From Types to Installation: Basic Guide to Lights Wall Sconces

As we have probably figured out, one of the oldest forms of lighting devices is a torch. Our ancestor use burning sticks to provide them with light as they venture the wood or the cave. But holding a torch all the time can be quite tiring and prohibit them from doing something with both hands. Therefore, they wedge it into the cave wall. And there we got the oldest form of light fixtures: Sconce wall.

This lighting fixture has been around for so long, and we have seen it everywhere. So it only makes sense to have them in our house as well. But if you’re not familiar with lights wall sconces, here’s the basic guide.


Wall sconces can be put everywhere, as long as you have a wall to hang it in. But typically lights wall sconces are put in a corridor to light up the way, in the bedroom as a bedside lamp, in the bathroom as a vanity lamp, or in the foyer to light the table where we put our keys. The point is, wall sconces can be put anywhere according to your need and creativity.


So, what are wall sconces for? This lighting fixture provides many functions. The most popular is to serve as a task light. It lights specific task or a specific place that needs to be well-lit like the vanity’s mirror, or the corridor. But wall sconces can also serve as ambience light to set up the mood in your patio or in your bedroom.


Wall sconces come in many varieties. According to the electrical mechanism, there are plug-in wall sconces, hard-wired wall sconces, battery operated wall sconces, and solar powered wall sconces. Each and every type has its own ups and downs. You can adjust which one to get according to your room set up.


Wall sconces installation is quite simple depending on the types. All you need is to drill a hole on your wall and use screws to secure your wall sconces. The electrical wiring depends largely on the type of sconces. If you use battery operated or solar powered wall sconces, you don’t need to be bothered by the electrical works. But if you’re using a plugin or hardwired sconces, you may need to do some electrical works.

There you have your basic guide on lights wall sconces. But there are many other things to learn about this oldest type of lighting fixtures. So if you’re thinking of getting one, you may want to do more extensive research on this fixture.

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