Consider These 5 Things before Buying a Contemporary Wool Rug

The rug is an easy way to decorate your room with less commitment. The most ideal rug material available in the market is wool. Since wool rug is spill-resistant, dirt-resistant, hard wearing and fire-retardant. This type of rug can complete your room and add a nice touch to the floor. Especially the contemporary wool rug that has many pattern varieties and colour that can lift up the overall mood of the room. But even though a wool rug seems perfect, but there are several things you need to consider before buying one for your home.

The place

When you’re considering the material for your rug, the place where you intend to put it matters a lot. Because it will determine how much traffic and what kind of environment will the rug have to face. For a contemporary wool rug, since it has a fairly high quality and a high price, you might not want to put it in a place where it would come into contact with too many people and pets like on the entrance, dining room, or living room. The right place to keep this luxury rug is in your bedroom or any other private room that has a nice humidity and not too much sunlight exposure.

How the rug will be used

Just like the first point stated, the place where you put your rug will also determine how the rug will be used. For example, if you put your contemporary wool rug on the entrance, it will face high traffic and therefore worn out much faster as well. Therefore, put your high quality contemporary pure wool rug in a private room that will not face such a rough environment to make it last longer. Opt for a synthetic fibre rug for your entrance or living room.

The texture

You need to understand what kind of texture you want to have in the room. The wool rug may have a nice texture and provide warmth, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So do make sure that the texture of your contemporary wool rug is exactly what you want.


A natural fibre rug such as contemporary wool rug is quite expensive, as it is derived from natural materials. Of course, with a high price, it also comes with superiority such as excellent heat and sound insulation. But as a smart homeowner who understands that we always need to match our financial capacity and not over-limiting our budget, we need to stick to our budget post. So if you really want a nice contemporary wool rug but you have a budget limit, choose ones that are mixed with synthetic fibres.

Room design

Last but not least, you need to pay attention to the room design as well. Consider if a contemporary designed wool rug will suit your room design and concept. Wool rug offers a warm feeling for the room. Decide if that’s the kind of feeling you want to have for your room or you want something that feels more ‘rich’ and luxurious like silk.
Consider these 5 things before you decide to get a contemporary wool rug for your home. After all, a wool rug is an expensive home décor and you need to be extra careful before spending a large sum of money. Make sure that the rug is the right one for your home and the budget is going to be worth it.

Lovely Wool Area Rug Ideas That Will Add Statement To Your Home

Perfect wool area rug is about what great interiors have on their floors. Wool area rugs play some helpful roles in rooms and can give it a lot of benefits. They add color and depth to decor while also protects your room floors, provide comfort in your daily activities. If you think it’s definitely time to buy some wool area rugs, you should look for the one with a nice style and good quality natural materials.

Yes, all the interior experts out there emphasize the importance of touching, experiencing and seeing a good rug before you buy, but they also suggest that you need to browse online to get a feel for its designs and trends. Now that you have some reason on mind about why you need a rug in your room, let’s look at these lovely wool area rug ideas that will help you choosing the perfect area rug to complement your home.

Choose a bold colorful rug for a bright, neutral room that will please you every time you look at it. The vibrant shades of colorful patterns will fill the room with cheerful vibe.

This vibrant wool area rug add depth, warmth, and beautiful pops of color in your room that will wear well and even look better over time.

While it’s fantastic at separating large open rooms into individual spaces, wool area rug is a wonderful piece of furniture that will protect your wood floors from scuffs, early aging, and warping from spills.

Add a classical beauty and maximum comfort to your bedroom floor with placing a lovely wool area rug with warm color.

If you have a large kitchen with an open floor plan, definitely consider placing a practical wool area rug under the eat-in kitchen area floor that can handle foot traffic or heavy furniture.

This look is very stunning and shows off your wool area rug with warm shade, so choose a rug that you are in love with.

If you’re looking to venture out and try something new, a wool area rug with lovely and colorful floral patterns will make you pleasantly surprised.

Wool rugs can be placed in any area of the home, even entryway. A small wool area rug with natural color is perfect in rooms with an entryway with narrow space to fill.

If you like to go neutral, a wool area rug with neutral color will appear more subtle and tend to blend well into its surrounding.

No matter what your decor style is, the timelessness of traditional wool area rugs, with its deep patterns and colors, is always a fantastic choice and makes them a perfect fit in every genre.

5 Most Popular Floorings to Try in Your New Home

When you build a new home, choosing the right flooring is crucial since you can’t easily swap it with something new, when you find yourself hating it. Beside, flooring takes a large part of your home and it can make or break your home design. The trends for flooring are also quite rapid. Every year, there are always new trends. But worry not, despite the time; here are several most popular floorings to try in your new home


Forget about those wood floorings that everyone is using. Bamboo is getting a rise in popularity for its beautiful grain and incredible hardness. This type of flooring comes in plank too so it’s easy to install. But remember, no matter how hard your bamboo is, keep it out from rooms with a lot of moistures like the bathroom and kitchen.


We see a jump of concrete flooring, from an old and bare-bones to chic and trendy. With low cost, low maintenance, yet high durability, concrete can be your flooring option. It can give your new home that rustic and simple feeling. No wonder concrete became one of the most popular floorings.

Reclaimed wood

Wood will never lose its charm. It offers a warm and rustic feeling to your room. One of the classic wood floorings that are still on the rise is reclaimed hardwood. This type of flooring, just like the name, is a reclaimed one. So you can see the distressed mark clearly. Also, because it’s reclaimed, it comes at a cheaper price.

Large format tile

Tiles are also your simplest to go option. With its widely varied shape, design, colour, and size, you can never go wrong with tiles. Nowadays, we see an upsurge of popularity in large format tiles. This type of tiles needs less maintenance because of its large surface and fewer grout lines.

Cut and loop carpet

Popular in the 1970’s, cut and loop tiles are getting its comeback. This unique type of carpet is gaining all the hype and it might be the perfect flooring solution for your new home. The factory also offers new technology that makes carpets softer to the touch.

All of the 5 most popular floorings for your new home that we mentioned above have their own strengths and weaknesses. You need to pay attention to your overall room design to choose which flooring suits you best.

Here are 5 Occasions When You Need to Decorate Your Room with an 8 Foot Round Area Rug

Having a decorative rug in your room can be a really nice touch. It may give your room a unique focal point and a comfortable feeling. But most of us often opt for a square or rectangle rugs and overlook the unusual 8 foot round rug. While that type of rug might be the perfect one for your home. So here are 5 occasions in which you need to choose an 8 foot round rug instead of the square or rectangle ones.

You want to highlight a curved architectural detail

When you have curved walls, it makes more sense to use a round carpet as well. This will highlight your unique architectural details like a curved wall or curved ceiling. And pull the attention to that particular unique feature.

You want to highlight another round object

If you have a round furniture or light fixture in your room, you can highlight them with an 8 foot round rug. Put the rug right under the object, and you’ll have all attention stapled there.

You want to create a separate area

Putting an 8 foot round rug is an effective way to create an illusion of a separate area. As this rug will contrast the usual cornered room and create a special feeling in a certain area, especially if you use a bold coloured rug. Make sure that all the furniture in that distinct area touches the rug to create a cohesive feeling.

You want to make your room feel larger

If you have a small room, an 8 foot round rug can make your room feels larger. Because a circular rug can create a fluid movement in your otherwise cramped and cluttered room. It can also distract people from seeing the limited space in your room.

You want to create a cohesive feeling in your room

Just like when you create a distinct area with a round rug, you can also put it in the centre of the room to create a cohesive feeling. Still, you have to make sure that all the large object in your room touches the rug.

An 8 foot round rug might not be your number one choice to put in your room. But actually, this piece may be the one that can do the trick in your room. So don’t shrug this option off yet, explore your room and see if this unique rug can fit in and give your room a special touch.