5 Ideal Places to Hang Your Large Globe Pendant Lighting

As a fan of uniquely designed light fixtures, a large globe pendant might catch your attention. This fixture has an odd nostalgic feeling to it, yet we can also find some that have contemporary design and concept. Large globe pendant can surely add a statement to your room. And with recent trends, you can actually put this piece of pendant lighting in other rooms beside the usual living room. Here’s our guide on how to hang your globe pendant lighting in different rooms.


Don’t shy away from a large globe pendant lighting when it comes to your room. You can hang it at the foot of your bed or in the middle of the bedroom. This will add a warm and nostalgic feeling to your room. Don’t forget to put it on a dimmer so you can set the ambience of the room.


Large globe pendant lighting can surely make your kitchen look rather edgy and classy. Choose a clear glass globe pendant lighting to create a more romantic feeling or the ones with a tiny pattern to give soothing ambience. Your cooking experience with loved ones might be ten times better as the light fixture already set the mood right.

Dining room

Just how large globe pendant lighting can set the mood in your kitchen, it can also set the mood in your dining room. Put it on a dimmer and you can control how you want the lights to work, whether to set an ambience or to highlight your dining table where you’re currently working at, or even to light up the entire room.


Never hesitate to put a statement light fixtures in your bathroom. This place should be where you feel most comfortable in your home. Therefore, large globe pendant lighting can create wonder in your bathroom. Hang it in the middle of the room or above your tub.


A patio is a place for you to hang out with your loved ones after a long tiring day. Therefore, you might want to create a good ambience that set the mood for nice talks and drinks. Large globe pendant lighting can surely do the job. Put a large one above the coffee table and enjoy your night with your family and friends.

Overall, large globe pendant lighting is not a tricky light fixture to work with. As long as it matches your room design, you can surely hang them around. The round shape can also balance the straight lines in your room and give it more flow.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With These Fab Lantern Style Lighting

If you love to spend your evening being in outdoors, then lighting is a must. Opting for lantern style for your outdoor lighting sounds like a good idea to create a comfortable outdoor environment. Lantern style outdoor lights make an oversized statement piece while bringing much-needed light to your outdoor space.

Lantern style outdoor lighting, whether used to make a design statement outside your home or used as a multi-purpose security light, need to be chosen carefully to make it suit the area that needs illuminating. If you looking for some ideas in lantern style outdoor lights that fabulous but budget-savvy, just take a look at our list below!

Illuminate your front entrance with lantern lighting to greet your guests with ambient lighting that bring a sense of safety and security.

Moroccan lantern lights, with intricate pattern, textural beauty and plenty of color will cast amazing shadows to your contemporary outdoor space.

Create ambience by hung some Avignon square lantern lights above your yard for an elegant and classy look that will not disappoint.

If you looking for a striking designer light for coastal location, these beautiful and crafty lanterns provide the perfect option that is suitable for that climate.

Take a look at this rustic lantern style lights that not only enhance your exterior setting but also create a stylish impression by positioned it strategically around your home.

Boho ornate lanterns covered with sparkling gold bring a welcome dose of glam to your space and of course, will set apart your style from others with its uniqueness.

Mix the lantern lights with a string of cafe lights and have all the benefits of antique lights without the high price tag.

If you have a good size courtyard to fill, adding these dimly lit lanterns will give it a more festive look and welcoming glow.

Pick these outdoor lanterns light to turn your setting into a dreamy getaway that seems magical and completely different from the rest of your house spot.

If you like to keep it simple, lantern lights still can make a big impact when simply placed on the ground in a careful and curated fashion.

Give Your Space A Gorgeous Glow With These Artistic Glass Chandeliers Ideas

Changing that boring old lighting you’ve had forever with artistic glass chandelier is a great way to turn an eyesore into a design masterpiece. When it comes to decor, artistic glass chandeliers can break your home’s vibe. Designed to be suspended from the ceiling, artistic glass chandelier is a great way to illuminate a room while add a stunning piece of art to your space.

Great for either indoor or outdoor entertaining, the styles of artistic glass chandeliers range from traditional and elegant to contemporary and fun. The lighting effect you get from pairing artistic looking lighting fixtures with light brings a touch of modern artistry that will look great to your room with any settings. Here are some very stunning artistic glass chandelier ideas that we’ve compiled to get you inspired.

This gorgeous chandelier serves to give light with a touch of magic and luxury to your environment, make it a perfect fit for practically every homeowner.

Be sure to check out this high-end chandelier by Dale Cihuly, a gorgeous masterpiece which would look utterly perfect in a modern home.

Looking for a seriously artistic and colorful glass chandelier, then look no further than this classic piece lighting fixture.

These chandeliers art glass are hung at different lengths from the ceiling for a really cool “water drop” effect.

Stunning, sleek, and elegant, what is not to love about this artistic glass chandelier by Munro with leaves and flowers.

Don’t shy away from a chandelier with a festive appearance. Take a look at the greatness of this artistic glass chandelier, which is super stunning.

This fixture is the representation of modern style meets classic, a way to create an eye-catching sense of elegance for your space.

Artistic glass chandelier lighting couldn’t be hotter right now. This lotus chandelier created this statement lighting fixture to pretty spectacular results.

This Murano artistic chandelier is a work of art that encompasses the glories of ancient Venetian with its beauties renowned worldwide.

This simple but artistic sea glass chandelier is fun, nautical inspired lighting piece that will light up your space in a fresh way.

Light Up Your Home with These Beautiful Swing Arm Sconces

Have you ever feel bored with your light bulbs and want to change it into a unique one? Then these swing arm sconces can be your option! Swing-arm wall sconces contain an adjustable arm which allows you to change the distance between the light and the wall. The majority of wall sconces can be mounted either up or down and can be used to create dramatic changes in lighting and shadows in corners or along hallways that a ceiling light cannot achieve on its own.

Swing arm sconces are perfect lighting solution that can complete your home. It can be used to light up your bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen, and even your bathroom! Just find the right ones that suit your home décor, then you can feel the harmonious feel to the room lighting. Here are several sconce styles that may fit your home.

Modern Swing Arm Sconce

Handsome and functional, these modern swing arm sconces can help you to recreate modern and classic design in your kitchen. The adjustable plug-in wall lamp set in a painted black and antique brass finish. This beautiful swing arm wall lamp set features down shades that direct light down that will make your kitchen more harmonious.

Transitional Swing Arm Sconce

Simple and clean, this beautiful swing arm sconce is perfect for bedroom reading. Unlike bulky table lamps, this sconce offer loads of reading light without taking up any valuable nightstand space. The antique brass swing-arm sconce adorned with an ivory pleated sconce will make your bedroom look more elegant and stylish.

Industrial Swing Arm Sconce

These industrial swing arm sconces will add some vintage charm to your bathroom. The vintage searchlight shapes, making these beautiful wall sconces are suitable not only for your bathroom, but also dining room, study room, balcony, and stairway. These sconces also offer rotatable light that can lighten every direction you want.

Rustic Swing Arm Sconce

Crafted in sustainable smooth white oak and finished with European natural oil, this rustic swing arm sconce brings a much more modern look. The warm light will accompany you to enjoy your reading. It contains an adjustable arm which allows you to change the distance between the light and the wall. This sconce is perfect for your bedroom nightstands, headboards, stairwell, offices, dens, and libraries.

Bronze Swing Arm Sconce

This bronze swing arm sconce can give a warm, inviting glow to your living room. This sconce is a perfect lighting solution when tabletop space is not available. The bronze finish and the warm light are the best combinations that will make your room feel peaceful and calm. You can install this sconce for your living room, study room, or next to the bed for more appealing look.

Arranging Your Vanity Lighting Fixtures

Among all rooms at our house, bathroom is the one which most likely gets the least natural light. It is because most bathrooms are made without any windows; just proper ventilation. Having thoughtful vanity lighting fixtures in your bathroom will therefore become a huge help for you to get ready every single day. That’s why, it is important to add some wall sconces around your vanity mirror, and the way you set them up is as crucial.

It is usually not enough to set one type of lighting for a room. Even though you have had some overhead lamps on the ceiling that provide you ambient lighting for the whole bathroom, you will need more lamps to help you see your face better. For this reason, putting extra wall sconces that supply you with adequate task lighting is necessary. Regarding this, we need to choose the right sconces shades as they influence how bright the light will be produced. White fabric shades are recommended ones as they emit bright light with clean tone. The best place for your vanity lighting fixtures is at left and right sides of the mirror. Besides, you can also put one set of vanity lighting above it.

Before installing any wall sconces around your vanity mirror, you need to think about the vanity lighting fixtures. The main rule is to put the side sconces at about your eye level to provide you light bright enough to avoid casting shadows on your face. This is especially important for shaving or putting on some make-up. The American Lighting Association suggests vanity lighting fixtures to be about 65 to 70 inches or 165.1 to 177.8 cm above the ground. The distance between the sconces at each side depends on the size of the mirror and the room and also the design of the sconces. The fixtures placed above the mirror are ideally 78 inches tall.

Lighting is an inseparable item with other decorations in interior design. Bathroom interior is not excluded. The whole look of your bathroom should be one of your considerations when arranging your vanity lighting fixtures. Make sure the wall sconces you choose complement and beautify the whole look of your bathroom vanity.

Extra tip:

For small bathrooms, sometimes the fixtures are mounted near a shower or a tub. If this placement has a risk of having them splashed by water, make sure you look for any sconces with damp rating.

Awesome Bathroom Vanity Lighting Inspiration to Steal

A bathroom with a perfect mood can provide you comfort, energy, and peace of mind that you are looking for after a bad day’s work, to keep you going. The perfect LED bathroom vanity light can transform your bathroom into a cosy spot ideal for relaxing and help you cope with stressful days. In choosing ideal led vanity lights for your bathroom, you need to select it carefully and placed it strategically to bring out the best of it use. Check out these awesome tips for the sake of your dream bathroom.

Choose the one with subtle accent lighting.

Accent lighting of your bathroom vanity light needs to be subtle and has to be positioned correctly to bring the most of it. In this case, The Trinity lighted mirrors offers evenly balanced lighting in a subtle and artistic way, while also offering the simple look that your pleasant bathroom crave.

Think about having the one with flattering shadows.

A led bathroom vanity lights with unflattering shadows can give you an ugly shadows reflection under your chin, cheeks and eyes when you look in the bathroom mirror. The shadows appear because your bathroom vanity were illuminated the wrong way. To fix this, hanging a pendant LED light in the corners of your bathroom to light up your vanity will give you a favor. This LED bathroom vanity light can project beautiful shadows on the adjacent walls and never on your reflection in the mirror.

Ensure that you choose the one that can light up your bathroom evenly.

This is something to take into consideration after getting the one that suits your bathroom vanity well, make sure that your LED light can be evenly spaced on either side of the vanity mirror so it do not cast unwanted shadows in its reflection.Consider getting the one that can also light up your bathroom ceiling. These sparkling little lights will make your bathroom look glamorous and stylish and they’re just what your minimalist bathroom needs.

Look no further for your dream bathroom. One simple change as adding a LED vanity light can uplift the mood of your entire bathroom. So, what are you waiting for?