Small Home Office Desk Ideas That Brings Out the Best In Your House

As the price of housing rises from time to time, it is getting quite hard for millennial to have a home with sufficient space. Often times, they have to end up with a very small home or apartment that barely has enough space for everything. Yet we need that particular space to work, to scan emails, organizing bills, or even just to surf the internet. Even more so, a lot of millennial nowadays have a job that allows them to work from home. This makes our need for a home office even higher than before.

But don’t be discouraged by your lack of space. Here are some ideas for small home office desk that are not only functional but also look aesthetically pleasing that it can boost your productivity.

Lucite desk

Transparent crystal clear desk made out of acrylic can give you a less flashy workspace in your bedroom or living room. The transparent effect can make your room feel less cluttered and cramped.

Floating window desk

Floating window desk is nice to have if you have a recessed window. This can also boost your productivity by providing you with outdoor scenery.

DIY Murphy desk

Who wouldn’t love a desk that can be folded and kept away on the wall? Well, this DIY murphy desk can be the answer to your on and off needs for a working station. Another plus side, it’s a DIY so it will boost your creativity.

Floating drawer

Anything floating can surely save space and create an illusion of bigger space. So does this floating drawer. Pair it with a ghost chair, and you’ll have a less conspicuous yet still chic working space.

Wireframe shelving

Having a wire frame shelving in your bedroom or living room? Get a little creative with it and install a board in it so you have a working desk in your wireframe shelving.

Wrap around counter

If you have an unused corner, this wrap around counter can provide you with a nice working corner. All you need to do is install a wall-mounted board that wraps around a corner and set up a working space.

Closet desk

I know, this option may take away your storage space, but this is a really great idea to maximize your bedroom. You can also keep your bedroom clean from all your work clutter by simply shoving the chair in and closing the closet door. Easy peasy!

Working with a small space is indeed a challenge. But you can definitely tackle them by being creative. Utilize everything you have to maximize every space in your home. And voila, you’ll have that chic small home office desk.

The Pros and Cons of Using Leather Desk Chair for Home Office

When looking for inspiration for a home office desk chair, you may stumble to the old classic leather desk chair. This type of chair has always been seen as a symbol of status, prestige, class and success. It gives off the illusion of power and wealth for years. And for you who needs a boost of motivation, having a leather desk chair in your home office can be the answer.

But if you’re not sure yet whether to get one for your home office or not, here are the pros and cons that you may want to consider.


As stated before, a leather desk chair can give you additional motivation to be successful. But it doesn’t stop there. This chair is also very comfortable if your job requires you to sit all day. The leather material, although fairly expensive, it is actually quite easy to maintain especially the water-proof ones. You only need a clean damp cloth to clean them every two weeks or so. And if you find accumulated dust, you can also vacuum your leather desk chair easily.

Although leather desk chair upholstery usually coloured black, you can still get any other varieties of colour such as brown or maroon. So you can match them to your home office overall design easily.


The leather desk chair is usually quite expensive, especially if you get the one with high-quality leather. But this material can last for long times, so don’t worry about spending too much money as it is a good investment. Just make sure that the leather desk chair will not over limit your budget.

Another thing that seems to bother people is the fact that a leather desk chair adds more shine to the clothing. This may bother your desired appearance and you need to consider them if you’re going to meet a lot of clients in your home office.

After all, leather desk chair can be a nice addition to your home office. But you need to weigh the pros and the cons and decide if it is the right fits for you.


Functional Home Office Design Ideas You Will Love

Designing or remodelling home office is actually quite exciting. It refreshes the room and at the same time boosts our mood and energy to work. There are so many ideas you can apply to your home office, but not all of them actually functional or even practical. Instead of putting too much decoration or stuff that we thought can be necessary but turns out unused at all, we may need to sort those office design ideas first and stick to the ones that are actually functional. So here are some functional design ideas you may want to consider.

Play with board

You can use a chalkboard, whiteboard, or even corkboard. These boards will help you while brainstorming by providing a blank space to write or draw your ideas and thoughts. And of course, you can play around with boards as well. Maybe cover the entire wall with chalkboard so you can draw big mural or write long equation you need to solve. Use your creativity and play around with boards!

Facing the window

Placing your desk facing the window can give a lot of benefits for you. Not only the scenery will keep you refreshed, but it will also provide you with necessary natural light. A large window will be especially necessary if you work as a photographer or just love taking photos, the desk can double as a mini studio with natural light.

Replace table lamp with wall sconces

Table lamp may be the staple of any office desk, but you can always take another route. Wall sconces can provide a better alternative since it will free up more space on the table. You can choose the arm swing wall sconces model and you will have the freedom to move them any way you like.

Choose a bright yet soft colour

When choosing the wall colour for your home office, bright soft colour may be the best option. Because this colour will keep you refreshed and focus because it will not distract you. Think white, beige,  sky blue, or soft grey.

4+ Things You Need To Have in Your Modern Desk Chair for Your Home Office

For most of us millennial, having a home office is a must. Because our work often times does not end after conventional work hours, or our job simply enables us to work from home. One of the most important things you need to pay attention to when setting up a home office is choosing the right modern desk chair. Because we’re going to spend a lot of hours sitting there, working. So here are some things you have to look for in a modern desk chair for home office.

Adjustable height and backrest

You should be able to adjust your modern desk chair’s height and backrest, as this feature will provide you with more comfort. Adjustable height and backrest allow you to set up your chair so it fits your body shape and your desk. This will also minimize the side effect of sitting too long in a desk.

Lumbar support

A lumbar support in an office chair is an important thing. We will most probably sit there for up to 8 hours a day. Therefore, choose a modern desk chair with a contoured backrest that will keep your back supported. This kind of desk can prevent back injuries from continuously sitting in the wrong position.

Breathable materials and padding

As you will sit on your modern desk chair for hours, you will also need a breathable material on your chair. Choose a fabric that can absorb sweat and feels comfortable to sit on. Also, the padding should have the right hardness so it will give you enough support yet not too hard that it might be painful for you.


An armrest is an important part of your modern desk chair. As this feature can take off some strains in your shoulder and neck by giving you arms supports. Note that the armrest needs to be adjustable as well so you can position them in a way that supports your arm comfortably.

Control mechanism

These entire adjustable features can be a pain in your ass if your modern desk chair doesn’t have a good and easy control mechanism. Therefore, you have to make sure that the control mechanism is easy and practical.

With the right modern desk chair, your productivity and overall health might increase. This piece of furniture can prevent several back injuries, and also make your working experience better. So, always pay attention while choosing the right modern desk chair for you.