Wire Shelving Units Usage Ideas for Kitchen

What comes to your mind about wire shelves? You find them in stores, garages, or basements. There, wire shelves look so dull that you won’t even pay attention to its beauty. Wire shelving units may not look quite presentable as they always have simple and monotonous design. In fact, this kind of shelves is not about look; it’s all about usage. Wire shelving units are very strong and functional. You may think of putting one or two in your kitchen or pantries, or even your dining room and other corners in your home. Below are some storage and organization ideas for wire shelves:

Because they are made of metal, wire shelving units are so strong that you can put heavy appliance like microwave or stand mixer. You can also put boxes in it to help you organize things like dishes and groceries.

Wire shelving units are usually designed without any blocks or door. It means the light will always come through and you’ll see everything you put inside your wire rack, even if you stack so many things in it. The idea is to store the bigger and heavier stuffs in the lower levels and put smaller and lighter things as you go up. Also, as mentioned before, you can use boxes and tags or labels to categorize your items. Plus, you can also organize things in your wire rack based on frequency of use. You may want items that you use the most to be handy.

Wire shelves can also be nice decorative furniture for your room. As it is usually painted metallic, it will complement your white wall, white ceramic ware, and stainless steel kitchen utensils.

How about the space? How if we have small kitchen and pantries with lots of big furniture in it already? Don’t worry. There are wire racks in various sizes. Some of them don’t take too much space. Putting small and slim-looking wire shelf won’t make your kitchen/pantries look cramped.

While wire shelves come in different sizes, even the spaces between each shelf are different. One wire shelving units may have larger shelves and narrower ones. The question is can we store bottles in our wire rack? Of course, you can! If they don’t fit in standing, you can always lay them down. Fancy! Also, because wire shelf is made of wires, there are spaces and hollows everywhere. You can attach some S-hooks to hang your cooking utensils like pots and pans.