Not Your Typical Faucets, Here’s what You Need to Know about Kohler Purist Kitchen Faucet

There are a lot of kitchen faucets companies out there, but not so many of them able to survive for more than a century. Kohler is one company that manages to last and even getting better every year. They understand the way to adapt to the growing market needs. And therefore, it is a great option you need to look out for when you’re in search of plumbing fixtures and materials. Especially their Kohler Purist kitchen faucets that combine new advanced technologies with luxurious minimalistic design to give you the gracious living you’ve been dreaming of.

If you find yourself thinking of getting Kohler Purist kitchen faucet, here are what you need to know about their popular product.

The design

Kohler Purist kitchen faucet comes with different colors. Although they have this similar minimalistic and sleek looks, but they do provide their users with a different finish, from polished chrome, polished nickel, to a matte black. These wide varieties of colors ensure you to have the perfect match for your kitchen styles and designs.

The features

What makes kohler purist kitchen faucets so popular is their innovative features that give their users ease of access and wonderful washing experience. The faucets were equipped with 360 degrees swivel support so you can have full access to the sink. It also has many awesome functions in the spray head such as laminar flow and pause functions. It also provides you with the right amount of flow rate for a household.

The types

Kohler purist kitchen faucet comes in several types to ensure you can install them in many vanity types. They have the simple single hole pull out kitchen faucet to the elaborate two holes deck mount bridge kitchen faucet. They even have the wall mount kitchen faucets for you who love a sleeker kitchen sink looks. The variety of kohler purist kitchen faucet types make it easy for users to pick the right one for their kitchen.

All in all, Kohler is a brand that has been in the industry for such a long time that you need to consider their products. But be aware that the kohler purist line have quite a high price although it offers a good quality as well.

6+ Best Looking Bronze Faucets For Your Kitchen

A spray kitchen faucet is a good choice for washing dishes, fruits, and vegetables easily. The sprayer also helps you to rinse all around your sink to make it clean. From all of the finishes of faucets that available in the market, bronze is the ultimate color that will make the kitchen look luxurious and appealing. This bronze kitchen faucet with sprayer has a large selection that can you choose. Here we will help you to choose by providing 6+ best looking bronze kitchen faucets for your kitchen.

Rozin Oil Rubbed Bronze Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

With its contemporary looks, this sink faucet will allow you to control water with just one hand. You can multitasking and do something else with your other hand. So convenient!

Delta Oil Bronze Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Another great kitchen sink faucet that will make your kitchen look stylish and modern. This sprayer kitchen sink faucet is easy to install and suitable for any model kitchen sink that you have.

Ulgksd Pull Out Sprayer Bronze Kitchen Faucet

This one is a pull-out sprayer that will make your washing easier. You also can pull it out to the longest reach possible to watering your plants or flowers that you have indoors.

Victorian Style Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Inspired by Victorian style, this kitchen faucet will give a classic and vintage vibe to your kitchen. With this faucet sprayer, you can easily reach the area near the kitchen sink and clean it with ease.

Moen Bronze Kitchen Faucet

An elegant looking kitchen faucet, that has deep bronze undertone that really makes it pop. It will make your washing simple by spray water into the chores to wash and rinse right on the counter or in a kitchen sink.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

This kitchen faucet is ideal for anyone who wants a long faucet. You can rely on this faucet to make your kitchen works finish quickly.

Delta Champagne Bronze Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Last but not least, a champagne bronze sink faucet that can you roll around with your hand. The sleek and minimalistic design will make you easier to spray and wash your vegetables.

A Shopping Guide to Cheap Bathroom Faucets

Whether you want to renovate your old bathroom or build a new one, choosing which cheap bathroom faucets to buy is not an easy pick. You might end up getting overwhelmed with the range of its varieties. There are of course lots of. This article provides you a short guide to choose your bathroom faucets.

Style & Design

Put this in mind: not all faucets are made for every bathroom. In purchasing bathroom faucets, you need to know the style and design of your own bathroom. There are faucets with classic design and the others with modern look. By knowing how you plan to design your bathroom, you’ll understand what kind of faucets that match the whole interior. Not only the style and design of the sink itself, matching the faucet with the other furniture inside your bathroom will create better finish look.


When buying a faucet, think of your sink. Even when it looks super cool and it’s cheap, if it doesn’t fit, you can’t use it the best way. Logically, the bigger your sink is, the bigger the faucet you’ll need to buy.  If you buy the faucet that is smaller than the sink, you might have the water sprays on the wall and create splashes. If it’s too big, it won’t fit or it’ll fit awkwardly.


When you plan to buy something, make sure you’ve set a budget for that. No matter how great a faucet may look like, it will always have good and bad sides. Besides, a very expensive faucet doesn’t always have the highest quality. If you’ve set the limit and narrow the range of choices, you might find some good-quality faucets that are not too costly. Just look up and take your time doing some research before buying anything.


It is one of the most focal features of a faucet. If your faucet has a high-quality finish, it will be easier to maintain and it will be more durable. A fixture with strong durability won’t scratch and get worn out and torn easily. The most popular option is the chromed or stainless steel finish, but you can go for an oil-rubbed bronze or polished brass to match with the look you want to achieve.

There are lots of bathroom faucets out there with various design and price to choose from. However, rather than only focusing yourself on the price, paying attention to the details and quality may save you a lot of works and costs at the end of the day.

Crystal Knobs for Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s what you need to Know

Choosing a cabinet for your kitchen when you already have a concept in mind might not be hard. But when it comes to choosing and installing pulls or knobs for your cabinet, you might find yourself stuttered a bit. Because there are so many varieties of pulls and knobs out there and most of them cost just a couple of dollars. One that might catch your attention and you may want to consider is crystal knobs. It can be a fancy touch to your sleek and minimalistic kitchen. Or it can blend in perfectly to your shabby chic kitchen. But before you pick one for your cabinet, here are a few things you need to know.

The pros

Crystal knobs may be your knobs of choice because it is easy to install and easy to clean. As crystal knobs were made out of glass, you can easily wipe it to keep it clean. So you can say goodbye to dirty grimy kitchen pulls or knobs because crystal knobs have made cleaning your kitchen a lot easier. Also, if the screw on your round crystal knobs is a bit loose, it will not look crooked and unbalanced since the screw will always be centred. And to like it even more, crystal knobs although it looks fancy and beautiful, it usually cost a bit cheaper than a pull.

The cons

Even though crystal knobs for kitchen cabinets offer so many benefits, but it has its own weakness as well. Crystal knobs can be hard to grab for people with arthritis or disabilities. They may prefer a large pull instead so they can have more to grab than small knobs. Also, some knobs may easily catch on your clothing. But if you place the knob in the right place, this trouble can be prevented easily.

How to install

Now, if you have made up your mind and deciding to use crystal knobs for kitchen cabinets, you might want to know how to install them. Ease your mind, crystal knobs are very easy to install. All you need is a screw and a drill. But if you want to put your knob in an exact spot, you might want to consider using a template. You can create this template with a piece of thin board or even a cardboard. Cut it in the right measurements and mark the point you want to put your knobs. Then cut a hole on the mark. Put your template in the cabinet and nick the cabinet with a sharp object through the tiny hole. Then you can drill on that mark to place your screw and your knobs correctly.

So, take a look again at your kitchen design and consider if crystal knobs are the right one for you. And if you’re still unsure, just install some, you can easily replace them later anyway.

4 Questions You Need to Answer to Get the Right Kitchen Light Pendants

Creating a lighting plan for your kitchen is a really fun thing to do, as we can do a lot of experiment with it. We can choose a wide variety of lighting fixture with so many different styles. One type of lighting fixture that most people love to have is a kitchen light pendants. So many photos of kitchen inspiration are using a kitchen light pendants. But before you jump right in, you need to understand how to correctly choose one for your kitchen. So here are the questions you need to ask before you get a kitchen light pendants.

What is it for?

Every lighting fixture has its own objective or duty. Kitchen light pendants are typically used to provide as a task lighting, ambience lighting, decorative lighting, or a bit of all of that. So you need to know what you want your kitchen light pendants to do, whether to be task lights or ambience lights, there are different light pendants for each job.

How high should you hang them?

Before choosing a kitchen light pendant, you need to know the measurement of your ceiling and the height of your table. So you know how high you should hang them. Typically, kitchen pendant lights are hung around 30 to 36 inches above your counter surface.

What kind of style do you want?

The style of your kitchen light pendants largely depends on the overall style of your kitchen. But be at ease since kitchen light pendants come in many varieties. It doesn’t matter what your kitchen design theme is, you’ll always find the matching light pendants.

Where to hang them?

Now, you need to understand which place can you hang a kitchen light pendants to avoid kitchen disaster. The rule of thumb is to place them where people won’t walk across. Places like above your counter, or above the cabinets. You need to keep it in places that are traffic free because people who are unaware might bump their head.

With these questions answered, you’re ready to go shop for a kitchen light pendants. Keep the answers in mind, and you will definitely pick the right light pendants that suit your kitchen.

Refresh Your Kitchen’s Look with These Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles are finishing touch that can enhance the design of your kitchen. If you have a frameless or full-overlay cabinet, kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles allow you to open and close your doors and drawers with ease. While your kitchen can get messy on a daily basis, kitchen cabinet hardware help protect your cabinet surface from mess and wear of daily use.

If you are remodeling or building new cabinet, choosing the knob and handle based on personal preference is very important because your hardware should not only look good, but it must be comfortable to use, too. Available in a plethora of styles and finishes that can pull the overall look of your kitchen together, kitchen cabinet hardware fits seamlessly into your kitchen with any design.

Check out our ideas on kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles to help narrow down your choices and find the best cabinet hardware for your kitchen.

Spice up your kitchen’s cabinetry with these shapely unique handles. Made from rubbed bronze, this hardware brings a timeless classic look to your kitchen.

You may also want to consider a more personalized look by picking kitchen cabinet hardware made from non-traditional materials like leather for your informal, relaxed-style kitchen.

If your kitchen is more into traditional style, antique kitchen cabinet knobs and handles can be a great option because its offer styles that reflect an antique look which help your kitchen personality shine through.

Function and beauty are good reasons to love this kitchen cabinet hardware idea. The black finish is dramatic on a white colored cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet hardware made of stainless steel is another great option because it is so durable. Not only that, stainless steel knobs and handles in a highly polished finish will look great in a kitchen with contemporary style.

Simple and streamlined, these kitchen cabinet knobs made from solid brass are the perfect choice that will make a bold statement in your kitchen.

You can mix knobs made from glass with stainless steel handles to create visual interest in your kitchen. Consider choosing these kitchen cabinet knobs and handles idea for an ultra-modern look.

You can also combine the clean look of cabinetry with hardware that is not too ornate, but not too hard-edged and contemporary either, like these knobs and handles idea.

If the design of your kitchen is particularly contemporary look, with sleek, sharp lines, then these cabinet knobs and handles can be a great choice.

Kitchen cabinet hardware made from pewter and brass offers a substantial look and feel, and works well for cabinets made of thicker woods. Its understated style looks more at home in a traditional setting.

Outstanding Oil Bronze Kitchen Faucets You Don’t Want To Miss Out

In nowadays trend, kitchen faucets are no more not just chosen for functionality, they are also chosen for their appearance. Faucets can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, an addition that is noticed by your guests. If you are purchasing a new sink and new faucet to replace a faulty faucet, or simply wish to modernize your kitchen’s look, you have many styles and finish of faucets from which to choose, and one of those choices is oil rubbed bronze.

Oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets are beautiful and ageless, complimenting different styles: old world, Tuscan, traditional, or rustic. Opting for oil bronze kitchen faucet not only will make you get a faucet that won’t discolor or corrode, but you will also have an upgraded look that will have everyone wanting to spend more time in the kitchen.

Take a look at these inspirations on outstanding oil bronze kitchen faucets, and select the best one for your new kitchen look today!

This oil rubbed bronze faucets with light and dark accents is beautiful and functional. The installation process is easy and you will love the motion sensors and the faucet’s attractiveness.

The design of this oil bronze faucet speaks of antique elegance and a visual appeal that corresponds beautifully with the finish.

In addition to its beauty, the design of this faucet was very practical and suitable for a modern designed kitchen. This faucets work perfectly in kitchens that have warmer or darker tones in them.

This kitchen faucet promotes form and function together with modern technologies of motion sensors that will immediately upgrade the look of your kitchen.

The primary advantage that you receive with an installation of kitchen faucet with high arc design is an improved aesthetic. It’s also offer pull-down sprayhead so you’ve got added versatility.

If you want a modern oil bronze kitchen faucet that is modern but has classical style on it, then you need to give a shot to this idea. This faucet will give your kitchen the timeless look you want.

This faucet has a high arc spout with an ageless design that enhances the traditional decor. You will like its looks and the ease of its installation.

This faucet has an urban-inspired design that is beautiful, modern-looking, and easy to install. It is a gorgeous faucet as well as functional.

The nice oil bronze accent in this faucet helps to coordinate with the kitchen style and other kitchen fixtures, yet it is also bright enough to set the kitchen faucet apart so that it catches the eye.

This last idea is a durable faucet that can stand up to the rigors of your household. It offers a pull-down design for better sink coverage that is both smooth and lightweight.

A Simple Guide of Where to Buy Kitchen Faucets That Strikes Balance in Form and Function

A kitchen faucet is not simply just an essential aspect to a functional kitchen. A well-chosen kitchen faucet can set the style and become the design focal point in a kitchen area. You need to consider the details before buying a new kitchen faucet because it depends on largely what existing plumbing you have to work with.

There is no need to sacrifice your desired look for the function your kitchen requires. With an endless array of styles and layouts, faucets have become so reliable that we found few performance differences between brands.

If you’re doing kitchen remodel or makeover, yet still not sure about where to buy kitchen faucets, here are some recommendations that we hope might help you narrow down the choices and make your buying decision easier.

Give your kitchen an instant update with this single-lever, pull-down faucet from the Oletto Series by Kraus. Available in stainless steel and chrome finishes. Buy on Amazon.

This Purist single-hole kitchen faucet combines a strong architectural form and simple-to-use features. This sleek faucet is available at Kohler.

Give your kitchen decor a quick contemporary makeover with this Kingston Brass’s black-handle pull-down chrome kitchen faucet. You can shop it at Home Depot.

This solid brass Ultra kitchen faucet features a flat gooseneck spout and smooth finish that will add modern flair to any kitchen style. You can buy it on Signature Hardware.

A modern masterpiece with architectural flair, this faucet is built to last through many years of pouring, washing and rinsing. This brushed black metal BOSJÖN kitchen faucet is available at IKEA.

This faucet has goes-with-anything designs where simplicity reigns. You can buy this two-handle wall-mounted chrome Delta’s Peerless kitchen faucet on Amazon.

This chrome two-handle bar and prep faucet has elegant styles that will stand to rest of time.

Hansgrohe’s Axor Montreux faucet is available at Lowe’s.

Kingston Brass’s Heritage kitchen faucet with sprayer in oil-rubbed bronze features aesthetic colonial elegance, brings a timeless traditional design. You can shop it on Amazon.

This Kingston Brass’s Concord kitchen faucet in polished chrome features a neoprene trim for easy handling and adds a contemporary flair to the faucet. Buy it on Amazon.

Gicasa’s Semi-Pro sculptural kitchen faucet with sprayer in oil-rubbed bronze has the combination of fashionable style and sophistication. You can check it out on Amazon.

8+ Kitchen Sink Ideas For Your Lovely Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen renovation, a kitchen sink is one of the important things that you should consider. It has a significant function that will handle most of daily chores. So, you will prefer to choose a kitchen sink that will work well and hold up to years of daily use. With various materials, sizes, and spacious basins, it can be hard to decide on the perfect one for your kitchen. Hence, here are some kitchen sink ideas that might suit your taste and preference.

Single Basin Kitchen Sink

Here is the general type of sink that can work well in any size of kitchen, but they’re especially useful in small kitchens with limited counter space. The large single-bowl sink is so much more flexible than a double bowl, make it easier to wash large items.

Double Basin Kitchen Sinks

If you need a kitchen sink that allows you to wash on one side and rinsing or drying on the other side, go for this double basin kitchen sinks. This kitchen sink is a perfect choice for you who have a larger kitchen.

Double Bowl Corner Sink

This double bowl corner sink is a great choice for utilizing your kitchen corner. It has amazing shape and elegant look that will make your kitchen look stunning.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

This type of sink will bring a modern, cozy vibe to your kitchen space. Farmhouse kitchen sink provides you with far more kitchen sink capacity than you have ever had, you can even wash big casserole and baking pans there.

Copper Kitchen Sink

This sink has naturally appealing color that will add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. Copper is strong but easy to shape, ideal for any kitchen’s style that you have.

Undermount Single Bowl Sink with Sliding Chopping Board

Here is a kitchen sink that will maximize functionality and versatility in your kitchen. The chopping board will make you slice with ease and the drying rack will help you dry your vegetables and fruits.

Black Kitchen Sink

Instead of typical white color, you can choose this black sink for your kitchen. Black gives your kitchen a modern look. This gorgeous black sink will make an organized clean-up easier.

Single Kitchen Sink with Accessories

This kitchen sink comes with three graduate ledges in the basin, multipurpose grated rack, colander, and washbin. Such a perfect choice for you who want a sink with a maximum efficiency.

Ceramic Kitchen Sink

This ceramic sink offers a clean look to your kitchen. Not only it looks incredibly beautiful, but it will help you clean your dishes with ease.

6 Best And Borderline Genius Kitchen Design Tricks for Small Space

Having a small house with small spaces might be challenging and sometimes quite frustrating since you don’t have a lot of space to move. But with the right kitchen designs for small spaces, you can absolutely enjoy your small kitchen. Though you do need to think the designs through to create a comfortable small kitchen, with these tricks, you can maximize your space and make the best of your small kitchen.

 Keep it minimalist

The rule of thumb when designing a kitchen in small spaces is to keep it minimalist. Stick with clean looks and bright pallet. This will prevent your kitchen from looking cramped with a decorative pattern. Also, the bright pallet will create a spacious illusion that can trick the eye.

Maximize storage by using space savvy storage

You need to be smart when it comes to storage in a small kitchen. As we all know, the kitchen area needs a lot of storage for all your kitchen utensils. And with small space, storage gets trickier. So use space savvy cabinets and put extra shelves on the wall for storage.

Use counter tops with multiple functions

Another thing that you need to maximize when having a small kitchen is to use countertops that has a double use. Some countertops double as a rolled out cutting board. Or you can use a fold over countertops to have that extra space for meal preparation.

Keep it bright

You need to carefully plan the lighting in your kitchen designs for small spaces. Keep your kitchen bright, as this will eliminate shadow and make the room feels bigger. So put a bright LED ceiling light and several tape lights under the cabinets. Also, use a simple light fixture that does not eat up too much space. A flush mount ceiling lights will be a good choice.

Choose a glossy finish or even use a mirror

Glossy finish that can reflect is what you’re looking for. This finish will create an illusion of bigger space as it reflects its surroundings. Or if you’re not so into glossy finish you can place a mirror strategically in your kitchen to create that illusion.

Use open shelves

Don’t be afraid to use open shelves in your small kitchen. This will provide you with an airy and open look that makes your room feel more spacious. But you also need to keep in mind that this type of shelves, while benefitting your small kitchen, requires extra upkeep to clean. So if you’re not up for the hassle, you can always choose to use shelves with glass door instead.

After all, kitchen designs for small spaces should not frustrate you. Take it as something fun and challenging to do and you will end up with a kitchen that suits you best.

Hanging Pendant Lights for Your Kitchen: How to Do Them Right

For the majority of homeowners, hanging pendant lights are the perfect lighting fixture to add some interest and colour to your kitchen. It is not merely an instrument of lighting to keep your kitchen well-lit and assist you in doing any kind of activities there; hanging pendant lights can also give your kitchen a statement. Since it will be seen and be a focal part of your kitchen design. Therefore, if you find yourself looking for an easy and comfortable way to ramp up your kitchen’s looks, hanging pendant lights kitchen is your answer.

Here’s what you need to know to pick the perfect hanging pendant lights for your kitchen

The height

One of the trickiest questions you have to answer when getting and installing a hanging pendant light in your kitchen, is how high should you mount them. Because the pendant lights have to serve the purpose of being a task lighting, in which it allows you to see your countertops clearly so you can do your work there. Yet it also has to serve a decorative purpose so you can’t mount them too high or too low as it may block the views or not being the focal point of your kitchen anymore. Typically, hanging pendant lights kitchen is hung around 28 – 34 inches above the countertops.

The placement

Where should you put your hanging pendant lights kitchen? Well, to be clear, hanging pendant lights if placed not properly may be a nuisance instead of a nice decorative addition. You have to put pendant lights above a table or a countertop so it will not block the traffic in your kitchen.

Installation tips

To make sure you install your hanging pendant lights in the right height, there are several things you need to check. Try sitting at the table or the island and make sure you can see the person right across you. Then try to look up, make sure you can’t see the bulb directly easily as it indicates you’re mounting your pendant lights too high.

Dimmer is a must!

You may think that you need your pendant lights to be as bright as possible because you need a well-lit kitchen. Although that is true, as you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself while working in the kitchen because you can’t see everything clearly, but you may also need to put a dimmer in your kitchen lights. By installing a dimmer, you can easily dim your hanging pendant lights to create a more relaxed and intimate ambience during dinner.

Kitchen Island Bar Stools Features That You Would Love

Choosing a bar stools for a kitchen island is not an easy task. With many different options in the market, we often got confused about what we need and what we want. We also have a lot of aspects to consider before determining the right kitchen island barstools for us. From the basic things like the stools height, materials, and design, to the fancy feature that is incorporated in each bar stools.

Speaking of features, we need to understand that there are many innovations we can see in a bar stool. Some features we may already familiar with, but some are not. And to be honest, not every feature is actually worth the extra price. So to prevent confusions, here are some bar stools feature that actually help and would make a nice addition to your kitchen island.


Swivel kitchen island bar stool is especially handy when you have a small kitchen. This feature will make it easier for you to move around without having to move your stool. And if you have little kids living with you, this feature will also make them happy for sure.

Adjustable height

This feature is particularly handy if you move around from houses to houses. Stools with adjustable height will accommodate many kitchen islands, therefore you will not have to buy new stools every time you move into a new house.

Back and arm support

Back and arm support is always a comfort that we want yet our aesthetic urge resist. This feature, however, will come in really handy for you who have little kids around the house because it will give them more protection when sitting in such height.


With tall bar stools, you absolutely need footrest so you can sit comfortably for a long time. So make sure to get bar stools with footrest, because even though it may seem a bit unsightly, but it will make a major improvement in term of comfort.

Easy maintenance materials

Now this one is not exactly a feature. But choosing materials that are easy to maintain like leather, plastic, metal, or combination of some, would really help in keeping your kitchen looking good.

Traditional Kitchen Faucets That Matches Farmhouse Sinks Perfectly

Having a farmhouse sink is a great way to give your kitchen that rustic and vintage feeling. Not only it gave you extra space for water, but farmhouse sink also has a strong traditional look to it. Therefore, it is kind of tricky to match farmhouse sink with other furniture and appliances in the kitchen. To keep that rustic and vintage look intact, choosing a traditional kitchen faucet that matches your farmhouse sink can do the trick. This tiny detail might seem insignificant at first, but you will later realize how details keep the room style cohesive. So here are some traditional kitchen faucet types that you can choose for your farmhouse sink.

Traditional bridge style faucets

Traditional bridge style faucet works really well with the classic farmhouse sink. This faucet has split connections to the hot and cold water pipe and the bridge connects the two faucet handle. The width of bridge style faucet balance the width and depth of farmhouse sink. Therefore, give this faucet style a look, you may love them!

Old world faucets

If you prefer for the simple single hole faucet, classic old world faucets may be your choice. The simple faucet with a straight bar that supports the bridge with visible ball joints and classic curves is quite a charm. You can easily get the traditional and rustic look with this faucet.

Antique wall mounted faucets

If you haven’t noticed, a wall mounted faucets with a rustic finish will trap you in a retrospect when matched with farmhouse sink. It will remind you of the old, antique European bathroom. Especially when you use knobs instead of pull down or pull out handles. But make sure that you install the faucet in the right height so you can still have full access to the sink area.

Widespread faucets

Beside bridge faucet, the widespread faucet can also give you that classic traditional look. This faucet may require more space and more holes to install, but it surely worth the effort. Your farmhouse sink will retain its rustic classic look with this classic faucet. Use a traditional finish like bronze or brass for added antique feels.

Kitchen Stove Vents Inspiration That both Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

When it comes to cooking options in the kitchen, one of the most popular appliances you need to consider having is kitchen stove vent. Installing kitchen stove vent can give your kitchen the ventilation it needs to maintain a clean and safe environment around your home. Stove vent is an enclosure for the area over your range that uses a fan to collect steam, smoke, fumes and other airborne particles that may be generated while cooking.

There are many types of kitchen stove vents you can choose, from basic ductless wall-mount units or more-versatile systems with multiple lights, timers, and easy-clean surfaces. You just need to find the suitable one for your kitchen that matches or exceeds your cooktop’s requirements and fits your cooking style.

If you’ve ever thought about installing a kitchen stove vent or if you want to change your old one, check out these best kitchen stove vent ideas that might help you to get inspired in finding the new one.

A stainless-steel ducted vent hood matches perfectly with the simple subway tile, the oven and the cabinetry in this open kitchen. The vent’s clean lines help the entire kitchen feel like a professional chef’s oasis.

A high arch made out of wooden panels beautifully contrasts with the stainless-steel appliances and a neutral backsplash. This kitchen stove vent idea is everything you need for an aesthetic kitchen decoration.

Here is an idea with the stately mantel-style vent that has a classic and high-end look. The wood detail in on glass-front cabinets beside the hood also adds interest to your kitchen.

Plan a stress-free remodel in your kitchen by installing this kitchen stove vent idea. Blending the matte finish hood with the cabinets that have the same color, the two together can make a seamless result.

If you are after a vent with the one-of-a-kind shape, this idea can make definite focal point in your kitchen.

This charcoal black kitchen stove vent idea look a bit grand and has a distinctly traditional look which pairs perfectly with the rest of the kitchen design.

If you are looking for kitchen stove vent ideas with modern lines and finishes, for your contemporary-style kitchen, this small, inconspicuous vent could be the best fits.
All kitchen stove vents ventilate cooking odors, but this idea does it with style. Give a shot to this stylish vent idea and incorporate it into your kitchen.

Accentuate your space with the geometric vent that blends perfectly with the classic mosaic backsplash—a perfect fit for a kitchen with ultra-modern yet organic theme.
With a deer head mounted front and center, this kitchen stove vent idea is a true piece of custom art that bring visual interest to create a rustic, old-world air.

5 Things that You Should Consider Before Buying A Wine Refrigerator

Have you ever think about wine in your fridge is starting to take up a bit more space? Now it is the time to give the wine its own home. Yes, wine refrigerator will save space in your refrigerator and allow you to organize your wine collection. Wine refrigerators are available many different designs, which makes people confuse to find the best product for themselves. Don’t worry, here are several tips that can lead you to find the best refrigerator for your wine collection.


First of all, you need to set your budget. The refrigerators vary in many different prices. You can choose one that fit your budget and need.

Size and space

The important things that you should consider are the space that you have in your house and how many bottles that you have. Wine refrigerators available in many sizes, start from small-size, mid-size, and large-size. You can choose the one that suitable for your need.


The next one is you need to consider your intentions when it comes to collecting and storing wine. If you plan on building a large collection, then it would be wise to buy a wine cooler with a large bottle capacity. If you only want to keep a few bottles close-by, then a smaller bottle capacity will likely be the better choice for you.


Based on the temperature controls, there are two types of fridges that available in the market, a fridge with single and dual zone temperature controls. The purpose of the dual temperature control one is to offer an option to keep your white or your red wines at service temperature.


The more you spend, the better the material should be. If you have extra budget, you can go with the aluminium shelves. But if you don’t have much budget, you can go with the plastic ones.

Built-in or freestanding?

If the wine refrigerator will be built-in, focus on the finish of the door, because that will be the only visible part of the wine refrigerator. If you prefer the freestanding one, you will need to focus on the finish of the body and the door, because the entire refrigerator will be visible.

That’s the tips before buying a wine refrigerator. After all, a good wine refrigerator is the one that will keep your wine drinkable for a much longer period of time and will even improve the taste of the wines. So, choose wisely!

The Things You Need to Have in Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Whether you are a homeowner who appreciates the minimalistic design and awesome features of commercial faucets or you are a business owner who wants to install a professional faucet for your business, you need to have a certain checklist of things you need to have in your faucet. There are so many options for commercial kitchen faucet in the market. So to prevent being overwhelmed by the choices, you have to understand what you look for in a faucet; what really matters to you. Without further ado, here are some things that you may want to have in your commercial kitchen faucet.

Powerful pre-rinse spray

This feature usually comes with heavy duty designed professional kitchen faucet. The powerful spray has small needle-like spray holes that are powerful enough to clean all the grease in your dishes. Not only it will be a real help in the kitchen, but it will also make the dishwashing time shorter and work will be much more efficient.

Various spray patterns

Although this may seem unimportant, having various spray pattern options can help you to keep your dishes looking new. Because different spray patterns may suit certain dishes types or materials. Therefore, it is always nice to have a commercial faucet with various spray pattern options.

Easy maintenance

People who choose to install commercial kitchen faucet typically do a lot of dishwashing and therefore need an efficient and professional faucet to assist them. Easy maintenance faucet that is rust free and will not develop water spots will be really nice as you don’t have to clean them often.


As we know, commercial kitchen faucets are not cheap. With its innovative and savvy technology, it surely has a high price as well. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to your faucet’s durability, especially if you need them to do heavy duty work. Because you wouldn’t want to have to change your faucet every few months, right?

Pull down spray head

Most commercial faucets have a pull-down spray head to make dishwashing easier. And frankly, it does help to remove specific stains and grease in your dishes by making your spray head focuses more on the spot. But this feature is not for everyone, some people actually don’t like using the pull-down spray head. You may want to check in with yourself first, whether you need this feature or not.

There are many other features that you may want to look for in commercial kitchen faucets. Make the list and read lots of reviews, you will surely find the perfect faucet for you. Cheers!

Stylish Galley Kitchen Ideas You Need To Take a Look

Galley kitchens might be thight, but they are also known for its stylish and coziness, while being functional and maximising every inch of space for both storage and preparation. The galley kitchen layout works well for most styles and is a practical choice for even the smallest spaces in your home. If you want to remodel your galley kitchen to make it more efficient and practical, take a look at our stylish and full of inspiring ideas and make the most of your galley kitchen for your specialized little spaces!

This galley kitchen layout with tiny space still manages to feel light and breezy, thanks to the minimalist design cabinet fronts with matching hardware that reduce visual clutter and make the room feel calmer.

Here, galley kitchen layout with a pale colour palette and reflective surfaces in small space that bring coziness feel to the look and can be optimised for storage and light.

This minimalist layout, with installed shelves above the cabinets that can be used for stashing cookbooks and frequently used appliances, puts every square foot of space to use and worth bookmarking for your next kitchen’s layout remodel.

Galley kitchen layout with modern style work just as well in country schemes kitchen. This quaint kitchen space is pretty yet practical, with neutral walls, cabinetry, and rustic additions like a butler sink and open dresser-style shelving that give the space typical farmhouse charm.

Sleek modern units work well in a galley kitchen layout. Beautiful touch of maplewood on the roof and floor, with pendant lights and hardware make your kitchen feel shiny and new.

Not a fan of minimalism? No worries. This layout is an attractive and productive space, with the stylish charm of a rural country kitchen. A very cosy and traditional style of shaker kitchen that make it feel familiar and classically traditional.

This decorative layout prove that a galley doesn’t need to be plain and all-white to be beautiful. Going for an island galley with a breakfast bar with statement lighting is a great idea to create a sociable casual seating area.

Clean lines and crisp design, the look of this galley kitchen layout is simple and practical with a clean Nordic feel. A all-white scheme creates a bright and polished finish, while pretty voile blind will soften the look.

Work your galley into open-plan living with a trusty linear layout which have two parallel runs of units in the set. This stylish galley kitchen has everything – from streamlined surfaces to integrated appliances at practical levels.

When talking kitchens, think about the proper arrangement of the sink, the stove top and the refrigerator. This small but sunny layout ideas manages to fit the proper arrangement, making the little space super functional.


Delta Brass Kitchen Faucets Ideas That Are Too Gorgeous To Be Ignored

Faucets are an important kitchen’s fixture that are a cinch to install and are a cost-effective way to add beauty to your kitchen. Any sink in the house becomes another opportunity to introduce a new design element. Any faucet will produce running water, but the best can adapt to different kitchen needs and endure decades of daily use.

There is a wide variety of kitchen faucets finishes: brass, copper, chrome, nickel, gold-plated, oil-rubbed metals, matte or shiny finish — just to name a few. If you are looking for functional kitchen faucet with a finish that will complement the overall decor of your kitchen, delta brass kitchen faucets are great choices because they blend in and accent their surroundings in a very subtle way.

Need some delta brass kitchen faucets inspiration? Check out our recommendation on faucets and finishes below. From sleek and elegant to distressed, choose the best delta brass kitchen faucets that will suits your kitchen sink well.

Choose a faucet with finishes that can blend well with other items in the kitchen. This elegant delta brass faucet would be best for new construction or a complete kitchen remodel.

This delta brass kitchen faucets idea is just too pretty and is a great addition to any kitchen style if you’re after something with clean and classic design.

Create an urban modern look in your kitchen with this highly functional design delta brass kitchen faucets idea. This fixture provides a unique look that offers great modern appeal for a quality kitchen design.

Do you prefer smooth or shiny finishes? You might like this stunning delta brass kitchen faucet, then. If you’re going for a mid-contemporary style, this idea will work best.

Choosing a faucet with mixing finishes can work as long as they blend well with your kitchen style. This double handle delta brass kitchen faucet would be a great addition to any kitchen or bar area.

This delta brass kitchen faucet will outlast, outshine and visually outperform a basic brass faucet finish, while also allow perfect coordination with the rest of the kitchen.

This solid and sturdy delta kitchen faucet is made of solid brass construction for reliance and durability. Its single lever handle is simple to use and makes adjusting water temperature easy.

For a richer, more elegant look to the kitchen, this delta brass kitchen faucet provide a streamlined look and allow for easy water flow and temperature adjustments with one hand.

If you’re after more traditional looking delta brass faucet, the brownish, burnt tone in this idea gives it a rustic look that would work well in a cabin or cottage setting.

This last delta brass kitchen faucet idea is a great style to consider if you’re creating a traditional or period-style kitchen.

Kitchen Faucets Grohe Ideas That Will Infuse Your Kitchen with Lots of Personality

Are you considering kitchen makeover for redesigning an existing one, or just looking to add some visual impact with new fixture? If so, then simply changing the faucet can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your kitchen. From filling the kettle to rinsing vegetables, the kitchen faucet is the hardest working piece of equipment in the home.

A kitchen faucet should be chosen for its perfect balance of design and function, and kitchen faucets grohe, with its powerful features and delicate design can fulfill it all. These days there tends to be a trend towards a minimalist style design and the kitchen faucets grohe while being fashionable and stylish on the sinks don’t really jump out at you as being outlandish.

Here are some ultra-modern kitchen faucets grohe ideas that you need to check out to help you find the one that will change the looks of your kitchen.

Here is an ultra-modern faucet grohe that will add a dramatic effect on your sink area. Modern, attractive and versatile, this faucet features a locking, dual spray pull-down with an integrated minimalist spray head.

Equipped with professional looks and professional-level features, this simply unique faucet will make a one-of-a-kind statement in your kitchen.

If you want an artistic type look to your ultra-modern kitchen setup, then this single handle sparkling chrome kitchen faucet grohe idea might be your ideal taste.

Great in design and interesting in looks, this faucet grohe consisting of a series of cylinders, an arched or medium height spout rises elegantly from the sink. Its modern technology enables fingertip control of water flow and temperature.

If you are after kitchen faucet with subtle looks then, consider take a peek at this super minimalist design. It is simplistic yet will make a nice appearance statement in a kitchen with any style.

For those of you that are into traditional look, the traditional yet still ultra-modern styling of this two-handle faucet allows it to adapt to your kitchen environment with any style.

If you prefer things with urban design, then this may be exactly the type of kitchen faucet grohe you or looking for. The best thing about this look is it is both bold and simple at the same time.

Just don’t mistake the conservative looks of this two-handle faucet as not being able to fit into an ultra-modern kitchen design because it is used all the times in ultramodern style kitchens.

This is another very nice looking and stylish faucet grohe that will not only give your kitchen modern appeal, but also offers strength and ease of use.

The flat metal look of this stainless steel faucet goes nicely accents the sink area, but still blends in with the other surroundings without standing out.

6 Things You Need to Know About Apron Front Kitchen Sinks

Apron front kitchen sinks or more commonly known as farmhouse sink gains more and more popularity nowadays. It was originated at a time when water is scarce; hence it is designed to be able to contain a lot of water. But an apron front kitchen sink is still suitable for today’s bathroom design. It also offers many benefits to your kitchen. Before you decide to choose an apron front kitchen sink, here are 6 things that you need to know.

The pros

Who wouldn’t love a big sink where you can put in your pots or your pie trays? The depth and width of an apron front kitchen sinks allow you to do that. This type of sink can make your dishwashing experience a lot easier and better. Cleaning the countertops also made easier with this type of sink as well because you can easily swiping water directly to your sink since it is usually installed lower than the countertops.

The cons

Apron front kitchen sinks may make you worry about wasting water. Because this sink has a bigger volume and it means you need a lot of water to fill it. Also, you can hardly find any cabinet out there that can mount this farmhouse sink since the size and the nature of this sink is quite different. They may require a custom cabinet.


The farmhouse sink is usually installed slightly to the front compared to other cabinets. This is done to prevent water from dripping into the cabinet. By installing this way, if there’s any water spilling from the sink, it will go straight to the floor.

The faucet

Usually, the faucet for a farmhouse sink is installed either on the countertop or on the wall, because farmhouse sink doesn’t have a hole for the faucet in it. As for the style, you can match the sink by using a faucet with the same material or at least that has the same nuance.


The measurements of your farmhouse sink and your cabinet might be slightly different. The surface of the sink may also be uneven. Therefore, you need to seal all the sink’s edges after you install them to make sure that the water won’t leak to any gaps.

The Materials

Apron front kitchen sink goes with several kinds of materials. The most common ones are made out of porcelain and fireclay. But nowadays, you can find ones that are made from stainless steel and copper. This array of variation can ensure that you can find the right one for your kitchen.

After all, an apron front kitchen sink is not a trend that will go sour as time goes by. The classic and timeless design can keep it last through decades.

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands You Need To Know Before Buying Stylish Functional Faucets

The world of kitchen faucets is huge and for some reason, brand name matters a lot. One of the reasons is because you will be relying on the brand for repairs, extra parts, and warranty fulfillment for potentially decades to come. There are dozens of kitchen faucet brands making hundreds of faucets and each brand’s design personality varies.

Yes, faucet from any brands will produce running water, but the best faucets from the best brands can adapt to different kitchen needs and endure decades of daily use. These behemoth brands are a go-to source for everything you might need for a home remodel.

Whether you want a traditional, modern, or high-tech faucet, these best faucet brands beat out every other brand for the scope of their features and the wide range of faucet designs. You should be aware of them so that you can at least know which bathroom faucet brand is trustworthy and which are not. Let’s check it out!


Moen have really created some astonishing faucets, especially for kitchen. Moen have developed some advanced technology like MotionSense™ on their faucets to make life easier and more comfortable.


Faucets from Delta are classic and versatile, but the overall design personality is bold. There are plenty of faucets options for the touch-tech fan too.


Another big player in the faucet industry is Pfister or Price Pfister. Their faucets are simple, sturdy, and very durable and won’t make you disappointed.


Grohe is a renowned sanitary fittings manufacturer that provides great faucets with eye-catching design. Its faucets can take the decoration of your kitchen to the next level.


Hansgrohe is one of the best kitchen faucet manufacturers in the market that give importance to quality more rather than outward appearance. But their designs are still always beautiful.


Kohler is another big company in the field of kitchen faucets that always tries to maintain an ideal blend of durability and design in their products.


Jaclo is a faucets brand that employs modern technologies and designs in their products, but still managed to maintain the vintage outlook.

Chicago Faucet

Chicago Faucet is a renowned brand in the United States that are making really good faucets and other bathroom-kitchen fittings. Their products usually come with simple lines and sleek design.

Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass is a growing faucet brand which have produced some top quality pull-down kitchen faucets. Kingston brass faucets usually have a line that combines vintage silhouettes with modern function.


Phylrich is another growing faucet manufacturer which has around 20 collections that are all unique. All their handcrafted signature models are constructed using top of the line raw material adorned with elegant modern.