Adding interior barn door? Why not!

What comes to your mind when we talk about putting a barn door into your room? Pretty weird, isn’t it? Well, not really. Classy, rustic look becomes a thing nowadays and everyone loves adding a pinch of ‘countryside’ look to their home. Now if you dream of adding a barn door to your interior, there are several points that you need to think of first. Read on to know what to consider.

The high-quality one is the best one

Barn door is not something that we usually find inside the house. This makes any kind of bar door a focal point of your room, no matter how simple the design you choose. So, you’ll need to make it looks flawless. Choosing the best one with the highest quality will save you much efforts and money. Not only will it be more durable and slide smoother, its beauty will also make the whole interior décor perfect.

Measure the size of your doorway

Barn door is always wider than your doorway, though as a type of sliding door in the end it will save up more space than swinging ones. However, you’ll need to free up some space twice as wide as your door in order to allow it to completely open. For double doors, then of course you’ll need some space slightly wider than each door on each side. It is important to have clean wall free of wall outlet, light switches, windows or everything else that can block up the way, prevent smooth opening/closing, and leave scratches on your wall and barn door.

Consider having a header to mount your track on

This creates some gap between the door and the wall to prevent scratches when it slides. But, the most important reason to mount the track of your door onto a header is for stability and sturdiness. It is because bar doors may be quite heavy. So, as support, header is needed as wall anchor is usually not enough to hold the hanging doors. Besides a header for your track, you may need to attach handle and latch as well. Handles help you to open and shut the door easily and a latch adds more privacy.

Any kind of classic interior barn door usually fits many styles, whether your room has rustic touch or modern design. You can always play with colours and textures, making your room simple or outstanding, and matching your door with the other furniture and decoration. What you need to do is to think of your concept carefully before going out to shop for your dream interior barn door.

Elegant and Stylish Wishbone Dining Chair Ideas That You Wish You Were Have

Wishbone dining chair is such a versatile piece that many people tend to overlook as they believe it to be too strong a statement for their dining table. Homeowners really need to get over that impression because wishbone dining chair, if paired with a simple dining table, harmonizes well with modern, vintage, and retro looking settings.

Its graceful, shapely form was inspired by traditional Ming chairs, and of course, it earned its nickname from its wishbone-shaped back. Wishbone dining chair can both be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and clean; this makes it suitable for any type of dining room: large or small, formal or informal. The designs and styles of wishbone chairs are also endless due to its versatility.

Wondering which kind of style that you like to own in your dining room? Steal some wishbone dining chair ideas from the elegant and stylish inspiration below.

It’s crucial the chair design style matches the versatility of the space. With its elegance, you can place wishbone dining chair in your breakfast nook, acting almost like a piece of functional artwork.

This wishbone dining chair, with its wooden and natural tones, brings the earthly concepts together to warm your eye. It is a perfect piece to sit on relaxes and enjoys the meal.

You will love this wishbone dining chair for its elegant black colour and sleek appearance. The stylish black furnitures stand out instantly, coordinating well with the neutral colour of the wall and flooring.

If you’re after room decor style with clean and crisp look, then a simple white wishbone dining chairs is exactly what you need. This set of wishbone chairs are a soft, sweet match for a dining room with minimalistic decor.

These black and white wishbone chairs accents the dining table to complement the whole decor of this beautifully set-up contemporary dining room interior.

This set of sexy black wishbone chairs are visually popped and added extra glamour to the space. The balance of its glam touches and organic elements feels fresh and vibrant.

These wishbone chairs take a step away from midcentury modern towards traditional East Coast prep when topped with a soft blue seat cushion. Its character is undeniable, and its versatility makes it king.

So far the wishbone chair has been a beacon of simplicity, and here, it’s an edgy, shapely rugged idea that is rustics but still managed to be functionally pretty.

The wishbone chair usually looks quite midcentury, but in this idea, the look is equal parts modern and traditional. You can add these pieces in any style dining room to add elegance.

This last functional wishbone dining chair idea has modern simplicity style, which is an affordable formula for a chic modern breakfast nook that anyone can pull off.

Right or Left Sectional Sofa? Here’s What You Need To Know

A sectional sofa is indeed a great way to cosy up your room. It practically enhances the laid-back ambience in your room, so your guest and family will feel more comfortable spending time there without being too awkward or anxious. Although sectional sofa is huge and may sound like it will not go well in your tiny living room, sectional sofa is actually the answer to make your tiny room looks uncluttered and comfortable.

With all that benefits in mind, it may be a no-brainer that you will want a sectional sofa for your room. But before you choose a sectional sofa, here are the things you need to know.

Right or left sectional sofa?

Before you go to the store, you may need to get familiar with these two types of sectional sofa: Left arm facing sectional sofa, and right arm facing the sectional sofa. The terminology explains where the arm of the sofa will face. If you’re standing in front of a sectional sofa and you find the arm of the sofa is on your left that means you’re facing a left sectional sofa. Vice versa, if the arm is on your right, that means the right sectional sofa

You actually need both right and left sectional sofa to create a cohesive sectional sofa in your house. But the terminology became important because you need to choose according to your room space and how you want it to interact with its surrounding. If you want it to fill a corner, for example, you need to know how the sofa will interact with your corner. You can choose left arm sectional sofa, corner sofa, and right arm sectional sofa if the wall will be on the left of your sofa, and vice versa.

The placement

To decide what kind of sectionals you need, first, you have to understand how you’re going to place your sofa. Which direction it will face, and how the wall and other furniture interacts with the sofa. With a clear image in your head, choosing the right sectional sofa should be easy.

Check Out These Ideas On Modern Bedroom Furniture That Are Beyond Stunning

Your bedroom should be one of the most comfortable and relaxing rooms in your home, because there is nothing better than lying down on bedding and crisp sheets after going through a long hard day of work. To design a bedroom that is stylish yet functional and calming without making it look like a soulless show home is not an easy thing to do. You need to blend colors and styles to create a harmonious sanctuary that will provide you with the relaxing haven that you need.

If you’ve been looking for some inspiration on modern bedroom furniture ideas look no further, because we’ve compiled up some stunning ideas that will surely give you a great idea for your own.

If you like a streamlined style but wants to display something tribal, celebrate your bedroom in a minimal display with graphic interest that dramatically defines the sleeping zone and setting your room ablaze with vibrancy.

A bedroom with classic scheme style that has subtle shift from blue to a color with warm shades is a blissful interior harmony that will ease your mind.

This minimalist modern bedroom idea with lots of white and big contrast of bold red rug and deep colored furnitures will make you fall head over heels.

This contemporary modern bedroom furniture has a calming, neutral pallet that is kept interesting through a mix of textures that creates an ambiance in your room.

If you prefer a simple and chic modern bedroom furniture with soothing white color, this idea give a high-end look without compromising the comfort.

If you’re looking for something more contemporary, check out this classic go-to combo that have blend of white and light brown that bring open and airy feels.

The overall look in this modern bedroom furniture idea with a touch of glamour that worked alongside the dark walnut furniture is luxurious and inviting.

If you are after modern bedroom furniture with a cool, calm feeling of serenity in the bedroom, this pleasant looking idea may suits you well.

If you looking for something classier, this idea with monochromatic white base palette and wooden surrounding give this shabby chic room an eclectic look.

If something dark is your personal choice of color palette, this dark and alluring modern bedroom furniture evoke a sense of cocooning warmth and comfort.

Choosing Comfortable Chairs for Work

Office staff nowadays works for five to eight hour each day, five to six days a week. They all sit on their desk during their working hours. For those who work for hours sitting in front of their computers, having comfortable chair is a blessing. As you know, sitting position affects our spine and back. Sitting for a long period of time may cause you to have backache. While exercising and living healthy lifestyle are important, having comfy chairs also help you survive each day. If you are about to buy some office chairs, there are several things you should pay attention too.

When choosing something, the first thing you should do is thinking about its usage: how it is use and how you will use it. As mentioned above, office workers sit on their chairs for hours. It worsens the conditions they may have related to back, spine, neck, arm, and leg pains, as well as problems in lumbar region. If you experience the pain more easily, it means it’s time to change your office chair to a better one.

Good chairs consist of good seat width and depth, seat height, lumbar support, backrest, armrests, and swivel. Adjustable office chairs are one of the best ones. It is a kind of chair with ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort. Adjustable office chairs usually have a knob to allow the users to lower or raise the chair. This is important to make the height of the chair perfect for the person who uses it to sit comfortably, allowing his/her feet to rest flat on the floor.

Good adjustable office chairs not only have one knob to adjust the seat height, but also contain more adjustments for the back, armrest, and many other parts of the chair. They are adjustable in five up to fourteen ways. It allows the user to make changes so that s/he can get the best sitting position.

Besides the adjustments and parts, the materials used to make the chair also have a big role in offering comfort. Also, making sure you have enough filling or padding is crucial. The fabric used for the seat and back, especially, should allow the user to feel comfortable even after sitting for few hours. Mesh Pellicle material used in Herman Miller’s Aeron is great choice because it is not only breathable but also regulates body temperature and distributes weight evenly.

Be Smart! Do These 5+ Steps Before You Buy Modern Dining Room Chairs

Dining room is one of the most-used spaces in house. Of course, dining room is a place where people gather around to eat and have conversations, or even work. So, having a comfortable dining room chairs becomes the most important thing that you need to think about.

You need your dining room chairs to be both, comfortable and stylish. It must be comfortable, so you can enjoy conversation with your family or friend. Also it must be stylish because it will look good and reflect your style. Just be smart, do these 6+ steps before you buy dining room chairs!

1# Measure for size

As a part of the furniture buying process, size often gets neglected. People maybe more focus on styles, colors, and materials. However, the first thing that you need to do is determine the size of dining chairs you will need. For this you have to consider the size of the room, and the room around your dining chairs and table. Since your dining table is not fully extended all the time, you also have to figure out where you will place any extra chairs. Remember to calculate the space between chairs and do not forget to give additional space when pulled away the chairs from the table.

2# Choose your style

As stated in the opening of this article, style becomes significant. The style of your dining room, especially your dining chairs will reflect your style and characters. Choose the right style of dining chairs also make your dining rooms look good. Maybe you can choose according to who usually dines at your house. For example, armless dining chairs do take up less space than armchairs. But, it will not comfortable for older people who need arms on a chair to help in getting in and out of the seat.

3# Prior comfort

It is not easy to define what comfortable means. Of course, because everyone has different comfort priorities. However, you just need to try your dining chairs first before you buy it. Sit on a chair to see how it feels then decide. The chair can be too high or too low. Feels your back when you lean back against it. Remember more comfortable your dining chairs will make everybody in your family happy to dine together.

4# Select material

Think about the material of your dining chairs. Metal, acrylic, wood, or rattan will determines the look and the comfort of your dining chairs. I will suggest you to choose arcrylic chairs for your modern and small dining room. But for more style and texture, rattan chairs maybe the best one. If you want to focus on styles, wood chairs are great. Of course you can also pick a chair made from mixed materials, too.

5# Check the quality

Do not buy something without judging the quality. Before you buy your dining chair make sure you check the quality first. For example, check to see if it is structurally sound by moving it around. The legs, arms, or back should not move. Wood chair must be all in one piece, not made of pieces glued together. If you are buying a vintage chair, check to see if it is strong enough to be used.


Set your budget

You do not need to buy something only for pride or your own saticfaction. It is more important to think about your needed and the budget. Yup, do not spend a lot of money to get what you want. Just spend your money wisely when it is related to your home decoration. Set your budget before you buy dining chairs, and do research to find the suitable one.

How to Style White Round Pedestal Dining Table, Stunning Yet Classic!

White round pedestal dining table may be a classic piece that you feel rather uneasy about. This dining table has such a distinct look and it is quite hard to make it work with the surroundings. Even though it has a neutral colour, but when you mismatch it, the dining room can look a bit washed out and off-kilter. The round shape can also look weird and out of place with the surroundings. Yet if you can style them properly and create a good balance of design, you may not have to throw your white round pedestal dining table away and make it work in your favour. So here are a few tips on how to style a white round pedestal dining table.

Shabby Chic

If you’re into shabby chic style, white round pedestal dining table is your holy grail and it may not bother you a bit on how to style them. You can easily match it with pastel colour and cute pattern to create a cute and romantic look to your dining room. Don’t forget to put some vase and flowers just to accentuate that romantic vibe. But don’t go too sweet, as your dining room may look like an old lady weaving station instead.

Keep it minimal

So, shabby chic is not your style, and you’re dying just to get that flowery imagery out of your head. It’s okay, you can always keep things minimal. Try monochromatic look and pair your white round pedestal dining table with black or grey square dining set. This will balance the already embedded sweet look of white round pedestal dining table and give it a touch of masculinity.

Use contrasting colour

If you’re just not so into the monochromatic look but still resent the idea of using pastel and flowery pattern for your white round pedestal dining table, try to use bold contrasting colour instead like blue or red. This will send your neutral coloured white round pedestal dining table to the back and make your bold accessories pop instead.

Different colour tops

It never hurts to modify your white round pedestal dining table a bit. Try changing the tops or repaint them in different contrasting colour like black or dark brown. This will push the sweetness back a bit and keep your dining room looking classy and elegant.

Why You Will Love Linen Chesterfield Sofa

As one of classic furniture piece, nothing says class and elegance quite the same as chesterfield sofa. This particular piece of furniture has been around for centuries. From the rich man’s waiting room to tiny lofts in New York City, chesterfield sofa has paved it ways. Even though it is most known for being the sofa in gentleman’s clubs, but it gains more and more popularity in libraries and living rooms as well.

If you want to get that instant elegance in your living room, chesterfield sofa can be the answer. But chesterfield sofa came with many fabric options. One that definitely suits a family living room is linen chesterfield sofa. Linen is another casual yet classic fabric that also has been around for centuries. And this natural fibre fabric stays around for good reasons. Here are some reasons why linen chesterfield sofa is furniture of choice.

Linen is easy to clean

The first question that typically pops in our mind when choosing fabric for our upholstery is whether they are easy to clean and maintain or not. Linen fibre is very compact and tight that dust and dirt will not be able to settle. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to microbes. Therefore, linen won’t give you a headache when it comes to maintenance.

Linen has beautiful textures and overall look

If you ever lay a hand on linen furniture, you will realize how soft its texture is. The fantastic textures make ways for great looks as well. Linen also has natural sheen that looks great when drenched with natural light. Despite all that, linen still retain its casual appearance so you can have them in any living room.

Linen is strong and durable

Since linen has compact fibre composition, it will not come loose even after a long time of use. Therefore, linen makes a very strong and durable fabric especially for chesterfield sofa.

Linen is eco-friendly

Linen is made out of flax plant fibre. This plant is very easy to grow even without fertilizer and pesticides. That means linen need tiny amount of chemicals only. It also requires a lot less water in processing and producing compared to cotton. With this in mind, it is safe to say that linen is an eco-friendly fabric.


Guides on Picking the Perfect European Sleeper Sofa

European sleeper sofa may be a great solution for homeowners or apartment owners with such limited spaces. This sofa can turn your living room or any other room into the guest bedroom in an instant, so you don’t have to worry if a friend or family wants to crash at your place. Sure it may not be the most comfortable option for your guest, but it is still better than a regular sofa. But choosing the right European sleeper sofa for your home is not as easy as choosing a regular sofa. There are several things that you need to consider.

The type

There are several types of European sleeper sofa out there in the market. The standard sleeper sofa is the futons. It is typically a wood or metal frame with a single mattress folded on top to create sofa cushion. But there are many other variations of the European sleeper sofa. If you’re looking for more comfort as a bed, you may want to get the air foldout type. But if you want more comfort when used as a sofa cushion, the pull out sofa may be your pick.

How often will it be used?

The type of sleeper sofa also depends on how often it will be used. If you’re looking to use it daily, you may want to choose a sleeper sofa that has spring mattress so it feels more comfortable. But keep in mind that the metal frame may make it quite uncomfortable as a sofa.

Where will you place them?

The room where you plan to place your European sleeper sofa also matters. If you want to place them in a small room that is not frequently used as a hangout place, choose a small sleeper sofa with spring mattress so it is more comfortable as a bed. But if you’re going to place it in the living room, choose the one that is comfortable to sit at for long hours.

How to Pick the Perfect Comfy Dining Chairs For Amazing Dinner Experience

Dining chair may not be the piece that you put a lot of thought on. You may want to keep it simple by choosing a table set or just go for any kind of chair that match your dining table. Yet dining chair does have some variables you need to factor in before you get the table set or buy individual chairs. Because when you don’t think about these variables, you may end up sacrificing your comfort and dinner time will not be as pleasant as it would be. Therefore, to make sure you get the perfect comfy dining chairs, here are some points you need to factor in and consider.

The seat depth

Every dining chair came with different seat depth. Some are narrower to save space, and some are deeper. As a rule of thumb, the deeper the seat is, you will have more place for your derriere and sit comfortably. But not too deep, since you will have to lift your feet up or not being able to lean on the chair back. To have comfy dining chairs, you need to pick the ones that are wider than 17 inches.

The right height

As it goes with the depth, dining chair also came with different height. This is crucial especially if you’re buying individual chairs instead of a set. You need to have at least 12 inches between the table and the comfy dining chairs cushion. This distance will allow your feet to move freely and not being pushed against the table.

The movements

It is not always about the comfort of the people when they sit at the chair. You need to also consider if the comfy dining chair is easy to move or not, especially when you live with older people or children. They may not be able to pull out the chair easily if it’s too heavy or too large. Therefore, cater to their need and choose a comfy dining chair that will be comfortable for everyone in the home!


Now, even though you don’t plan to spill anything on your dining chair cushion, but sooner or later, it will happen. So it is always better to choose low maintenance dining chair upholstery material. This will make cleaning way more convenient and your chair looks great for a longer period of time.

Ways That You Can Replace Sofa with Wide Chaise Lounge

The sofa is a classic staple for comfortable seating. Little did we know that there are some other alternative to sofa if you find yourself wanting to get a little off the mainstream. One of the best alternatives to sofa out there is wide chaise lounge. Chaise is originated in 18th century France. It is essentially an upholstered recliner, made for style, comfort and stretching out. With this in mind, the idea of replacing sofa with wide chaise lounge became even more understandable. So if you’re thinking of going on this route, here are 4 instances where wide chaise lounge is a better option than a sofa.

Preserving the view

What will you do if you want to put comfortable seating furniture in front of a huge window with a beautiful view? Will you choose a sofa? Yes, a sofa may sound great, but it will block the view when you’re not sitting on the sofa. Therefore, if you want to preserve the view and keep them out of obstacles, a chaise can be your answer. It will give you more access to the view while still providing comfortable seating.

Unblocking traffic flow

In small rooms, the sofa can get a little tricky. Because the sofa is typically large, it may block the traffic flow in such a small room. Chaise can solve this problem by providing more space to move and therefore unblocking the traffic flow. You can replace the sofa with two chaises and place them apart so people can easily move between the chaise.

DIY Sectional

Have you realized that you can push two chaises together and create an L shaped sectional? Yes, even though chaise doesn’t have enough back support, but the length and depth of the chaise still speak comfort. Also, with this DIY sectional, you can easily move them around if you want to change the look of your room.

Media room

If you have a media room, you can add more comfort to it by choosing two wide chaise lounges instead of a sofa. The chaise offers more space to snuggle and stretch even when compared with deep-seated sofa. You can take up the coffee table space for the chaise and replace it with a small table between the two chaises.

Emergency guest room

Of course, there are several downsides to wide chaise lounge compared to a sectional sofa. Such as the non-existent back support and arm support.  These downsides make wide chaise lounge a lot more uncomfortable when you placed them in the living room. However, the shape can gain your advantages when you want to convert your living room into an emergency guest room. Since sleeping in a wide chaise lounge would feel better than a sofa. You can easily put some pillows and blanket and turn them into a place where your guest can lay down.

Not to mention, the relatively smaller size of wide chaise lounge compared to sectional sofa makes them a perfect alternative for smaller spaces. See? It’s totally okay to replace your sectional sofa with wide chaise lounge!

Guides on Round Cocktail Ottoman and Why You Should Get One

The living room is a great place to hang out and spend the time with your loved ones. Not only the living room speaks for the house design, but it is also a representative of you and your family. So it will be for your best intention to make your living room as comfortable as possible. Round cocktail ottoman can be a really good alternative to the old coffee table for added comforts. If you’re wondering why round cocktail ottoman deserves a place in your living room, take a look at these reasons.

It is safe for babies and toddler

First of all, we all need to acknowledge that coffee table, especially in small living room, can be hazardous. Because of the height, we often overlook them and not realize that they’re there. As the result, we may hurt our toes and smashing toes against a table is not a pleasant experience. A coffee table can be even more hazardous if we have a toddler in the home. They might hurt themselves while moving around in the living room. Therefore, round cocktail ottoman is a safer option for your house. It has no corners and the surface is soft so your toddler won’t hurt themselves.

It blends in with so many styles

Since round cocktail ottoman is not a statement piece and came in so many different styles, you will not have a hard time finding one that suits your taste. It can easily blend in with the surrounding due to its low height and basic shape.

Add comforts while not being too dramatic

The puffy surface of round cocktail ottoman will make the room seems even more comfortable. You can pair it with large sectional sofa for maximum comfort. This will make your living room looks like a cosy nap corner. You can still put vase or glasses on top of round cocktail ottoman using a tray. But you need to make sure that your ottoman has a flat surface or your tray may wobble.

8+ Cool Chandelier Ideas for Your Dining Room

A chandelier is an eye-catching focal point in a dining room. It can enhance your style by complementing its surrounding. Chandeliers have long been a symbol of elegance and class.

Nowadays are available chandeliers that combines traditional elegance with modern shape. They are the best choice for any dining room that you have. These are 8+ cool chandeliers that will make your dining room more beautiful, no matter the design and style.

Rustic Chandelier

This stunning rustic chandelier will add some country charm to your dining room. The earth tones can match with any design and bring effortless style to your ceilings.

Crystal Chandelier

This crystal chandelier will bring elegant and dramatic vibe to your dining room. This is one of the most popular chandeliers that will boost the bling in your lovely dining room.

Contemporary Chandelier

This contemporary chandelier with a crystal design will bring some character to the room. The fresh modern light can update your dining room in an instant.

Cascading Chandelier

This chandelier offers a brilliant contemporary lighting look for your home. The unique design will make your dining room look sophisticated and classy.

Traditional Chandelier

This beautiful traditional chandelier will instantly add charm and luxury to your dining room. It has classic look in ceiling lighting that will never go out of style

Modern Chandelier

This modern chandelier will brighten up your décor and create a gorgeous centerpiece in your dining room. The futuristic shape and the antique design will make your dining room more stand out.

Orb Light Transitional Chandelier

This transitional chandelier blends together modern and traditional in an eclectic way. It will brighten up your dining room with stylish lighting ideas.

Farmhouse Chandelier with Lantern Style

This farmhouse chandelier will make casual dining room that gets used daily feel more special. The sleek and rustic design will make you comfortable and pleasant.

Industrial Chandelier

This industrial style chandelier will complete your unique home look. You can bring a touch of the classic look to an industrial-style to your dining room with this chandelier.

Make Your Dining Room Look Cozy with These Round Dining Table with Leaf

Dining room is a place where people come together for everyday meals and special occasions. Thus, having a dining table in your living room allows it to be much more informal and multipurpose.

Choosing a perfect dining table can be hard especially if you have smaller space. Here we have 8 beautiful examples of round dining table with leaf extension that will help you to create a cozy and modern decor.

Vintage Dining Table with Leaf Extension

This dining table is perfect for any kitchen since you can easily use extension leaf in case you have more people in your family. The vintage design will make your dining room look elegant and beautiful.

Wood Dining Table with Leaf Extension

Made of high-quality wood, this dining table is sturdy and durable. The best material of dining table that you can have in your home.

Minimalist Dining Table with Leaf Extension

Use white in your dining room to create clean and simple look like this. The round table is excellent for making conversation or sharing a coffee with your loved ones.

Modern Dining Table with Leaf Extension

This modern dining table will make your dining room far from boring. You can easily and seamlessly pull up the leaves to create an inviting space that’ll work for a family dinner.

Classic Dining Table with Leaf Extension

The earthy tones of a brown dining room will create a cozy eating area. You can use the dining table as a large desk or game table while still being in the mix with people in the living room.

Small Round Dining Table with Leaf Extension

This amazing dining table is a way to maximize your living/dining options in a space-challenged home. You can simply customize and arrange to fulfill your entertaining and friends and family needs.

Casual Dining Table with Leaf Extension

This dining table is perfect if you have an apartment porch or small patio space. You can create a comfortable dining room that everyone is sure to love with this one.

Pedestal Dining Table with Leaf Extension

Elegant and sophisticated, this gorgeous table lets you and your family to dine in style. This round table can expand to seat multiple diners or can be used to host a table-top game night for several guests.

Black Curtain Rods Are Not For Everyone, Here’s What You Need To Know

Black curtain rods may be your rods of choice because of its simplicity. It acts like a line that outlines the room. And you may think to yourself that it is just a rod, what can possibly go wrong? But choosing black curtain rods is a great commitment. Because it defines the whole room and quite an attention-grabbing unless your window is coloured black as well. Of course, it adds a nice finish to your room. So before you jump in and get yourself black curtain rods, here are some things that you may need to know.

The types

There are so many drapery rods types out there in the stores. From the classic ones, return rods, double curtain rods, cable rods, or tension rods. You need to find and choose one that suits your window and your style preferences. Even though rods may not be very visible to the eye, but if you’re using black curtain rods, it will be a statement piece that you need to think through.


Rods usually came in two materials only: metal or wood. Both materials are actually great and have its own pros and cons. However, if we’re talking about longevity and simplicity, you may lean more toward metal materials. Because metal is pretty low maintenance and can last for quite a long time especially if you choose the right finish. It is also usually lighter than its counterpart.

The size

First of all, as a rule of thumb, you should choose at least 1-inch diameter rods. The thickness will support your heavy drapery more and looks better than thin rods. You may also choose rods that are 6 to 7 inches longer than your window frame to make your window appear larger and give more ways for the light to go in because your curtain will rest at the wall instead of blocking the light.


Finials are totally optional. But if you want to add accent and decoration to your rods, finials may be a great addition. You can choose the simple ball finials or the crystal one if you want to add some glam.

Guides on Hooker Round Dining Table: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right dining table may feel like a big deal. You don’t want to just use any dining table, you want it perfectly match your dining room design and your need while also has a long span of life. Therefore, it only makes sense if you get your dining table from one of the most reputable and long-standing furniture company such as Hooker Furniture.

As we all know, Hooker Furniture has been in the market since 1925, and continue striving until they became one of America’s premier importers and manufacturers of furniture. This means Hooker Furniture fully understand what they’re doing when they produce each of their products. One of their products that successfully steal our attention is Hooker round dining table. If you’re wondering whether you should get one for your dining room, here are what you need to know about Hooker round dining table.


Hooker round dining table came with different top materials: Marble, wood and glass. All three were made with care and have layers of coating to keep them looking glossy and durable through years of usage. You can choose the material that suits your preferences and styles, just make sure you understand how to maintain them.

Cleaning and maintenance

Each material has its own cleaning and maintaining methods. But the most intricate ones will be the wooden dining table. Hooker wooden table has layers of coats to keep its sheen and make sure it has a long span of life. You need to regularly dust the table using clean and soft lint-free cloth. Rub the surface in the direction of the grain to avoid scratches. Polish them every few months using a polisher and clean soft lint-free cloth.

What you need to avoid

To make sure that your table lasts for a long time, there is some guidance on what you need to avoid. First of all, keep the table away from direct sunlight and heat as it can cause fading. Keep away plastic or rubber materials from your table, as some plastic contain ingredients that can harm the table finish.  The last thing you need to do is clean up any kind of spills immediately as water spills can cause unwanted water stains.

What we mention in this article may not cover all you need to know about hooker round dining table, but it is a great start. For more information on this matter, go to Hooker Furniture official website.

How Curved Conversation Sofa Can Be a Brilliant Solution

The curved sofa may not be commonly found in households, but it is actually really great. The curve allows people to enjoy their conversations more since they don’t have to lean forward to see each other. They can simply lounge back and have a good conversation. That is why curved conversation sofa is making a comeback. But aside from enabling deeper connection through enjoyable hangout session, curved conversation sofa also has several benefits design-wise.

It defines and highlights an area

If you have a small home with limited space, you may have to share your living room with two or three other different functions. The curved conversation sofa can define your living room area and set them apart from the rest of the room. You don’t have to worry the curved sofa will make your room feels full, choose sofas with low arms to make the room airy.

Perfect match for your round room

Granted, there are not so many houses with round room. But if you do have one, or if you have round corners around your living room, a curved sofa can fill in space and complement the curved accents in your house. You can also use curved conversation sofa to create flow in your oddly shaped room.

Soften a room

It may sound counterintuitive, but the curved sofa is a great way to soften a room that otherwise will be full of straight line and angles. To prevent boxy feeling in your living room, you can place curved sofas and other curved furniture.

Float the sofa away from the wall

If you need to float away your sofa from the wall, a curved sofa can do it better than a straight sofa. Because it creates more flow and avoids stiff angles that make the room feels too boxy and sectioned.

Now take a look at your room, can you imagine placing a curved conversation sofa there?

Choosing the Right Counter Height Stools: What You Need to Know

When designing or remodelling your kitchen, counter height stools might be something you consider on getting. This piece of furniture is quite popular in the modern kitchen and it may be quite useful when you are working in your kitchen. But choosing a kitchen counter stools is not as easy as it seems. There is more than meets the eye. Because when you choose the wrong counter stools, you will be left feeling dissatisfied and uncomfortable. So before you pick one for your kitchen, here are 5 things that you need to know.

The right height

Kitchen counter stools need to be at the right height, or you’ll risk spending your time slouching or to look up all the time. So make sure you know the measurement of your kitchen counter and that the counter height stools you choose have proportional height compared. Typical kitchen counter stools usually are between 24 to 26 inches height.

The features

Counter height stools usually offer several features that you may want to consider. The adjustable-height feature especially will come in handy if you’re not so sure of your kitchen counter height. A high back, footrest and armrest feature are also nice to have if you’re looking for more comfort. Another feature you may want to consider is the swivel feature, which enables you to turn around without moving the stool’s base.

The spacing

Before choosing a stool or deciding how many stools you need, consider the spacing between them and how you want to store them when not used. Ideally, you need 6 inches spacing between stools so you can sit comfortably without nudging the person sitting next to you.

The material

Counter height stools, since it will be placed on your kitchen’s working area and exposed to quite rougher use compared to dining table stools, you need to make sure that the materials are sturdy enough. There are so many materials options that you can choose, from stainless steel to the classic wooden counter height stools. Choose one that is sturdy, durable, and matches your overall kitchen theme design.

Little details

Pay attention to little details of the counter stools. Study the screws and the seat joints, make sure they are sturdy and won’t be easily be broken. Also, you need to look for rubber pads under the stool’s legs. This pad will prevent your stools from scratching your floor.

What You Need to Know About Storing Vinyl and Vinyl Record Storage Cabinet

For people who are new to the world of the vinyl record, knowing how to store your vinyl properly is one of the most important things. Because as we all know, record vinyl is definitely not cheap and need to be stored carefully or we will risk ruining it. Therefore, we need to be really careful when choosing a vinyl record storage cabinet. Even though you may think to yourself that using a usual cabinet will do the job, but there are actually more details that you need to take care of if you want your collection to stay intact and in good quality even after a long time. So here is what you need to know about vinyl record storage cabinet specifications.

Strong and sturdy

If you own a vinyl record already, you may have realized that it is heavier and larger than most books. Hence, you need to choose a vinyl record storage cabinet that is sturdy and strong, and also made out of high-quality material so it can contain your growing record collection. You can use strong and solid wood or metal for the cabinet’s material.


If you are a record vinyl collector, you will need a large cabinet that can store a large amount of vinyl record. However, you need to remember that you can’t store that vinyl tightly or you’ll get a ring wear marks on your vinyl collection. So if you’re looking for a cabinet to store 20 vinyl records, choose the cabinet that has the capacity of 30 vinyl records.


To prevent vinyl from leaning too heavily into each other, you need to choose cabinets with square shelves. This way, even though the vinyl leans into each other, the weight will be spread evenly so it won’t leave a mark on your vinyl records. Also, you need to store your vinyl record vertically so it didn’t stack on top of one another. Because stacking may result in warped vinyl.


The environment where you place your vinyl record storage cabinet matters a lot. Sunlight and moisture is the number one enemy of a vinyl record. Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the vinyl to warp over time. This goes to other types of heat like a heater or fireplace as well. So keep your record away from heat.

Moisture is another thing you need to keep your vinyl record away from. Keeping a vinyl record in a damp area will cause the vinyl sleeves which are made from cardboard, absorb the moisture and compromising the vinyl record itself. You may find your vinyl record develop nasty stains, mildew, and the worst part, sticking to its sleeves.

While you’re at it, putting vinyl record storage away from dusty places is also a good idea. You may want to store your vinyl record in places with not much traffic and do dust cleaning regularly. Or at the very least, keep your vinyl record safe in its protective sleeves.

Tips to Choose Perfect Desks for Home Office

If you work at home, you might want to choose the best desks for home office. You need a space where you can spend much time being productive. That’s why, choosing the perfect desk to work on is crucial. A thing to note is that home office is still a part of your house. Thus, choosing the desk to match with the whole interior design is important. Before buying desks for home office, below are some things to consider:

Dimension and Size

The first thing to do before choosing any desks for home office is to understand the size of the room. If you dedicate one room for working, you can be more flexible in choosing any desks. If not, you should think carefully of your choice of desks so you can avoid making your room look cramped. Of course, it also has something to do with what you already put inside before the desk.

Still related to the dimension of the room, the size of the desks is also something important to note. Choose a desk that is big enough for you to work on comfortably. But, avoid buying a desk that looks too big for the room as it increases the heavy working atmosphere inside. Built-in and pull-out desks like the above picture are also great to save up spaces, or, if you need extra workspace. It’s modern, convenient, and easy to fold away. For multiple workspaces, putting them in a row by the wall can save up space and make the room look spacious.


As mentioned above, it is important to consider the design of your desk to match with the whole interior of the room. If your home office has a classic design, you might want to have an elegant desk suitable for the cottage look of the room. Also, drawers and shelves are key features of a desk as you can put items you’ll need for work there.

Quality and Price

While any other considerations are important, you still need to look for something you could afford. Do set a budget for your dream desks for home office. However, expensive desks don’t always go with the quality. That is why you always need to check and observe the product carefully. Ask about the materials, maintenance, and other needed information before buying the product.

After choosing the right desks for home office, it’s time to decide your working spot. Make sure you install enough lights to be able to work comfortably. If possible, set your desk near or by the window, if you have a nice garden view outside. This way, you not only get enough natural light during the day but also a nice view to help you relax.

Here is Why You Need Hallway Coat Rack Bench in Your House

Entry hallway is a very important area to your house. A good and well-designed entry hallway can give a good impression to your guest. Not only it represents your house and design preferences, but hallway coat rack bench also add more functionality to your entryway. It gives a nice look while making your hallway a lot more functional. If you’re still unsure of why you need this piece in your entryway, here are some reasons you may want to contemplate.

Provide a place to put on and take off shoes

Have you ever tried putting your shoes while standing? I’m sure you have done that and realized that it is very hard to do. Most of us will lose balance and fall while trying and it can be twice harder for older people. Therefore, providing a place to sit down and calmly put on or take off the shoes is quite important. So help yourself and get a nice hallway coat rack bench that suits your entry.

Add storage space

Instead of a standing coat rack or peg rail, hallway coat rack bench adds more storage and functions to your hallway. You can use the space below the bench for shoe rack or put some basket and turn it into blanket and towel storage. You can also use the space above your coat holder to put hats and decorations. Use your endless creativity and get the most out of your hallway!

Give a welcoming feeling

What says welcome better than hallway coat rack bench? The bench, especially if it is cushioned well, can add comforts to your entryway and make your guest feel welcomed. Therefore when they reach the living room, they may feel less uptight.

Works nicely even in a small entry hallway

Who says that hallway coat rack bench will make your hallway looks cramped and cluttered? Well, if you get the right size and type, hallway coat rack bench can actually blend in nicely. The key is to find one that has narrow depth and less bulk.

Hallway coat rack bench is actually a nice addition to your entry. Just make sure you get the right size, type and styles so it works well with the house.