Black Curtain Rods Are Not For Everyone, Here’s What You Need To Know

Black curtain rods may be your rods of choice because of its simplicity. It acts like a line that outlines the room. And you may think to yourself that it is just a rod, what can possibly go wrong? But choosing black curtain rods is a great commitment. Because it defines the whole room and quite an attention-grabbing unless your window is coloured black as well. Of course, it adds a nice finish to your room. So before you jump in and get yourself black curtain rods, here are some things that you may need to know.

The types

There are so many drapery rods types out there in the stores. From the classic ones, return rods, double curtain rods, cable rods, or tension rods. You need to find and choose one that suits your window and your style preferences. Even though rods may not be very visible to the eye, but if you’re using black curtain rods, it will be a statement piece that you need to think through.


Rods usually came in two materials only: metal or wood. Both materials are actually great and have its own pros and cons. However, if we’re talking about longevity and simplicity, you may lean more toward metal materials. Because metal is pretty low maintenance and can last for quite a long time especially if you choose the right finish. It is also usually lighter than its counterpart.

The size

First of all, as a rule of thumb, you should choose at least 1-inch diameter rods. The thickness will support your heavy drapery more and looks better than thin rods. You may also choose rods that are 6 to 7 inches longer than your window frame to make your window appear larger and give more ways for the light to go in because your curtain will rest at the wall instead of blocking the light.


Finials are totally optional. But if you want to add accent and decoration to your rods, finials may be a great addition. You can choose the simple ball finials or the crystal one if you want to add some glam.

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