Tips for Picking the Perfect Swivel Counter Stools with Backs

Swivel counter stools with backs can be a good addition to your kitchen island, especially if you live with kids. It can make your kitchen feels more like a living area where people can hang out and spend their time. Furthermore, swivel counter stools with backs allow your kid to have fun in the kitchen while keeping them safe with a high back.

If you’re considering swivel counter stools, check out these tips to help you find the right fit for your kitchen island.

Measure the right height

Before you go shopping for swivel counter stools, first you need to measure your counter and decide the proportional height for your counter stools. You wouldn’t want your stools to be too high that you need to slouch, or too low that your arms have to reach up. Stools vary from 24 inches to 30 inches height. But typically the right height for kitchen counter stools is 24 to 26 inches.

Think about the style

This goes without saying. You need to match your swivel counter stools with backs to the rest of your home design. You absolutely don’t want your kitchen counter stools to look like it doesn’t belong to your kitchen. If you have modern minimalistic kitchen décor, you may want a contemporary designed counter stool. But if your kitchen looks rustic, you may consider counter stools that have a rustic finish.

Is it comfortable?

Swivel counter stool with backs is a great choice if you put great emphasis on comfort. But there are a lot of counter stools variation that you may want to consider, for example, the footrest and the armrest, the cushion, and the materials. Make sure the stools you choose are comfortable for everyone in the house. If you have kids, consider getting swivel counter stools with a high back as it is safer for kids.

The durability

When you’re getting swivel counter stools for your kitchen, you surely want it to have a long lifetime. So you have to understand the durability of the swivel counter stools you want to buy. Study the materials and if it’s possible, find a review regarding the brand to make sure that what you get is durable and will last for long.

The tips above can be applied for picking any counter stools, not just swivel counter stools with backs. Follow these tips to help you to find the perfect fits for your kitchen. Good luck!

Low Back Counter Stools: Are They Worth It?

Having a counter stools in your kitchen is a great way to make your kitchen feels like a living area where people can hang out and enjoy their time. It can also complete the look of your kitchen, especially now that kitchen counter stools have so many design and material we can choose. From rustic high back counter stools to modern and futuristic low back counter stools. But before picking counter stools for your kitchen, there are several things you need to consider. Such as how high do you need your stools to be, and whether to have stools with armrest and backs or not.

The one that is getting quite popular now is low back counter stools. With such simple design and a bit support for your back, low back counter stools may successfully slide onto your list. To help you decide whether low back counter stools are the right one for you, here are the pros and the cons of this trendy piece of furniture.

The pros

Having minimal backs, a low back counter stool is a great option to save space. When the room in your kitchen is minimal, low back counter stools can provide you with a place to sit without taking up too much space. Compared to no backs counter stool, the low back counter stool offers a bit more back support. It is designed to extend the thoracic lumbar region and thus supporting your lower back.

The cons

Just like the name, low back counter stools only support your lower back but it can’t give full support for your back. Therefore, it may be uncomfortable if you have to sit on this stool for a long period of time. Also, if you have kids, a low back counter stool may be too dangerous for them as they may trip backwards.

Final thought

After all, low back counter stools have its benefits and weaknesses. Whether to have low back or high back stools, it depends on your situation and what you seek for in a stool. If you’re more into comfort and safety, high back counter stools might suit your need. But if you want to save space and have a more chic design, you might opt for low back counter stools. So give it a good thought, what do you really need and want in a stool? Then decide which one will suit you more.

Guides and Tips You Need To Note On Stakmore Folding Chairs

Getting folding chairs may sound a bit extra. You already have so much seating space in your house, from sofa to dining chairs and stools. But folding chairs may be a nice addition for emergencies or for a nice family outdoor picnic. One of the most popular folding chairs brands is Stakmore. This furniture company have been around since 1922, producing good quality furniture. Stakmore folding chairs have even invented their own basic folding mechanism and patented them. Up until now, the folding mechanism is still used in Stakmore folding chairs. If you’re considering to get yourself Stakmore folding chairs, here are some things that you need to know.


Just like any other furniture, Stakmore folding chairs also need good maintenance every once in a while. Beside dusting and vacuuming, you also have to check the screws and fix the loose screws. But be careful to not screw them too tight or you will risk stripping the screws. Also, Stakmore Company warns you to lift the folding chair to move them instead of dragging as it will damage the chair.

Things to avoid

Stakmore folding chairs are made of wood, and therefore it can be damaged, chipped, stained, or fade when you don’t take good care of them. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and any heat or cold inducing appliances.

Weight capacity

All of Stakmore furniture has their own weight capacity that you need to understand. However, Stakmore folding chairs mostly have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. This weight capacity needs to be obeyed if you want your folding chairs to last.


All Stakmore folding chairs frame are made of wood. But they have different upholstery material options, which is vinyl and fabric. Both of these materials have different characteristics and maintenance. Vinyl may be easier to handle, but fabric provides more comfort. So there is no better option, everything goes back to the buyer’s preferences and value.

Dump Your Ugly Filling Cabinet, Pick One of These Creative Ideas!

Have you ever come to your home office with head full of ideas, only to be greeted by an old ugly filling cabinet as your work partner when you step your foot in? If you have a lateral file cabinet that is ugly and rotten, it tend to drop the mood of whole room that leave you hanging with a feel of dissatisfaction. Rather than keeping an ugly cabinet that not only can hurt your eyesight but also waste your room space, get a filing cabinet that well blend with the room decoration that does far more than just keep your affairs in order. These are list of uniquely personalized cabinet ideas with simply beautiful looks that you will love for a lifetime.

Relaxed Elegance Style

Beautiful in its simplicity, this modern minimalist styles can give you a shooting feel that perfect for a retreating to after a long day of tiring works. Going for a filling cabin with minimalist design for your home office help you keep the focus on working the things that matter most to you.

Industrial Look- style

If you think that home office ia all about work and getting things done, you are well suited to an industrial look that elevates the cabinet to something special. To own this fancy looking cabinet, you need to find a metallic or rustic black filing cabinet with a chair and desk that sing along with it. Don’t forget about adding the leather, aged wood and function over form and the look of your home office will suits your need perfectly.

Funky Functional Style

If you have colorful personality and prefer different visual experiences in your workspace, you need to consider having a bright tone colored cabinet, mixed with worktop that set on top of two filing cabinets and combined a desk with plenty of storage at hand on it. The orange tone color that synchronized with blue punctuate in the workspace give you an unmatched versatility and keep you from boredom while doing your projects.

Aesthetic Outburts Style

Why own a traditional metal filling cabinet if you can have one with functionality and organization without neglecting it’s aesthetic side? Old cabinets and chests of drawers with a sleek and simple modern style are other handy places for stashing cardboard or plastic expandable filing systems.This aesthetic looking cabinet have clean edges, lines and curves, giving the style a distinctive look that matches well with your artistic needs.

Stylistic Organized Style

If you have a preference to stay organized and to keep things in order, you may prefer an interior design that’s classic and timeless, or an updated and trendy contemporary style as your option, consider this creative lateral file cabinet. This classical looking cabinet have a distinctive label of your files on the outside, which not only add style in a sense of fun but also a new level of organization all at the same time.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Modern Walnut Dining Chairs

Choosing the right dining chair may not sound like a hard task. Especially now when you can easily get beautiful dining table set with matching chairs and a table. But for some homeowners who prefer to put every detail in their own hands, choosing the perfect dining chair can be quite hard. There are a lot of variables you need to consider when it comes to dining chairs. From the design, height, seat depth, to materials and finish.

Speaking of materials and finish, one of the most popular choices is modern walnut dining chairs. It has a beautiful classy look that will certainly enhance the look of your living room. Not to mention, its strength and durability as well, make modern walnut dining chairs the desired option for your kitchen or dining area. However, walnut is quite expensive, so you have to really consider every variable and make sure that modern walnut dining chairs are the right one for you. Here are several things you need to consider.

Types of walnut

There are several types of walnut out there. The most common and highly requested walnut for furniture material is black walnut. Aside from black walnut, there are also butternut or white walnut, English walnut, and Claro walnut. Although they are all classified as walnut, each type has different characteristics.


Walnut, especially black walnut, is quite a hard wood that can resist dents pretty good.  However, it is not as hard as white oak and hard maple. But in term of durability, walnut can last a pretty long time.

UV resistance

One thing to note about walnut is the fact that this wood is not UV resistant. It will lighten as it ages, unlike many other kinds of wood. Therefore, if you want to keep your modern walnut dining chairs in its dark colour, you may want to move them away from direct sunlight.


Now the most important question: Is walnut sustainable? Thankfully, yes, walnut is still a sustainable resource. With its high demand, the production of walnut also progresses, keeping it away from extinction.

Bathroom Design 101: Basic Guidelines on Choosing Vanity for Vessel Sinks

When thinking of decorating your bathroom, vessel sink will certainly come in mind. This beautiful, stylish sink can definitely amp up your bathroom, giving it some sort of ‘statement’ that will make your bathroom feels more luxurious. That transparent basin bowl, filled with water, sitting on top of your bathroom vanity, would seriously be a beautiful thing to look at. However, when you consider using a vessel sink, another question would come to mind. How to choose the right bathroom vanity for your vessel sink?

Choosing vanity for vessel sink

There are so many different kinds of vanities you can choose for your bathroom. But before browsing and choosing a vanity for your bathroom. You need to know what kind of sink you want to install on your vanity. If you happen to want a vessel sink in your bathroom, you need to consider several things so everything won’t get awry and you can get the bathroom of your dream. So here are a few things you need to consider before buying vanity for vessel sink.

The material

Typically, vanities for vessel sink use countertops that are made of stone or glass. This will make cleaning your bathroom vanity and vessel sink much easier, since cleaning vessel sink on its own is already a difficult task. But you can also opt for other materials such as solid wood, manufactured wood, or even plastic. As long as you can drill through the material, installing a vessel sink should be possible.

The dimension

Vessel sink is basically a basin and faucet sitting on your countertop. Unlike the traditional under mount sink, vessel sink will add the height of your vanity. And it might cause a problem if your vanity is already pretty tall. Therefore you need to choose a shorter vanity so you can use your sink with ease. Typically, the right height for a vanity for a vessel sink is around 29 or 36 inch.

The space available on the surface

Vessel sink will take up quite some space on your vanity. You need to carefully consider the space available for vessel sink instalment. Also, make sure you have some space left on the countertop where you can place your things.

The style

Last but not least, in choosing vanity for vessel sink, you need to pay close attention to the style and design of your vanity. It should match your overall bathroom theme and the vessel sink you want to put on it. The point of installing vessel sink in your bathroom is to make a ‘statement’, to make your bathroom look more stylish and having that ‘surprise’ effect. So it makes no sense if the things you put there is not of the same style and theme.

There you have the basic guide on how to choose a bathroom vanity for vessel sink. It’s quite simple and easy to do, so there is no reason for you to refrain from putting the vessel sink of your dream in your bathroom.

8 Beautiful Dining Pendant Lighting Ideas that You’ll Love

Pendant lights are an amazing option for lighting a room that doesn’t require a great deal of light. It typically hangs from the ceiling by either chain, wire, or stem to give a more dramatic feel and add interest to space.

It also can create a modern look or change the atmosphere in living rooms and larger dining rooms. There is a large selection of classic and modern drum pendants for dining room, so here are we have 8 beautiful dining pendant lighting ideas to make your dining experience more romantic!

Single Pendant Light

This single pendant light not only provides the light you need to enjoy the room you are in but also adds a decorative feel. The simplicity of their style makes them a winner in many different decor tastes.

Modern Pendant Lighting

This modern pendant lighting gives a contemporary vibe to your dining room. It is attached from the ceiling, providing helpful and ambient light.

Three Pendant Lights

This pendant light is perfect for dinner experience since this lighting does its work in such a way that it grabs attention and admiration. Even with the electricity off, it still makes a gorgeous accessory.

Farmhouse Lighting

This farmhouse lighting will help you to achieve different style from the past such as country, vintage, or cottage. It will provide a warm ambience for dining and make your dining room look elegant and classy.

Light Bulb Pendants

If you want the bare minimum, you can go for bulb pendants like this one. The closer it is to a dining room table; the less powerful bulb you may need.

Orb Pendant Light

This perfectly rounded pendant lighting create a reflective, shining light in your dining room. The Orb pendant’s light creates an exclusive atmosphere and brings the industrial atmosphere to your home.

Lantern Pendant Light

This lantern pendant lighting will add the warm glow of lantern light to your dining room. The modern and contemporary design will accompany you to enjoy your dinner with your family and friends.

Multi Pendant Lighting

Add this multi pendant lighting to your dining room will create an interesting and charming room. It is perfect for you who want a unique and modern design.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Genuine Leather Sectional Sofa

There are many material options for a sectional sofa that you can choose in the market. One of the most popular is genuine leather. But choosing genuine leather material for big furniture like sectional sofa will definitely cost you a lot. Even though genuine leather is one of the most durable materials for a sofa, but the steep price often gets you to think twice before buying them.

However, genuine leather sectional sofa is indeed a good investment for your home. Not only it is durable and looks really classy, but genuine leather can also keep you warm during winter and cold during summer as well. But you have to be extra careful when purchasing one, make sure you understand the sectional sofa you’re buying so you don’t waste your money. Here are some things you need to know before buying a genuine leather sectional sofa.

The leather quality and types

They may market all the sofas as genuine leather. But be aware that there are many types of genuine leather with different qualities. Full-grain leather has the highest quality. They are the strongest type of leather and therefore, the most durable. Split leather has lower quality. It is made from the lower layer of hides, after the top or full grain is being removed. This type of leather can tear and stretch, although it is still fairly durable. Make sure you fully understand the type and quality of your leather before buying them.

The maintenance

We all know that genuine leather is fairly low maintenance. You can easily wipe them clean. But there are more to leather maintenance than meets the eye. Genuine leather is sensitive to UV rays, therefore you need to keep them away from direct sunlight, or it may crack. Also, you need to keep them away from your pets or sharp objects, as leather is prone to scratch marks.

How to clean

Cleaning leather is easy. As stated before, you can simply wipe them clean. Just remember to use a soft and dry cloth to clean your genuine leather sectional sofa. You can also vacuum them if you want to remove all the dirt in the corner.

Knowing the information above, now you understand what you’re signing into when buying a genuine leather sectional sofa. Make sure that you can take care of them, so you won’t waste your money and keep your sofa looking neat.

Attractive Ceiling Fans Inspiration to Keep Your Dining Room Cool

Underappreciated and underestimated, ceiling fan is one of the little things that often can make or break a dining room. Installing dining room ceiling fans can not only make your space more comfortable but can also add to its charm and character.

Functional ceiling fans with attractive design adorn many a beautiful ceiling, bringing down the tone of the room. They are a great way to circulate the air in your dining room and keep you cool at the same time.

As the gathering place for many, making sure this room is comfortable and the air is circulating makes the dining room a more inviting place to be. Dining room ceiling fans come in different looks and options, allowing you to find the perfect one to match any decorating style you may have.

Do you want to add a ceiling fan to your dining room? If so, then we have some stylish and attractive dining room ceiling fans idea you need to check out to help you get inspired.

This idea makes a great dining room ceiling fan, with its powerful and elegant blade finishes that will match with your dining room decor.

The modern minimalist good looks of this ceiling fan will give your dining room a touch of class. The simple yet powerful fan with three white blades suffices the simplistic room.

So, you are not a fan of the standard fan? A pastel-clad dining room could benefit from this uniquely designed hunter mint ceiling fan. Designed for low-ceilings, this fan with light and remote would shine in your dining room.

Another high quality dining room ceiling fan idea with quiet moving and nice modern design, a perfect fit for your open style dining room decor.

Made from solid and sturdy material, the design of this ceiling fan adds elegance to the dining room with classic interior. Its piece is a work of art.

This sleek black finished ceiling fan with stylish four blades is a delightful piece of design that would add gleam to the entire dining room.

This idea is a great looking ceiling fan that boasts modern design and powerful performance that make it ideal for both medium and large dining room.

A black and wood accents fixture with built-in light that balance modernity with tradition, this dining room ceiling fan is robustly constructed and very functional.

This brushed-steel beauty’s classic lines can complement your entire dining room. It’s useful and even looks nice hanging from the ceiling.

If you are tired of ceiling fan with boring style, this last idea is probably just what you are looking for. Curved and carved wooden panels glide seamlessly through the air, making your interior both look and feel cool with this fan.

Why Deep Seated Sofa Is A Must Have

When it comes to choosing a sofa’s depth, we often got confused, or even don’t want to care. While actually, the depth of your sofa has a great effect on the comfort it provides. You wouldn’t want a sofa too narrow that you can’t sit comfortably. The deep-seated sofa may be your best bet if you’re looking for comfort, especially if you’re looking to lounge on your sofa. But if the sturdy and spacious looks fail to invite you, here are some reasons why you need to use the deep-seated sofa.

To accommodate people with long legs

If you and your family genetically blessed with long legs, a deep-seated sofa is your choice. Everyone’s leg is different indeed, but deep-seated sofa can accommodate both short legs and long legs. You can lounge back and tuck your feet up on the couch if you have shorter legs. That being said, you may want to place the deep-seated sofa in a casual room instead of formal ones that require you to sit straight.

More comfortable to lounge back

As deep-seated sofa means that you have more space for seating, you can also lounge back on this sofa more comfortably than its narrower counterpart. You can even use deep-seated sofa for a good nap or for your crashing friend’s bed.

Cosy reading nook and cuddle spot

A deep-seated sofa is a perfect sofa to put in your library or living room where you often hang out with your loved ones. The laid back and cosy nature of deep-seated sofa can transform them into a comfortable reading nook or even cuddle spot for Netflix and chill. Just make sure that you put the right kind of lighting that suits your need.

Fits more pillow and make the room feels homier

All the vacant space in your sofa cushion gives room for some pillows. You can put more pillows in different sizes and colours to make the room feels homier. And there you have a good spot to hang with your family and friends.

Shallow Wall Cabinet: Solution for Your Small House

Having a small house has its own advantage and disadvantage. Working with small house requires you to have a few tricks up your sleeve. One of the problems with small houses is that you need to overcome is the lack of a place for storage. Be it in the living room, kitchen, or even in the bathroom. For this storage problem, you may want to consider shallow wall cabinets for your solution.

Shallow wall cabinet is a wall mounted cabinet with narrow depth. This type of cabinet can be easily found in stores, or you can even customize your own. Typically made out of wood, but sometime you can also find a shallow wall cabinet made out of other materials. What makes it different with other cabinets is the fact that it has narrow depth and usually fairly minimalistic design. If you’re wondering how a shallow wall cabinet can solve small house’s storage problem, these few reasons may help.

Minimalist storage space

Shallow wall cabinet typically came with a minimalist design so it fits with a lot of different styles. The shallow depth also enables you to arrange your stuff neatly, easily visible and reachable. Shallow wall cabinet is especially nice if you’re storing small stuff like personal care products in the bathroom or canned food in the kitchen. However, it will not work for the big stuff, so you still have to get another cabinet with more depth.

Won’t take too much space

Since it has narrow depth and mounted on the wall, this cabinet will not take up too much space. You can easily place them without having to worry that it will block the traffic in your room. It also utilizes your empty wall and turns it into a great storage space. So a tall and wide shallow wall cabinet may be a better option compared to a small deep cabinet if you’re working with small houses.

Fit in small awkward spaces

The best thing about shallow wall cabinet is that you can use them to fill in small awkward spaces in your house. For instance, the leftover inches of your wall beside a cabinet and a wall or a door, you can customize a shallow wall cabinet that fills in the side of your cabinet to utilize that unused awkward inches.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself before Getting a Queen Size Modern Sleeper Sofa

For homeowners that can’t afford to have a separate guest room for their guests, sleeper sofa can be their best bet. It can turn your living room into a guest room so you can have friends or family spend the night at your home.  Aside from being an instant bedroom, modern sleeper sofa queen can also be a great spot to hang out and watch movies with your loved ones. Imagine cuddling under the blanket with your spouse and children, having a movie night and a good time in general, doesn’t sleeper sofa sounds like a dream?

However, they are definitely not cheap. And if your budget is tight, you need to be careful about where your money goes. So here are a few questions that you need to answer before getting queen-sized modern sleeper sofa.

Do you have enough space?

Take a look at your living room; get the room’s exact measurement. Then visualize the finished look, where the sofa, the television, the coffee table and the cabinets will be. If you already have everything in mind, now measure the space left for your modern sleeper sofa queen. Is there enough space? For your knowledge, queen sized sleeper sofa typically came in 79 to 101 inches.

Will it fit through the door?

It doesn’t matter whether you have enough space for modern sleeper sofa queen in your room or not if you can’t fit the sofa through your doors and the elevator if you live in an apartment. So make sure that you choose a sofa that isn’t too big for your door, or else you’ll risk having to tear them apart only to get them in.

What kind of mattress do you want?

There are three types of mattresses that you can choose for your sleeper sofa. Innerspring mattresses have coils inside, and the comfort largely depends on how much coils it has. Memory foam mattresses have no coils, and the foam will adjust to the user’s body. Air coil mattresses basically an innerspring mattress with a layer of air-mattress on top.

Will it match your living room style?

Now the last and easiest question to answer is whether modern sleeper sofa queen matches the style of your living room or not. You wouldn’t want your sofa to look out of place and ruin the total view of your living room.

Chic Shoe Organizer For Closet To Tidy Up Your Precious Kicks

Shoes are one of those essential part of your wardrobe and its storage, of course, should not be ugly. Your precious shoes collection should have their own area in your walk-in closet, so don’t intermingle shoes with hanging clothes or handbags.

Yes, storing shoes in your closet may take up a lot of room, but no need to worry. There are compact shoe organizer for closet with adjustable racks that can be squeezed and stacked to optimize any sort of space for shoe storage.

It is a function solution to create individual places and separating clothes, shoes, jewelry and all the pieces stored in your closet with a better line of sight and maximizes your closet’s functionality.

Time to tackle your ever-growing precious shoe collection! We’ve compiled the most fancy and practical shoe organizer for closet to afford all your shoe storing needs. Let’s check them out!

Instead of jamming your shoes into a narrow cubby, this fancy shoe organizer is wide enough for you to place your shoes side by side. It’s a good solution for a small closet to stashing away your entire shoe collection.

Ideal for storing your shoes, this piece also present an understated look. If you got serious shoe collection and a little spare floor space, this shoe storage is just the right size for storing shoes in a limited space such as the shallow depth of this closet.

Even if it’s a bit of a splurge, it is a high-design shoe storage solution for anywhere in the home that is too pretty not to include. With a streamlined silhouette and many levels of storage behind its three doors, this cabinet has style built into its form and function.

Ditch your inexpensive wooden thread rack and make it a charming approach to display your precious shoe collection by replacing the old one with this chic shoe organizer. From your ankle boots to your flip-flops, the adjustable shelves inside of this shoe organizer let you stow kicks of varying heights neatly.

If what you need is just a basic shoe organizer for closet that gets the job done and isn’t too ugly to look at, this idea is the one you’re looking for. It’s simple and perfect for adding more shoe storage in your closet, underneath your clothes.

When faced with the problem of not being able to stack all of your shoes and sandals stuffed in a box, this one came up with a simple yet functional solution to store a handful of pairs in the footprint of one.

Keep all of your precious shoes collection neat and tidy with this elegant and functional organizer for closet idea that will keep your closet beautifully organized while saving space.

While this shoe organizer may not store as many shoes as some of the other ideas are, you do have some variety, since the bottom drawer stows ankle boots and heels, while divided top drawer can fit sandals, loafers, and flats.

Choose a shoe organizer that will outfit your space. This classy shoe organizer for closet comes in a stylish design and fresh look to accommodate your needs, since it shelves can be adjusted for different kinds of shoes such as flats and boots.

This shoe organizer idea provides tremendous storage space but can also act as a practical yet decorative way to display shoes. Tame your huge shoes collection by stowing them neatly in this organizer that will display the shoes as if each one is its own little piece of art.

The Best Oval Dining Table with Leaf for Your Dining Room

Dining tables are not only a place to eat but also space where you can play games, linger after a meal or have a good conversation with family and friends. That’s why it is important to have a multifunction dining table, such as oval dining table with leaf.

With its design, you can save space by keeping the leaves down. On the other hand, you can easily raise the leaves up and add extra chairs for additional people. Here are 8 best oval dining table with leaf that will add beneficial values to your dining room.

Wooden Oval Dining Table

This dining table has a clean and versatile design. A great choice for small spaces or multifunctioning rooms.

Oak Oval Dining Table

This dining table comes in a dark brown color, which makes it can fit any dining room. With its leaves, you can provide space for entertaining in your dining table.

Small Oval Dining Table

This small oval dining table is perfect for small elegant spaces. It is not only space saving, but also makes your room stylish and modern.

Superlative Oval Dining Table

This superlative dining table will bring a casual and transitional style to your dining room. The stylish design will create a pleasurable atmosphere for your dining experience.

Modern Oval Dining Table

This one is a simple yet exceptionally large table that will suit everyone’s taste. This beautiful dining table has two drop leaves, a perfect fit for spaces large and small.

Vintage Oval Dining Table

This table has a vintage feel which is perfect for you who want to add an antique vibe to your dining room. It is very suitable for everyday meal or even special occasions with your family and friends.

Butterfly Oval Dining Set

This dining table is come with chairs with make it more multipurpose. It also has butterfly leaf which is handy and ideal for social gatherings.

Teak Oval Dining Table

This awesome teak dining table comes with triangular legwork, which is different than previous tables. You can create an appealing and marvelous focal point in your dining room with this unique dining table.

Upholstered Dining Chairs With Arms That Will Make You Too Lazy To Leave Dining Room

Your dining room should be an inviting space and it start with a creative eye toward your dining table and chairs. Upholstered dining room chairs with arms can make a design statement that reflects your style, personality and taste. Because they are super comfy, upholstered dining chairs are likely to make a person feel more welcome to eat and chat with others over food.

You can also placing them in your dining room to create a look that is uniquely yours with a custom-upholstered seating options and also refresh your dining room with a unique dining room chair set. If you are looking for comfortable dining chairs, upholstered dining room chairs will get you experience the rich wood finishes and ultra-soft fabrics of dining furniture.

If you need some idea, check out our inspiration list of upholstered dining room chairs with arms that will look perfect in your dining room space.

A comfortable dining chair with pretty flowery pattern, this upholstered dining chair is both bold and exudes the feeling of vintage glam.

Imagine how perfect your dining room will be with these homey dining chairs.

Upholstered dining room arm chair blends beauty and grandiosity through its robust body.

Balancing feminine shapes and neutral tones, upholstered dining chair will bring the beauty and warm feeling into your dining spaces.

Dining chairs must not just be very comfortable but they have to be quite stylish as well. With a bright brass base and black upholstered seat, these chairs bring a sense of elegance to any dining room style.

This upholstered chair idea offer you a comfortable seating that combines breathtaking elegance with sheer functionality. This beautiful upholstered chair sets the tone for the room.

Every dining space will be refreshed with this distinctive dining chair! A true modern marvel, its futuristic design is sure to stand out all on its own.

Come with exclusive design, this tufted rose gold upholstered dining room chair with arms filled with romantic wonder—a perfect for any formal dining room.

Ideal for use in the dining room of the house, these upholstered chairs are a great choice if you want a comfortable chair with stylish looks that does not compromise on quality.

Neutral polyester upholstery and medium oak-finished details give this chair a casual appearance. Plus, it tilts and swivels, letting you sit back and turn side-to-side with ease.

Put the finishing touch on your dining ensemble with this matriarch upholstered arm chair. Its delicate structure and the cotton softness will enrich your bodies.

Pub Table and Chairs: Everything You Need to Know

When we talk about pub table and chairs, what came in mind usually is a set of bar table in a corner of a pub. But apparently pub table and chairs are not only the conventional bar set, but it can also be a nice casual table sets that you can put inside or outside the pub. This type of pub table sets can be a nice addition to your pub as it provides the small room with convenient spots for board games, internet browsing, or even private chit-chat. But here are the things you need to know before you pick a pub table set.


Pub table sets came in many different heights. You may want to choose the pub table sets height according to your need. If you are merely looking for a nice corner to have a small conversation and a few drinks with friends, you may want to choose bar height pub table or around 40 to 42 inches. But if you are envisioning your pub table as a place to eat and chat, you may want to get the counter height ones, which is around 35 to 36 inches.


The materials used for pub table sets vary a lot. You can find wood, metal, or even glass pub table. However, the most ideal material would be wood and metal since they are very sturdy and strong. Both materials are also easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to worry much. Choose the finishes that can give your materials lasting lifetime and beautiful look.


When choosing pub table sets, the placement matters a lot. If you are planning to put your pub table sets outdoor, you may want to get the ones that are weatherproof and outdoor rated sets. But you can have more flexibility if you are planning to place them indoors.


Pub table sets have a wide array of styles that you can pick from. Rectangle, round, oval, square, you name it. So obviously, you can find the style that matches your pub.

Should You Use Burlap Dining Chairs? Here’s What You Need to Know

Burlap is an increasingly popular material for home décor. A lot of homeowner starts incorporating this material into their home, as accessories, wall display, or even for upholstery. Burlap is a very cheap, neutral and exotic material to play with. It can give your room an instantly warm and vintage look while keeping your budget in check. While it is a great material to accessorize your home with, is it also a great material for upholstery? If you find yourself wondering whether you should or should not get burlap dining chairs or any other burlap upholstery, here are some things you need to understand.

Burlap is not the most comfortable material to come in contact directly with our skin

As we get our hand in burlap, we will instantly know that burlap is really uncomfortable and make our skin itchy. The rough texture and the fuzz that can get everywhere make burlap not so ideal material for upholstery, especially for dining chair cushion. But if you really like the look and didn’t really care about comfort, you can absolutely use burlap dining chairs to warm up your dining room.

Burlap has a loose weave and therefore fray easily

Since burlap has a loose weave, this fabric can fray so easily. You will see this once you start working with burlap. Therefore, it may not be the strongest fabric for upholstery and it may break in such a short time. But since burlap is really cheap, reupholstering should not give you a headache. If you want to still work with burlap and want to extend its lifetime, you can put sealant on the edges to prevent fraying.

Burlap is messy and smells weird

Burlap can get very messy as it can get fuzz everywhere. You need to consistently vacuum it and when burlap is used as dining chair cushion material you may find your clothes covered in burlap debris after you sit on them. Not to mention, it also has weird smells since burlap is made out of kerosene. The solution is to use burlap dining chair in the outdoor dining area instead of indoor. This way, you will not to dust and vacuum all the time and the smells will not bother you so much.

There are alternative to using burlap for upholstery

Although burlap will not make a great upholstery material, you can always find another material alternative that has the same look and retro feel to it. You can try to look up other materials akin to burlaps such as linen, European grain sack and American feed sack. They all have the same neutral and vintage look but has a tighter woven and softer texture compared to burlap. But if you insist on using burlap, you can find the ones with softer texture so it will still feel comfortable to sit on.

Choosing Your Leather Office Chair

Choosing the right chair for your office is important to make you feel comfortable at work. Leather office chair can be a classic alternative, but you can’t just pick one thoughtlessly. Leather furniture can be a bit pricey, but when we come to the talk about buying one, price cannot be the absolute indicator taken for consideration. It is because more expensive one doesn’t always have better quality and durability.


There are genuine leather and fake ones, which might look alike at the first glance. You’d better take time observing the material of your leather chair and ask for more information to see if it’s real or faux leather. One way to differentiate real leather from fake one is by its smell. While genuine one would smell rich and appealing, imitation one might smell chemical and unpleasant. Below are some points to ponder before buying your leather office chair.



There are various kinds of leather with different quality. Genuine leather itself is divided into several kinds. Full grain, which has very tight and prominent grain pattern, is the strongest and most durable one. Full grain leather furniture is the best. Following it is the top grain one. It has smoother and more perfect surface, but it is less durable than full grain one.


The dyeing procedure also differentiates one kind of leather from the others. The most expensive one is the aniline leather. The leather is soaked in drums, allowing it to absorb the dye, giving it deep colour. It doesn’t get protective coating, which is the reason for it to have the softest touch. Aniline leather is the most expensive leather, but it subjects to stains and fading. Pigmented leather, on the other hand, only gets the colouring on its surface, but it also gets protective coating. It’s more protected but has lighter colour and isn’t as soft. You may want to choose the semi-aniline one, which stands in-between the two others. It is soaked in drums and gets thin protective coating.


Besides having great look and artistic value, comfortable leather office chair is a divine choice. Talking about comfort, of course size matters. When buying a chair, it is beneficial to consider the person who will be sitting on it. You may need to check if the chair can be customized (by adding depth or height, or by removing some) to fit the height of the person who will use it.

Extra tips:

Leather chair will last for a long time, and even get more and more beautiful over time. To clean your leather office chair and remove dust from its surface, you can use damp cloth.

Ideas for Refacing Bathroom Cabinets That May Inspire You

Refacing bathroom cabinets is an affordable alternative to remodel your bathroom. It is a simple project to create a whole new look that can transform your bathroom into your favorite spot to relax. Refacing bathroom cabinets will give your existing cabinets what is essentially a facelift, for a fresh, clean new look. You can get the feel of a whole new bathroom with beautifully refinished bathroom cabinets, without changing the cabinet location and the basic layout of the bathroom. Ready for a change?

Changing the poor layout of your cabinet overlay.

Changing the overlay of a cabinet is another way to update the look of a bathroom.Your bathroom can take on the look of a complete renovation without the hassle, cost, mess and inconvenience of a full remodel. 21st Century Bungalow is an example of a classic bathroom that you might be interested in. With an Oil-Rubbed Bronze – A great aesthetic alternative to standard chrome and brushed nickel, it gives the bathroom a more traditional look and feel.

Kick that worn out cabinet doors.

Replacing the doors of a bathroom cabinet is a key part of giving the bathroom a makeover. A new style and look for the doors will bring a big difference in the overall feel of the room. If you like things with wood material, the wood slats in this Hillside Modern cabinet doors have a very nice touch that tying the spaces together and providing an armature for shelves for soap and other items. Hillside Modern have physical connections between bathrooms and outside spaces via doors, such as this glass slider that makes sense to continue architectural features between the spaces which accentuate the natural beauty of your cabinet doors.

Make an update to your cabinet styles and colors

Sure, you may prefer having new cupboards for your personalized bathrooms. But the price tag often have you just dealing with what you have. That’s why an a budget-friendly update with fresh paint makes sense.

Paint your cupboards new with a clean, beautiful, professional look inspired by Frieda bathroom cabinets. Make sure to get a colour that are compatible and work well together with your bathroom.

Repair the cabinets and adjoining drawers that have become difficult to open

Refinishing is a great way to get a fresh, new, real-wood look to your bathroom cabinets that you just can’t get with paint. You also need to consider replace the hinges and the handles of your cabinets. These are the not only the most decorative part of a bathroom cabinet but also determines how they open and close. Be sure to select one that balances style and functionality. The Decorative Showcase bathroom cabinets ideas by De Meza + Architects gives a fresh new look with custom mosaic tile that allows your bathroom cabinets to provide a clean, modern look.

Chic Mid-Century Modern Loveseat Ideas You Will Fall In Love With

Loveseats are cozy furniture to sit down and relax which offer comfortable seating without taking up too much space. Simple in forms and emphasis on function, mid-century modern loveseats add the philosophy of simplicity, fine fabrics, and no-frills quality that blends so well with any type of home decor.

If you are into simple, organic lines and smooth finishes design, mid-century modern loveseat might be just for you. Sleek and timeless, midcentury furniture functions very well because of its fine craftsmanship. We’ve rounded up some ideas to help you find the one that might suit your need. Take a peek around our best picks on mid-century modern loveseat that will inspire your end choice.

Featuring hardwood frame and made from linen, this mid-century modern loveseat offers a leathered design to give a more modern look for your traditional style room.

This stylish loveseat is a fashionable addition to your living room nook, thanks to its approachable and contemporary update on iconic mid-century silhouettes.

Made of quality linen fabric and high-density foam, this mid-century modern loveseat makes the perfect perch for your binge watching series time.

This simply chic mid-century loveseat is the perfect pick for your well-curated and welcoming aesthetic decor room.

This lovely peachy loveseat is the perfect blend of simple silhouette that exudes modern elegance with a hint of mid-century flair that offers comfort and style for you to lounge comfortably.

Featured with thought-provoking design and distinctive silhouette, this charismatic mid-century modern loveseat creates an understated ensemble in your open-concept living room.

Featuring a thick foam cushion for extraordinary comfort, this gorgeous loveseat boasts a mid-century modern design that will elevate your space.

Imparted with a timeless appeal, this comfy loveseat is a welcome addition to your living room that embraces modern design with mid-century sensibility.

Add a statement to your small space with this classic mid-century design loveseat, updated with a cool contemporary finish, perfect for your lazy Sunday.

Sit back and chat for hours with your guests with this comfy linen tufted loveseat that bring stately elegance to your living room.

Sturdy Concrete Top Round Dining Table Ideas That Will Make an Impressive Statement

Concrete dining table are well-know and well-loved for its raw, texture look and feel. There’s just something about the rawness and honesty of using concrete material as dining table that just appeals to homeowners. Concrete dining table are naturally the centers of attention and shrine brightest when used as bold, accent pieces in the dining area.

The best concrete dining table for you will be one that works for your budget, is solidly constructed, fits in your space and has a style you’ll love for years.

Concrete top round dining table has the unique ability of being incredibly versatile and flexible piece of furniture while also being incredibly durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant.

Concrete top round dining table comes in many different styles and shapes. To give you some inspiration before you decided to get one for your home, here are some ideas of concrete top round dining table that are simple, sturdy, and will last for years.

The mix of solid Acacia wood base and the rugged, casual look of concrete create a handsome contrast. A concrete top round dining table like this idea is a perfect backdrop for outdoor entertaining.

This rugged piece has enough muscle for outdoor areas and is a wonderful addition to your patio. Hand finishing and natural highs and lows make this piece unique.

If you want to go for concrete dining tables with more modern and minimalist looks, this simple yet striking dining table has a sturdy, concrete top supported by an intricate framework made of solid iron underneath.

The concrete top round dining tables define dining areas and give guests a perspective of your own unique style. The appeal of concrete lies in its varied and almost random aesthetic.

With its almost rough and raw look, the concrete round table would look great in a space with modern, industrial, mid-century modern style and enhance the look of your rooms.

Concrete dining tables are very eye-catching pieces that can also be used outdoors with little for you to worry about. This concrete dining table outdoor idea is a good use of outdoor concrete furniture.

Concrete top round dining table provides superb strength and durability. A balanced blend of industrial materials, this table brings chic, urban influence to any dining room.

A concrete top outdoor dining table will not degrade or rot under extreme weather conditions and can suitably be used anywhere – whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

With its amazingly popular look and aesthetics, this concrete top round dining table may appeal to you as a homeowner. Base is crafted of solid acacia wood; this concrete table has striking forms and adventurous styles.

A concrete dining table round piece such as this one work well in fancy dining room settings. It is a nice accent piece that you should go for.