Worry No More, Here’s The Basic Guides on Making Kitchen Remodelling Cost Estimation

Remodelling our kitchen would sound like a great and exciting idea, for our kitchen is the heart of our home. The place that accommodates our most essential needs in life: food. Having a well-designed kitchen would create such a difference in our home and our day to day life.

Yet before you dive in head first and start choosing this or that to put in our kitchen, the first thing you have to deal with is estimating the cost of kitchen remodelling. It is not easy to make cost estimation since there are so many factors to consider, from the price fluctuation, season, locale, and so on. Therefore, you need to be really careful and clear in estimating the cost.

Cost estimation break down

For starter, you can start your kitchen remodelling cost estimation by breaking down the cost into several points. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, we can break down the remodelling cost this way:

Design fees: 4%

Installation: 17%

Appliances and ventilation: 14%

Cabinetry and hardware: 29%

Countertops: 10%

Lighting: 5%

Flooring: 7%

Doors and windows: 4%

Walls and ceilings: 5%

Faucets and plumbing: 4%

Other: 1%

Small Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen remodelling cost estimation greatly depends on how much room you have in your kitchen. If you have a small and rather cramped kitchen, according to Michael Anschel of the design-build firm Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build in Minneapolis, $40.000 is the rule of thumb. That amount of money would be sufficient to cover basic small kitchen remodelling. But if you want a greater remodelling, it might cost around $60.000 to $80.000.

But don’t worry, if you have a really tight budget, you can also adjust the cost by deciding a fixed budget and work with it. You might have to do most of the work yourself and refinish your cabinets instead of replacing it. Or you can also make one changes at a time so it might feel easier on the budget.

Low, Mid, and High-Range Kitchen Remodelling Cost

Besides depending on the size of your kitchen, the cost would also depend on the range of your kitchen remodelling. You can choose between a low, mid, or high-range kitchen remodelling, depends on your available budget. For estimation, according to Russ Lavallee, a Seattle based homebuilder, the cost of a low-range kitchen remodelling is between $100 to $125 per square foot. But keep in mind that this budget won’t create any major changes in your kitchen, yet it is enough to brighten up your kitchen.

As for the mid-range, Lavallee approximates $200 to $250 per square foot and more than $300 per square foot for the high-range kitchen remodelling.

Tips on budget saving

To save budget, you must first understand and decide the changes you want to make in your kitchen. And you can calculate whether to change everything, from the cabinets to the lightings or just replace several things and reface the cabinets. Once you have the kitchen remodelling plans ready, hold on to it. Don’t stray away just because you find a good deal on things that are not in your plans, or you’ll risk over-limiting your budget. Also to save money, you can do the work yourself so you don’t have to hire a professional. Consulting with a professional would be great, but you have to do the physical work on your own.

And if your budget is really tight…

For a really tight budget, like $5.000 to $15.000, you might consider these few changes to make in your kitchen

Environmentally friendly kitchen

Instead of changing your kitchen layouts, turn your kitchen to be more environmentally friendly might be a good option. You can change your lightings into LED, put up a double paned window, or replacing your faucets and appliances with more environmentally friendly ones.

Maximizing Storage

If your kitchen is quite cramped, you can try maximizing your storage by installing double pull out shelves, roll out trays, or other tiered racks. You can also add more cooking spaces by installing pull out countertops in your kitchen. It is inexpensive but can make your kitchen feels new and more efficient.

Opt for smaller appliances

If your kitchen is built with big appliances, you can always replace them with smaller and greener appliances that require less energy. It will make your kitchen feels more spacious and you will have more room to move around.

All in all, to make kitchen remodelling cost estimation, you need to first decide the changes you want to see in your kitchen and match it up with the budget you have in hand. It might be tricky because there are so many factors at play, but with determination and willingness, you can make a quite accurate estimation and have your kitchen remodelled to your likings.

Be Stylish! Do These 5 Steps Before You Install Hidden Countertop Brackets For Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the house. It’s the place where people spend their quality time with family there during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So it’s important to manage your kitchen’s function yet still make it looks stylish and spacious.

Hidden Countertop Brackets is one of the ways you can achieve that look. It allows you to create a floating countertop overhang and provide for use multiple applications when you want to achieve the floating counter look. It also comes in various designs which allow you to create whatever look that you want for your kitchen. Just be stylish, do these 5 steps before you install hidden countertop brackets for your kitchen!

Consider how much room do you have

Before installing the brackets, you should measure the size of the brackets. The bracket will be mounted to the inside of the cabinet. In order to do this, you should consider the size of the room and the size of your cabinet which will be attached to the brackets. Remember to calculate the space between the brackets and the wall, just in case you want to add a chair between it.

Pick your style

Besides the size of the brackets, it is also important to choose the style that suits your taste. There are a lot of styles that you can apply for your kitchen. For example, a clean and modern look. You can achieve this style by installing under mount brackets that are mounted from underneath the countertop. An under mount sink is hidden but still accentuates the countertops giving it a clean and modern look. Or you can just choose the style that is matched with your kitchen design.

Choose the right material

The hidden brackets provide the necessary structural support that granite, marble, quartz, silestone, corian and even heavy butcher block countertop overhangs require. So it is important to consider which material that will you use over the brackets. Since the brackets conveniently remain hidden and out of the way from stools, knees, and little ones running underneath. It will give a look and feel they provide is more spacious and free-flowing.

Decide your budget

The most important thing that you have to consider before you buys the hidden brackets, it’s the budget. You need to decide how much money that should you spend for these brackets. Sure, it will take so much money to make your kitchen look stylish and elegant. But, you still have to manage your budget and spend your money wisely. Just search for the brackets that fit your budget and your style.

5 Kitchen and Bar Ideas with Wood and Leather Bar Stools

Who doesn’t love wood and leather bar stools? This type of stools has several other benefits that we can reap. Not only it is sturdy and more comfortable, but it is also easy to clean and easy to handle. We shouldn’t be worried of corrosion that happens a lot on steel stools; we also need not worry about wine stain when we spill our drink on a fabric cushioned stool. But most of all, it offers a really classy and elegant look that will give your kitchen that awe factor.

If you do love wood and leather bar stools as much as we do, here are a few kitchen and bar ideas to match your classy wood and leather bar stools.

Classic and fancy

Who wouldn’t love this classic and fancy bar? The wooden furniture gives your bar a luxurious touch. Pair it with several walls sconces light fixture for ambience lighting, and your bar will be your forever favourite room in the house.


If you’re not much into luxurious and fancy things, this modern kitchen and bar looks might suit you better. It provides a perfect scene for family or friends gatherings. Also, with wood and leather bar stools, you wouldn’t worry much if your nephews or nieces spill their drinks on the stool.

Country and rustic

If you’re more into the rustic feeling, this bar design with wood and leather bar stools will be perfect for you. The stone wall and bar table will give you the countryside touch. Complete it with several ambience pendant lights, and you’ll want to spend every night at this bar, drinking with your spouse.


Who says that wood and leather bar stools will only suit classy and vintage looks? Nope. This colourful bar stools can complete your modern colourful kitchen. Choose a solid white colour for your kitchen furniture and decorate it with playful coloured decoration. You will have a bright kitchen that reflects your bright personality!

Elegant Art Deco

If you’re more into art deco style, this kitchen inspiration might be just for you. You can choose an elegant colour for your wood and leather bar stools to highlight the room. Also, pick for a ‘statement’ lamp to be the focal point of the room.

See? Wood and leather bar stools can suit almost any kind of kitchen design, as it is quite neutral and can give your room an elegant touch. But remember, this type of stool can only be used in an indoor room. If you have an outdoor bar, you might want to opt for a more solid wood, which will cost you extra, or plastic and steel stools.

Make Your Kitchen Look Modern with These Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

Having a perfect look in your kitchen actually a hard thing to do, especially if the kitchen faucet isn’t up par with the rest of the material surrounding it. That’s why you need to purchase the best kitchen faucet for your home. From many variations that available, a kitchen faucet with rushed nickel finish can make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing. The modern design is timeless and matches with everything. Here are several brushed nickel kitchen faucet designs that will you love forever.

Gooseneck Single Handle Spring Pull Out Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

The brushed nickel finish on this kitchen faucet definitely will make your kitchen look luxurious. It has a sprayer will make you easier to control your water with one hand.

Rotatable Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucet with a unique design, perfect to add a contemporary vibe to your house. It will give you a pleasure every time you see it.

Brushed Nickel Dual Function Kitchen Faucet

This kitchen faucet has a high-quality material that will last for a long time. It can also facilitate all of your chores and made it easier to do.

Brewst Pull-Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

One of the best-looking kitchen faucet that will add a timeless and beautiful look to your kitchen. It has a sleek design that will perfect for any models of kitchen.

Brushed Nickel Single Lever Kitchen Faucet

A single-lever kitchen faucet that will make your kitchen look simple yet futuristic. The single-handle function will make you more convenient doing your tasks.

Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

This charming kitchen faucet will improve your culinary experience. The nickel finish will make your kitchen warmer, making you want to stay longer in your kitchen.

Traditional Brushed Nickel Goose Neck Kitchen Faucet

This traditional kitchen faucet has a sprayer that will make you easier to spray and wash your vegetables. The neutral color will add a sophisticate vibe to your lovely kitchen.

Wall Mount Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

The one and only selection that feature a wall mount installation. Perfect for you who need a different kitchen faucet for your kitchen. The brushed nickel finish gives it a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

3 Ways Wall Mounted Kitchen Lights Can Help You

Speaking of kitchen light planning, we usually pay more attention to the ceiling mounted lights. Be it pendant, recessed, or the fancy chandelier, you name it. But we often forget that the kitchen needs light layering as well. As we grow old, our eyes will lose its ability to see clearly. Therefore we need to put layers of light in the kitchen to help us now and later when we’re older. Besides the traditional ceiling mounted lights, we may want to consider an extra layer of wall mounted lights. This type of lights can serve several purposes in our kitchen. Here are some of them.

Task lighting

Kitchen pendant light may be a great help when you’re working on the kitchen island or on the countertops under the light. But pendant lights will not be much of a help when you’re working on countertops above the cabinets or even on the sink. Therefore, a swing arm wall mounted kitchen light is something that you would need. The swing arm can help you highlight the space you’re working on. And not to mention, wall mounted task lighting can add a statement to your kitchen. Just make sure that it won’t overlap with other fixtures.

Light up corners

There are not so many areas that you can keep well-lit when you’re using only ceiling mounted lights. You need extra layers of light to keep every corner of your kitchen well-lit. Putting wall sconces in the corners can do the trick. Or if you want something more subtle, you can use several wall-mounted led lights.

Accent light

Wall mounted kitchen lights will serve you well as accent light that gives off certain ambience to your kitchen. You can use beautiful wall sconces, or even just lit up cabinets for accent light. But wall mounted light can do the trick very nicely since you don’t rely on them for being the main lighting in your kitchen.

After all, kitchen lighting planning depends a lot on your creativity and design preferences. There are no right or wrong when it comes to designing your own house. Just remember that layering lights may be a good idea, and you can always explore a lot of styles and options.

Reviews On 4 Best Kraus Kitchen Faucets You Need to Experience

If you never heard of Kraus Kitchen Faucets before, you’re missing out. Kraus is one of the top companies that provide the best kitchen faucets in the market. As one of the most innovative faucet company, Kraus offers a wide range of kitchen faucet. And each faucet equipped with new technologies while still maintains the good quality. So if you’re interested in getting a Kraus kitchen faucet for your kitchen sink, here are the top 5 Kraus kitchen faucet you may want to consider.

Kraus KPF-2110 Single Lever Stainless Steel Pullout Kitchen Faucet

The single lever design in the Kraus KPF-2110 is a very nice addition to your kitchen sink as you can easily control the water flow. The sleek design also takes such small portion of your sink and leaves you with a lot of sink space to work with. Not to mention, it is also corrosion and rust resistant so you don’t have to worry much about keeping it dry.

Kraus KPF-2250 Single Lever Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Another single-lever option from Kraus that you need to consider since this faucet has a lower price than Kraus KPF-2110. The Kraus KPF-2250 comes with 180 degrees swivel feature that can give you full access to the sink area. And even though it has a low price, but Kraus still maintains its good quality and durability. And just as any other Kraus kitchen faucet, it also has a lifetime warranty.

Kraus KPF-1630SS Nola Single Lever Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

If you’re not a big fan of single lever pull out faucet, you may want to check this Kraus KPF-1630SS. It uses litetouch technology so you can easily control the flow and temperature of the water. The lead-free construction ensures the green users that it will not add more contaminant in their house.

Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Commercial Style Pre-rinse

Kraus KPF-1602 is the most popular kitchen faucet from Kraus. And this high-priced faucet deserves that kind of popularity because of its innovative pre-rinse technology. It will clean your pots and dishes with its powerful spray and the swivel technology guarantee you full access to the sink.

There are more wonderful Kraus kitchen faucets in the market that you can explore. But these four faucets can be a great start.

Gorgeous Cape Cod Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Get You Inspired

Kitchen is one of a place in home that often becomes the hub of the family home to gather and share special moments together. For that reason, you need to make the most of space you have by create a multifunctional and aesthetically appealing kitchen. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and you prefer a casually elegant design, then Cape Cod design might be just for you.

Cape Cod design is famous for ample window exposure and seaside color palettes. Its white accents, shaker style cabinets, subway tile and granite countertops are the charming adornments of Cape Cod design. Crisp, airy and spacious, having a makeover in your kitchen with cape cod kitchen remodel will ultimately make your space feel home sweet home.

Get the inspiration you need for Cape Cod kitchen design with our compilation ideas, and get ready to create a comfortable and elegant kitchen design in your home.

This Cape Cod kitchen remodel idea gets the space packed with personality, resulting in an earthy kitchen with character and efficiency. Its style balances more modern accents for an eclectic feel.

Remodel your kitchen with this stunning Cape Cod design idea. Airy layouts, nautical themes, and overall comfortable feel are all hallmarks of this Cape Cod-style idea.

This Cape Cod kitchen remodel idea featured with furniture that are casually comfortable, but constructed from high-quality materials. It has nautical designs that reflect the seaside heritage of Cape Cod.

Here is a coastal-inspired kitchen remodel idea for seaside-dwelling homeowners—or even those land-lubbers who simply want to be reminded of the sea in their own personalized kitchen.

When you choose the flooring for your Cape Cod kitchen remodel, tile is often an excellent choice due to its durability to stand up to years of daily use. Tile with nautical or ocean-inspired designs can add visual interest.

Not only welcoming and classic at the same time, this Cape Cod-style kitchen design idea also featured with nice drawers and roll-out trays for the ease of use and added room.

Color schemes play important role in Cape Cod kitchen designs that tend to be bright and welcoming spaces. Give a shot to this Cape Cod design idea with a custom look that bring a touch of whimsy to the eclectic kitchen.

This unique Cape Cod kitchen design is a combination of stock cabinetry and a countertop fashioned from concrete slab. This contrast combination resulted in a perfect food-prep area.

This once-cramped kitchen underwent an amazing transformation by doing Cape Cod kitchen remodel. The high-end, modern chandelier invites elegancy, while the vintage-style ceiling balances the kitchen’s contemporary flair.

If you want to remodel your kitchen with functional cape cod design that had a fun and spirited personality, this idea mixed modern elements such as stainless-steel appliance with traditional ones such as apron-front sink that keeping the kitchen feels bright and open.

Granite Kindred Kitchen Sinks: What You Need To Know

Granite sinks are one of the most common sinks we can find in people’s homes. This type of sink is made out of hard stone, composed of natural granite particles or crushed granites and hard acrylic polymer or glue. This composition creates the perfect material, aside of stainless steel, for typical home usage. Granite sinks are resistant to scratching and chipping, therefore, they are quite durable.

Kindred is a brand under the Franke Group, a big company that manufacture home and living appliances for over a century. And granite kindred kitchen sinks is one of their most popular product. It came under two different series: Amera and Mythos. You can learn more about their products through their website www.kindred-usa.com. Now before you head to the store, there are several things that you need to know about Granite Kindred Kitchen Sinks.

What is granite?

Granite is a form of natural rock that is hard and very dense. The one that Kindred use for their sink is made out of granite chunks bonded with the polymer. This material is designed to withstand everyday usage with high durability.

Styles and colours

Granite Kindred kitchen sinks came with two different mounting, top-mount and under-mount, with many different colours available for you to choose. They also have the single bowl and double bowls options so you can easily choose what you need.

How to clean

Cleaning kindred kitchen sink is easy. All you need is to wash it with a soft cloth and liquid dishwashing soap. But make sure that you use clean, plain water to make sure that it won’t leave mineral residues. Most marks on your granite Kindred kitchen sink can be washed away using liquid or cream cleanser and hot water. Rub the surface gently with scotchbrite pad for stubborn marks. Dry them afterwards with dry towels after cleaning. Make sure they are really dry to prevent limescale.

Will it stain?

Yes, granite kindred kitchen sink can stain due to improper maintenance and hard water usage. When you use hard water, make sure to dry towel your sink after use and not leave and water spots. Because when there are water spots behind, as the water evaporates, it will leave a residue of minerals on your sink surface. With time, this mineral residue will accumulate and create limescale that will retain any staining agent like tea, coffee, and so on.

Things you can’t do to your kindred kitchen sink

Don’t use metal, wool or wire scouring pads, it will leave iron residue behind and create corrosion in your sink. Don’t use chlorine bleach on your sink, or any sink at all. You can put diluted bleach, or product that contains bleach, but immediately rinse your sink after or you will risk ruining the granite’s appearance.

Granite kindred kitchen sink has long been known as one of the best kitchen sinks in the market. The bucks you spend on these sinks is definitely worth it since Kindred use high-quality material that is durable and easy to maintain. Just make sure to follow their cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Update Your Kitchen and Get a Fresh Look with These Kitchen Remodeling Oklahoma City Ideas

Do you have a kitchen with old look that in need of a remodel? Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your house, so you want it to be a space you enjoy spending time in. If you have been dreaming of that new look of your kitchen forever, now is the time. You can try modernizing your kitchen by resurface your cabinets and counters, refreshing your backsplashes or redoing the tile floor, designing your kitchen with a more open plan. In this case, kitchen remodel OKC can give you the kitchen makeover of your dreams.

Remodeling your kitchen with Oklahoma City designs is a great way to add value to your kitchen and add functionality to this room that you use every day. If you are interested in a complete kitchen remodel OKC or simply changing out your kitchen countertops, check out our picks on some of best kitchen remodel OKC inspiration and gain insight about the options that can fit your design preference and lifestyle.
Create a creative transitional space by transforming your very dated kitchen’s layout and adding contemporary texture with this OKC remodel idea to make your space beautiful, welcoming, and be one of a kind kitchen!

If you want an OKC remodel with simple shaker style and to stay with the woodwork throughout the kitchen, this one can boast the look of your kitchen area.

From sturdy countertops and functional appliances to nice sinks, perfect lighting and everything in between, this kitchen remodel idea resulting in a stunning kitchen makeover.

Here is a unique kitchen remodel OKC idea that you could add to your list. A glazed backsplash and weathered oak furniture feel sleek and sexy in this kitchen look.

Consider choosing the color of wall paint and tiles that festive, as example adding a bright pop of yellow to break up the all-white cabinetry.

Take light green and white to the next level with a vibrant burst of cobalt. The look of this OKC remodel idea makes a statement but still feels classic.

Move beyond the aesthetics of the material for your kitchen remodel with something like this kitchen remodeling Oklahoma City idea. Future personalized modern kitchen goals.

For a glam but gender-neutral color scheme, opt for brass and color with warm tone as your OKC remodel theme like this one. This kitchen remodel idea also offers cozy seating.

The style of OKC remodel you select should be a natural fit in your kitchen while appealing to the look you want. This neutral kitchen idea gets beautiful contrast mix of black and white; make the look feel clean and elegant.

Though the color palette of this OKC remodel idea is neutral, this muted kitchen style gets its cool factor thanks to the fixtures and mixed metals.

The Star of a Professional Kitchen: Complete Guides on Kitchen Island Hoods

When remodelling your kitchen, you may not think of getting a kitchen hood just because it seems unnecessary and you can get by without them. While that may be true for some people who don’t cook much or has an open outdoor kitchen, but kitchen range hood is a must for some household, especially for kitchens with an awful ventilation system. Grease, odour and smoke may get trapped inside and it can cause several problems in your kitchen. The worst thing that can happen because you didn’t install a proper kitchen hood is carbon intoxication and fat grease that got stuck all over your kitchen.

So before you get caught on those problems, it is always better to prevent them by installing a kitchen island hoods above your kitchen island cooktop. Here are some things you need to think of before heading to the store.

The placement

It is pretty obvious that the kitchen island hood should be placed above your kitchen island. But how high should you mount your hood? You should first check with your hood manufacturer’s recommendation. But generally, kitchen island hood will be installed 20 to 24 inches above the cooktop. But if you use a gas range, it is better to put them 24 to 30 inches above your cooking surface.

The power needed

The power you need for your hood depends a lot on what type and sizes is your cooking range and how often do you cook. So if you’re using a six-burner gas range, off course you’re going to need a higher powered kitchen island hood compared to a 20-inch wide electric cooktop. So make sure that your hood power matches your range.

Capture area

When deciding the size of your kitchen island hood, take notes of the size of your range first. The width of your kitchen island fan should match the width of your range. And the depth of your hood should cover the back burner and at least half of the front burner. Therefore know the size of your range first to determine which hood is perfect for your kitchen.

The grease filter

When buying a kitchen island hood, you have to check if you can easily clean your grease filter. As the grease and smoke are being sucked into your hood, the greasy air will go through a filter before being circulated back into your kitchen or to the open outdoors. And to keep your hood clean, you have to take off your grease filter and clean them regularly. So always make sure that you can take off your grease filter easily and clean them easily as well.

The sound

One thing to consider when you are getting a kitchen island hood is the sound. As kitchen hood use high powered fans, it can create noises in your house. So you have to make sure that the noise your kitchen island hood made is not too disturbing for your preference. Or else you may be reluctant to use them later in your kitchen.

Need a New Faucet for Your Kitchen? Try This Touchless Kitchen Faucet!

Have you ever worried about the spread of bacteria moving into your kitchen faucet while you’re cooking? Especially if you’re using the pull-down kitchen faucet? Now you don’t need to worry, this touchless kitchen faucet will make your cooking activities more easy and convenient.

Available in the different style and finish, this faucet also can look futuristic and sleek as it can eliminate the need for a handle if you wish to do so. Listed below are the well-selected touchless faucets to help you find the best kitchen faucets currently on the market.

Kohler Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This is one of the most minimalistic yet attractive kitchen faucets that you will find in the market. It has the vibrant stainless finish that will make your kitchen look clean and modern.

Moen Delaney Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Here is another stainless faucet that provides 2 sensors that can respond to what you need, make it easier to complete your kitchen tasks.

Delta Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Need a distinct look for your kitchen? You can choose this bronze faucet, it has a beautiful color that will make your kitchen look elegant.

Kohler Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Here is another faucet that has oil rubbed bronze finish. The color is darker than the previous one, which is perfect for people who love blackish faucets.

Moen Pure Touch Faucet Kitchen

This one is a luxury kitchen faucet with water filler. This uniquely designed faucet has a satin finish that will add a beautiful finish to your kitchen.

Grohe Kitchen Faucet Minta Touch

Here is another minimalist design for your kitchen faucet. This faucet will add the ultimate in cleanliness and convenience for your lovely kitchen since it comes with innovative touch technology.

Ono HiFlex contemporary kitchen faucet

This masterpiece from Ono will make your modern kitchen look cool and elegant. It is easy to use and you can control the temperature and pressure at any time.

Moen Arbor Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This beautifully designed oil rubbed bronze faucet will go along with a classic look that won’t distract in a room. It also has a lot of features that will help you do your chores easier, more effective, and hygienic.

Moen Brantford Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This is one of the most affordable recommendations for your kitchen faucet. The touchless kitchen faucet can be turned off by moving your hand close to the sensors, which will help you to save a lot of water.

Waldron Single-Hole Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Here is another unique design for your kitchen faucet. Just by waving your hand underneath the spout turns the water on and off, it can help you to prevent unnecessary energy loss through controlling the unnecessary flow of water.

Make the Most of Your Kitchen with These Functional Prep Sinks for Kitchen Islands

Making the kitchen island highly functional is considered as one of major trend in kitchen today. Many homeowners install multiple sinks, which are game-changing in the kitchens of large families, in the interest of improving the time spent in the kitchen. As with all kitchen remodels, prep sink in island is a functional addition that can make your cooking task easier and your kitchen seem more exquisite.

Therefore, if you have a limited space at home, putting a sink in the island can save your kitchen layout.

Prep sinks for kitchen islands varies between sizes, models and shapes, and with so many options on the market, it may be somewhat confusing to choose the right one for your kitchen. But, worry no more because we have compiled some ideas of prep sinks for kitchen islands that we hope it will help you with some planning and inspiration.

Proximity and practicality need to come first when considering where to install a secondary sink. If your kitchen layout includes an island, it’s nice to put sink in it like in this idea to create an efficient workspace.

Experiment the eggshell toned granite of kitchen island with stainless steel sinks can be aesthetically charming, while also makes better use of the space within the island.

Consider choosing simple and modern style like this idea of wonderfully crafted kitchen island with a secondary sink. The all-white style of the cabinets and the counter is pretty too.

We have a nice wooden island here with a prep sink in it. Look at how aesthetic the marble prep sink on the kitchen island is and how much it complements the kitchen’s space.

It made sense to have a prep sink at the island in addition to the main sink, and second sink or prep sink would be perfect for couples who enjoy cooking as a team.

This light grey toned kitchen has a sophisticated style and a nice configuration of multiple sinks that allows two chefs to simultaneously prepare meals.

The prep sink in the kitchen island is simple, but sure is functional and all of the vegetable cleaning and rinsing of other foods can take place on this prep sink.

You can even get turn your countertop into a functional work of art with an elegant kitchen island that have prep sink like in this artsy looking kitchen.

If you like to follow the new black trend, you will love the prep sink for kitchen island in a soapstone counters, which were used in this kitchen with the white cabinets.

Consider how you’ll use the sink before you settled on one. A prep sink for kitchen island can also be a wonderful asset to transforming your island into a bar or appetizer center.

On Kitchen Island Lantern Pendants: What You Need to Note

Kitchen island lantern pendants have gained popularities among homeowners. The unique, open, and antique yet casual style of lantern pendant has successfully captured the heart of many. And it has made its appearance in so many rooms, from the foyer to the bedroom. As for the kitchen Island, the use of lantern pendants is quite common. Usually, homeowners choose lantern pendants to hang above their kitchen island because it can give your kitchen a unique look instantly.

Despite all the benefits of kitchen island lantern pendants, there are several things you need to note and think about before deciding if it is the right fits for your kitchen.

Does it match your kitchen style?

Take a good hard look at your kitchen, and remind yourself of the design theme of the room. Kitchen island lantern pendants will be getting all the attention for everyone that first enters your kitchen. So you have to make sure that the lantern pendant style matches your kitchen design theme. Usually, lantern pendants will go really well with rustic or farmhouse kitchen design. But if you have a more contemporary and modern kitchen design, you can still choose a more modern lantern pendant style.

What function do you expect them to serve?

Typically, kitchen island pendant lights can serve as task lighting, ambience lighting, decorative lighting, or accent lighting. Lantern pendants may serve really well as decorative lighting, accent lighting, and ambience lighting. But if you want them to serve as task lighting, you need to reconsider getting a kitchen island lantern pendant. Because lantern pendants usually have their bulbs widely exposed and therefore have no cap that can focus their light on the kitchen island. This will make it hard for lantern pendants to serve as task lighting.

Is it easy to clean?

Kitchen island lantern pendants came in many form and design. Typically they have metal frames and a bulb in the centre, but it has many other variations. Some have fabric or glass covers. Others have an elaborate and beautiful frame shape. But one thing you need to remember when picking a lantern pendant is whether it will be easy to clean or not. As you know, the kitchen area can be quite greasy and dirty. You wouldn’t want your lantern pendants to look dirty and greasy, so you have to regularly clean them. By making sure that the lantern is easy to clean, you have saved yourself a lot of energy in the future.

Kitchen Sconce Light Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Fabulous Ambient Lighting

While lighting is often overlooked by most homeowners, it is the one defining factor that makes or breaks the look of your kitchen interior. Installing perfect lighting can accentuate your kitchen design and give its interiors a far more refined and tasteful appeal. If you are looking to add a touch of romance, elegance and dazzling beauty to your kitchen, nothing enlivens a dull and dreary space like sconces lighting.

Sconce lights are amazing lighting fixtures that do help your kitchen area stand out in terms of its overall look. Kitchen sconce lighting eliminates the dark corners, creates ambient lighting in the right fashion and offers the modern and relaxing atmosphere you seek for a kitchen area.

Here are some best kitchen sconce lighting ideas to inspire you in creating perfectly ambient atmosphere that is both visually appealing and ergonomically charming in your kitchen.

These sconces lighting idea can create a sense of airy and open interiors in your kitchen. Showcase the timeless look of the kitchen design with this idea for an added dramatic feel.

The perfect combination of the feminine white decoration and sconces lighting with delicate smooth finishing, bring warmth and calm appeal to the kitchen.

Different lighting styles can totally change the room’s mood. The country charm is found in the warm and welcoming rustic kitchen sconces lighting you add to your kitchen space.

You can go minimalist by combining a power duo of classic sconce lights with modern-sleek look pendants. It really showcases the type of value you can expect and yes, it’s really astonishing.

Here is a kitchen sconce light idea with eccentric fixture that you should definitely consider checking it out. It can offer you the unique sense of quality without that much of a problem.

The concept of this sconces lighting idea is a fun one and it also looks nothing short of amazing. You will love it because its style goes greatly with any kitchen design.
If you want a more appealing set of visuals, this kitchen sconce lighting idea is one of the classic fixtures you want. Adding in golden brushed sconce does make a lot of sense, and the fact that some other stuff in the kitchen has gold accents is really nice too.

The interior designs of your kitchen don’t have to be very complex. These simple sconces lighting idea is certainly going to stand out, especially in simple mid-century modern schemes.

Whether your kitchen is done in pale colors or dark ones, the light beaming from these sconces lighting idea will help it feel as airy as possible.

The smart use of lighting, shades and color of these sconces idea can truly make any kitchen turn into a charming atmosphere.