Guides and Tips You Need To Note On Stakmore Folding Chairs

Getting folding chairs may sound a bit extra. You already have so much seating space in your house, from sofa to dining chairs and stools. But folding chairs may be a nice addition for emergencies or for a nice family outdoor picnic. One of the most popular folding chairs brands is Stakmore. This furniture company have been around since 1922, producing good quality furniture. Stakmore folding chairs have even invented their own basic folding mechanism and patented them. Up until now, the folding mechanism is still used in Stakmore folding chairs. If you’re considering to get yourself Stakmore folding chairs, here are some things that you need to know.


Just like any other furniture, Stakmore folding chairs also need good maintenance every once in a while. Beside dusting and vacuuming, you also have to check the screws and fix the loose screws. But be careful to not screw them too tight or you will risk stripping the screws. Also, Stakmore Company warns you to lift the folding chair to move them instead of dragging as it will damage the chair.

Things to avoid

Stakmore folding chairs are made of wood, and therefore it can be damaged, chipped, stained, or fade when you don’t take good care of them. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and any heat or cold inducing appliances.

Weight capacity

All of Stakmore furniture has their own weight capacity that you need to understand. However, Stakmore folding chairs mostly have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. This weight capacity needs to be obeyed if you want your folding chairs to last.


All Stakmore folding chairs frame are made of wood. But they have different upholstery material options, which is vinyl and fabric. Both of these materials have different characteristics and maintenance. Vinyl may be easier to handle, but fabric provides more comfort. So there is no better option, everything goes back to the buyer’s preferences and value.

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