Why Using Sectional Sofa for Small Living Room is A Smart Move

Dealing with the small living room is indeed frustrating. Placing small sofas, coffee table, and additional stools to accommodate many guests in your tiny living room may make the room feel full and cluttered. And of course, more hazardous to our toes as well, since there are so many legs we need to avoid. Well, what can you do about it then?

Though it may sound counterintuitive, swapping your sofas for a large sectional sofa may be the saviour for your small living room. Why? Here are several reasons to convince you.

Fill in the corners

Small sofa and several stools may fit in your small living room, but you’ll be left with some empty corners that make the room feels sectioned and full. By using sectional sofas, you can effectively fill in your corners and therefore, create more free space in the room.

It gives extra seating

With a large sectional sofa, you can shave more seats for your guest while still making the room feels spacious. Try using a sectional sofa in a plain neutral colour, it will make the impression of a bigger living room.

It makes the room cosier

Large sectional sofa for small living room will surely take up the most space. But the large cushion makes the room feel like a cosy nook where you can freely stretch and nap. By inhibiting the corners, you will also make the living room traffic so much better.

It frees the room of clutter

Using small sofas and furniture can actually make your room look cluttered. And that is a big no for small spaces; you always have to avoid the cluttered feeling. Even though the sectional sofa may look massive in your living room, but it still counts as one, therefore avoiding the cluttered feeling from using too many pieces of furniture.

Sectional sofa for a small living room is a genius move. Many other designers approved of this method and use them when working with their clients. So why don’t you give the sectional sofa a shot? It may be the answer to your small living room.

How to Combine Blue Gray Pillows in Your Living Room

For a lot of homeowners, designing a living room is the most fun part in house remodelling. The living room is the most crucial part that represents the whole design. By making a strong living room, your home will leave a strong impression on your guest and define the house’s characteristic. But designing your own living room feels a lot like playing dress up. It sends a message of who you are and your style preferences to your guests.

Using elegant colour like blue and gray may be a great move for homeowners who want to instil calm and tranquillity in their living room. But if you’re not sure on how to mix the two shades together, using blue gray pillow can be your start. Here are some ideas and inspirations that you can use.

Use pattern

Blue gray pillows with solid colour may look too intimidating for your living room. Therefore, choosing patterned blue gray pillows may create a more welcoming ambience for your guests. Not to mention, the patterned pillow has a casual feeling to it so your guests will feel more at ease.

Create a colour balance

The key to working with a solid blue gray pillow is to create a colour balance between the two. You can do this by pairing blue gray pillows with different colour depth. This will add dimension to your living room and balance the whole look.

Add warmth

Using blue gray pillow only can make your sofa feels a bit too cold. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to add some warmth to the palette. You can use a warm coloured rug or wooden floor to balance out the cool tone.

Use natural colour

If you’re not sure what kind of blue gray colour you should use, try to look to nature. Using the colour present in nature, like blue sky and gray pebble can create a harmonious look.

After all, choosing what colour is right for your living room really depends on your preferences. So ask yourself again, what kind of blue gray pillows that you want.

How to Style Your Living Room with Leather Sofas and Loveseats

Working with classic furniture like leather is quite tricky. Although it is true that classic leather sofas and loveseats can be paired with so many things, but if you carelessly style them, you might waste their true potential. Expensive leather sofas and loveseats will seem lifeless and cheap if you don’t know how to style them properly. To avoid that nightmare, here are several ways you can style and pair your leather sofas and loveseats. Take notes that in the end, everything goes back to your creativity and aesthetic taste, but this may give you inspirations.

Exotic rug

Leather sofas and loveseats will look absolutely gorgeous and classy when paired with an exotic or ethnic rug. You can use Moroccan rug that goes well with everything, or kilim rug, or even a low-pile rug with exotic patterns. Be creative with your rug, since your sofas have no pattern, you have more freedom to play with a patterned rug.

Light neutral or rich bold colours

There are two ways that you can enhance the look of your leather sofas and loveseats. The first one is by using light neutral colours such as warm ivory, beige, cream, or white. These neutral colours will soften the look of your leather sofas and lighten up the whole room. The second is by using rich bold colours like a blue peacock or deep grey to create a classy and elegant look of your leather sofas, and the whole living room.

A touch of wood

Nothing goes better with leather sofas and loveseats than wooden furniture. Wooden coffee table or bookshelf will give your room a more natural feeling. It will also create a warmer look so your guests or family feel more welcomed.

Bright pillows

Leather sofas and loveseats typically come with natural or soft colours. Pair them with bright patterned pillows to lighten up the mood of your living room. You can even switch colours seasonally, according to your mood and taste.