Best Material Options for Your Raised Garden Bed Frame

Aside from aesthetic purpose, raised garden bed is actually quite a practical solution to numerous garden problems. From poor to no soil, poor drainage, erosion and soil compaction, a raised garden bed can provide an answer. Therefore, homeowners that dream of having their own garden may consider getting them. It is also typically easy to DIY as well. But before you go make your own raised garden bed, you may want to check the materials for a raised garden bed frame, as each material have their own pros and cons that you may want to consider.


Wood is a great raised garden bed frame material. It is easy to install, easy to get, looks really nice, blends really well with the garden, and very cheap. All these qualities make wood the most common material for raised garden bed. However, wood won’t last forever as it will rot and decay at some point so you will have to replace them. But it shouldn’t be a big deal since untreated wood itself can last up to 10 years and treated wood can last even longer.


The second most common material for raised garden bed frame is concrete. Once it looks very basic and uninteresting, but lately, concrete is being perceived as chic and trendy. The basic look makes concrete blend easily to its surroundings and can even be used for a lot of styles. Unlike wood, concrete can last forever so you don’t have to change them indefinitely. But concrete is not very easy to install so you may want to hire a professional help and it may cost you quite a lot.


Rock is an easy material to work with if you’re a DIY kind of person. You can easily make shapes and move them around, so rock has a lot of flexibility to it. However, as it is easily built and stacked, it is also a non-permanent construction.


Although steel can look very artistic and beautiful, this material is not one that you can handle yourself. You have to hire a professional for steel raised garden bed installation. It is also not cheap and has several downsides such as it may warm your soil and kill your thermal sensitive plants, or it may develop corrosion when you live near the ocean.

There are many other raised garden bed frame materials that you can look up in stores. However, you have to first understand each material’s pros and cons before deciding on one.

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