Here are 5 Occasions When You Need to Decorate Your Room with an 8 Foot Round Area Rug

Having a decorative rug in your room can be a really nice touch. It may give your room a unique focal point and a comfortable feeling. But most of us often opt for a square or rectangle rugs and overlook the unusual 8 foot round rug. While that type of rug might be the perfect one for your home. So here are 5 occasions in which you need to choose an 8 foot round rug instead of the square or rectangle ones.

You want to highlight a curved architectural detail

When you have curved walls, it makes more sense to use a round carpet as well. This will highlight your unique architectural details like a curved wall or curved ceiling. And pull the attention to that particular unique feature.

You want to highlight another round object

If you have a round furniture or light fixture in your room, you can highlight them with an 8 foot round rug. Put the rug right under the object, and you’ll have all attention stapled there.

You want to create a separate area

Putting an 8 foot round rug is an effective way to create an illusion of a separate area. As this rug will contrast the usual cornered room and create a special feeling in a certain area, especially if you use a bold coloured rug. Make sure that all the furniture in that distinct area touches the rug to create a cohesive feeling.

You want to make your room feel larger

If you have a small room, an 8 foot round rug can make your room feels larger. Because a circular rug can create a fluid movement in your otherwise cramped and cluttered room. It can also distract people from seeing the limited space in your room.

You want to create a cohesive feeling in your room

Just like when you create a distinct area with a round rug, you can also put it in the centre of the room to create a cohesive feeling. Still, you have to make sure that all the large object in your room touches the rug.

An 8 foot round rug might not be your number one choice to put in your room. But actually, this piece may be the one that can do the trick in your room. So don’t shrug this option off yet, explore your room and see if this unique rug can fit in and give your room a special touch.

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