Guides on Edison Bulb Chandelier for Dining Room: What You Need to Know

Planning a dining room lighting can feel a little bit overwhelming and fun because you need to understand each fixture, their functions, and how to layer them correctly. There are so many variables at play and you may find yourself wanting to resort to just use one piece ceiling lamp for everything. But to really create a beautifully lit dining room, with nice ambience, you absolutely need to layer the light. The main thing you need to first address when layering dining room light, is the ceiling mounted lamp. This light can make or break your dining room design since ceiling light can be a statement piece to your room.

For homeowners who dig the industrial look, Edison bulb chandelier dining room may be your lamp of choice for its strong vintage and industrial characteristics. But here are the things you need to know about Edison bulb chandelier.

Vintage Edison bulb and a regular incandescent bulb is different

First of all, a vintage Edison bulb and a regular modern incandescent bulb is different. Although they are both incandescent bulb, they have different power, different light results, and different markings. Edison bulb was made with the filament stretched out into a pattern and therefore creates less light than a regular bulb. So when you buy 75 Watt Edison bulb and regular bulb, you will have a lot fewer lumens in Edison bulb.

The composition matters

When hanging Edison bulb chandelier, you need to really consider the composition of the room. Edison bulb works well with simple and uncluttered room design, as it is a statement piece on its own and prone to clash with other pieces. You can also try different chandelier composition by hanging the Edison bulbs at different levels. This can make a really nice warm glow in your room and beautiful romantic ambience.

How to dispose of the bulb

As we all know, disposing of a bulb can’t be done carelessly as it may harm others or even breaking the law. Luckily, Edison bulb, just like any other incandescent bulb can be easily disposed of in your trash bin. Although you need to first wrap them in a box so if the glass breaks it won’t hurt anyone.

The function it serves

As we already know, Edison bulb creates fewer lumens compared to a regular bulb. Therefore, we can’t use Edison bulb as the main lighting in our room. Edison bulb can only serve as an ambient light and decorative light in your dining room. Layering is important in this state because we need proper lighting in our dining room. You can layer with sconces or even another ceiling mounted led to support the Edison bulb chandelier in your dining room.

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