Functional Home Office Design Ideas You Will Love

Designing or remodelling home office is actually quite exciting. It refreshes the room and at the same time boosts our mood and energy to work. There are so many ideas you can apply to your home office, but not all of them actually functional or even practical. Instead of putting too much decoration or stuff that we thought can be necessary but turns out unused at all, we may need to sort those office design ideas first and stick to the ones that are actually functional. So here are some functional design ideas you may want to consider.

Play with board

You can use a chalkboard, whiteboard, or even corkboard. These boards will help you while brainstorming by providing a blank space to write or draw your ideas and thoughts. And of course, you can play around with boards as well. Maybe cover the entire wall with chalkboard so you can draw big mural or write long equation you need to solve. Use your creativity and play around with boards!

Facing the window

Placing your desk facing the window can give a lot of benefits for you. Not only the scenery will keep you refreshed, but it will also provide you with necessary natural light. A large window will be especially necessary if you work as a photographer or just love taking photos, the desk can double as a mini studio with natural light.

Replace table lamp with wall sconces

Table lamp may be the staple of any office desk, but you can always take another route. Wall sconces can provide a better alternative since it will free up more space on the table. You can choose the arm swing wall sconces model and you will have the freedom to move them any way you like.

Choose a bright yet soft colour

When choosing the wall colour for your home office, bright soft colour may be the best option. Because this colour will keep you refreshed and focus because it will not distract you. Think white, beige,  sky blue, or soft grey.

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