Basic Guidelines to Fabulous Exterior Home Lighting

We spend a lot of time designing and creating lighting plans for our house interior. Yet often time we forget that exterior home lighting is just as important. Because exterior lighting is a part of your security system that will prevent anything hazardous happen in your yard. It can also enhance the appearance of your house from the outside and give your guest a positive first impression. Before you do your exterior home lighting plan, you need to know the secrets to fabulous exterior lighting. Here we recap the basic guidelines.

Use layers of light

You can’t rely on just one type of lighting to light up the entire exterior part of your house. You need to layers the lighting to create great and functional outdoor lighting. Therefore, don’t be afraid to mix several types of lightings to brighten up parts of your home exterior. You can even create a more dramatic effect by combining lighting fixtures.

Lit up the walkway

Especially if you have a large yard, you definitely need to make sure your walkway is well-lit. Use low voltage lighting fixtures with soft and no glaring lights, placed along your walkway. This can prevent you or anyone walking into your home from stumbling.

Welcome your guest with entry lighting

Another important part that you need to keep close attention to is the entry doorway. You would not want your guest waiting for you outside your door in darkness. This can be dangerous for you as you can’t see their face clearly, and obviously uncomfortable for your guest as well. Another reason you need to light up your entry doorway is also because you wouldn’t want to have to seek for your house key in the darkness.

Use motion-sensing lights

To enhance security and save up energy, use motion sensing lights in several parts of your house that needs extra security like the back door or in front of the garage. This motion sensing lights will help you be aware if somebody is lurking around your house.

Mind the environment

Last but not least, you need to mind the environment when it comes to exterior lighting. If it’s possible, use solar powered exterior home lighting to save your energy consumption in the long run. Also, you need to make sure that you use downlight fixtures so you don’t create light pollution in the sky.

Exterior home lighting should be kept simple and functional. Do not overdo them as it will create light pollution. Create a soft balance of lighting to keep your yard bright yet don’t interfere with your environment.

Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs Inspiration For Your Cozy Porch

Rocking chairs on the porch have always been everyone all-time favorite for lazing around in a one fine chill day. Rocking chairs are convenient, practical and stylish furniture that evoke pleasant and nostalgic emotions, making home decoration more interesting and enjoyable. An outdoor rocking chair that’s compatible with your porch style, will make your home exterior decoration look inviting, relaxing and familiar. However, for some reason, you may want to upgrade your rocking chairs and give your porch a fresh twist. If you’ve been on the lookout for some ideas on best outdoor rocking chairs, check out this list of awesome outdoor rocking chairs. You would be thrilled to have any one of these gracing your front porch!

Make your outdoor space your favorite escape. Go outside, grab a drink, a book and rock away in the sun in this nautical wood rocking chair.

Select this classic rocker that settle into the generous proportions and comfortable contours of the Nantucket outdoor rocking chair and get ready to rock and relax on the porch or patio all season long.

This double bench glider with rattan design style is particularly well suited for your outdoor decor and perfect for two people to relax comfortably in the sun.

Enjoy poolside conversations while lounging on this classic rocking chair that handcrafted with an elegant touch of North American ash hardwood.

Durable, comfortable and earth-friendly, you can relax your cares away with this classic slatted wood porch furniture, in the most attractive and comfortable slatted furniture yet!

Sit back in this beautiful and unique outdoor rocking chair, features an oiled copper finish and stylish daisy patterned backrest with a cushion to ensure all day comfort.

Made using solid wood, this simple rocking chair is sturdy, durable and will look great in your cottage or country styled home decor.

Sophisticated elegance meets classic beauty, you’ll fall in love with its classic look and feel, as well as its rich mocha finish and luxurious, comfortable beige cushion. This lovely rocking chair is a gorgeous addition to any home.

Use this farmhouse style rocker on the front porch or deck to rock away the hours in comfort.

Durable construction with variegated wood grain, this summerton teak rocking chair captures the organic beauty of teak, while make your rock hours feel cozy and calming.

10 Comfy Outdoor Chaise Lounge Ideas You’ll Want in Your Home

Outdoor chaise lounges remains one of the most elegant and stylish ways to relax. Everyone likes chaises lounge because it’s a functional modern furniture items that add comfort, interest and fun to home decorating ideas. Outdoor chaise lounges adds a touch of luxury and style to your poolside, patio, or porch without compromising on comfort. You may even want to consider add a cozy throw blanket on this long, sofa-like chair and pair it with outdoor cushions for a cozier effect. When it comes to choosing the perfect chaise lounge for your home, there are lots of different styles, colors, and other considerations. See if one of these outdoor chaise lounges is the right chair for you.

This nautical chaise lounge with arms is designed for relaxing — either napping, reading, or just daydreaming, it’s perfect for your poolside.

If you like to sip lemonade in a basic chaise like the one made from durable wood with formal design, the Captain Chaise with Arms is the one for you.

This lovely South Beach Chaise has a simple design and features comfy cushion with distinctive look that brings festive feel.

A modern, stylish twist on a classic design, Long Island Chaisle contoured seat makes for hours of pleasant relaxing, and its classic design is one you’ll love for years to come.

With its modern slatted chase and aluminum frame, Euro Chaise bring a sense of the continental to your outdoor space.

Bayline Chaise can add a touch of the dramatic to your porch with its sleek, elegant design.

Don’t be surprised if the occupant of this relaxing model retreats in it for hours at a time. This chaise is an outdoor lounger’s dream.

Opt for this Casual Chaise Lounge that features smooth wheels for a comfortable and stylish design with a sturdy construction.

This chaise lounge have a long chair with an angled back at its end, providing complete support and maximum comfort for the whole body.

With vintage floral cushion set that straps securely onto the chair’s back and seat, this chaise lounge resembles one you’d find poolside at a luxury hotel, but keep in mind it sits quite low to the ground.


Reasons to Choose Round Teak Dining Table for Outdoor Dining Area

There is nothing better than having an outdoor dining area in your home, so you can have the perfect spot for barbeque and hang out with family and friends. You can make use of your patio, garden, or even rooftop to create a lovely outdoor dining area.

But choosing furniture for an outdoor area is a bit different from choosing the indoor counterpart, so you may want to pay attention to the details and do more research, especially when it comes to the dining table.

This furniture piece will be the focal point of your outdoor dining area. Therefore, you may want to consider the best option out there: Round teak dining table. And here’s why round teak dining table is the best you can get.

Teak is great outdoor material

When it comes to outdoor furniture, teak is the champion. This beautiful golden coloured wood has a high amount of natural rubber and oils which serves as natural weatherproofing and waterproofing agent that also protect your furniture from insects and rot. Therefore, teak can last for a long time. It is also strong and low maintenance, so you don’t have to spend too much effort on maintenance since outdoor furniture is often out of sight and forgotten.

Roundtable creates more intimate dining situation

If your reason to create an outdoor dining space is to hang out and spend quality time with your loved ones, round teak dining table is the perfect one for you. Roundtable will create intimate dining situation since everyone is seated close together. It can also enhance your conversation because you don’t have to tilt your head to have a conversation with others, hence you can have long talks without having neck strain.

Roundtable saves more space and makes room for more people

If your patio, rooftop, or garden space is tiny, roundtable may be your saviour because it saves more space. You can also seat more people in roundtable since it doesn’t have any corner. But always make sure that you don’t overcrowd your table so everyone can sit comfortably without having their elbows touched.

These three reasons is enough to grant round teak dining table the title of the best outdoor dining table, don’t you think?

Guides to Setting Up 9 Piece Patio Dining Set on the Yard

Dining outdoors is a great way to bring families and friends together. The informal settings can melt the ice and bring everyone closer. Therefore, it is always a great idea to have an outdoor dining area with 9 piece patio dining set and grilling station. This patio dining set enables you and your loved ones to fulfil the desire for great barbeque party or casual dinner.

Setting up an outdoor dining area with 9 piece patio dining set is fairly easy. Check out this basic guides to get yourself ready.

The placement

Before everything else, you need to figure out where you will place your patio dining set. This should be the first one you think about and plan. Because 9 piece patio dining set is quite large and you need to make sure you place them correctly to enhance the outdoor dining experience. Check out your outdoor spaces and layout your outdoor dining area near your kitchen and bathroom as these two rooms are important for you and your guest. Another thing, you need to carve out space that can accommodate not only your patio dining set but also a buffet table.

The comfort

When choosing 9 piece patio dining set, check out the materials and the comfort aspect. Choose the ones with a cushion if your outdoor dining area will not be directly exposed to the sun or the rain. These chairs can double as well as a poolside chair.

The style

Even though your patio dining set will be located out of the house, doesn’t mean you can ignore the style of your dining set. You need to keep them aligned with the interior décor concept so your house will feel more cohesive.

Find shades

Just because it is an outside dining area, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about shades. Put your dining set under shades so your guest doesn’t have to sit right under the sun and you can enjoy your meal even when it rains. Put up a pergola or set the area under a tree if you don’t have a sheltered patio with shade.

Table settings

Another thing to consider is the table settings. Invest in an outdoor table set so you can avoid paper plates and cups. This way, you’re helping the world by not adding more waste. Also, get outdoor tablecloths to make your dining experience more festive.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Lighting for Your Patio? Here’s what you need to Know

The best part about having a nice patio is that you can transform it into a nice place to hang out with your families and friends. All you need to do is to put up some chairs and decorate them with a nice lighting. But picking the best outdoor lighting for your patio is quite confusing as there are many options that you can choose from. So before choosing one for your patio, here are all the kinds of outdoor lighting that you need to know.

String lights

You may find this type of outdoor lighting in many patio inspiration pictures on the internet. And sure the soft glow from a string light can build up the ambience in your patio. It provides a nice light to accompany your quality time with friends and families. But always make sure that you choose outdoor rated string lights and bulbs.

Wall Sconce

You can put up wall sconces on your patio as a task light and ambient light. As a task light, it can highlight your windows or doors. As for ambience light, it can set up the mood in your patio while providing enough lighting for your activities like reading, eating or cooking.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to ramp up your patio. It may not provide enough lighting so you have to pair them with another type of lightings like wall sconces and pendant lights. This type of outdoor lighting works best to create a dramatic effect on your patio.


Another way to create a dramatic effect on your patio is to put up some lanterns. You can even hang them on the trees to decorate your garden and provide good lighting so people don’t stumble and fall.

Stair lights

One thing that can be dangerous in your patio or garden when its already dark outside is stairs. Without proper lighting, people can trip down the stairs and hurt themselves. Therefore, it is always a good idea to install stair lights. Not only stair light will prevent someone from hurting themselves, but it can also create a dramatic effect on your patio.

You don’t need to choose one type of lighting above the other. You can pair them according to your needs because the best outdoor lightings will be the one that covers all your needs.

A List of Fabulous Outdoor Dining Table Ideas To Get You Inspired

Dining outdoors with people you love is one of the true joys of having a home and yard. Dining outdoors is a much-anticipated ritual during the summer and warmer months of the year. The mood that is created during the outdoor dining experience can be meaningful and unforgettable. In this case, a perfect dining set with a nice dining table need to be included for a charming experience. Celebrate the warm season as you dine outdoors by setting the stage with fabulous outdoor dining table for an enjoyable evening outdoors and bring coziness that is not normally found outside. We hope this list will give you some inspiration you need to make a thoughtful choice. Just scroll down until you find the one you are looking for!

You don’t necessarily need expensive dining table with dramatic views or place settings to get magical outdoor dining experience. A fine wooden rustic dining table, with the addition of few simple elements as a decoration are all you need.

This outdoor dining table is a casual contemporary addition to your backyard retreat with a look that speaks of natural beauty.

A Mid-Century Austin Ranch dining table is a solid, high-quality, durable outdoor furniture. Its a perfect material that provides luxury, comfort, and resilience for a stylish outdoor dining table.

Sporting a pleasant looking outdoor dining table inspired by driftwood, this one elevates the art of indoor-outdoor living. Beautiful and durable, this high-style/low-maintenance table charms your outdoor space with a natural complement.

This type of outdoor dining table with is completely weather resistant, durable and manufactured to last a lifetime, make your exterior space stays looking great.

Featuring lovely accents and a polished finish, this dinning table brings the elegance of an indoor dining chair, to your outdoor social area. It’s an item you’ll be proud to put on your front porch.

This one is an impressive dining table with a classical design and a contemporary twist to create styles that suitable for any outside space.

Elevate your outdoor living space with this comfy and casual dining table. The wood-look resin tabletop provides stylish appeal.

Let the dinner conversation flows effortlessly around this antique outdoor dining table. Its graceful profiles make gathering at the round table more enjoyable.

Rustic in style and generously scaled, this rectangular outdoor dining table is the ultimate in carefree comfort while serving a sleek look.

Planning on Installing Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting? These 5 Tips Are Made for You!

Keeping your outdoor spaces – whether it’s your garden, gazebo, or patios- well-lit, is one thing you need to do when renovating or redesigning your house, especially your patios, where you might find yourself lounging. The best and simplest way to light up your patio is by installing modern outdoor wall lighting or sconces. Compared to string lights or table lamp, modern outdoor wall lighting are easier to install and safer for outdoor use. Though easier, doesn’t mean that you can install them carelessly. Without further ado, here are 5 tips that you need to know!

Choose wall sconces that are specifically made for outdoor use

Although modern outdoor wall lightings are generally safer than any other kind of outdoor lighting because it sticks to the wall and usually is sheltered by outdoor roofs, you still have to make sure that the wall sconces you choose are the ones made specifically for outdoor use.  Indoor sconces and outdoor sconces have different materials and different degree of resistance. Outdoor lightings are made to resist heat and dampness.

Use yellow light

Beside to light up your garden and patio, outdoor wall lighting has another function, which is to set up the mood. Yellow light can do the job better than the usual bright white light. Another reason to use yellow light is that yellow light is friendlier for the eye in dark surroundings.

Don’t be afraid to mix several kinds of light fixtures

Remember, in designing and remodelling your outdoor spaces, creativity is the key. Don’t hesitate to experiment on several kinds of outdoor lightings. You can mix uplighters with modern outdoor wall lighting for example. Or a string light with hanging lanterns. Indulge your creativity and aesthetic desires.

Make sure you use outdoor –rated electrical tools

Not only you have to use light fixtures that are made specifically for outdoor use, but you also have to use outdoor-rated electrical tools as well. From cords, light bulbs to receptacles make sure everything is outdoor-rated and weather resistant. This will prevent you from experiencing circuit shortages or even exploding light bulbs.

For safety purpose, keep off any flammable materials

When exposed to direct sunlight, light bulbs might be overheated and explode. Therefore, you need to take precaution and keep away any flammable materials from your modern outdoor wall lightings.

Even though installing modern outdoor wall lighting needs several precautions, but the end results are definitely worth it. You can create dramatic landscapes with the right lighting plans, and make lounging times in your patio feels much better.

How to Choose Outdoor Wicker Dining Set for Your Patio

Wicker dining set may be the best option out there for patio dining area. It creates a laid back, comfortable and slightly tropical look for your outdoor dining area. The material is also pretty durable and therefore may last for such a long time even with outdoor exposure, although you surely have to pick the ones with weather-proof quality.

Before you started, you need to first and foremost understand what wicker means. It is a nature-inspired woven material that can be made out of so many things, from the natural rattan to the synthetic ones like resin. So when we talk about wicker, this means any kind of woven furniture.

Without further ado, here are several things you need to understand when choosing outdoor wicker dining set.

Do your research

Before you go to the store or browse around the online marketplace, you need to do your research first on the wicker dining set. Decide whether you want to go with a natural based wicker dining set or the synthetic ones. This decision will largely depend on your value, your budget, and your preferences. So do your research well to understand what is out there and what works for your home and family.


Before you get any outdoor patio furniture, you need to know the measurement of your patio and how many spaces you have left for your furniture. The same goes with wicker dining set. Measure your patio and choose your dining set accordingly. Don’t forget to think about the space left when all the chairs are pulled out.


Wicker dining set came in many different style and sizes. Even though it is nature-inspired, but some wickers are more minimalist, or natural looking than others. So make sure that the wicker you’re going to buy will match the style of your home and patio so it will not look out of place.


It sure is nice to have good looking wicker that matches your style. But have you thought about how it will affect your budget? Some wicker dining set is more expensive than others. So be wary about the price and find yourself the best deal. After all, you will not want to over limit your budget for something that you can skip altogether like outdoor dining set.

Sunroom Additions: Extra Room for Extra Comfort

Sunroom additions aid you to get benefit from your beautiful outdoors. It is where you can enjoy the view outside without having to get out. A perfect room for relaxing with your family and friends, isn’t it? Because of that reason, sunroom additions are often used as a living room. You will especially need one if you want to enjoy the scenery without getting any disturbance from bugs or unfriendly weather. Besides, sunroom additions provide more natural lights to your home.

Kinds of sunroom

A four-season sunroom differs from a three-season one in the way it is constructed. If you want a sunroom addition you can use year-round, the four-season one will suit your need. It is a sunroom featuring a technology that allows the room to be heated or cooled. A three-season one, on the other hand, doesn’t apply such technology. It is typically usable during summer, spring, and fall, when the weather is gentle and amiable.


The location where you add the sunroom affects the way it receives lights and shades. If you stay in the northern latitude, placing your sunroom addition in the south is a great idea. It will get the best natural lights. If you place it in the north, the room might feel cold and damp. The opposite applies for people living in the southern hemisphere. In the South, sunroom in the north is better. It will cost you less because you may not need additional cooling system for it.

Attaching sunroom in both eastern and western part of the house is not a flawless choice. If put in the east, the sun will shine through it in the morning, which is good point, actually. But, it will be shady for the rest of the day, making it not so great for relaxing after work. If placed in the west, the room will only get the bad light in the late afternoon.

Materials used

The materials used for the frames and supports of a sunroom range from the popular vinyl and/with aluminium to the more costly wood. The roof is the extension of the existing roof of the house. It can be either gabled roof or single-slope one. For the walls, in order to allow you to fully enjoy the sights outside, you can choose glass, double-glazed glass, polycarbonate, or even mesh. Bronze glass tint is also a nice option for UV protection and reducing heat gain into the house during summer.

In short, before adding sunroom to your house, you need to be clear of how and when you plan to use the room. It is important to help you decide which kind of sunroom you will have. Also, budgets may vary according to your chosen materials of your sunroom additions.

8 Aluminum Dining Set Ideas for Your Outdoor Dinner

Aluminum dining set is a perfect choice for your outdoor dining. It creates a cozy place surrounded by natural beauty. This is the best choice for outdoor furniture since it strong enough and low maintenance.

Aluminum also comes in different styles and finishes and you would surely find one that fits your style. Here are eight aluminum dining set ideas to make your outdoor dinner more enjoyable!

Round Aluminum Dining Set

A round dining set that is perfect for enjoying meal outdoor with your little family. This traditional set will be in style for years to come due to its durability.

White Aluminum Dining Set

Add this white aluminum dining set if you want to have sleek and stylish look to your dining set. A perfect choice for you who want a different color other than black.

Oval Aluminum Dining Set

This oval aluminum dining set will bring elegance to your deck or patio. With this material, you don’t need to worry when the winter or rainy season come since it weather-resistant.

Rectangular Aluminum Dining Set

You can enjoy a tasty meal and shared out in the fresh air with this rectangular aluminum dining set. The neutral color makes it flexible to customize the color of cushions that you want.

Bronze Aluminum Dining Set

Make your dining set look elegant with this bronze aluminum dining set. You can add weather-resistant cushions to make sitting more comfortable.

Aluminum Dining Set with Patio Umbrella

If you want an extraordinary dining set, you can go with this one. It comes with a patio umbrella that will make your dining set look more comfortable and stylish.

Brown Aluminum Dining Set

With its classic design, this aluminum dining set will make a perfect space for a good conversation with friends and family. This aluminum is an affordable option that can deliver the very things you are looking for.

Round White Aluminum Dining Set

The beautiful color and design will give a premier luxury vibe to your dining set. This aluminum material is very lightweight in nature. You will never regret investing money on this outdoor furniture.

Chic White Wicker Dining Chairs Idea That Are Just Beyond Gorgeous

Dining chairs are generally put in social spaces where people get together to share a meal and conversation. Not to mention that by choosing the right dining chairs, you can make quite a statement in your dining area. If your dining room chairs are in need of an upgrade, white wicker dining chairs are one of the best alternatives to choose. Placing dining chairs outside the door is a good option, too.

White wicker dining chairs—made of a high quality, durable material that is designed for indoor outdoor dining spaces— is attractive and will last for years and years. There are many different styles of wicker dining chairs, and hopefully this list of idea would have helped you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

Go one step ahead with this beautiful and gorgeous-looking white wicker dining room chairs, almost works of art in itself. Featured with thick cushions, this wicker chair will make eating outdoors a way more enjoyable.

Keep the traditional soul of your dining room while injecting some touches of modernity with this idea. With a blend of rustic features and contemporary lines, this white wicker is perfect to welcome friends and family to a nice meal.

Definitely sturdy with pretty pattern, its artisan textiles makes the chair feeling organic. These comfy wicker chairs in coastal dining area is for family or with friends to relax and enjoy.

These wicker outdoor dining chairs with arms give off a clean, modern style with their sleek smooth lines and attractive shape. They look particularly stunning in white.

These white wicker dining room chairs are the fixtures to go to if you love contemporary design, have a deep dining room color scheme, or are looking for a standout statement dining room chairs.

Give a shot to these gorgeous wicker chairs that feature a curved back and curved arms. The sloping shape is very comfortable and the style is homey but sophisticated.

It is important that your wicker dining room chairs matches the interior of your dining room and is adapted to your personal style. These wicker chairs has kept its simplicity and authenticity but feels modern to ensure it is both livable and functional.

These wicker chairs idea have a simple design that can skew your dining area. This idea proves that a sleek, white-inspired tone is a very chic color choice for outdoor wicker dining chairs.

Having a set of white wicker chairs with cushions in your dining room allows you to offer your guests comfortable and attractive seating.

You will love this wicker dining chair idea for its vintage beauty that adds style and comfort. A perfect fit to sit on for family meals or a coffee and the Sunday papers.

Relax Outside with These Freestanding Patio Umbrella

Summer days, it means time when you get overexposure from the sun. But don’t worry, you can enjoy and relax in your backyard with a freestanding patio umbrella. A patio umbrella provides the best protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and they help keep you cool on summer days.

Patio umbrellas come in a variety of colors and styles sure to suit any outdoor space. You need to consider how much room you have for a fully extended umbrella, as well as the size of your patio table or space to be shaded. Here are some ideas for freestanding patio umbrella to make outdoor living more comfortable and stylish.

Round Patio Umbrella

If you’re into a unique design, this patio umbrella is perfect for you. The tasseled fringe looks charming with any patio furniture, providing you with a fun and eclectic outdoor living space. You can enjoy reading your favorite books with your lovely ones under this comfortable patio umbrella. This round shape of patio umbrella is suitable for small outdoor area since it doesn’t take so much room.

Rectangle Patio Umbrella

If you have a large outdoor sitting area, this rectangular shape of patio umbrella is much perfect for you. The large size of the patio umbrella is strong enough to stay put and provide excellent protection from the sun. This nice patio umbrella can make you stay comfortable while chatting at the table or enjoying some backyard barbecue.

Octagon Patio Umbrella

Here is another shape of patio umbrella that is perfect for your large outdoor area, an octagon shape. The maroon color gives off the vibe of comfort and warmth, which can make you relax. This beautiful patio umbrella can turn your backyard into a weekend getaway and is something your whole family will appreciate when they want to relax.

Square Patio Umbrella

While enjoying your swimming time, you catch some shade in style with this square patio umbrella. You can pair it with any patio furniture to create a fun and eclectic outdoor living space. Enjoy your time by sit and chat, drink lemonade or feast on backyard barbecue delicacies under this nice patio umbrella. You’ll also enjoy the idea of spending your quality time with family.

Patio Umbrella with LED Lights

Last but not least, patio umbrella with LED lights for you who looks for an extraordinary patio umbrella. This umbrella features battery-operated LED lights for a bit of festive sparkle for night time entertaining. It will not only protect you from the sun in the days but also will give you a great ambience in the night. This pretty umbrella is also perfect for backyard summer dinner with your loved ones.

What You Wish To Know About Outdoor Post Lighting Before Installing Them

Keeping your back and front yard well lit is something you need to consider, as this part of your home can get very dangerous when it is not well lit. Insufficient light in your yard can cause someone to stumble on a rock or plants or stairs. Also, the lack of lighting can leave your yard looking quite scary. Outdoor post lighting or lamppost is a great way to illuminates your back or front yard. As it has its own post so you can practically put them anywhere on your garden that you think needs some illumination. So if you’re thinking of getting one in your yard, here are the guides on picking outdoor post lighting.

The electrical concerns

Before getting outdoor post lighting or any kind of outdoor lighting, you need to first make sure that it is outdoor-rated or weather-proof fixtures so you don’t risk getting short circuits or even worse, electrocuted. Starting from the fixtures, the cords, up to the bulb and the receptacles, everything needs to be outdoor-rated or weather-proof.


Installing a lamp post is not an easy task. You need to dig the hole, set up a base with PVC conduit and set up the electrical works. Sure you can do it on your own during the weekend or so. But there is a lot that you need to learn and understand. So if you don’t really mind the money, it is better to hire a professional to install lamp posts.


Your garden needs to have a cohesive theme with the whole house. So, of course, you need to pick a lamp post that suits the overall style of your home to create that cohesive feeling. If your home design is quite rustic or vintage, you may want to use a lamp post with a rustic finish. But if your home has a modern futuristic design, choose your lamp post accordingly.

Go solar

Even though you can do all the electrical work and get your outdoor post lighting to run with the electricity from your home, but going solar can offer you several benefits. It will make your installation process easier as you don’t have to roll out cords. Also, it can save up your energy usage in the long run.

Some Inspiring Ideas on Ideal Small Driveway

Driveway is not just the brief interlude between house and curb. It can be a decorative feature that compliments your home’s design. Driveway can be your own signature invitation, not than just a necessary landscaping implement. The perfect driveway could be your chance to make the introduction your home deserves, in the manner that suits everything–from your budget to personal taste. Are you considering a new driveway? Or do you want give your driveway its own transformative upgrade? Here are some welcoming driveway ideas that you may put interested in, which will set the tone for the rest of your home later.

Any driveway with creative design is an opportunity to make a stunning statement. If your home require ornate driveway with curves and detail, the shapes below are the most common for modern driveways.

Those needing an extra punch of green can consider installing some wood planks to your grassy patio which bring natural ambiance to your driveway. Accentuate it with white pebbles to create a distinctive borderline that separates the patio and the green grass.

Adding lighting along the driveway side will provide an amiable look to your front yard. It can soothe everyone who passes it and they will be mesmerized by it eventually.

Welcoming brick driveway with cobble layouts will add more character to your home. Permeable paving bricks will not only reduce run-off, but also embellish your driveway through their colors to avoid monotonous look.

Maintenance on pavers is typically also lower than poured concrete and asphalt. If oil drips or some other kind of irreparable stain occurs, pavers can be popped out and replaced individually.

Minimalist home with modern design may look best with a simple, straight driveway that look like natural stone without constant sealing and flaking. Opting for a straight driveway provides a nice line of vision that directs focus to the front of the home.

Jazz up your old poured concrete driveway by making additional expansion and add container plants in the side of driveway. Your driveway is a chance to spruce up your home’s curb appeal and make your daily entrance an experience to savor.

Opting for having a driveway that built to last but look brand, new year in and year out. The one that using material reinforcements designed to withstand the harshest weather increments and daily car traffic.

Take your driveway to the next level by designing your driveway as attractive as possible with mix and match color and types of concrete pavers to create decorative borders and patterns within.

A small driveway with unique inlaid cement lattice patter can make a dramatic first impression while boosting curb appeal, which also raises the value of your home.


Best Material Options for Your Raised Garden Bed Frame

Aside from aesthetic purpose, raised garden bed is actually quite a practical solution to numerous garden problems. From poor to no soil, poor drainage, erosion and soil compaction, a raised garden bed can provide an answer. Therefore, homeowners that dream of having their own garden may consider getting them. It is also typically easy to DIY as well. But before you go make your own raised garden bed, you may want to check the materials for a raised garden bed frame, as each material have their own pros and cons that you may want to consider.


Wood is a great raised garden bed frame material. It is easy to install, easy to get, looks really nice, blends really well with the garden, and very cheap. All these qualities make wood the most common material for raised garden bed. However, wood won’t last forever as it will rot and decay at some point so you will have to replace them. But it shouldn’t be a big deal since untreated wood itself can last up to 10 years and treated wood can last even longer.


The second most common material for raised garden bed frame is concrete. Once it looks very basic and uninteresting, but lately, concrete is being perceived as chic and trendy. The basic look makes concrete blend easily to its surroundings and can even be used for a lot of styles. Unlike wood, concrete can last forever so you don’t have to change them indefinitely. But concrete is not very easy to install so you may want to hire a professional help and it may cost you quite a lot.


Rock is an easy material to work with if you’re a DIY kind of person. You can easily make shapes and move them around, so rock has a lot of flexibility to it. However, as it is easily built and stacked, it is also a non-permanent construction.


Although steel can look very artistic and beautiful, this material is not one that you can handle yourself. You have to hire a professional for steel raised garden bed installation. It is also not cheap and has several downsides such as it may warm your soil and kill your thermal sensitive plants, or it may develop corrosion when you live near the ocean.

There are many other raised garden bed frame materials that you can look up in stores. However, you have to first understand each material’s pros and cons before deciding on one.