choosing vanity for vessel sink, you need to pay close attention to the style and design of your vanity. It should match your overall bathroom theme and the vessel sink you want to put on it. The point of installing vessel sink in your bathroom is to make a ‘statement’, to make your bathroom look more stylish and having that ‘surprise’ effect. So it makes no sense if the things you put there is not of the same style and theme.

There you have the basic guide on how to choose a bathroom vanity for vessel sink. It’s quite simple and easy to do, so there is no reason for you to refrain from putting the vessel sink of your dream in your bathroom.

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