Gorgeous Small Bathroom Chandelier Ideas For Your Fancy Bath Lighting

Hanging a chandelier in your bathroom ceiling can bring a whole new level of glamour and luxury. Your tub might just one of your favorite places in the house, and the lighting from small bathroom chandelier above it can help you create the ultimate relaxing retreat. Chandeliers are similar to pendant lights, but chandeliers have a branched fixture while pendants hang by a chain, or cord.

While chandeliers are more often seen in locations such as dining rooms and entryways, there’s something really decadent about a small pretty chandelier in a bathroom. It somehow makes the bathroom look less like a bathroom and a little more like a place where you’d want to spend a bunch of time reading and drinking and soaking away the day.

On this gallery page we have compiled some gorgeous small bathroom chandeliers ideas that might help you find the one that will suits your bathroom best.

Glamorous-looking, small crystal chandelier is eye-catching and dazzling as light reflects off of each crystal. The mini chandelier’s soft light also amazing to set the mood of romance to a room.

A mix of modern and traditional, this dramatic small crystal chandelier is stunning with its soft glow and can most often fit in with any decor or design style.

Sleek and stylish, the warm glow from this small modern-contemporary bathroom chandelier brings a soothing sense of serenity to the space.

Fabulous mini brass chandelier is a popular choice for bathroom, as their smaller size makes them ideal to enhance the area and provide a sense of style and elegance.

The stunning small chandelier helps brighten the mood of the whimsical and colorful bathroom even more, and looks inviting suspended above the claw foot bathtub.

Small traditional bathroom chandeliers are elegant with a formal style using detailed scrolling and the highest quality materials, provides a warm illumination to the bathroom area.

This wire frame small bathroom chandelier is delicate pairs well with the modern and sophisticated look of the bathroom space.

This luxurious bathroom space is inviting and majestic with its two beautiful mini ornate chandeliers that provides this space an elegant feel as you gaze out upon the stunning ocean view.

With a casual style this type of small bathroom chandeliers really increases the sense of luxury and opulence in a bathroom, while also complements the other fixtures.

This gorgeous master bathroom has a stunning small crystal chandelier hanging above a white clawfoot bathtub that views out through sliding doors to an outdoor balcony area.

Get Your Bathroom A Fresh Look With These Remodeling Ideas

Is your bathroom in need of a remodel? Sometimes bathroom need to be remodeled to make it more functional, while other times, they are just simply out-of-date, or not your taste. Starting your day in a personally-suited bathroom that you enjoy using is a great way to lifts your spirit and invite a daily influx of joy into your life. If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom and looking for some inspiration before taking action, check out these interesting bathroom remodel ideas that might inspire you!

The mochavanity with antique-wooden hardware adds vintage styling and pendant light above the tub provide task lighting. This light-filled bathroom create a soothing natural color scheme to your bathroom that will make it looking new and fresh longer.

You will see your vintage-looking bathroom in a whole new perspective if you change out a dated light fixture and vanity for something that’s new and dramatic.

When your existing vanity cabinet offers good storage, nice lines, and sturdy construction, renew the look with paint or refinish the cabinet doors for a quick and easy update to create a unified suite look.

Add bold flooring to your bathroom because the trend for color in the bathroom remains neutral or white in order to showcase elements, but it also need a graphic dose of pattern somewhere for a stunning bathroom.

When thinking about remodeling your bathroom, consider opting for the latest high-design trends that not only look beautiful but address the functionality for your bathroom efficiency.

Get a new look to your bathroom by adding some glam with affordable features, such as a dramatic mirror, glass, or chrome accent shelves and graphic floor rug in your bathroom to make a statement.

Consider having smartly patterned fabric curtain panels stand in a shower curtains and the tub surface that professionally refinished to give your bathroom a designer touch that’s easy and budget friendly.

Decorate your bathroom in a fashion-forward look with bold geometric zigzags on the fabric shower curtain, nature-inspired wallpaper and crisply tailored Roman window shade to make it look fun and less boring.

Inject a dose of personality into your bathroom with windows, vintage tubs, sinks, countertops, flooring, benches, and unique accents and don’t let your design choices go unnoticed in a dark, shadowy room.

Turn an existing piece of furniture into a vanity by mixing furniture-style cabinetry and paneled wainscoting with mirror frames that incorporate sleek tweaks into traditional lines and shapes.

Small Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Will Make Your Space Overflow With Style

There are many way to make a small bathroom look stylish and one of it revolves around the vanity. Vanity is an important part of bathroom decor and ambiance because its design can impact the functionality of the space in a lot of ways. If you’re trying to fit a bathroom or powder room into a tight space, small modern bathroom vanity can be a smart space-saving idea to make the most of a small bathroom.

Vanities with certain features and aesthetics will be right for your bathroom, so you need to make careful consideration to the size, shape, color and finish of the vanity you choose. Let’s have a look at our best picks on small modern bathroom vanity ideas to find the perfect vanity that can overcome the storage space problems and create a stylish small bathroom that’s perfect for you.

This cabinet-style vanity is a classic, common style of a bathroom vanity that provides generous storage for your small toiletries stuff. Look how gorgeous a vanity with this style looks like.

This vanity comes in a stylish deep espresso finish that put an emphasis on the beautiful and natural texture of the wood that won’t visually overwhelm the bathroom space.

If you seek out a vanity that are specifically designed and scaled for smaller spaces, this idea might be the answer. Because it’s intended use is for small bathrooms, its proportion is already suited to the room’s size constraints.

This small bathroom vanity idea have a nice blend of traditional meets modern that is visually appealing in a small bath with storage capacity for a tight space.
This vanity showcases a modern, industrial style that give a small space some visual relief, as well as the physical advantage of extra legroom and general space to move around.

Here is a floating vanity idea with a nice touch that strike a happy medium between a wooden cabinet-style vanity and a white marble sink, while maintaining an airy, open design.

This vanity idea features a clean-lined and contemporary design that has a structure made of metal rods, giving the piece a lightweight and very artistic look.

You will love the modern style of this vanity and mirror set. The floating look gives this idea an additional lightness, while the shelf underneath provide storage—makes it perfect for a narrow space.

This vanity, especially its simplicity and simple lines look bland with the bathroom style. It’s timeless and simple but it also has plenty of character.

This last small modern bathroom vanity idea is a simple but very charming piece of furniture, ideal for modern bathrooms that aim at a chic ambiance and decor.

These Fabulous Modern Single Bathroom Vanity Ideas Will Make You Absolute In Love

Vanities have a very important function for every bathroom, both from a functional point of view and for the impression that they make upon visitors. If you want to maximize the appeal of your bathroom, you should choose your vanities wisely. There are many varieties and styles of bathroom vanities that you can choose from. In this case, modern single bathroom vanities are popular additions to contemporary style space, offering the sleekest designs in bathroom furniture.

Essentially timeless with its signature simplicity, single modern bathroom vanities can add eye-catching style to your precious bathroom. With so much inspiration to peruse, it can be a daunting task to find your ideal modern single bathroom vanity style. So, we’ve pulled our pick on some best inspiration together in one cohesive collection that might splash a bit of style into your scheme.

Add your bathroom class and style with this modern single bathroom vanity made by solid espresso palette wood that ideal for bathrooms with limited space.

This beautiful dark walnut single vanity features a stunning ceramic countertop with a graceful beveled edge, proving that traditional-modern style pairs throughout a space will make all the elements of the room work together.

With its soft white color and glam surface, this sleek modern single bathroom vanity looks great in a bright and punchy palette to rev up dull spaces. This model is a great single vanity for a small modern bathroom.

Paired with clean lines, this sophisticated single vanity with natural wooden color was designed to achieve a blending of styles that will looks both crisp and modern.

The bold materials and the rich colors of this elegant single vanity create an undeniable style statement in this traditional-meets-contemporary bathroom space.

Expand your small bathroom space by “floating” the vanity above the floor. This wall-mount single vanity provides an unbroken plane of floor, which will make your bathroom feel bigger.

This simple bowl-plus-one-drawer single vanity is all you need to instantly update your bathroom into a stylish and modern space.

This stylish single bathroom vanity makes the entire powder room sparkle with a hint of old Hollywood glamour. The mirror-paneled vintage chest, outfitted with vintage-style fixtures and paired with an etched mirror complete the dramatic statement.

Opt for thoughtfully designed open single vanity can provide both an airy look and storage. This vanity has drawers tucked beneath the open shelf, which proves to be a perfect perch for towel-filled baskets.

Rather than settling on stock cabinetry, which would have been too large for the space, this weathered wooden table that resembles an expensive European antique can save precious space on a small bathroom.

30 Inch Vanities with Sink: the Saviour to Your Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can be quite a challenge, with all the cramped space, hip-hazard environment and awkward movements to avoid things. While bathroom supposed to be a comfortable place for you to start your day, it supposed to give you the peace of mind instead of frustration and bruised hips. One thing that may ease your mind a bit over having such a small bathroom is 30-inch vanities with sink. If you pick the right vanity, it can be the saviour to your small bathroom. Here are the reasons why you should install one for your bathroom.

It saves up space

Compared to double bowl vanities, off course, 30-inch vanities with sink can save more space and give you more room to move. The cabinets also give you a storage space where you can store your towels and other bathroom stuff. But keep in mind that it’s always better to choose a rounded edge vanity as it can prevent you from getting bruised hip.

Float your vanity and you’ll create an illusion of a bigger room

If you want to have more space and create an illusion of a bigger room, float your vanity. The spaces between your vanity and the floor can give you more space for storage. But you need to keep it well-lit to make the illusion. So use a tape lamp under the cabinet for more lighting support.

It offers usable countertop space

Who doesn’t love a countertop on the bathroom? This space can help you so much when you get ready or putting on makeup. Although some people might argue that pedestal sink works better for a small bathroom, but think again. Pedestal sink doesn’t have a storage space or countertops. Therefore, 30-inch vanities with sink are a better option.

With such small size, you can push it to the adjacent part of the wall

The perk of having a small size vanity is that you can push them to fill spaces, thus making your bathroom more compact. With a compact bathroom, you will have more room for movement, which is very crucial to a small bathroom.

With these benefits, it is safe to say that 30-inch vanities with sink are a saviour to a small bathroom. Forget pedestal sink, this type of furniture gives you more function with small space requirement.

The Pros and Cons of Having Brushed Nickel Framed Mirror in the Bathroom

There are many bathroom mirror types and designs out there in the market. And sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by the number of options. Framed or no frame, plastic or metal, the finishes and the size. There are so many variables we need to think of. One of the most common mirrors you can find is brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror. Although the popularity can mean that this type of mirror offers a lot of benefits, but you need to understand the pros and cons first before deciding which one. So here are brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror pros and cons you need to consider.

What is brushed nickel

First of all, you need to know what brushed nickel is. It is a type of metal finish that is commonly found being used in the bathroom. This finish is achieved by brushing in the same direction to create small abrasions on the surface that takes the natural shines off of the nickel. It results in a soft metallic look that never goes old.

The pros

A brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror is very easy to work with since it can go along with any other type of metal finish in the room. The toned down look of brushed nickel will not catch your attention too much, therefore it is safe to layer brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror with other metal fixtures. Brushed nickel is also very easy to maintain since it will not show water spots or fingerprints. It is also easy to clean and keep its finish longer than many other metal finishes.

The cons

There are not so many disadvantages that we can find in brushed nickel. But one of the downside you may need to consider is that brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror tends to be pricier than the chrome finished ones. Also, unlike oil rubbed bronze or polished brass, brushed nickel tends to blend in with the environment instead of being a statement piece.

Now that you know the pros and cons, you can see why a lot of people choose to use brushed nickel framed mirror compared to other metal finishes. So what do you think? Are you ready to install them in your bathroom?

4 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Pendant Light is Perfect for Home Kitchen

When it comes to choosing pendant light kitchen, there are many materials out there in the market, from plastic, metals, or even wood and other natural materials. We may find a hard time choosing the right material for our kitchen. One of the easiest ways to pick pendant lights is by choosing the one that has the same material or finishes as the other appliances and fixtures in the room.

Stainless steel pendant light kitchen has always been the most popular ones. Not only because a lot of homeowners love stainless steel kitchen appliances and therefore opt for a stainless steel pendant light as well, but also because of these reasons below.

Easy maintenance

If you haven’t noticed, stainless steel is a wonderful metal alloy. Not only it is strong and thus will not crack or chip easily, but stainless steel can also retain its shine even after years of hard work. The best part of using stainless steel pendant light is the fact that it is very easy to clean. You can easily wipe any dust and grease off using a soft cloth and a mixture of liquid dishwashing soap and water. Stainless steel will not develop any water spot or stains.

It is rust-free and therefore, durable

Stainless steel is a metal alloy with a small percentage of chromium. When oxidized, chromium will form a thin film covering the metal’s surface, therefore protecting the steel from the air, water, and everything. This chromium film makes the steel rust free and lasts for a really long time.

Stainless Steel is not a reactive metal

Unlike iron and aluminium, stainless steel is a non-reactive metal alloy. It will not create a chemical hazard that may send you or your family to the nearest hospital. The stainless steel pendant light kitchen will not react when exposed to acidic food ingredients. Although it is highly unlikely to get acidic food on your pendant lights, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst so you can ease your mind and stop worrying.

It gives a professional kitchen look

Since stainless steel is such an incredible material, it makes perfect sense if they’re being used a lot in the professional kitchen. And somehow, stainless steel appliances and fixtures have become the staple of a professional kitchen. So if you like the sleek and simple look of a professional kitchen, choose stainless steel pendant light kitchen. However, you may need to use the ones with a simple design if you want to maintain the professional kitchen look.

Stainless steel pendant light kitchen is a truly reasonable choice for you who actually want to use your kitchen on regular basis. It’s durable, low maintenance and easy to clean characteristics are the main benefits that may seem attractive to you. However, stainless steel pendant light may blend in with its surroundings and therefore it can’t be a statement piece in your kitchen. So if you want your kitchen light to stand out more, you need to choose something other than stainless steel.

Luxury Golden Tones Bathroom Faucet Ideas That Full Of Charm and Sophistication

Just as a faucet is an important design element in a bathroom, so is its finish. People don’t usually spend a lot of time choosing small items as faucet for their bathroom, whereas small details like these often can fundamentally change the look and feel of the room. There are plenty of choices—nickel, chrome, brass, bronze, stainless, to name a few— but brushed gold bathroom faucet has a rather simple design, with friendly curved lines and a beautiful shape.

Bathroom faucets with golden tones could be a very elegant addition to a bathroom, either modern or a more traditional one. These faucets can add a stylish touch to your space. Its variety in designs, styles, and features allow you to dress up and personalize your space.

Do you think is it time to reconsider gold in your bathroom? A peek into these luxuries brushed gold bathroom faucet ideas is all you need to see that gold is the odd man out.

Think of faucets as bathroom bling and choose one which marries brushed gold coolness and the warmth of ornate sink like this one. This brushed gold faucet makes a unique style statement.

Wall mounted faucet with gold tones doesn’t just suit a bathroom with vintage decor—it’s also stylish on modern bathroom.

If you have a bathroom design which has a simple look, you could go with a golden finish for your bathroom faucet. With its elegant brushed rose gold hues, this faucet adds sophistication to the modern bathroom.

Brushed gold bathroom faucet when paired with almond hues can provide a pop of warmth and exclusive pedigree that are ideal for most bathroom sinks.

Let’s not overlook gold hues, which can look good on anything. The bright golden brown hues in this bathroom faucet and glass sink provide a nice visual contrast to the surrounding space.

Instead of classic green undertones, today’s bathroom fixtures are warmer with gold tones, like this single faucet. This brushed gold faucet adds a pop of color to a simple bathroom.

Harmony is the key in pulling the look of all-white bathroom with chic gold accents together that will make a space feel more inviting.

Fixtures with golden tones can look indulgent in the bath, too. This brushed gold modern faucet enhances the faucet’s traditional tones while providing a nice contrast with its modern design.

A big trend is applying old-world finishes such as gold hues to modern faucet shapes. Adding a brushed gold bathroom faucet with elegant style can bring unique charm to your space.

You can use more than one finish in the same faucet—multiple finishes add dimension and contrast. A combination finish offer a unique look that can be a cost-effective way of making a change in your bathroom.

Putting Crystal Chandelier in Your bathroom? Why Not?

You might be considering a bathroom crystal chandelier if you seek for that elegant look in your bathroom. And of course, a chandelier can work really well in giving your room that sophisticated feeling. It can highlight your fancy tub and makes your grooming experience feels even more luxurious. A crystal chandelier can also add a statement to your bathroom, giving it that special feeling.

Yet hanging a crystal chandelier can’t be done in all kind of bathroom. You need to consider a few things before deciding to install a bathroom crystal chandelier.

How big is your bathroom?

Crystal chandeliers are usually big. Therefore, it will take up more space in your bathroom. To avoid making your bathroom looks cramped, you have to make sure that your chandelier has the right size. Some expert suggests that to install a bathroom crystal chandelier, you need to have at least a 100 feet bathroom.

How high is your bathroom ceiling?

Installing a bathroom crystal chandelier can’t be done recklessly. You need to adhere to the local and national regulation and put your chandelier at least 8 feet above the tub and 3 feet from the tub. This regulation is there for your safety, so there is no reason to disobey it. Therefore, you need to consider the height of your ceiling and make sure that your bathroom crystal chandelier hangs 8 feet above the tub.

Is your chandelier the right one?

There are so many kinds of crystal chandelier you can choose to put in your bathroom. You need to choose a chandelier that has the same materials as your other fixtures in the bathroom. For example, if you use a chrome crystal chandelier, you need to use similar materials for your faucet and shower. Another thing you ought to consider is the electrical factors. Make sure that your crystal chandelier is rated for a wet environment and you use electrical cords that are waterproof or weather-proof. Also, ask your electrician to connect all the electrical fixtures in your bathroom to a GFCI-rated outlet to avoid an unwanted accident.

Hanging a bathroom crystal chandelier may need several considerations compared to a flush mount lighting fixtures. But the end result is definitely worth it. If you’re looking for a luxurious bathroom, crystal chandelier can be the answer.

Guides on Picking the Perfect Dual Sink Bathroom Vanity for Master Bathroom

Most of us can’t help but think about dual sink bathroom vanity when it comes to decorating a master bathroom. Since it will be used by two people, it only makes sense to have double vanity so you don’t have to wait for each other. But dual sink bathroom vanity can be quite tricky. Especially if your master bathroom is not that big and there is not much space to use. So heed these guides when searching for the perfect bathroom vanity.

Placement and size

First of all, you need to determine how many spaces you have for your dual sink bathroom vanity. Keep in mind that you have to make sure everything is in proportion. Your vanity needs to fit naturally with your bathroom. Therefore, measure your bathroom spaces first and determine the right bathroom vanity size. Also, consider the placement of your vanity so it won’t block the bathroom traffic and makes it hard to clean your bathroom.

The type

There are a lot of vanity types out there in the market, from the washstand to a full-on cabinet that sticks directly onto the floor. The types of your dual sink bathroom vanity can alter your bathroom look a lot. For a small master bathroom, try to use a wall mounted double vanity or a minimalist vanity with an open cabinet. This type of vanity can create an illusion of bigger bathrooms.


This point goes without saying. When designing a master bathroom or any room in general, you need to pay attention to the overall design before you pick the right furniture. Make sure that the vanity you choose matches the surroundings and doesn’t look like it belongs somewhere else. But ease your mind; there are a lot of vanity styles you can choose, so you will absolutely find one that fits your bathroom design.


One vanity function is to provide storage for your bathroom essential.  So before you choose a vanity, know what are the things that you are going to store in there. If you need big storage, opt for the full-on cabinet vanity. But if you don’t need much storage, you can choose a simpler vanity.

Sink and faucet

The sink and faucet largely depend on your bathroom design. But for a small master bathroom, you can consider using a vessel sink to maximize the storage below your tops and create a sleek minimalistic look in your bathroom.

Get These Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanities To Make Your Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

When it comes to bathrooms, there are some things that can help define your space, you know, like a vanity. Don’t take home just any vanity —it’s important for you to find the perfect one for your bathroom that not only looks great, but also has all the functionality you need.

If your bathroom is one of those with tight spaces, 16 inch deep bathroom vanities can be an efficient and attractive solution for your storage and primping needs. Narrow deep bathroom vanities can refresh your bathroom, offering big style without overtaking the room and making it appear larger as well as more modern.

If you need some inspiration on some vanities that can squeeze into the smallest of spaces, check out these space-saving bathroom vanity ideas that may be fit for your small bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, this 16 inch deep vanity with classical beauty style saves just enough space, makes it perfect for a narrow bathroom.

At 16″ deep, this stylish vanity is a bit shallow than some, but it felt worth including because it has clean, elegant lines and a very modern finish drawers, which is a real boon for organizing in a small space.

Here’s an attractive, well-crafted 16 inch deep bathroom vanity with intricate design details and distressed finish that will work well with small modern bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a tight space-friendly vanity that still looks great, this vanity has a simple, clean style that will look great in your bathroom while freeing up the room for other bathroom features.

If your home has an old-world vibe with lots of rich wood accents, this space-saving 16 inch deep vanity has a striking wooden exterior that will complement your existing decor, all while being incredibly functional.

Made from high-quality materials and is very sturdy, this narrow depth vanity has impressive drawers, all with soft-close mechanism to prevent slamming. You will absolutely adore this stunning vanity.

This 16″ deep vanity constructed from solid hardwood with a rich sleek finish features a beautiful marble countertop and integrated sink. It has a nice blend of traditional meets modern that showcases an industrial style.

This beautifully made small vanity has an attractive, modern look, and the attached underneath shelf with a nice touch that will fit in with just about any style.

Made of medium-density fiberboard with a ceramic countertop, this simple but elegant vanity is incredibly functional—make it the perfect addition to your traditional home.

Make your eclectic bathroom stand out by this 16 inch deep bathroom vanity. It has a chic, modern look that will lend a touch of elegance to your bathroom space.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas For A Cozy Bath Refresh

A great first step of designing your ideal bathroom is to decide the theme that will bring your bath dream to life. One theme that is quickly trending is the rustic look in bathroom vanity. Think about 36 inch rustic bathroom vanity made of natural material, a vintage freestanding tub, and open shelving for a relaxed feel in your bathroom can be quite astonishing.

These classic vanities not only do tend to stand out of the crowd and have quite amazing visuals, but it is also designed to last for a very long time. There are a huge range of high quality rustic bathroom vanities with unique features out there that you will definitely appreciate the value that they can deliver. We have a list of some of the best 36 inch rustic bathroom vanity ideas to help you get inspired. So do check them out and you will love the experience.

The ultimate rustic bathroom is part industrial, part country, and part modern. In this excellent rustic bathroom vanity, the balance could be found from top to bottom.
The combination of a beautiful modern vanity with rustic style is what gives a bathroom that rural look, while maintaining modern sensibilities.

You don’t have to paint an older vanity only to make it look cool. A 36 inch weathered gray bathroom vanity with the rustic appearance and a natural oak finish can still definitely impress everyone.

This rustic vessel chest vanity oozes elegance with a hammered coppered vessel sink, stunning brass accents and a plumbing cut out drawer.

These adorable his and her rustic bathroom vanity, with wall lamp sconces and concrete slab countertops adds charm to any home looking for a traditional rural atmosphere.
Here we have 36 inch antler style rustic bathroom vanity that can complement a home with vintage design. This model is very simple, pretty and cozy.

Go back to basic with a simple rustic bathroom vanity could be the best option for your bathroom. This type vanity not only work really well, but it also offer that great sense of ideas and an incredible investment too.

If you’re not a fan of whitewashed finish, you can opt for this simple rustic look. This charming 36 inch rustic bathroom vanity showcases a marble top and a white ceramic sink, giving this washroom vanity a timeless appearance.

Sometimes rustic bathroom vanities need to be colorful. The great thing about this rustic vanity is certainly the messy blue paint, which does stand out quite a lot—an antique looking rustic vanity that embodies the distressed look.

A mixture of rustic and modern style with the wooden vanity consisting of inset drawers and shelving, makes this bathroom an attractive contrast.

Here’s Why You Need to Have That Antique Brass Lighting in Your Bathroom

We all know how beautiful and enchanting antique brass bathroom lighting can be.  This fixture radiates class and luxury in the right amount. Not too fancy yet still reminds us of a luxurious vintage bathroom. We may then find ourselves desiring this fixture yet still hesitant to put metals in a wet area such as the bathroom. Well, doubt no more. Here are the reasons why you need that beautiful antique brass bathroom light.

Brass is getting more and more popular in home design

If you scroll through bathroom design inspiration pictures, you will find a lot of them incorporates brass fixtures. Brass faucet, brass lightings, or even brass rimmed mirror can be seen easily being used in the bathroom. This alloy is getting popular and it is totally understandable since brass has a very beautiful finish and can amp up the look of your bathroom.

It gives a warm and vintage feeling to your bathroom

Every metal has its own characteristics that can give different impression to the room. As for brass, this metal can give warm and vintage look yet still have a touch of contemporary feeling since brass typically looks like a toned down version of gold. Hence, antique brass bathroom lighting is the right fixture for those of you who want a modern bathroom with a slight vintage touch.

Brass is not too hard to maintain

Just like any other metal, brass may develop water spots and shows sign of age as time goes by. But brass is typically not a tough metal to handle. You can always choose antique brass bathroom lighting with a lacquered finish to seal the surface and prevent it from ageing significantly. But you can also rock the unlacquered brass to have a living finish on your bathroom. Think of each spot as stories that the fixtures have earned throughout the year.

You can easily pair brass with any bathroom design

Be it modern, vintage, rustic or farmhouse, brass can go along with any bathroom design. Thanks to its slight contemporary look, brass can easily be mixed and matched. You can also pair brass with a lot of colours. Try navy, grey, or white for starters. But you can always explore more colours to suit your taste.

See? The brass really is a good choice. Wipe that doubt off of your mind and get that antique brass bathroom lighting you’ve been eyeing.

4 Reasons Why Wall Sconces for Bathroom Is a Must Have

A good bathroom lighting plan is paramount to any bathroom we have in our home. Even though we may have a tiny bathroom, but good lighting is still something we can’t neglect. This personal room needs to be well-lit because it can prevent the development of moss that likes humid, wet, and dark areas. Also, a well-lit bathroom can help you set the mood every morning when you get yourself ready to face the day or every night when you want to have a good hot bath after a rough day.

A light fixture that you have to consider on your bathroom lighting plan is a pair of wall sconces. Wall sconces for bathroom serve multiple functions and thus it is hard to pass. To reassure you, here are 4 main reasons to install wall sconces for bathroom.

Wall Sconces can give the perfect lighting for your mirror

How else you want to get that perfect mirror lighting for your bathroom mirror? Wall sconces are the one for this task. Install a pair of bright LED wall sconces on the side of your bathroom vanity, at the right height, and you’ll turn your bathroom to a perfect room for getting ready. Wall sconces can easily have its height adjusted, so you can easily put them at eye level and make it a great lighting for your vanity.

Easy to adjust and install

This one goes without saying. Wall sconces are one of the easiest light fixtures to install. But you need to make sure that all electrical cords you use are rated for a wet environment unless you want to risk getting electrocuted during a bath.

Sconces come in many different style and design

What makes sconces really special is the fact that it comes with many varieties. From classic and rustic to a more contemporary or even futuristic design, wall sconces have it all. Therefore, whatever your bathroom design concept is, you can surely find sconces that match your style and preferences.

Good task and ambience lighting

As mentioned above, wall sconces for bathroom can provide good task lighting. Aside from its function as task lighting, wall sconces can also act as ambience lighting. Set a dimmer on your wall sconces and you have a perfect ambience lighting that is easy to set and to install.

With these reasons, it is clear enough that wall sconces for a bathroom are something we need. So stop hesitating, and get one for your bathroom!

Inexpensive Small Bathroom Remodelling Ideas Your Bank Account Will Love

Do you find your small bathroom look dull and boring? Do you find yourself scrolling pictures of a chic and beautiful bathroom a lot, wishing they were yours? Well, you might need to remodel your bathroom. But remodelling, especially if you want your small bathroom to look fancy like the pictures you find on the internet, will cost you a lot. If money is not a problem, well good for you, you can absolutely remodel your bathroom any way you want. But for those who have to live on a budget, small bathroom remodelling ideas on the internet may sound like few months living on potato soup and cereal.

Well, although remodelling bathroom can cost a lot, there are ways to make it cheaper. Check out these inexpensive small bathroom remodelling ideas

Refinish instead of replacing your tub

You might be tempted to replace your old tub that is not looking pretty anymore. But before you do that, count the cost of buying a new tub and the installation. It will not be cheap for sure. Rather, you might want to consider refinish your tub instead. If the problems with your tub are cosmetics, like staining, tiny cracks and nicks, refinish offer a more budget-friendly option to make your tub feels new.

Paint your bathroom on your own

Hiring a professional painter can cost you a lot. While actually, when you’re doing only a small bathroom remodelling, there are only a few square feet to paint over. And you can absolutely do it on your own in just a couple of days. So consider painting your own bathroom.

Look for low-cost substitutes for flooring

You may want to have that beautiful patterned floor or that warm wooden floor. But changing your flooring requires a lot of work and professional help. Therefore, it’s better to look for low-cost substitutes for flooring. You can try to use the luxury vinyl flooring. It looks just like those wooden floors and it will cost you a lot less.

Install your own vanity

Installing a vanity nowadays shouldn’t be a hassle since there are nearly or fully assembled bathroom vanities being sold out there. You can easily install them in a couple of hours. So skip professional help for this task and save your money.

These inexpensive small bathroom remodelling ideas will give you a renewed bathroom and a sense of satisfaction since you’re doing most of it on your own. So are you up for the challenge?

On Kitchen Island Lantern Pendants: What You Need to Note

Kitchen island lantern pendants have gained popularities among homeowners. The unique, open, and antique yet casual style of lantern pendant has successfully captured the heart of many. And it has made its appearance in so many rooms, from the foyer to the bedroom. As for the kitchen Island, the use of lantern pendants is quite common. Usually, homeowners choose lantern pendants to hang above their kitchen island because it can give your kitchen a unique look instantly.

Despite all the benefits of kitchen island lantern pendants, there are several things you need to note and think about before deciding if it is the right fits for your kitchen.

Does it match your kitchen style?

Take a good hard look at your kitchen, and remind yourself of the design theme of the room. Kitchen island lantern pendants will be getting all the attention for everyone that first enters your kitchen. So you have to make sure that the lantern pendant style matches your kitchen design theme. Usually, lantern pendants will go really well with rustic or farmhouse kitchen design. But if you have a more contemporary and modern kitchen design, you can still choose a more modern lantern pendant style.

What function do you expect them to serve?

Typically, kitchen island pendant lights can serve as task lighting, ambience lighting, decorative lighting, or accent lighting. Lantern pendants may serve really well as decorative lighting, accent lighting, and ambience lighting. But if you want them to serve as task lighting, you need to reconsider getting a kitchen island lantern pendant. Because lantern pendants usually have their bulbs widely exposed and therefore have no cap that can focus their light on the kitchen island. This will make it hard for lantern pendants to serve as task lighting.

Is it easy to clean?

Kitchen island lantern pendants came in many form and design. Typically they have metal frames and a bulb in the centre, but it has many other variations. Some have fabric or glass covers. Others have an elaborate and beautiful frame shape. But one thing you need to remember when picking a lantern pendant is whether it will be easy to clean or not. As you know, the kitchen area can be quite greasy and dirty. You wouldn’t want your lantern pendants to look dirty and greasy, so you have to regularly clean them. By making sure that the lantern is easy to clean, you have saved yourself a lot of energy in the future.

Guides on Choosing the Right Brass Bathroom Sink Faucet, So You Won’t Regret

Bathroom sink faucet comes in many styles and sizes. And although faucet may seem small and doesn’t really matter, it actually can accentuate your bathroom design. So you still have to put a lot of thought in choosing the right bathroom sink faucet.

If you are looking for warm bathroom vibes, you may want to consider using brass bathroom sink faucet. This metal finish can easily amp up the warmth of your bathroom without looking ‘too much’. If you are going to shop for the brass faucet, here are the things you need to consider.

The finish

Brass in itself is a type of metal finish. But brass has two type of finish as well, which is polished brass and satin brass. Polished brass has a more contemporary look and can go well in any kind of bathroom style while satin brass looks more bold and perfect for grungy or luxurious bathroom look.

Lacquered VS unlacquered

You need to really consider this point. Lacquered brass means that your faucet is sealed so it will not show significant signs of age, therefore, you will have that new brass look for a longer period of time. Unlacquered brass will develop stains, spots, and other sign of age as time goes by. Some people actually prefer this natural look as each stain and spots shows different stories and memories. But it all goes back to your personal preference.

The installation type

Brass bathroom sink faucet came with different installation type. You need to understand first what kind of look you want to obtain in your bathroom and what kind of installation type that your bathroom sinks support and choose your brass bathroom sink faucet accordingly.

The style

Brass bathroom sink faucet usually goes well with a retro or vintage style bathroom. But you can always experiment with style. Choose the right faucet style and brass finish so your bathroom still has that cohesive looks.

It isn’t hard to pick the right brass bathroom sink faucet if you already consider these factors. In the end, it all goes back to your creativity and personal preference.