Chrome Bathroom Lighting, For a Classy and Elegant Bathing Experience

Bathroom always have a special position in our heart. Not only it is the place where we pamper ourselves with a good hot bath after a long and tiring day, bathroom is also the only room in our house where we are encouraged to lock ourselves in for a while. Hence, it makes perfect sense if we want to put extra attention and energy to give our bathroom a more comfortable and luxurious design.

One of the easiest way to make our bathroom feels luxurious and comfortable, is to put the right lighting in it. One of the best choices to put in your bathroom for a more luxurious feeling would be chrome bathroom lighting. Yet before you jump right in and buy yourself new chrome bathroom lighting, you need to know how to light your bathroom properly.

Bathroom lightings are important

Some bathrooms are lucky enough to have a window or a skylight so natural light can brighten them up during the day. But other bathrooms are not lucky enough, and therefore needs extra lighting to keep the room from being too dark. There are several places and ways you can install a chrome bathroom light fixtures. With the right positions and amount, your bathroom will feel so comfortable and elegant that you don’t even want to leave. So here are the kinds of chrome lightings you surely need to have in your bathroom.

Task Lighting is a must!

Task lighting is non-movable light fixtures that are installed to light a specific task, or things. In a bathroom, you need to have a task lighting to properly light yourself in front of the bathroom vanity’s mirror. You wouldn’t want to rely solely on an overhead light, since this kind of light will create a shadow under your eye and on your neck. Therefore, you need task lightings on two sides of your mirror. And make sure your task lighting is not too bright that it will make you hard to look at your own reflection. Also, never install task lightings above your head, or above the mirror, as this will create an unflattering light on your face when you look into the mirror. Two sconces chrome bathroom lighting would be perfect for task lighting.

Decorative lighting because your bathroom is a piece of art

Chromatic bathroom lighting on its own is a beautiful thing. The chromatic finish will instantly give a fancy and elegant look to your bathroom. But more than that, a chrome bathroom light fixture can also act as a decorative lighting.

Despite the name, decorative lightings are not only used for decorative purposes. This lightings will be the main source of your bathroom light. You can put a beautiful pendant chrome bathroom lighting on your ceiling to create a classy look.

Ambient Light to set up the mood

You already have task lights on the side of your mirror, and you also have installed a pendant decorative light fixture on your ceiling. You think you’ve had it all? Nope. You need one more kind of lighting: Ambient light. This lighting will set up the ambience of your bathroom. If you’re a big fan of a good hot bath after work, ambient light play an important role in your bathroom. Usually, you can put several small chrome bathroom lighting on the ceiling, or a pendant light fixture with a translucent shade can do the same job just as well.

Overall, putting chrome bathroom lighting is a good option for giving your bathroom that elegant and luxurious feels, especially if it matches the bathroom theme. The chrome bathroom lighting will also looks well with a geometric patterned tiles or a dark wall.

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