Tiny Bathroom Remodelling: How to make it Look Bigger

Having a tiny bathroom might feel like a drag. There is not much room to move and to store your stuff. Especially if you share it with someone else, it might feel even cramped and uncomfortable. Although maybe extending your bathroom is not an option due to many reasons, you can still put in the effort to make your tiny bathroom feels more spacious. Here are a few tips on tiny bathroom remodelling, so your bathroom would feel and look bigger.

Install a skylight

Natural light can instantly give your bathroom a bigger feeling. Because you would feel like you are in an open space. If installing a skylight or a window isn’t an option, you can choose for a bright artificial light. The brighter, the better.

Use the same light coloured paint on your walls and ceiling

Just like natural lighting, bright colour can make a room look more spacious. It reflects light better and therefore will erase shadow corners on your bathroom. So does painting your wall and ceiling in the same colour, it blurred out the shadowed corner and thus manipulates your brain into thinking that the room is much bigger than it does.

Opt for open shelves instead of cabinets

Overall, stay away from bulky cabinets and shelves. Not only they will take up more room, but they will also be an obstruction. Hence, always choose open shelves like wire rack or other kinds of open shelves.

Swap your cabinet sink to a pedestal sink

As stated before, get rid of all kind of cabinets, including a cabinet sink. Choose a pedestal sink or a wall mount sink. It will create more space, and you can put a woven basket or a rack underneath instead to store your things.

Get rid of the tub and install a shower

This is a no-brainer. Tiny bathroom and bathtub don’t go well together. They contradict each other and you need to swap your tub for a shower ASAP. For the shower stall, choose a frameless glass shower. This kind of shower stall has no visible borders and therefore erasing limitation in your bathroom.

There you have it, a few tricks to make your tiny bathroom way more bearable. But the most important thing you need to do is to cut down on the things you need to store in your bathroom. Live minimalistic and you’ll for sure, have more space to yourself.

Add Statement To Your Bathroom With These Stunning Single-Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Choosing a bathroom vanity with sleek lines and clean design can break your decor space and elevate your bathroom look. A bathroom vanity is the combination of a mirror or mirrors, one or more sinks, a countertop, and usually some form of storage for accessories, linens or other bathroom necessities. Opting for bathroom vanity is a great way to add some style to your bathroom space without having to adhere strictly to the overall design scheme.

Bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of both sink and vanity designs, so matching the style of your bath space should be fairly simple. If you’re installing a vanity in a small bathroom, a guest bathroom, or one that’s mainly used by one person, 54 inch bathroom vanity single sink can be an excellent option.

Explore your option by checking out these 54 inch bathroom vanity single sink ideas, and get ready to take control of your bathroom that needs updating and better functionality.

Aqua tone bathroom cabinetry gets a graphic treatment when paired with a stark white composite-stone countertop. The look of this single sink bathroom vanity is both sophisticated and versatile.

When you combine a classic finish like whitewashed wood with a trough-style vanity in modern bathroom, the result is timeless.

An asymmetrical design single-sink bathroom vanity with opaque accent elevates the contemporary-style look of your bathroom.

If you love the look of wood, choose a 54 inch single-sink vanity type with a dramatic grain and make it the focal point of the bathroom. This rustic bathroom vanity fits in just about any style of house.

This bathroom vanity style provides contemporary contrast to the rustic wood drawer fronts and is perfectly suited for a modern bathroom design, thanks to its minimalist look.

Make the most of limited space of your small bathroom with a wall-mounted single sink vanity. The sleek finish lends sophistication to its modern design.

An open bathroom vanity like this table-inspired design is a smart choice because in this modern single-sink vanity, the storage possibilities are endless–and tucked away.

When your bathroom space is limited, seek a custom solution that will allow you to match your lifestyle needs specifically to your room’s layout. Go minimalist with a clean look single sink vanity for your tight modern bathroom.

In this natural-inspired vanity, drawers outfitted with storage containers hold bathroom essentials while fluffy white towels find a home on the shelf below the sink, max out the storage.

A modern single-sink bathroom vanity with straight lines becomes a graphic element in this monochromatic bathroom. A thick marble countertop creates dramatic contrast against a stark black vanity.

Guides on Choosing the Perfect Ventless Kitchen Hood for Your Kitchen

Most of kitchen inspiration pictures usually involve a nice kitchen range hood somewhere around the stove. And although kitchen range hood is not an essential fixture that you need in your kitchen, it can be a really nice addition to your kitchen. So if you’re considering getting a ventless kitchen hood, these are a few things that you need to consider first.

Do you really need them?

First of all, you have to make sure that you really need and want a ventless kitchen range hood. Because kitchen hood comes with quite a high price and the installation requires professional help. But if you have the budget and the time, ventless kitchen hood can help you a lot in keeping all the grease and odour and smokes out of your kitchen. It will suck all the grease and smoke, filter them, and circulates the air back to your kitchen. This can help you from getting your kitchen slowly covered with grease over time.

The placement

Take into your consideration that kitchen range hood is not like a microwave that you can put anywhere as it can be less effective when you place them away from your stove. So always try to get them as close as possible to your stovetop.

The types

There are so many ventless kitchen hood types that you can choose, from the basic over-range hood to the double functioned microwave combo hood. You can choose the type that suits your kitchen and design preferences. But keep in mind that you have to keep them highly effective, so it is always better to choose the ones that accommodate your stovetop placement.

The style

Not only types but ventless kitchen hood also came with different styles. You can use a large and simple stainless kitchen hood for a sleek and modern looking kitchen. But if you’re more on the farmhouse side, you can disguise your hood as cabinetry above the stove or a good old chimney looking hood.

After all, ventless kitchen hood that doesn’t require a true open vent is a good alternative for those of you who feel the need of kitchen hood while can’t afford to connect them to a vent or any other existing air duct system.

Here’s the Type of Tops you can choose for your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

With so many bathroom vanity cabinets in the market, we will have no difficulties in picking one that suits our imagination and bathroom designs. But for some of us who loves a little more flexibility in designing their own bathroom furniture, getting bathroom vanity cabinets without tops can be the answer. This type of furniture gives you the freedom to choose countertops materials. But be aware that there are an abundant choice of countertops materials and looks out there. So before you shop, here are some countertops materials you can consider for your bathroom vanity cabinets.


For you who love classic touch in your bathroom, granite can be the right countertops for you. This natural stone is everyone’s favourite countertops material for several reasons. Aside from its dramatic beauty with one of a kind pattern, granite is also easy to maintain. The surface is scratch resistant and very hard so you don’t have to worry about denting your countertops. Granite is also very long lasting, it may even last forever.


Quartz is a strong contender to granite in terms of countertops materials. It is nature’s hardest material that can be found in so many stones. As for countertops, quartz is usually mixed with pigments, resin, or recycled material. Quartz is naturally resistant to moisture, bacteria and stains. Therefore it is stronger than granite and requires no sealing. Price wise, quartz is slightly more expensive but every penny you spend on this material will be worth it as it can last forever as well.


With the rise of industrial design, concrete also gains popularity. It is no longer belongs exclusively to the industrial material. Concrete can mimic the look of natural stone so it can easily go with any kind of bathroom design. It can also easily shaped, coloured, or styled the way you want so you have more flexibility with this material. Yet you have to keep in mind that concrete is naturally porous so you have to wax it regularly.


Who doesn’t love the look of marble? This beautiful crystalline form of limestone can be adapted to every bathroom style. The beautiful white and grey pattern creates a luxurious look in your bathroom. But if you choose matte finished marble, it can seem more casual. Yet as we all know, marble is quite expensive. So if you are eyeing marble countertops, you need to make sure that it won’t make you over limit your budget.

There are many other countertops materials you can choose from. If you’re opting for cheaper options, you can go for tiles or solid surface. But be aware of each countertops materials pros and cons. And one last thing, make sure that your bathroom vanity cabinets without tops match your countertops looks.

Smart Small Bathroom Lighting Hacks to make it Look Bigger

Having a small bathroom is quite tricky. It might be an advantage if you’re not the kind of person who fancies cleaning your bathroom. The small space in your bathroom makes it easier to clean. But you might have to struggle with the lack of space as well. Another thing you have to struggle with when you have a small bathroom is the right lighting. Because the darker your bathroom, the smaller it feels. Therefore, you have to find the perfect small bathroom lighting to make it feel more spacious. Here are some hacks for small bathroom lighting you might want to consider.

Light up mirrors and cabinets

Instead of installing a wall sconces that take up spaces around your mirror, why not try the light-up ones already? This kind of lighting is a saviour for small bathroom lighting as it saves up some space and also usually are already using an LED lamp that is able to illuminate a large part of the room.

Install a skylight

For small bathroom lighting, a skylight is a hero. Natural lights will not only light up your small bathroom really good so it feels wider, but it will also save energy and money. Of course, skylight can’t stand alone, it needs to be supported by artificial light as well. But skylight will give you the illusion of a bigger bathroom throughout the day. So, what’s not to love?

Use undercabinet light or tape light

When you’re dealing with a small bathroom, every space and every surface matters. Therefore, you can maximize the space in your small bathroom by using tape light under your cabinets. This way, not only it adds brightness to the room, but it also diminishes shadows that can make the room feels smaller.

Refrain from using big decorative lighting

This one is a no-brainer. Big decorative lighting, though it looks cool and may create a ‘statement’ in your bathroom, it also takes up so much space and not to mention, it actually unnecessary as well. Opt for a flush mount ceiling light for small bathroom lighting. When you use an LED lamp, it can boost the brightness of your bathroom and create a wider illusion.

One thing to remember when planning your small bathroom lighting: the brighter the better. The bright bathroom can erase shadow that creates that corner-y feeling. So always make sure your small bathroom is well-lit!

These Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas Will Overflow Your Space With Style

Bathroom vanities with mid-century modern style can be very chic and trendy for your bathroom makeover. The vanity is the feature that most likely to serve as s focal point in a bathroom because it leave much room for customization. Most often featuring clean lines and simple, sleek, elegant and modern design, mid-century modern style is heating up everywhere and if you are one of those who fancy this style, you can easily integrate this aesthetic into your home.

Elevate your bathroom look with mid century modern bathroom vanity that looks simple but offers great functionality. If you’re considering bringing a mid century modern bathroom vanity style into your bathroom, there is a collection of ultra-inspiring images of varying types of mid-century modern bathroom vanities that we have gathered together to give you some great ideas to choose from. Let’s get to it and have a look at some.

If you decide to go with a simple design, this mid century modern wood vanity has the potential of giving your bathroom a distinctively elegant and sophisticated look.

Another option is to choose a vanity design that’s simple and interesting at the same time, like this one here that perfectly combining function and minimalist look.

While the color palette is straightforward – the design of this mid century modern bathroom shelf vanity is absolutely captivating. It is also very practical and great at keeping the room spacious and airy.

Whether your space’s color palette consists of neutral hues or something more colorful, this sleek mid century modern bathroom vanity adds visual interest and analogous color harmony into your bathroom.

Opt for a wall-mounted bathroom vanity doesn’t necessarily have to mean less storage space. You can have sufficient storage and keep the room spacious with a mid century modern design that’s simple and practical.

For the bathroom whose inherent components are relatively un-colored, this model of mid century modern vanity has an awesome pop of color that creates a lovely, calm, yet still perfectly colorful, bathroom setting.

A dark stained finish vanity with a white counter top and sink can contrast with the wooden wall, creates a clear distinction between the elements that very elegant and versatile.

Choose a wall-mounted bathroom vanity if you want to make the room appear larger, more spacious and more airy than it actually is. The shade of this vanity model looks feminine and soft, creating a fairly feminine space for the bathroom.

Add a rustic touch to your modern bathroom with a mid century modern bathroom vanity made of reclaimed wood or with a distressed finish to implement simple, straightforward design style.

Pick your favorite vibrant hue for your bathroom vanity, maybe you fancy turquoise, and make it the jumping-off point for the rest of your modern bathroom space.

Oil Rubbed Bronze for Bathroom Vanity Light? Why Not!

Putting oil rubbed bronze vanity light might not be a popular decision. Usually, people choose vanity light with chrome, gold, or even solid colour finish. Bronze often feels too outdated and gloomy to be put as vanity light. But for those of you who are up for the challenge, oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light might be a good addition to your overall bathroom design. If you like the idea of making a statement in your bathroom, here are some bathroom design ideas with bronze vanity light.

Understanding the difference between bronze and oil rubbed bronze

Yet before, we need to comprehend what is bronze and what effect will it gives to your room design. Bronze is the earliest type of metal alloy that is used and developed by human. It has a dark chocolate matte finish that will change a bit yellowish over time. Therefore, some people who don’t like this colour change choose oil rubbed bronze instead. Oil rubbed bronze is a metal finish that is chemically made to create a darkened surface. This finish will add earthy feelings in your bathroom that sort of deflect the viewer’s attention. Oil rubbed bronze light fixture may be used for any kind of light, but it can do a really good job in being ambience lighting.

Oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light in this design creates a good ambient in the room. It suits the earthy colour of the wall and bathroom vanity really well thus enhances the room’s tranquillity.

This oil rubbed bronze vanity light give your bathroom a vintage feeling. It might remind you of an old public bathroom in which they use rather wiry light fixture above the mirror.

Pair oil rubbed bronze light fixture with dark coloured wall and white vanity to create this look. It balanced out the vintage and modern sides of the room.

You don’t have to have a fancy or natural-themed bathroom to nail this oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light. You can absolutely pull this off with a classic ordinary bathroom. Just add a touch of bronze on your faucet, and you’re good to go!

While you can make do with a simple classic bathroom, you know you can always highlight your quirky vintage bathroom with oil rubbed bronze light fixture. It tones down the weirdness of the barrel vanity and creates a balance in this bathroom or powder room.

Oil rubbed bronze might be a tricky metal finish to nail off, but with a little inspiration and imagination you can surely pull it off. So never be afraid of trying new designs and challenge yourself, because the end result will definitely be worth it.

Warm Ambiance Meets Modern Sophistication In These Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets Inspiration

These Inspiring Dual Bathroom Vanity Ideas Deliver on Storage and Style
Designing a bathroom that can offer you all those much-needed features and incredible visuals that do make a lot of sense for you is essential. The right fixtures often add style and sophistication that can transform an otherwise boring bathroom into something truly special. Get your simple bathroom an impressive update with the addition of dual bathroom vanities.

With the amount of variety currently on offer when it comes to bathroom vanities, a gorgeous dual bathroom vanity can redefine the look of your entire bathroom area. Dual bathroom vanities are designed to be efficient and provide great convenience in shared bathrooms. It is one of the most impressive models out there, so you should try it out.

Find inspiration for bathroom vanities with double the space, double the storage, and double the style that offers a whole new dimension to your bathroom interiors.

This double-sink console which is constructed from a single piece of white marble looks really nice and it does offer you timeless impressive results.

If you are after a vanity with built-in-wall storage, this salvaged bathroom vanity creates a one-of-a-kind look and allows room in your budget for splurges.

The idea here is to invest in dual bathroom vanity that really works for your space. This vanity is a study in symmetry while also clean and sleek in decor.

Add to your bathroom this dual amazing vanity with scenic simplicity, and you have an attractive, astonishing outcome that reflect the relaxed state of mind that comes from gazing out over the lake beyond this bathroom.

An extremely popular choice, this cottage convenience dual bathroom vanity is robust and modern. A curvy shelf made of marble extends above the sinks for more bonus shelving space.

Lovely and enchanting, this double bathroom vanity with sage green cabinets that bathed by natural light provides central storage for both sides of the vanity.
Get a dual bathroom vanity with modern lines and a dose of warmth and texture with walls of reclaimed wood and stone. The gray color palette is lightened up with crisp white light fixtures and accessories, makes quite a statement.

Add grace and charm to your bathroom with this dual-sink vintage style bathroom vanity. Bright and clean whites that used throughout the bathroom are traditional without being fussy.

Add an artistic element to your bathroom with this luxurious spa-like dual bathroom vanity that makes getting ready each morning a treat, not a chore.

In a cozy bathroom where space is at a premium, this compact double-vanity compliments the cozy space with a calming palette.

Give Your Bathroom A Fresh Look With These Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Traditional framed glass shower has a bulky look that can become an eyesore in your home. It’s the right time to cosider upgrading your out-of-date shower with a new custom glass enclosure. Frameless glass shower doors can add minimalist aesthetic touches you want for your bathroom and maximize its functionality and impact. To get a newly remodeled bathroom that looks even better than you imagined it could, a frameless shower door is one of the best bathroom upgrades you can make. It leaves your bathroom feeling airier, brighter and bigger. There are a wide selection of frameless shower door designs and styles. Take a look at our list of best frameless glass shower doors and be prepared to see your bathroom in a whole new light, with more open space and a modern look!

Elegant and classy, this great frameless glass shower door make the pretty bathroom looks so clean and sleek for a comfortable showering.

The frameless glass shower complements the awesome shaped tub and bring the best look of this contemporary cool style bathroom with its solid, smooth surface.

Clean frameless glass door combined with natural lighting and natural materials in this bathroom creates a relaxing and functional space.

Adding a frameless door in a rustic style bathroom make this bath feels so warm and inviting.

Unique and minimalist, this frameless shower is definitely the focal point in this bathroom.

A stunning walk in showers featured a sliding frameless door add pretty and clean statement to this contemporary bathroom.

Featured a clean and solid frameless door, this bath brings in many outdoor elements to make it feel tranquil and fresh.

The marble shower tray definitely stands out in this shower because the help of the cool roller sliding glass door.

The pops of frosted glass within the frameless doors add a little more interest to this casual bathroom.

Have a me time, just relax and forget your worries behind an impressive frameless shower of your bathroom.

Stunning Swing Arm Wall Lamp Ideas To Keep Your Space Well-lit

A wall mounted swing arm lamp is a real attention grabber in a room that offer convenience, style, and it can swing side to side too. Swing arm wall lamp makes a practical addition in any room, as it can provide focused task lighting whilst freeing up the room space. They’re perfect on either side of a bed headboard, above a desk, next to a favorite reading chair, or even on the kitchen wall. From sleek modern swing arm lamps to more traditional designs with shades, swing arms are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. We’ve put together some of the most stunning and trendy swing arm wall lamp to help you pick the one that is right for you.

If you are after the kind of lighting that follows the industrial lighting trend of showcasing an exposed bulb, Prouvé Potence Style is a smart black swing arm wall lamp that fits perfectly with just about any room with contemporary decor.

Need functional but stylish multiple light sources? This retro design  lamp that produced from carbon steel and copper with dual arm could be the answer.

Functional swing arm lamps, like the one shown below, allowing you to control the position of the lighting source while also add an elegant touch to your space decor.

This cool swing arm wall lamp is not only has an iconic mid-century inspired look, but also has a highly adjustable body too, thanks to its hinged arm and tall bracket.

Crafted in sustainable smooth white oak, the turned wood fabrication leaves a beautiful grain that made this handmade Wooden Swing Arm Wall Lamp brings a much more mellow modern look.

This single headed Serge offers the great looks and its long reaching arm would also make it a good solution for lighting your dining table.

This Oluce Coupé 1158 Arc Shaped Swing Arm Lamp with a gooseneck style has a glossy black metal shade that looks awesome to put in your room with any decor in a very understated way.

Opting for plug in swing arm wall lamp means that you don’t have to worry about making a mess of your hallway walls. Otherwise, its designs save space and add a chic touch to any decor.

With its adjustable arm, this Tolomeo Style Swing Arm Bedroom Wall Reading Lamp can be used for a more comfortable reading experience, since you can position the light source right where you need it.

Saving the great one for the last, this Giant 1227 Outdoor Swing Arm Wall Lamp is a humorous oversized piece that makes you feel like you’re starring in a movie as a mini creature.


Looking to Remodel Your Bathroom with Limited Budget? Try These Tricks!

As a place where you spend your most personal and intimate times, bathroom deserves a special attention. A bathroom will not only be the place where you start your day, but it will also be the place where you end your long tiring day. So a comfortable and preferably eye-candy bathroom is always a good idea.

When I’m thinking to remodel my bathroom, I’m going to be really excited about what and which to replace and how to redesign my new bathroom. But not all of us have the money to splurge. Some of us need to remodel our bathroom with a specific budget in mind. Hence, here are some tips on remodelling your bathroom on a budget.

Buy used cabinets or fixtures

Do you know that not every furniture or fixture has to be new when you remodel your bathroom? Yes, you can definitely buy used stuff instead. But always make sure that the damage done to those used furniture or fixture is not too bad. Not only it will save your money, but with a little care, it can also help you to give a new appearance to the room.

Go easy on the tiles

You might not see tile as a huge factor in your budget, it seems insignificant and easy to shrug off. Yet apparently tiles are quite expensive and it can take up the majority of your budget. So don’t let tiles fool you. Set an exact limit on how many tiles can you use and stick to them.

DIY countertops

One of the things people usually consider changing when remodelling bathroom is their countertops. Especially with the granite countertops trend, people are swapping their old countertops with granite. But buying new countertops is not always an option for people with a tight budget. Therefore, DIY may be the answer.

Paint it up

Another cheap way to make your bathroom feels new and different is by re-painting it with a different colour. But keep in mind while this is a cheap yet impactful option, it also quite time-consuming. The process might take several days and if you’re planning to paint it yourself, it takes a lot of energy as well.

‘Green’ updates

When making your bathroom remodelling plan, keep in mind that you need to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. For instance, when choosing a new faucet, choose the ones that can conserve water. Not only it will reduce your water bill in the long run, but it usually also cost less than the traditional ones.

There are so many cheap ways to vamp up your bathroom. But the most important thing to keep your bathroom remodel budget on limit is to understand what you want to achieve by this

These Teak Bathroom Vanities Are Almost Too Gorgeous

A stylish vanity in your bathroom is essential to helping the space shine. If you are tired of your old rotten bathroom vanity, then a vanity with fine finishes, elegant tops, and functional sink might be a perfect solution for your problem. You can transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat by incorporating the right teak bathroom vanity into your design.

Teak bathroom vanities come with fine teak wood finishes that matures over time, giving your bathroom an elegant and sophisticated feel. Bathroom teak vanity comes in an array of ergonomic designs and catchy looks to give a personalized touch to your bathroom interior. Whether you’re searching for a traditional, vintage, or modern look, teak bathroom vanities come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Check out these teak bathroom vanity ideas to find the ideal vanity for your bathroom.
Choose a teak bathroom vanity with whitewash finish that enhances the beauty of the teak. This teak vanity impresses with its sleek, modern style.

Made of solid teak, this bathroom vanity will be a long-standing addition to your bathroom. It is a beautiful choice for a nature-inspired makeover.

Featured a modest, yet stylish design, this teak vanity is a fitting addition that will complement every other fixture in a bathroom with any style.

Built to last with a beautiful wood that is rich with organic graining, this bathroom vanity makes an impact in teak. This cabinet features open shelves that are bold, yet practical.

Bathroom vanities crafted from teak are relatively popular because you can pair them with various accents or vanity tops as you like it.
Made of durable and high-quality teak, this bathroom vanity idea was crafted using modern and minimalist design principles—a perfect update for your bathroom.

This wall-mounted teak bathroom vanity triumphs as a space-saving piece that perfect for a studio apartment, guest bath, or any room where extra space is desired.

This teak vanity features irregular drawer placement and open storage area, brings renewed style to your master bathroom—a wonderful addition to your home.

The wood grain is on full display, making a bathroom vanity with teak finishes become a perfect piece of decor to bring a natural feel to your bathroom. This vanity makes an elegant statement piece for large baths.

Built of a pair of vessel sinks, give your bathroom a stylish makeover with this light gray teak double vanity with matching top. A great fit for a master bath that has plenty of areas to house your belongings.

4+ Vanity Bath Light Ideas That Match Your True Personality

Designing the interior of your bathroom should be your personal job, since bathroom is your second most private place in the house after your bedroom. Personalizing your bathroom to match your true personality can give you so many benefits. Imagine walking out of the shower, feeling refreshed and so ready to take on the world. That’s how you would feel when your bathroom reflects your true, best personality.

If redecorating the whole bathroom to match your personality feels like a huge deal, then you can start by swapping the little things in your bathroom. In this case, let’s talk about changing your vanity bath lights to match your personality. Here’s a few inspiration you can use.


For you who love a simple and minimalistic lifestyle, a pair of these simple tube chrome sconces light fixture will fit you right. If chrome vanity bath light is not your style, you can always opt for the black one. Also, make sure you use a white lighting instead of the yellowy one, to give it a more modern feeling.

Nature lover

As a nature lover, of course you would love to have window or skylight instead to provide your bathroom with natural light. But as we all know, natural light will go out as day turn to night and you still have to install several artificial lights in your bathroom. These pair of natural wood led wall lamp will definitely give you the calmness of nature. Or if you think it’s way too much for your bathroom, you can opt for copper sconces instead.

Pop, bright personality

Who doesn’t love someone with such a strong and bright personality? Never be afraid to show your personality, by choosing for vanity bath light with playful solid colour. This light fixture will emphasis your bright optimism and helps you to get through the day with a renewed spirit.

Vintage and romantic

What suit a romantic person better than a chandelier? It doesn’t have to be a real candle. You can always opt for a lamp shaped chandelier. This will give your bathroom a very vintage and romantic feeling that suits your preferences well.

Bold and dramatic

For you whose fierce at heart, your bathroom design should definitely reflect your unique and fierce self. Therefore, choose a chrome vanity bath light with extra-ordinary designs to represent you. And don’t be afraid to play around with your wallpapers or paint your wall in a dark solid colour, as those will enhance the dramatic effect of your bathroom.

As old saying goes, Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. Therefore don’t hide that beautiful personality of yours. Make sure it is reflected on everything, from your clothing style, to your bathroom. Be true to yourself, and show the world how beautiful and unique you are!

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Waterfall Faucet for Bathroom Sink

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful waterfall faucet for bathroom sink? This type of faucet gives your bathroom a luxurious look in a more natural way. Imagine the sound of falling water and the look of naturally streaming water. The waterfall tap can add a soothing and relaxing ambience in your bathroom. Yet we notice that this type of faucet is not too popular in the bathroom. Apparently, the lack of waterfall taps popularity has quite good reasons, here’s why.

The water pressure

Before deciding to get a waterfall faucet for bathroom sink, you have to consider the water pressure in your home. Waterfall taps require high water pressure to function well, while most homes don’t have that much water pressure. To overcome this, you can consider using combi boilers, pressurised cylinders or even a water pump.

The problem with hard water

Keep in mind that waterfall faucet doesn’t go well with hard water. This type of faucet can develop limescale pretty fast if you live in areas with hard water. If you insist on having waterfall taps although you reside in the hard water area, consider softening your water first and do a lot of cleaning.

The cleaning and maintenance

The next question is: how to clean and maintain your waterfall faucet? For daily cleaning, wipe your faucet daily with a microfiber cloth. Stay away from abrasive materials that can harm your taps surface. Every once in a while, clean the limescale in your waterfall faucet using lemon or cloth soaked vinegar and leave them for one hour.

The plating

As waterfall faucet has more exposed sides that interact with water than other faucets, it may experience corrosion faster. Therefore, it is better to use chrome plating taps to prevent corrosion. And always check to a professional whether your faucet has the plating and finishes it needs.

But, the perks!

Aside from all the things mentioned above, remember the perks of waterfall faucet for bathroom sink. Not only this tap will give you style and enhance the look of your sink; it can also give your bathroom an instant spa experience. And what is better than a relaxing bathing experience after a long rough day?

Here’s Where to Place Your Bathroom Paper Towel Holder

For those of you who have high visual demand, bathroom paper towel holder can be such an eyesore. Your beautiful bathroom design can look a little less perfect because of the ugly rolls hanging on the wall. It may interfere with your clean lines and beautiful patterns. Yet you do need to have that paper towel in your bathroom. Therefore, you need a few tricks up your sleeves to hide your bathroom paper towel holder. Here are some ideas to hide them or at least make them less painful to the eye.

Beside your bathroom vanity

Bathroom paper towel holder is typically installed a few inches above the vanity cabinets by default. But it may not be the best option visually. So why not install the holder a bit lower, beside your vanity? This can hide your paper towel from most angles.

Tuck in your vanity

Go a bit further and tuck your bathroom paper towel holder in the side of your vanity. Utilize this empty space and create a recessed toilet paper holder to give your bathroom a clean and sleek look like hotel’s toilet.

Inside your drawer

The easiest way to hide your bathroom paper towel holder is to install them inside your drawer or vanity cabinet. Your toilet paper will practically be hidden from your sight. But the downside is that it is quite impractical since you have to open your drawer or cabinet first to get them.

The side of your vanity cabinet

Another way to hide the bathroom paper towel holder from your eyesight is to install them on the side of your vanity cabinet. This way, it will be hidden from most angles but still handy and easy to reach.

The bottom of your floating sink

For you who don’t have a vanity cabinet in the bathroom, don’t worry. You can still hide your bathroom paper towel holder by hanging it at the bottom of your floating sink. This is a smart way to keep your toilet paper out of sight yet still reachable.

If the options above are not do-able for you, just get a fancy bathroom paper towel holder, so it is not only handy but it also doubles as a decorative element. There are many fancy holders in stores that you can choose from. So ease your mind and your aesthetic demand, your bathroom isn’t doomed with ugly paper towel holder forever.

Some Ideas On Stunning Bathroom Vanity Base To Help You Get Inspired

Bathroom is the place that you spend your time there completely by yourself, and doing remodel to make it a little luxury will only add to your pleasure. This is where the bathroom vanities without tops become significant. Bathroom vanity is not always the most glamorous part of a bathroom remodel, but choosing the right one can really make your bathroom’s design. 48 inch bathroom vanity without top will not only make your room looks attractive but also add some more space to your bathroom.

Opting for a bathroom vanity base separate from a vanity top gives you the ability to customize your bathroom vanity as your style. There are so many different kinds and styles of 48 inch bathroom vanity without top which you can surely find one that fits your bathroom and works for your needs. We have compiled some inspiring ideas on stunning 48 inch bathroom vanities to help you get inspired.

Think about the type of vanity bases that you’d really like to have. Maybe the one with minimalist designs, including geometric features and smooth hardware may fit well with your present bathroom’s layout.

Pick a 48 inch durable vanity base with colour and finish that complement a theme in your space. Wood and painted wood could be perfect for your wooden-theme bathroom.

Your choices for bathroom vanity base styles are numerous since it’s possible to pick a conventional vanity style, but pewter or espresso lend a more modern contemporary appearance of coolness.

When replacing your bathroom vanity base, do not only worry about the looks because the size and the height matters too. Choose the one that will make you comfortable.
This 48 inch contemporary design bathroom vanity without top can give your bathroom a calm and functional feeling because it is simple and clean.

Choosing your bathroom vanity base materials, style and design has a lot to do with how you feel about your home, too. If you like something classic, then this one may suit you best.

If you’ve got a not-so-tight bathroom, this elegant and durable 48 inch bathroom vanity without top is going to be your best bet.

48 inch modern contemporary bathroom vanities without tops are popular and can add unique statement to your bathroom with its creative design.

Less ornate but beautiful, this 48 inch wooden bathroom vanity base with no top provide clean straight lines and rustic feel for expressing your style.

Features a bureau style design with tapered legs, a parquet pattern on the upper drawer and integrated matching drawer pulls, this vanity base is sure to become a statement piece in your casual contemporary bath interior.

These Gorgeous White Vanity Ideas Will Add Statement to Your Bathroom

Redoing your bathroom? Vanities are one of the focal point of any bathroom space, and white bathroom vanities are no exception. Bathroom vanities play a big part in defining the aesthetic of the space and ensuring optimal functionality. White vanity bathroom can creates incorporate warm and welcoming elements into your bathroom space.
White bathroom vanity is a simple way to communicate the hominess of your bathroom, and gives you extra storage space at the same time.

Use functionally or for decorations, white bathroom vanity will achieve the goal of making the room feel more welcoming. Whether a classic, modern, rustic or something else, choose a white vanity bathroom that fits your style. Create an elegant feel in your personalized bathroom with a white bathroom vanity.

Let these gorgeous ideas for a white vanity bathroom be your inspiration.
If chic and minimal are more your style, then this white vanity bathroom could be for you. This piece creates a coordinated and stylish design that will suit any room decor.
Next is a unique and simplistic white vanity bathroom that has a classic vibe. This white vanity bathroom elevates the style of the bathroom and gave it a clean look.

If you don’t like a bathroom vanity with huge mirror, you could go for something like this instead. Converting an existing dresser into a custom vanity, this white glamorous allure bathroom vanity will inject some personality into your bath.

This salvaged sophistication bathroom vanity featured with stylish grab-and-go storage that provides plenty of additional counter space.

If you want a simple white vanity bathroom with elegant looking, then this next idea is for you. Something like this would be great in your personalized bathroom space.

You can’t get any sleeker than having white bathroom vanity as this one. Vanity with white clean finish in an all-white bathroom makes your space turn into a charming atmosphere.

Get the modern minimalist look by adding white vanity bathroom in your space. The vanity has the classic simple design with lighted mirror that shows you how to have the A-list white bathroom look at home.

If you love pretty and feminine decor then consider a vanity with a soft white color scheme like this one. This idea shows how you can jazz up a vanity to create your perfect bathroom area.

Vanities can really transform a room. This stunning white bathroom vanity is a beautiful and glamorous idea. It is perfect for anyone who has a big bathroom space.
Last is a vanity that simple to recreate and will suit any room. This bathroom vanity features simple white drawers for space saving that looks great too.

6+ Design Tips on Remodelling Small Bathroom That Every Homeowner Should Know

Remodelling small bathroom is a tricky task to tackle. But when you finally succeeded, it can feel even more rewarding. Because the bathroom is such a personal space that you spend your most private time. Therefore, don’t give up on your small bathroom and give it a redesign so it feels better and hopefully, bigger too. Here are some tips for remodelling small bathroom that you can easily do.

Put a corner sink

With a small bathroom, you need to be really careful about where to put your sink. Put it in the wrong place, and you’ll have to deal with awkward placements and disrupted traffic lane. Therefore, it is always safer to put your sink in the corner.

Change your shower room door into a shower curtain

Although shower curtain looks dull and old, when you’re remodelling a small bathroom, you need to seriously consider putting one in your bathroom. The sliding curtain compared to the in or out shower door can save up much space and help you avoid those weird walk-around condition.

Use large scale pattern

Just like the striped pattern, a large-scale pattern can also trick your eyes and create an illusion of a wider space. So use large-scale pattern on your floor or wallpaper to give your small bathroom an edgy yet functional touch.

Use wall mounted faucets

Wall mounted faucet makes narrow sink and vanity possible. It saves up a few squares and frees up your foot space. Therefore, wall mounted faucet can be your saviour.

Float your vanity

This might seem unimportant, but floating vanity can give your room some foot space and create an illusion of a bigger room. Also, you can use the space under your vanity to store your towels and bathroom linens.

Choose round vanity

Another trick to make your small bathroom better is to install a rounded vanity instead of the square one. Round vanity can eliminate corners that make your room feels smaller and may cause you hip-corner accident. Thus, round vanity and small bathroom is a match made in heaven!

Install a trough sink

A trough sinks, just like shower curtains, may make your bathroom feels like it’s your grandma’s bathroom. But this type of low profile and compact sink can create a good look in your bathroom. Especially when it is wall-mounted, you can have extra space underneath to store your stuff.

Don’t give up on your small bathroom just yet. With the tips on remodelling small bathrooms above, you can definitely make your small bathroom looks better and feels more comfortable.

Adds Style and Function To Your Bathroom with These Recessed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Ideas

If your bathroom is small on size, you have to be creative in terms of dealing with the lack of storage space in your bathroom. One of the best ways to secure bottles of lotions, beauty products and prescriptions away from grouping around the sink is to install a medicine cabinet above your vanity.

If you looking for medicine cabinets that’s functional and easy to install, recessed mirrored medicine cabinets for bathrooms is an excellent option for those homeowners who need a new mirror in their bathroom but also want additional storage for toiletry and medicine items. There are bathroom medicine cabinets for every bathroom style and finding one that’s a good fit is important for your day-to-day routine.

If you want to have a more innovative and modern medicine cabinets for the bathroom, here are some best ideas on recessed mirrored medicine cabinet to inspire you.

Here’s an elegant recessed mirrored medicine cabinet’s option that provides an elevated solution to your organizing needs. It is an ideal way to optimize overhead space in your bathroom.

This medicine cabinet looks really flattering in its class, and its white color scheme does not go out of style easily. This piece is something that you can definitely give a shot to.

If you’re looking for a medicine cabinet that can give the illusion as if there’s nothing behind your bathroom mirror, then you’re going to love this recessed medicine cabinet idea.

If you’re after storage space, why don’t you choose this stylish cabinet design? Featuring three open cubbies with tempered-glass mirrored doors, this stylish medicine cabinet can boast your bathroom’s look.

With its modern linesand unique design, this sophisticated cabinet not only can become an attention-grabber for your bathroom but also sure to serve its purpose wherever you need it most.

If you’re after classic cabinet finishes like deep espresso or white with simple and clean lines, this next idea will serve as a great inspiration for you.

Single door recessed mirrored medicine cabinet is the perfect way to add storage without it actually appearing that you added storage shelves. It is a multipurpose cabinet that both works as a mirror and a storage unit for the bathroom.

Love the look of an old fashioned medicine cabinet? Here is a solid, standard option of classically modern medicine cabinet style that you can place your bet on.

Here is a medicine cabinet design that makes use of a wooden finish which shows off a glamorous and simple style. This is the kind of piece that you will definitely appreciate in a modern bathroom.

Featured with a sleek mirrored design, a white clean steel body and hidden hinges, this recessed mirrored medicine cabinet offers a simple, yet modern look that works well for those with minimalist taste.

Warm Ambiance Meets Modern Sophistication In These Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets Inspiration

There are an endless number of ways to bring efficiency and modern style to your bathroom. In this case, cabinets are a necessity when it comes to bathroom decor—but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic or lack style. Illuminated bathroom cabinets is the perfect way to add some extra light to your bathroom, while also giving it a little modern touch.

If your bathroom is smaller or without much light, an illuminated bathroom cabinet that carefully placed can work miracles at creating the illusion of space. Whether you’re looking to makeover your entire bathroom look or just want to update your style with an eye-catching piece, we have plenty of illuminated bathroom cabinet ideas to get you inspired.

Sleek, modern and inviting, this illuminated bathroom cabinet is the epitome of a beautiful, 21st century cabinet. This model is a total showstopper that will brighten your personalized bathroom space.

Just when you thought cabinets couldn’t get any more techie, cabinet with infra-red sensors control can give your bathroom that ultra-modern touch and wow your guests at the same time.

Illuminated bathroom cabinet is a great choice for your bathroom cabinet, primarily because it is not only durable and easy to clean, but also looking sleek and sophisticated despite changing trends.

The sleek elegance of a minimalist style bathroom can be emphasized by a beautifully illuminated modern bathroom cabinet. Featuring LED illumination and soft close doors, with the bonus of saving space, this cabinet has all the features of a modern cabinet that you’ll need.

With it’s modern, stylish and has mirrored doors both on the inside and out, this LED Illuminated mirrored cabinet could soon be one of your favourites.

Keep your bathroom clean and neat with these stylish illuminated bathroom wooden cabinets to store your bathroom stuffs. Vintage and traditional, this cabinet certainly makes a statement.

This sleek illuminated bathroom cabinet is a great option for people who lack space. You can keep things such as mouthwash, deodorant, cologne, or medicines like diet pills in there.

Check out this illuminated bathroom cabinet with a built-in shaving-socket that’s extra functional and wonderfully modern. Usually including LED lights, this cabinet can suit any style of bathroom.

The enchanting illuminated bathroom cabinet could be a modern ornament to suit your bathroom décor. This model is one of the best ways to maximize storage without compromising on style.

This ultra-modern and sleek bathroom cabinet is aesthetically pleasing and could serve as much functional furniture.

Be Tidy! Organize Your Bathroom with One of These Creative Bathroom Cabinets

If you happen to be confused about how to keep your toiletries organized and clean, adding bathroom storage cabinets to your bathroom can solve this problem. Bathroom cabinets are a key ingredient in setting the style of a bathroom and, more importantly, offer essential storage for bathroom supplies. It will keep your toothpaste, hair brushes, body scrubs, soaps, toilet paper, and towels organized in an attractive and easy way.

There are plenty of bathroom storage cabinets available, so you’ll be able to find storage suitable for every bathroom. Whether you have a large or small space to fill, there’s sure to be a bathroom storage cabinet that meets your needs. These are a list of creative bathroom cabinets’ ideas that will add even more charm to your new bathroom vanity.

Wall Cabinet

Add this wall cabinet above your toilet for easy access to the things you use every day. The space above your toilet is a great spot for a cabinet. With its simplistic style with white body brings you a brand new feeling of style. The 3-tier design can enlarge the storage space and perfectly improve the storage efficiency. This wall cabinet is a wonderful way to save space in your bathroom, reduce clutter, and store personal items out of the way.

Narrow Storage Cabinet

If you happen to have a small bathroom in your home, this Narrow Storage Cabinet is the best option for you. This narrow, stylized bath cabinet is thin enough to fit in that small space between the toilet and the wall, and it offers loads of storage options. It’s perfect for narrow areas or bathrooms without extra wall space.

Mirror Cabinet

If you need a mirror to help you to do your makeup in your bathroom, this Mirror Cabinet can be an option. It’s a perfect option for hanging above your sink or counter. You’ll get handy storage and a convenient mirror combined into one. They allow you to store away essential toiletries such as makeup, toiletries, toothpaste and first aid materials in one convenient place. These kinds of cabinet also don’t take up too much room and will also allow you to keep all your toiletries neatly organized.

Over the Toilet Cabinet

Need an extra space for your tiny bathroom? This over the toilet cabinet is a gorgeous option! This tall storage option has a total of three shelves to provide plenty of space. It will allow you to organize your toiletries at ease. You can easily hide things like toilet paper and personal care products, but they’re still within easy reach.

Pedestal Sink Cabinet

Here are another cabinet to fit your small bathroom. This cabinet cleverly uses the space under your sink to provide convenient hidden storage for towels and other bathroom supplies. The two doors cabinet allows you to create a clutter-free bathroom cabinet. The classic white color will never fail to make your bathroom look clean and stylish.