How to Work White Secretary Desk to Any Room in the House

White secretary desk may not be an addition that homeowners would think of. But it is a classic piece that they may get from their parents or from the previous resident in their house. Even though white secretary desk may look old and antique, but it is actually great furniture to create an office corner in any room you want. It also has a lot of storage space that you can use. However, due to its classic and ancient look, you may find it hard to fit them in a room. So here are some ideas you can use to work your white secretary desk in the room.

Dining room

Having a white secretary desk in the dining room can look really natural, as you can use the storage space to store that antique beautiful dinnerware you’ve been keeping for special occasions. If your white secretary desk has a flat top you can also use them to display things like candlesticks, picture frame, or even use it as extra serving space during a party.


A white secretary desk in your foyer or entryway can provide you with a good storage piece. Not only you can store your keys, but it can also be some sort of custom mail storage. But you need to make sure that it is narrow enough even with the leaf down, that it will not block your entryway traffic.

Living room

If you have a tall white secretary desk with a lot of shelves, you can definitely work them in your living room. Put a lot of decorations on the shelves to avoid making your secretary desk looks like an unnatural addition to your living room.


Sneaking white secretary desk to your bedroom should not be very hard as it can double as a nice dresser as well. However, you may want to choose an upholstered chair with it so it won’t look like an office desk and disturb the peaceful and comfortable look of your bedroom.

How to Clean Your High Back Leather Chair and Keep it Looking New

Having a high back leather chair in your office or living room can boost the classic and luxurious look in the room. Yet it doesn’t stop there. Leather also offers a luxurious feeling in your room too. It will warm you during the winter but still feels cool during summer. Despite all that, we need to remember that leather is not a particularly easy material to handle as well. So if you already have a high back leather chair or you plan to get one, here’s how to take care of any common stains and keep your leather furniture looks brand new.

Water Stains

When you spill water on your high back leather chair, immediately blot with a soft cloth. But if you can’t take care of it as soon as possible, you can wipe the water gently outwards with a damp cloth. This technique can remove the water and creating a uniform effect while minimizing the stain.

Grease Stains

Grease stains can be removed by blotting it using clean and dry cloth. Try getting as much grease out as possible. Then sprinkle your chair with a talcum powder or cornstarch and brush it away with a soft brush. Repeat this method several times until the stain is gone.

Ink Stains

Ink stains may be the hardest one to get rid of. But it is still doable if its only minor stain like ballpoint stain. Usually, ink stain will disappear on its own after a while. Also, you can try cleaning them with a gentle soap solution. If the ink stain were big, you need to get your high back leather chair treated professionally.


The placement of your high back leather chair needs to be well thought. If you want your leather last a long time and still look brand new, you need to put them away from heat or direct exposure to sunlight. But you also can’t put it in a damp area as your leather can grow mould.


You need to dust your high back leather chair regularly using a cloth to keep it clean. But if the dirt is already accumulated, you can dampen your cloth and wipe the dirt off. Check first if the leather absorbs water or not, if it does, refrain from using a damp cloth and use dry cloth instead.

Understanding the upkeep of your furniture materials is something you need to do, because it may impact the longevity of your furniture and keep it looking good as long as possible.

Purchasing the Perfect Adjustable Bar Stool with Modern Design

For some people, choosing modern adjustable bar stool can be quite a work. It sounds easy to hear but if you don’t think about it very carefully, you’ll end up wandering around from store to store not knowing what to buy.

One most important thing is to come up with bar stools that fit the design and elegance of your whole interior design. Surely, a nice bar stool is a good space-saver and cool furniture to decorate a small room.

This article tells you about the modern adjustable bar stool that’s beneficial for your need. So, read on to get the insight of what the perfect bar stool can be before going out to buy some.

Why modern adjustable bar stool is the best

Another thing to consider when you buy a set of bar stools for your restaurant or home bar is measuring the right height of it compared to the table or counter you have already at home. The comfortable bar stool usually has 9” to 12” gap between the seat and the table.

By purchasing bar stools with adjusting knob, you don’t have to worry about the height of it. This is because you can always readjust how tall it is depending on who will sit on it. So, no matter how short or tall you and your guests are, one kind of adjustable bar stools can fit all.

Choosing the perfect adjustable bar stool

When buying something, you need to ask some questions to yourself. What will you do with the bar stool? Is it for your home or for commercial use in your bar or restaurant? How do you want your bar stool to look like?

While wooden bar stool may be best for traditional and rustic look, leather one is more elegant and looks more extravagant. Cushioned seating and backrest adds more comfort to most people, and some prefer bar stools with arm rests. Matching colors of your bar stools and the table and the entire room is also a great idea.

There is much to think about before you go out and buy some bar stools. At the end of the day, choosing the right bar stool is more than having a good seat to sit on as it always has more than one value.

So, what kind of bar stool catches your eyes? Even if it looks good and satisfying to the eyes, comfort and durability are two important points that you should keep in mind.

6 Reasons Why You Should Add Ceiling Fan Light Kit to Your Home

Have you ever saw a beautiful lighting in a picture and wished that you could create the same lighting effect in your home? A perfect ceiling fan lighting can help you to make your dream comes true.

Not only it will be the focal point of your home, but ceiling fan lighting also can help make your life better with all of the advantages. Here are several advantages that will you get if you’re installing ceiling fan light kit to your home.

You can create a stylish and functional space

The ceiling fan kits are available in a variety of styles such as a farmhouse, industrial, and rustic that will fit any of your home décors. Just choose one that matches your home décor, the perfect kit will help your ceiling fan serve as a beautiful element of your interior design.

You can save your money

Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans don’t lower a room’s temperature or remove humidity from the air. But you can boost your comfort level and save energy and money by using ceiling fans and turning off the air conditioning when possible.

You can get better illumination in your room

The ceiling fan lighting may be perfect if you want to refresh the overall look to your room. It will provide you with ample lighting and illumination. You just need to choose the type of light shade the center kit that match your specific needs.

It available with remotes

Some light kits are available with handheld remotes, which allow you to operate from anywhere in the room. It is very convenient and useful because you’re not only can operate it from the remote but also from your smartphone.

You can match it with your aesthetic

Light kits are available in many different options, which enable you to choose one that matches your specific aesthetic. Or you can also choose the one that matches your existing finishes in your room, such as bronze, brass, brushed nickel, black or white.

It is available for indoor and outdoor use

Several light kits are suitable for wet-listed fans in outdoor areas, as well as for indoor use. Adding lighting kit in your outdoor area will make your space feel warm and cozy. While for you outdoor, it will give you plenty of light as well as versatile styling.

Fancy Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights to Accentuate Your Home

The little thing such as ceiling fan that mostly underappreciated often surprisingly break a room. Ceiling fan are great for keeping your home cool while also complement your home decor effortlessly. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor ceiling fan to buy for the first time, or you’re looking to replace an existing one, the choices sometimes can be overwhelming. Here are some fancy ideas on indoor outdoor ceiling fans to help you pick the perfect ceiling fan for your specialized home.

Use a ceiling fan in your home to cool the area and keep the air circulating. Opting for a ceiling fan with striking floral design that wipes away mould and lights up your surroundings with its LED lighting to achieve a vintage-inspired look.

The modern style ceiling fan that feature clean lines, smooth metallic finishes, and minimal adornment is a great addition to your modern and transitional space.

Silver ceiling fan with a pop of metallic for a lightly-detailed lighting that could mimic your pool in a conservatory area could be a great option.

The black and wood accent in this ceiling fan that balance modernity with tradition will light up your tropical porch with its built-in glow.

With long blades and integrated lighting, this fan that have style somewhere between traditional and contemporary, is almost works of art in itself for your simplistic kitchen.

Made from cast aluminium in brushed nickel, this chrome-look addition would add gleam to your cozy interior with its fluorescent lighting.

Look for a ceiling fan that matches the style of your home, the one that could enhance your overall outdoor area in cool and warm ambiance.

This rustic-inspired ceiling fan, features straight lines and dark wood finishes with homespun accents, will provide long-lasting cooling for your home space while bringing down the tone of the room.

Tired of boring fan styles? Get it in golden color with this quirky find for your porch. This is the ceiling fan you want around while you’re outside trying to enjoy the day without so much heat.

Able to adorn indoor or outdoor areas, this classy ceiling fan with whimsical lighting is an ornate decoration for your fabulously-kitsch interior.



Chic White Wicker Dining Chairs Idea That Are Just Beyond Gorgeous

Dining chairs are generally put in social spaces where people get together to share a meal and conversation. Not to mention that by choosing the right dining chairs, you can make quite a statement in your dining area. If your dining room chairs are in need of an upgrade, white wicker dining chairs are one of the best alternatives to choose. Placing dining chairs outside the door is a good option, too.

White wicker dining chairs—made of a high quality, durable material that is designed for indoor outdoor dining spaces— is attractive and will last for years and years. There are many different styles of wicker dining chairs, and hopefully this list of idea would have helped you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

Go one step ahead with this beautiful and gorgeous-looking white wicker dining room chairs, almost works of art in itself. Featured with thick cushions, this wicker chair will make eating outdoors a way more enjoyable.

Keep the traditional soul of your dining room while injecting some touches of modernity with this idea. With a blend of rustic features and contemporary lines, this white wicker is perfect to welcome friends and family to a nice meal.

Definitely sturdy with pretty pattern, its artisan textiles makes the chair feeling organic. These comfy wicker chairs in coastal dining area is for family or with friends to relax and enjoy.

These wicker outdoor dining chairs with arms give off a clean, modern style with their sleek smooth lines and attractive shape. They look particularly stunning in white.

These white wicker dining room chairs are the fixtures to go to if you love contemporary design, have a deep dining room color scheme, or are looking for a standout statement dining room chairs.

Give a shot to these gorgeous wicker chairs that feature a curved back and curved arms. The sloping shape is very comfortable and the style is homey but sophisticated.

It is important that your wicker dining room chairs matches the interior of your dining room and is adapted to your personal style. These wicker chairs has kept its simplicity and authenticity but feels modern to ensure it is both livable and functional.

These wicker chairs idea have a simple design that can skew your dining area. This idea proves that a sleek, white-inspired tone is a very chic color choice for outdoor wicker dining chairs.

Having a set of white wicker chairs with cushions in your dining room allows you to offer your guests comfortable and attractive seating.

You will love this wicker dining chair idea for its vintage beauty that adds style and comfort. A perfect fit to sit on for family meals or a coffee and the Sunday papers.

Sit With Style On These Comfortable Dining Chairs Ideas

Dining room, either you sit there to eat your breakfast or to gather the kids around for a family dinner, is an essential part of your home. In dining room, you may even want to hold a fancy dinner party every once in a while with friends and family. It is important to consider switching things up to change the look of your space. In this case, comfortable dining chairs–while it’s not just about the comfort–can totally transform your dining area and take the space to the next level. From antique-inspired and romantic to modern and industrial, we’ve compiled these ideas to help you find the right comfortable dining chairs that suit your needs.

With an elegant cushioning and its graceful curves, these comfortable dining chairs will elevate your dining room, whatever its style.

These comfortable but sturdy wooden chairs can add a classical statement to your casual dining room.

Exceptionally sturdy and very comfortable, this family-friendly chair set offers tons of potential for customizing your dining area.

Lightweight but stylish, these dining chairs strike a harmonious balance between traditional ergonomics and new-age radical designs that bring modern look and feel.

Made of elm wood with a natural rattan seat, these beautiful and comfortable dining chairs evoke a rustic charm that adds aesthetic interest to your dining space.

These casual, industrial style dining chairs with amazing quality are compact in size, so it’s a great choice for smaller spaces and work great both indoors and outdoors.

Solid and easy to assemble, these comfortable dining chairs are sleek and have crisp look. It’s extremely light and easy to move around.

While the color blue on these chairs can vibrate comfortable feels, these chairs are not only stylish, but practical as well, thanks to its streamlined shape and sturdy design.

A refined touch for a farmhouse-style dining room, these clean-lined white wooden chairs that constructed of solid wood with a molded seat and slatted back are a can’t-go-wrong addition.

Opting for mix and match styles to truly personalize your space. The combination style of woven rattan seats and elegantly-painted-white metal chairs is so gorgeous that gives your dining space so much personality.

8 Stylish Lucite Dining Chair Ideas that You’ll Love

Dining chair is one of the important parts of a dining room. It should be comfortable and functional so that you can enjoy your meal peacefully. From many materials and colors, clear acrylic lucite is one of the materials that will go along with any dining room. It has a great design and is often the perfect addition to any space. Here are 8 stylish lucite dining chair ideas that will you love forever.

Clear Acrylic Chair

Add these clear acrylic chair to make your dining room look modern and minimalist. It is perfect for you who want a contemporary style that never goes out of style.

Lucite Chair Covered with Fur

Want to make your lucite chairs look different with others? You can style it with fur like this one. It will make your dining room look beautiful and elegant.

Lucite Chairs with Cushion

Besides fur, you can organize these lucite chair with cushion like this. It will make your dinner feel more comfortable and cozy.

Lucite Chairs with Black Cushion

The combination of clear acrylic and black cushion will make your dining room look calm and elegant. This versatile look is very popular and can fit into any dining room.

Lucite Chairs with Ribbon

These lucite chair with ribbon will make your dining room look more pretty than usual. It also will create an ethereal feeling in your dining room.

Lucite Dining Chairs with A Round Table

These pretty lucite chair also goes well with a round table. It can make your small space look and feel more expansive.

Lucite Chair

Still can’t decide to add between cushion or fur to your lucite chairs? Don’t worry you can add both of them like this one. It is will not only making it look unique but also it can seamlessly blend into a room and allows other pieces to really stand out.

Lucite Chairs with Rectangular Table

These lucite chairs are a perfect addition to your dining room. It blends well with any shape of table. One of the examples is this rectangular table. You can achieve a decadent effect with these clear acrylic chair.

Amazing Stools With Backs Ideas To Get You Inspired

Having stools in your kitchen bar or kitchen island is pretty much a must. Stools have grabbed the popularity and are widely used by home owner in homes or even restaurants, pubs and bars. Stools equipped with back are very versatile and durable. Stool with backs are very functional thing to be owned, plus they’re one of those elements that will elevate the style of your space.

Nowadays, it is easy to find different varieties of stools with backs which include different types of material, styles, patterns and colors. Choosing the right stools with backs is essential if you want to use your high tabletops in comfort and style. So let’s see our recommendation on amazing stools with backs idea to help you get inspired.

Adding these stools with backs will bring more modern approach that will beautifully incorporates industrial features of your kitchen bar.

These pretty stools with backs have a rather classical design and can easily be included and well blended in your modern kitchen island space.

Sleek and simple, these wooden stools add a touch of rustic beauty that matches well with the overall farmhouse decor in the kitchen.

Crafted of solid metal frame featured with comfy cushion, these elegant stools with backs is an understated addition to your room that will keep your conversation with your significant other more comfortable.

Although these beautiful mixs of rattan and metal look very delicate, the stools are also very strong and durable that will last long in decoring your space.

The structure of the solid metal base gives these stools with backs tall and sleek look that add statement to your kitchen.

Sleek and simplistic base featuring dynamic colors of leather are a nice opportunity to introduce a fun shade, in order to become a focal point in the overall decor.

Crafted with a steel frame features wooden seat and back, its distinctive mix of materials emphasizes contemporary feels.

These wooden stools with backs with soft cushion add a touch of warm feeling to a white kitchen decor.

The simple, straight-forward design of the black stools complements well the simplistic decor without disrupting the harmony.

Live Like Royals: What You Need To Know Before Getting A Tufted Velvet Sofa

What says ‘classic’ and ‘royalty’ better than a tufted velvet sofa? These deep tufted sofas have been around for so long and gained popularity in the aristocratic family. According to the legend, these sofas were originally made in 18th century England for the Earl of Chesterfield. He wanted a sofa that will not wrinkle his clothing when he sat in it, hence the tufted details. Even though tufted velvet sofa will still wrinkle your clothes, but its luxurious looks have captured the heart of others, thus the popularity.

If you consider getting a tufted velvet sofa in your living room or any other room, here are some things that you need to know.

The materials

Velvet can be made out of any kind of fibre, from natural fibres to cellulose or even synthetic. But each material is of different quality and you may want to take that into consideration. If you want a wet and luxurious look, opt for silk velvet. For matte and dry look, go for linen velvet. But if you need more durable and not prone to crushing material, try the wool or mohair velvet. Synthetic velvet is a good option as well, as it is both durable and fairly cheaper. But synthetic velvet has different feel and depth of colour compared to the natural ones.

The quality

As stated before, each velvet materials have different qualities. You can check the quality by bending the material diagonally and try to see the backing fabric. If the backing is easily visible, then the velvet is of low density and therefore low quality. This will create huge differences for your tufted velvet sofa, so you need to understand the quality of the material.

The durability

Velvets are prone to crushing and marking. Therefore to test the durability of velvet, we need to conduct a rub test. The test measure how many double rubs can the velvet endure before it shows one or two broken threads. The most durable velvets can endure up to 250.000 rubs. This durability aspect of your velvet is important to know so you understand if your tufted velvet sofa can be exposed to hard usage.

Before you get a tufted velvet sofa for your living room, consider these three things. Because by then you’ll understand how your velvet sofa will hold up in the long term.

Comfortable Office Task Chairs Ideas To Complete Your Workstation

Also known as work, desk or simply office chairs, task chairs are designed for providing users with ergonomic support while seated at an office desk or workstation. Office task chairs can be adjusted to suit a wide range of body shapes and sizes, thanks to its flexible features.

If you need to sit and carry out your duties in comfort while allowing for voluntary changes in the working position, office task chair might be just for you. With so many options from traditional to contemporary office chairs, choosing a functional home office task chair that could also create a cohesive look can seem overwhelming.

Here’s a list of comfortable office task chairs ideas that we have rounded up for you to give an inspiration before buying the office chair that’s right for you.

A good office task chair is the one that could provide both comfortable seating and an ergonomic design.

Choose an office task chairs that offers comfort and durability with its adjustable features.

The key to a great task chair is lumbar support that can relieve the muscles in your lower back and allows you to recline as necessary.

If you want to fine-tune your position for a various tasks to prevent injury, an adjustable office task chair with non-slippery fabric is just what you need.

A swivel task chair with casters gives you an easy access to move quickly from one area to another.

Opting for an office task chair with comfortable seating that does not put pressure on the back of your thighs or knees is important.

Having an office task chair with armrests gives you a place to rest your arms and allows you to position your hands comfortably when typing.

An ergonomic office task chairs be with mesh offer great back support and are ideal for heavy computer users who are at a desk for long periods of time.

If you are setting up a desk in a small workstation, then you may want to choose a task chair design without armrests to avoid overwhelming the space.

If you are into a task chair with armrests, then choose armrests that will not likely interfere with your free movements within the workstation.