Choose These Small Pendant Lights To Make Your Space Look Spacious

Lighting is an essential part for your spaces that if selected properly, better lighting can give your small space an impression that will make it feel larger than its actual size. Small pendant lights is one of the best lighting solutions and designs that can save space in your room and give your room the illusion of feeling bigger and airy.

Pendant lights provides a very soothing effect that can give your bedroom, kitchen area or even bathroom a modern look with its sleek shapes and finishes. Now take a look at our small pendant lights ideas compilation that can definitely help you pick the one that will visually extend your small space.

If you want to add an eye-catching lighting fixture in your living room, you need these statement small pendants with clean and minimal design.

Hanging small pendant lights in your kitchen not only has aesthetic impact, but its perfect lighting can also make your cooking routine much easier.

If you use a lot of color as your living room decoration, try to add contrast with white nickel pendants that are neutral without making your space looking boring or cheap.

Never underestimate the role of pendant lighting in your bathroom. This mini fixture can add a statement and brighten up your bathroom without costing you a fortune.
The pops of yellow that coming out of these small modern led pendant lights can wake up your warm space.

These small pendant lights will draw the eye up and down, emphasizing the room’s height and brighten up the space while keep it feeling modern.

If you want to update your existing bathroom design without shelling out serious money, consider adding these elegant and classy small pendant lights to enhance your bathroom decor.

Balance rustic and modern with these industrial small pendants lights that will help to ground your plain breakfast nook.

Try a long pendant hanging from the ceiling for your bedside lighting that will make a statement to your room.

You’ll probably want to go for matching small pendant lights, neutral lampshades for your bedroom with its simplistic furnishing to give it more space and air.

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