Hanging a Crystal Chandelier in Your Foyer? Here is Your Rule of Thumb!

For your guest, foyer creates the first impression of your house. A nice and elegant foyer can leave them a good impression and a more comfortable feeling. Therefore, never underestimate this part of your house. One way to impress your guest with your foyer is to install an elegant and glamorous crystal chandelier. This foyer crystal chandelier can highlight your entrance and absorb all the attention of your guest, giving them that ‘awe’ factor. And of course, if your house design concept is classy and luxurious, a crystal chandelier can give your guest that sophisticated sense right from the first time they set their foot inside your house.

Yet to hang a foyer crystal chandelier, you need to consider a few things.

How big is it?

First of all, you need to know the measurement of your foyer and make sure that the chandelier you choose has a proportional size. If you put a crystal chandelier that is too big, you risk making your foyer feels cramped and cluttered instead of luxurious. But if your chandelier is too small, it will have a less dramatic effect than you expect. So always make sure that your chandelier size is at proportion with your foyer.

How high should you hang it?

Another thing to consider is the height of your ceiling and how high should you hang your foyer crystal chandelier. The rule of thumb is to hang your foyer crystal chandelier 7 feet above your floor. But you might need several adjustments. For example, if you have a two-story foyer, you might need to hang it higher so the bottom of the chandelier hangs at the level of your second floor. If you have a one story foyer with high ceiling you might need to hang your chandelier higher as well.

Where to hang it?

You always have to hang your chandelier at the centre of your foyer. So it’s not too close or too far from the door. Also, measure the height and width of your door to make sure that when you open the door, it won’t touch the bottom of your foyer crystal chandelier.

After all, you’re the one who can decide how to hang your foyer crystal chandelier. Understand your room and this rule of thumb, but don’t be afraid to adjust it so it suits your house better.

Chrome Bathroom Lighting, For a Classy and Elegant Bathing Experience

Bathroom always have a special position in our heart. Not only it is the place where we pamper ourselves with a good hot bath after a long and tiring day, bathroom is also the only room in our house where we are encouraged to lock ourselves in for a while. Hence, it makes perfect sense if we want to put extra attention and energy to give our bathroom a more comfortable and luxurious design.

One of the easiest way to make our bathroom feels luxurious and comfortable, is to put the right lighting in it. One of the best choices to put in your bathroom for a more luxurious feeling would be chrome bathroom lighting. Yet before you jump right in and buy yourself new chrome bathroom lighting, you need to know how to light your bathroom properly.

Bathroom lightings are important

Some bathrooms are lucky enough to have a window or a skylight so natural light can brighten them up during the day. But other bathrooms are not lucky enough, and therefore needs extra lighting to keep the room from being too dark. There are several places and ways you can install a chrome bathroom light fixtures. With the right positions and amount, your bathroom will feel so comfortable and elegant that you don’t even want to leave. So here are the kinds of chrome lightings you surely need to have in your bathroom.

Task Lighting is a must!

Task lighting is non-movable light fixtures that are installed to light a specific task, or things. In a bathroom, you need to have a task lighting to properly light yourself in front of the bathroom vanity’s mirror. You wouldn’t want to rely solely on an overhead light, since this kind of light will create a shadow under your eye and on your neck. Therefore, you need task lightings on two sides of your mirror. And make sure your task lighting is not too bright that it will make you hard to look at your own reflection. Also, never install task lightings above your head, or above the mirror, as this will create an unflattering light on your face when you look into the mirror. Two sconces chrome bathroom lighting would be perfect for task lighting.

Decorative lighting because your bathroom is a piece of art

Chromatic bathroom lighting on its own is a beautiful thing. The chromatic finish will instantly give a fancy and elegant look to your bathroom. But more than that, a chrome bathroom light fixture can also act as a decorative lighting.

Despite the name, decorative lightings are not only used for decorative purposes. This lightings will be the main source of your bathroom light. You can put a beautiful pendant chrome bathroom lighting on your ceiling to create a classy look.

Ambient Light to set up the mood

You already have task lights on the side of your mirror, and you also have installed a pendant decorative light fixture on your ceiling. You think you’ve had it all? Nope. You need one more kind of lighting: Ambient light. This lighting will set up the ambience of your bathroom. If you’re a big fan of a good hot bath after work, ambient light play an important role in your bathroom. Usually, you can put several small chrome bathroom lighting on the ceiling, or a pendant light fixture with a translucent shade can do the same job just as well.

Overall, putting chrome bathroom lighting is a good option for giving your bathroom that elegant and luxurious feels, especially if it matches the bathroom theme. The chrome bathroom lighting will also looks well with a geometric patterned tiles or a dark wall.

Guides on Edison Bulb Chandelier for Dining Room: What You Need to Know

Planning a dining room lighting can feel a little bit overwhelming and fun because you need to understand each fixture, their functions, and how to layer them correctly. There are so many variables at play and you may find yourself wanting to resort to just use one piece ceiling lamp for everything. But to really create a beautifully lit dining room, with nice ambience, you absolutely need to layer the light. The main thing you need to first address when layering dining room light, is the ceiling mounted lamp. This light can make or break your dining room design since ceiling light can be a statement piece to your room.

For homeowners who dig the industrial look, Edison bulb chandelier dining room may be your lamp of choice for its strong vintage and industrial characteristics. But here are the things you need to know about Edison bulb chandelier.

Vintage Edison bulb and a regular incandescent bulb is different

First of all, a vintage Edison bulb and a regular modern incandescent bulb is different. Although they are both incandescent bulb, they have different power, different light results, and different markings. Edison bulb was made with the filament stretched out into a pattern and therefore creates less light than a regular bulb. So when you buy 75 Watt Edison bulb and regular bulb, you will have a lot fewer lumens in Edison bulb.

The composition matters

When hanging Edison bulb chandelier, you need to really consider the composition of the room. Edison bulb works well with simple and uncluttered room design, as it is a statement piece on its own and prone to clash with other pieces. You can also try different chandelier composition by hanging the Edison bulbs at different levels. This can make a really nice warm glow in your room and beautiful romantic ambience.

How to dispose of the bulb

As we all know, disposing of a bulb can’t be done carelessly as it may harm others or even breaking the law. Luckily, Edison bulb, just like any other incandescent bulb can be easily disposed of in your trash bin. Although you need to first wrap them in a box so if the glass breaks it won’t hurt anyone.

The function it serves

As we already know, Edison bulb creates fewer lumens compared to a regular bulb. Therefore, we can’t use Edison bulb as the main lighting in our room. Edison bulb can only serve as an ambient light and decorative light in your dining room. Layering is important in this state because we need proper lighting in our dining room. You can layer with sconces or even another ceiling mounted led to support the Edison bulb chandelier in your dining room.

Get A Better Reading Experience With These Sleek Wall Mounted Reading Lights Ideas

Having the right task lighting that provide enough light for you who enjoy reading in bed or playing games on your computer is essential. Ceiling lights, however, give too much light in the areas you don’t want, and table lights also isn’t a better option because it often didn’t give enough light in the areas that you needed the most.

Installing a wall mounted reading lights is the ideal solution because its adjustable feature could provide you light in just the area you want. Wall mounted reading lights have a varied selection of styles and sizes and are perfect lighting solution for your reading time. To inspire you, these are our best ten picks that you might want to consider before you purchase yours.

Get a wall mounted reading light that just right in the style and function and will make you comfortable when laying up against your pillows.

Add this wall mounted swing arm reading lights that look beautiful and well functioned in lighting up your reading nook.

When choosing reading light that might suits your bedroom well, opting for the one with easily reach on and off switch for more comfortable reading task.

This wall mounted reading light is not only stylish while providing the light, but also save your table space.

This one with an elegant on/off chain and its height adjustability might soon become one of your favorite.

Opting for the one that can be set depends on your need, as example set on a dimmer so that it casts a soft light and not quite as bright when you’re not using it.

This contemporary wall light which is warm and retro in design, will effortlessly fit into your decor room as well as looking stunning when illuminated.

This reading light would be fantastic as a bedside lamp, thanks to its stylish appearance as well as the added convenience and efficiency of the light.

This fabulous wall mounted reading light come with special protective finish, and its arm can be pushed away easily when it’s no longer used to read.

And last but not least, an option in nickel plated solid brass which is elegant and aesthetically pleasing to your bedroom.

Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas That Stuns

So you have your whole kitchen remodelled and you absolutely love how it looks. But then you notice something is missing when you use the sink for washing dishes and vegetables. Yes, you forgot the kitchen sink lighting. This seemingly small and insignificant matter actually contributes a lot to your kitchen functionality. Imagine washing your dishes with improper lighting, you may end up hurting yourself or breaking your dish. Therefore, you need to get yourself a good kitchen sink lighting to avoid the worst. If you’re confused and not sure on what kind of lighting type you should get, check out these awesome ideas.


A window is always the best source of light since it provides not only natural lighting but also a breeze of air and ventilation for your kitchen. However, the window still needs to be paired with lamps for artificial lighting. Because as we all know, natural lighting is not available all time all day. But even so, getting a window in front of your sink can give you a lot of advantages. So you may want to consider this option.


Pendant lighting is chic and nice to have in your kitchen, especially if you already use the same pendant lighting above your kitchen island. However, installing a pendant lamp above your kitchen sink is not a task you can do on your own. You need to hire professional help for this. But pendant lighting can provide you with really good task lighting. And it came in many styles option so you can absolutely find ones that suit your kitchen design.

Under cabinet tape light

Under cabinet tape light works really well if you don’t want to change the look of your kitchen. This concealed type of lighting only adds necessary kitchen sink light without adding any visible ornament. However, this lighting can only work when you have a cabinet above your kitchen sink.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are a nice option you may want to consider. Just like pendant lighting, wall sconces can provide you with enough artificial lighting and come in many different styles. However, wall sconces are easier to install than pendant lighting. You can easily put it as your DIY project. But wall sconces, unless you used the ones with moving arm, is not really a good task light since it produced a more diffused light.

Flush mount ceiling light

One of the easiest options to light up your kitchen sink area is by installing a flush mount ceiling light. This type of light doesn’t require much maintenance, it stays away from your head unlike pendant light, and it usually provides good lighting. Especially if you want to keep your kitchen sink lighting low profile, flush mount ceiling light is the one.

Table lamp

If you are not up for the hassle of installing anything serious or you just don’t want to make a permanent change in your kitchen, you may want to consider a table lamp. Just put a table lamp in safe proximity and voila, you have kitchen sink lighting. But be sure to use ones that are water resistant as you may risk exposing the lamp to water.

5+ Ways to Use Wall Sconces Light Fixture to Brighten Up Your House

In designing your house’s interior, lighting became one of the most crucial parts. It can change the look and the feeling of a room drastically. Just by changing your lighting plan, you can create a very different place with different ambience as well.

If you’re thinking of changing your house’s lighting plan, one type of lighting appliances that you have to keep in mind is the wall sconces light fixture. These wall sconces, especially the plug-in ones, are really simple to use. But the changes they make in your room are incredible. So, without further ado, here are 5+ ways to use the wall sconces light fixture in your lighting plan!

Save up space

The greatest thing about wall sconces is that it doesn’t need a table or space on your floor. It is wall mounted so you can save up so many spaces by using a wall sconces light fixture instead of a table lamp or standing lamp. You can put stylish wall sconces on the sides of your sofa instead of a traditional table lamp and you definitely have saved up some space.

Brighten up your house’s weird or awkward spots.

Sometimes you have that weird part of your house that is less illuminated because either the light can’t reach it or it has so many shades. Wall sconces can save the area by providing a source of light as task lighting. You can put wall sconces in that awkward spots without looking too weird.

Balance a wall

Putting up a wall sconces light fixture on the sides of an art piece will highlight it and create a more balanced wall. Not only it may enhance the composition of the room’s design, but it can also fill up the wall and improve the room’s appearance.

Bedside table no more

Bedside table is often too bulky and takes up quite some place. While it might be important to some people as they put their personal belongings there before sleep, but for some people, it is a waste of space. So if you’re not a big fan of a bedside table, wall sconces light fixture will be a nice alternative. Instead of installing a bedside table just to put a table lamp on the sides of the bed, wall sconces can do the same job with less required space.

Illuminate your dressing area

The dressing area is an important part of any bedroom. We use it every day, every morning before we go about our day. And of course, as it is a dressing area, it needs to be well lit. A pair of wall sconces on the sides of your standing or full body mirror might do the trick.

Make a quirky overhead lighting

For those of you who have a quirky soul and quirky sense of design, swapping your overhead pendant light with a swing out sconce is a good alternative. Not only it provides a focal lighting, but it also helps you avoid rewiring work that might cost you a lot.

There you have it, 5+ ideas on how to use the wall sconce light fixture in your lighting plan. Wall sconces can be a good alternative from a traditional pendant or tableside lamp. And it might be cheaper too as you can opt for the plug-in ones that don’t require any rewiring. You can just simply install them on your wall and creatively use the cord as a decoration before it disappears into your wall panelling.

10 Gorgeous Dining Room Chandelier to Beautify Your Home!

When it comes to interior design, lighting is very important. For example, lamps in the dining room can create warmer atmosphere and make everyone more comfortable. Also if you choose chandeliers for your dining room, it will make your dining room look good and elegant.

It is not easy to choose the proper lighting for your dining room. But for gorgeous dining room, i think chandelier is the best option to beautify your place. Of course you should be given special attention. So, there are 10 inspiring chandelier design that will deligt you!

1# Classic style is the best!

I think classic style of chandelier for your dining room is the best option. But, consider the size of your room before you buy it. When choosing one, consider the size of your room. Also, you have the choice to keep the traditional look of your own!

2# Be formal

Dining room may be where family or colleague gather for huge dinner. It becomes good idea if you want to keep formal atmosphere by choosing the formal style of chandelier.

3# Reflect your casual style

I will say that dining room is an intimate area for you and your family. So for your inspiration, you can choose casual style chandelier to make comfortable and warmer atmosphere.

4# Stay minimalist

Maybe your dining room is an open floor and has plenty of light. So, you need chandelier only as an artwork, not a lighting source. It becomes easy for you to choose minimalist chandelier to make your dining room special and unique.

#5 Chandelier is the main attraction

To make your chandelier as the main attraction of the dining room, choose crystal! It is the best way to add gorgeous touch in your dining room. However, chandelier with crystal material usually need more cost. So, before buy it, check your budget first!

6# Gorgeous crystal glass

Not all crystal chandelier are expensive. There are many different types of crystal glass available today in a wide range of styles, cuts and price points. For example: svarovski, spectra, gemcut, and etc. You can choose crystal that suitable with your interior style and of course your budget.

7# Be more creative

Forget the traditional chandelier, because non traditional chandelier can give more creative value in your dining room. For example, you can make your own chandelier from vintage glass bottles. Just use your imagination!

8# Stay simple stay unique

In today’s interior design, non traditional chandelier are gorgeous. You can build your own creation using imagination and mixture in do-it-yourself project. This must be fun when you can show your creation in every dining moment.

#9 It is okay to be cute

It is okay if you like cute things, for example dining room chandelier. This kind of cute and unique design will create friendly atmosphere. So, you and your friends can have warmer conversation and just chill!

10# Choose smaller chandelier

Do not put great lighting in the smaller dining rooms. Better for you to choose smaller chandelier with greater intensity. The chandelier also should be hung a little lower at a height of 150 cm. So, the light is close to the table and resulting a sense of warmth.

So, which dining room chandelier as your favorites?

Installing Large Wooden Chandelier? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re into classic, earthy, warm and rustic home design, you might be considering installing a wooden chandelier for your room. This type of lighting can add a humble focal point in your room compared to the classic crystal chandelier. It also has its quirkiness that gives your room a stronger character and hopefully a better ambience. But installing a large wooden chandelier is no easy task. Here are some things you need to know before you install that beautiful large wood chandelier.

Make sure it has the right size for your room

A large wood chandelier can give that dramatic and nice effect to your room. But keep in mind that larger isn’t always better. You need to consider the size and the proportion in the room. If you choose the wrong size, you risk throwing off the balance in the room. Also, it might make your room feels smaller. Therefore, always consider the size of the room.

Use a special electrical box for support

The larger your chandelier, the heavier it gets. And if you planned to install a large wood chandelier, you will need a special electrical box to support your chandelier because regular electrical box can only hold light fixtures that weigh up to 15 pounds. If your chandelier weighs more, you need that special electrical box that has the label “Rated for Fan Support”. This kind of electrical box can hold up any light fixtures that weigh up to 150 pounds.

Measure the right height

Besides the size of the chandelier, you need to measure how low you will hang it. You want your chandelier to hang low enough to give good light to your room, but not too low that it will bother the people that walk underneath it.

It’s always better to hire a professional

Installing a chandelier is no easy task. It needs a good wiring skill and sometimes you even have to open up your ceiling to install it. And of course, you want your chandelier to work well. Therefore, always hire a professional to handle your chandelier installation.

Overall, a large wood chandelier would be a nice addition to your warm and rustic room. But before you install one, it’s better to count all the costs that you will spend on this upgrade. If you’re on a tight budget, you need to recalculate and factor in all the cost before deciding on installing that beautiful large wood chandelier.

How to Set Up Mini Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island: A Simple Guide

Kitchen Island is a great addition that every kitchen needs to have. It gives extra storage and working surface on your kitchen. Furthermore, a kitchen island can replace the function of the dining table in small apartments or houses. Pair them with stools and the right lighting, and you will have a great place to hang around with your loved ones.

Good lighting is paramount to a kitchen island. As this piece of furniture can be used for various kinds of activities, keeping it well-lit is a logical thing to do. One of the most common ways to light your kitchen island is by using mini pendant lights. Here are the guides on setting up mini pendant lights for kitchen island.

What is the lighting for?

You need to decide the function you desire from the mini pendant lights. Whether you want it to serve as task lighting to help you with cooking or washing in the kitchen island, or you want to keep it as ambience lighting. When you already know what you want exactly from mini pendant lights in your kitchen island, it will be easier for you to choose the right fit and set it up on your kitchen.

The height

Notice that mini pendant lights need to be hanged on a certain height so it can provide good lighting for your kitchen island. But to find the right height, you need to first measure your kitchen island and your ceiling. Typically, mini pendant light needs to be hung 30 to 36 inches above the kitchen island. But you can adjust them to your liking. Just make sure that you don’t hang them too high that the light bulbs are visible, or too low that it may interfere with the activities below.

The style

Consider the style of your mini pendant lighting for kitchen island, whether it is cohesive with the rest of the room or not. You want your mini pendant lighting to look nice but don’t overwhelm your kitchen. Choose the same finish for your mini pendant lights as the other fixtures to create that cohesive feeling.

The maintenance

Having mini pendant lights in the kitchen, even though it is very common, but it is actually rather hard to maintain. Just like the other fixtures in your kitchen, mini pendant lights are prone to grime and dirt from all the cooking grease and dust. Therefore, you need to clean them routinely every couple of weeks.

After all, mini pendant lights are a good choice for a kitchen island, as it will provide nice lighting yet it won’t disturb the balance of your kitchen. It will also look nice as a decorative accent. Just make sure you follow the guides above to find the right pendant lighting for your kitchen island.

From Types to Installation: Basic Guide to Lights Wall Sconces

As we have probably figured out, one of the oldest forms of lighting devices is a torch. Our ancestor use burning sticks to provide them with light as they venture the wood or the cave. But holding a torch all the time can be quite tiring and prohibit them from doing something with both hands. Therefore, they wedge it into the cave wall. And there we got the oldest form of light fixtures: Sconce wall.

This lighting fixture has been around for so long, and we have seen it everywhere. So it only makes sense to have them in our house as well. But if you’re not familiar with lights wall sconces, here’s the basic guide.


Wall sconces can be put everywhere, as long as you have a wall to hang it in. But typically lights wall sconces are put in a corridor to light up the way, in the bedroom as a bedside lamp, in the bathroom as a vanity lamp, or in the foyer to light the table where we put our keys. The point is, wall sconces can be put anywhere according to your need and creativity.


So, what are wall sconces for? This lighting fixture provides many functions. The most popular is to serve as a task light. It lights specific task or a specific place that needs to be well-lit like the vanity’s mirror, or the corridor. But wall sconces can also serve as ambience light to set up the mood in your patio or in your bedroom.


Wall sconces come in many varieties. According to the electrical mechanism, there are plug-in wall sconces, hard-wired wall sconces, battery operated wall sconces, and solar powered wall sconces. Each and every type has its own ups and downs. You can adjust which one to get according to your room set up.


Wall sconces installation is quite simple depending on the types. All you need is to drill a hole on your wall and use screws to secure your wall sconces. The electrical wiring depends largely on the type of sconces. If you use battery operated or solar powered wall sconces, you don’t need to be bothered by the electrical works. But if you’re using a plugin or hardwired sconces, you may need to do some electrical works.

There you have your basic guide on lights wall sconces. But there are many other things to learn about this oldest type of lighting fixtures. So if you’re thinking of getting one, you may want to do more extensive research on this fixture.

Light Up Your Home With These Stylish Outdoor Coach Lights

Nothing can revive the look of your home like new outdoor lighting fixtures. Outdoor coach lights can be an alternative option to elevate beauty, security, and safety to your home. It brings a warm, welcoming entrance for your guests. Wether you want to add something to decor your entryway or just want to have something to shed some light on things, opting for outdoor coach lights proving to be not only smart but good-looking too. From awe inspiring designs and styles to interesting materials, the option are seemingly endless.

Classical Antique Style

If you are a fan of vintage and plan to make use of outdoor coach light to illuminate your front door areas, classical antique style is for you. An antique outdoor coach light with classic-colonial design, featuring copper finishes that holds up well in all climates is an ideal choice for your historical and vintage-inspired home. Make sure that the outdoor coach light you pick is ideal for your house because it should be sized to measure 1/4 to 1/3 the height of your front door for ambient lighting.

Modern Transitional Style

If you prefer a style with smooth and clean lines in chrome finishes that ideal for contemporary, modern, or transitional home, then this style might be just for you. This light fixture is suited for humid and moist locations. Consider having the one that could be positioned at eye level and the result will be stunning.

Nautical-Classic Style

If you are installing a lighting fixture outdoors, choose the one that designed and built to be there. Ensure that you select fixtures made for outdoor locations that stand up to humidity and moisture. This style with a colonial design, featuring nickel finishes that holds up well in all environments with direct contact with rain or even ocean spray is ideal for beach bungalows or coastal homes.

Rustic Style

If you have a cabin or a home with lodge-style, you should consider owning an outdoor coach light that able to take dampness, freezing, and heat without being damaged and weather-resistant. This style has an unique and decorative approach to illuminate your home enterway. This Rustic style with hand-forged metal accents in ceramic finishes is weather resistant, weather proof, and dark sky compliant.

These Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas Will Bring Sparkle Into Your Kitchen

In most home, the kitchen island is rarely ever used for one activity only. From being a full dining space, place for food prep or cooking, and a place for family time, it is a multipurpose space whose role changes depending on the occasion and time of day. In this case, whatever lighting you choose has to be ideal for different situations that take place on the kitchen island. You have to make sure the lighting complements the kitchen’s overall décor and maintains the island’s aesthetics at the same time. Here are some best kitchen island lighting ideas to help you decide what would work best for your kitchen.

If you hoping for people’s eyes to be drawn above immediately after they enter your high-end kitchen, a classic glittering chandeliers will grace your dining area. Chandeliers add a luxe feel to your beautiful kitchen.

If you have want a stylish lighting that could create a more welcoming feel for your kitchen, these pendant lights provide both style and functionality. The overhead hanging pendants are so understated and they really add an impressive design to your kitchen.

Pendants are great and all, but if you don’t want anything hanging over your island, try recessed kitchen island lights for a clean yet functional style.

These gorgeous black sheathed cobalt pendants are great artisan elements that add a unique appeal to a rustic setting, introduces a piece of art in your kitchen.

This accent lighting under the domed ceiling glows highlight your overall kitchen’s architecture. The intensity of the lighting will create dramatic, soft shadow effects and add dimension to your kitchen area.

Think about opting one of the hottest trends in lighting design: a linear chandelier. The seeded glass and minimalist, stem-hung design adds an urban edge while providing excellent task lighting.

The mission-style pendants offer a low profile and a pop of glamour without interrupting the view, which complement the decor of the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

There is an edgy and irreverent vibe in a marriage of modern and traditional design, but the result has an appropriate stature, seriousness and mesmerizing sleek look.

Classic and timeless, the brushed nickel finish and clean design of these striking pendants add a ‘wow’ factor, combining the best of form and function for your kitchen island.

Layering light is the best way to provide task as well as ambient lighting. Here, recessed lighting, accent lighting, over-counter task lighting and pendants work together for a welcoming, warm result.

Style Your Kitchen With These Stunning Kitchen Lighting Pendants Ideas

Your kitchen needs a little decorative sparkle to catch the eye, and lighting pendant can be an effective as well as attractive option. Choosing pendants as your kitchen lighting fixtures can be both practical and beautiful for your kitchen area. The kitchen lighting pendants can be the focal point of the kitchen, an important fixture to help with your everyday tasks such as cooking, preparing meal and so much more.

Pendant lights come in many shapes, colors, and different decorative styles can achieve similar practical effects. Find ideas about what styles, shapes, and colors of the kitchen lighting pendants that will be best for your kitchen design. Check out our stunning inspiration of kitchen pendant lights that will help narrow down your choice to get the one that suits your tastes and needs.

The finish of the tree oversized pendant lights blend well with the kitchen’s sleek-lined aesthetic, enhance the ambience of the room.

These simple but elegant pendants lighting is a perfect fixtures that will set the mood for everything, from family gatherings to romantic dinners.

These pendant lights above the mid-contemporary island prove as the perfect finishing touch which will casts a warm glow throughout the kitchen space.

Add a unique touch to your kitchen with these organic shape and unique texture of the pendant lights that contrast beautifully with the sleek look kitchen.

Try a kitchen lighting pendants with a warm shade to get an inviting glow. These rustic wooden pendants blend well with the kitchen’s relaxed, traditional look.

Add a twist to your kitchen by opting for these pendants with striking yellow color that bring a splash of personality and fun to your kitchen.

These pendant lights, wrapped with shiny gold shades, are sleek and add oodles of style to this modern simplistic kitchen. Hang the pendants above the island to give an extra glow.

These sleek, modern kitchen lighting pendants blend effortlessly with the kitchen’s contemporary streamlined look while illuminate the island work zone.

Choose a kitchen lighting pendant that glow softly and can also make a big impression without casting targeted light. The stainless-steel accents blend well with the kitchen’s delicate, refined look.

Hang this kitchen lighting pendants with unique shape and contrasting color to add aesthetic appeal to your food-prep or casual dining area.

Chic Bathroom Lighting Fixtures To Complete Your Bathroom Makeover

We spend a lot of our time in the bathroom but we rarely give this space the importance it deserves. The lighting in any bathroom is important. A bathroom lighting fixtures can be easily added in bathroom makeover and in this case, a perfect lighting fixtures is one of the important thing that your bathroom deserves. Move away from traditional bathroom lighting and focus on bathroom light fixtures that will maximize your bathroom space for keeping the room feels pleasant and well-lit. These illuminating ideas on bathroom lighting fixtures will help you choose the best lighting to complete your bathroom makeover.

Pendant lamps are not usually very popular in bathrooms, but by opting for minimalistic pendant lamp in combination with a modern vanity, you can only expect beautiful results.

If symmetry is important for you, choosing traditional sconces will definitely worth it. Place the sconces to the left and right of your bathroom mirror and the light will be dispersed more evenly and in a more flattering way.

Bathroom lighting doesn’t always have to come from overhead or side sconces. Understated ceiling light can fully illuminates the minimal aesthetic of your modern designed bathroom without overpowering it.

A cluster of small pendant lamps could look really elegant in an industrial look bathroom. Hang the pendants at any height you want, and it will complement the bathroom’s dark woods and periwinkle walls while lights up the space in a flattering way.

It’s important for the bathroom light fixtures to complement the style of the space in order to form a beautiful duo. This pretty cottage lighting adds a simple yet jovial touch to the room.

Those that prefer their bathrooms clean and modern but in the need for a more interesting and sophisticated look, consider adding these pretty ceiling-hung fixtures to your shopping list.

Do you like the classical chic look? This 19th-century lantern is a stylish and functional addition. They look even better against your sheated strip plaster walls.

Chrome fixtures can be seen everywhere these days. Crisp aesthetic and clean while also practical and functional, chrome chandelier is what you need to find the right balance between aesthetics and function.

Mood light could definitely make the most of your bathroom with a cozy and inviting ambiance. The contemporary design of the rondo sconces combines blown glass and polished chrome that diffuses the light in a beautiful way.

Chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms anymore. If you want a chandelier in your bathroom you can definitely have that. This french chandelier is a very glamorous one especially in the context of a modern bathroom. French Provencal blue walls and brass fixtures create a lovely backdrop for this small crystal chandelier.

5+ Gorgeous Visual Comfort Lamps for Your Room

Room needs lighting so we can move easily and see things inside it clearly. That’s why we put some lamps in it. There are several reasons of why you should install lamps in your room. All those types are ambient, task, and accent lightings. Ambient lighting provides overall lighting to brighten up the whole room; task lighting (desk or table lamps) gives light to specific area at which we need to work; while accent lighting is put to give effect on certain area in the room. Having several lamps that offer you all the three types of lightning will serve all your need for your room. Visual comfort lamps offer you all the three basic types of lighting with extra coziness and attractiveness.

Desk lamps like above are not only portable in the point that we can move the whole lamp everywhere. The arm and head of a good desk lamp are usually flexible in order so we can direct the light wherever we need it.

Aside from those above-mentioned types of lighting, choosing your visual comfort lamps is like choosing other decorations for your room. It is not a mere lighting. Visual Comfort is a prominent resource of decorative lighting where you can find and choose various grand-looking portable lamps. It provides various warm lighted portable lamps. Different from built-in lamps, portable lamps are more practical and flexible as you can move it anywhere you want. Any variety of portable lamps that you choose would reflect your personality and complement the whole look of the room you’re putting the lamp in. Visual comfort lamps not only illuminate the room but also give it a bit of art. You can choose some of its gorgeous table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, or torchieres.

Floor lamps like above look modern and opulent. They will look just well in modern- or classic-looking room. The long, slender, curving legs make the lamp doesn’t look too much.

For more gorgeous look, this E. F. Chapman Deauville Tea Stain Porcelain table lamp will fit perfectly on your classic wooden table. You can put this on the centre or corner of the drawer at your bedside or in your living room. This lamp will give you the look of a luxury hotel room.

While having various unique designs for the body made of various materials, visual comfort floor and table lamps usually have identical shades. It is to make sure the lamps can give good light to your room. Since virtual comfort lamps are generally artistic, take your time to choose which is best for your need.

Stunning Linear Pendant Ideas to Transform Your Space Into Dream Home

Lighting is a very important part of design and plays a huge role in the overall character of any space. The lights chosen for your space should never just about task-oriented, but should about all its aspects working flawlessly, yet continuing to look stunning while they are functioning. And linear pendant lightning can fulfill it all for you. Linear pendants are distinct ceiling lights, defined by rectangular shape in general, that offers an enhanced sense of beauty while illuminating your space with uncanny luminosity.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are five excellent styles, from chic to stunning, made with top-quality craftsmanship that could be perfect to illuminate your space as your heart desires.

Mumu LED Linear Suspension Pendant Light

If you need a better lighting that is not only environmentally conscious, but also high in performa and  energy efficiency, this pendant lightning by designer Dian is an excellent option for you. The Mumu combines a counter balance of wood and metal that add simplistic beauty, while providing enough light with simple elegance to illuminate your office or work space in a one-of-a-kind way.

Tam Tam 6 Light Linear Pendant Light

Light your imagination by choosing linear pendant lightning with colours that signify enthusiasm. Tam Tam 6 Light Linear Pendant Light By Fabien Dumas from Marset, boasts a fresh new take on the dynamic design that offers pendant lightning with wonderful festive colours. This playful fixture provides direct, indirect, or diffused illumination that incredibly perfect for your gracefully decorous living room.

Round Light Bulb Pendant Lighting

Over the dining table, you will love the widespread light a linear pendant lighting can offer. Suspended from your dinning room’s ceiling in such a beautiful way using chains or rods, Round Light Bulb Pendant Lighting brings light to where exactly you need it the most. With a simple yet elegant appearance, creating beautiful prisms on neighboring walls and surfaces, it definitely has its own way to make natural light pouring in the room.

Cityscape Large LED Linear Suspension

If you want a pendant lighting with glamorous and modern look,  The Hubbardton Forge Cityscape Large LED Linear Suspension is a must. Made by Cerno, this linear pendant lighting fixture is perfect for the office or the home. Featuring a silver and aluminum body with energy efficient LED technology, this lighting will illuminate your space with sparkles and shines that will leave anyone in a daze.

Line Light 60 Linear Pendant Light

If you dream about a warm comfortable space with a wooden twist look, then choosing Line Light 60 Linear as your pendant light would be a perfect choice. Showcasing the nature grain and thoughtful consideration to proportion, this linear suspension fixture blends harmony and balance to create an organic design backed by LED technology. Line Light 60 evincing a gently textured luminaire that will disperse peacefulnes in your cosy room.

Things to Consider before Buying Chandelier for Your Dining Room

Dining room is an important part of house. People enjoy meals together with their family and friends, discuss many things, have meetings, and even work in this room. This is why some people put more efforts to make their dining room look homey and presentable.

People who have traditional-styled house usually bring the traditional look inside. Traditional-type dining room is always classic and classy. If you have traditional interior for your dining room, you may want to have a traditional chandelier too, as it can enhance the antique and romantic look of the room. Before buying traditional chandelier for dining rooms, below are some considerations to take notes of.

Dimension and ceiling height

The first aspect you should ruminate before buying a chandelier is the size of your dining room. Considering how wide and tall the room is helps us in choosing the suitable size of the chandelier to make it look perfectly and proportionally fit in the room.

Chandelier is usually installed in the centre of the room, right above the dining table. If the room is quite extensive, you may want to add one or two more chandeliers. For rooms which have low ceiling, chandeliers with more spread-apart arms like Hudson Valley’s Jefferson Six Light Chandelier can be a satisfying choice. Its long arms also make the ceiling look larger. On the other hand, for rooms which have pretty high ceiling, you can choose chandeliers with longer pendants. Table lamps or candles on the dining table will complement the whole look, making the ceiling seem not too high.


When talking about traditional style, most people often refer to the French or English ones. A room decorated in this style is usually symmetrical, with curves accent on the ornate wooden furniture. Crystal chandelier is always best for traditional-styled dining room. Or, curvy chandeliers with antique bronze finish also complement the tone of traditional dining rooms which is filled with dark brown wooden furniture.

Additional lamps

Chandelier acts as the centre light that provides main lighting for the room. However, sometimes chandeliers are not bright enough to give ambient lighting that illuminates the whole room. Additional lightings such as wall sconces and table lamps are often needed to help cover up spots that the chandelier misses.


When choosing to have traditional chandelier for dining rooms, it is important to make sure it has dimmer switches, which is the essential part of chandelier, in order to make it multifunctional. You can turn on the lamps full blast for brighter look, or you can have them dimmed to get more romantic and traditional look.

Crystal Pendant Chandelier May Be Tricky, so here’s Something You Need to Note

When you’re thinking of classic elegant room interior, crystal pendant chandelier may be the first lighting fixture that came to mind. This classic piece has indeed last through years of shifting interior trends and made it all the way to this day. Therefore, we can safely say that crystal pendant chandelier is a versatile fixture in term of design. Its everlasting beauty has successfully captured people’s heart and maybe your heart too.

If you’re really into this classic crystal pendant chandelier and planning to install them in your house, here are some things that you need to know.

Mounting height

Crystal pendant chandelier, especially the cascading ones, needs to be mounted in the right height or you will risk the comfort and balance of your room design. As a good rule of thumb, you may want to hang them at least 30 to 34 inches above the table. This way, you will not risk having someone bumped into your chandelier but still showing off the beauty of your crystal pendant chandelier. But if your ceiling is more than 8 feet high, you need to mount them add at least 3 inches higher for every foot.

How to clean

With its elaborate design, a chandelier can be difficult to clean. But you do need to clean them at least once a year to keep them shining brightly. You can clean them on your own over the weekend, or hire a professional cleaning service. When cleaning chandelier, you should not rotate them or you’ll risk loosening its support. Therefore, you need to move your ladder around and cleaning them section by section. Use a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol and four part of distilled water and spray them into a soft cloth to wipe clean your chandelier. Immediately wipe them dry afterwards so it will not leave water stains.

Choosing the bulb

For crystal pendant chandelier, it is best to avoid high wattage bulbs as it can cause strong glares and excessive heat. You may want to install a dimmer instead so you can control the light and easily set the mood.

Best to not use them for kitchen lighting

As we already know, cleaning chandelier is no easy task. Therefore, it is in your best interest to avoid installing a crystal pendant chandelier in your kitchen. Because kitchen lamps are usually exposed to smoke and grease so much that it develops nasty grime really fast. You wouldn’t want to have to clean your chandelier every other week because of those grime.

8+ Wall Sconces for Modern Interior Designs

Looking for an additional feature to make your room a bit brighter and fancier? You may want some modern wall sconces. A sconce is a candleholder or an electric bulb holder. Different from other movable lamps or candles you put on tables or counters, wall sconces stick on one place. That’s why it is important to think carefully of the place of instalment to fit with your entire interior. Have a look at these wall sconces! You might find one that meets your need.

This modern wall sconce is half-cylindrical but has very interesting design with the bunches of sophisticated uneven lines. It is a perfect combination of reflective silver cover and dim orangey light inside.

If you are choosing minimalist interior design for the room, you might want to have some of this modern wall sconce. It is basic, modest, and doesn’t need much space on the wall.

This gorgeous lamp is named after the legendary Jimi Hendrix and truly inspired by vinyl records. This wall sconce fits in both modern and classic interior design just perfectly. Where would you put this stunning lamp? You decide.

With its elegant and expensive look, this shiny crystal sconce will make your room look splendidly luxurious without putting so much effort. It goes perfectly well with white-coloured wall.

These two modern wall sconces look pretty nice together as the design, though very different from each other, share similar characteristics. You can choose one of them, but having both at the same room won’t let you down.

These outdoor wall sconces will give extra beauty for your front garden. The matching colour and simple design of the sconces and the door make them look good together.

It is always nice to add a little natural touch indoors. Nature lover will adore this design. The tiny modern wall sconces put on several spots on the limestone wall look pretty combined together with the tree.

Before lamps, wall candles are fashionable. The combination of wood, glass, and metal makes them stay simple but pleasant to look at. Having all three of them makes the look even better.

If you can’t choose one between artwork and wall sconces, why not combining them? This floral wall candle sconce offers an artistic look for your room. It serves you as both wall decoration and lighting. It even looks nice without having the candles lit on!

There are so many kinds of beautiful modern wall sconces to choose. The first thing you need to do before buying some is considering the particular interior design for your room. It will give you ideas or images on what kind of wall sconces you’ll want to have.

Choose These Small Pendant Lights To Make Your Space Look Spacious

Lighting is an essential part for your spaces that if selected properly, better lighting can give your small space an impression that will make it feel larger than its actual size. Small pendant lights is one of the best lighting solutions and designs that can save space in your room and give your room the illusion of feeling bigger and airy.

Pendant lights provides a very soothing effect that can give your bedroom, kitchen area or even bathroom a modern look with its sleek shapes and finishes. Now take a look at our small pendant lights ideas compilation that can definitely help you pick the one that will visually extend your small space.

If you want to add an eye-catching lighting fixture in your living room, you need these statement small pendants with clean and minimal design.

Hanging small pendant lights in your kitchen not only has aesthetic impact, but its perfect lighting can also make your cooking routine much easier.

If you use a lot of color as your living room decoration, try to add contrast with white nickel pendants that are neutral without making your space looking boring or cheap.

Never underestimate the role of pendant lighting in your bathroom. This mini fixture can add a statement and brighten up your bathroom without costing you a fortune.
The pops of yellow that coming out of these small modern led pendant lights can wake up your warm space.

These small pendant lights will draw the eye up and down, emphasizing the room’s height and brighten up the space while keep it feeling modern.

If you want to update your existing bathroom design without shelling out serious money, consider adding these elegant and classy small pendant lights to enhance your bathroom decor.

Balance rustic and modern with these industrial small pendants lights that will help to ground your plain breakfast nook.

Try a long pendant hanging from the ceiling for your bedside lighting that will make a statement to your room.

You’ll probably want to go for matching small pendant lights, neutral lampshades for your bedroom with its simplistic furnishing to give it more space and air.

How to Get Your Traditional Chandeliers for Dining Rooms Right

When it comes to dining room lighting plan, we will be faced with a lot of options and it may feel overwhelming. The best way to deal with these abundant options is by tackling it one by one. Let’s start off with ceiling mounted lights, what kind of fixture do you want? The classic and most popular one is traditional crystal chandelier. It will grace your dining room with such a classy and elegant ambience.

However, traditional chandeliers for dining rooms need to be well thought out. So before you choose and hang traditional chandelier for your dining room, you may want to figure these aspects first.


To get the perfect traditional chandeliers for dining rooms, you have to first know the measurement of your room and your dining table so you can decide how big your chandelier should be. As a rule of thumb, you may want to keep your chandelier width to be around half or two-thirds of the dining table’s width.


The dining room and dining table measurement will be an important factor to decide how high you should hang the chandelier as well. Typically, traditional chandeliers for dining rooms are hanged around 28 to 34 inches above the dining table. But you have to adjust them to create the right balance in your dining room.


When you already have the perfect traditional chandeliers for dining rooms, the next thing you need to consider is where to place them. You may be tempted to hang your chandelier right in the centre of your dining room. But this is not a good move since you will make the room look weird and scattered. You may want to keep the chandelier at the centre on your dining table, so it creates a good focal point and highlight the room’s function.


Remember, the chandelier is not the only light source in your room. And you don’t have to use them as the main source of lighting in your room. You can use the chandelier for other functions, such as ambient light, task light, or accent light. Know the function you want to assign to the chandelier, and create a good lighting plan to balance out your dining room.