Here’s Where to Place Your Bathroom Paper Towel Holder

For those of you who have high visual demand, bathroom paper towel holder can be such an eyesore. Your beautiful bathroom design can look a little less perfect because of the ugly rolls hanging on the wall. It may interfere with your clean lines and beautiful patterns. Yet you do need to have that paper towel in your bathroom. Therefore, you need a few tricks up your sleeves to hide your bathroom paper towel holder. Here are some ideas to hide them or at least make them less painful to the eye.

Beside your bathroom vanity

Bathroom paper towel holder is typically installed a few inches above the vanity cabinets by default. But it may not be the best option visually. So why not install the holder a bit lower, beside your vanity? This can hide your paper towel from most angles.

Tuck in your vanity

Go a bit further and tuck your bathroom paper towel holder in the side of your vanity. Utilize this empty space and create a recessed toilet paper holder to give your bathroom a clean and sleek look like hotel’s toilet.

Inside your drawer

The easiest way to hide your bathroom paper towel holder is to install them inside your drawer or vanity cabinet. Your toilet paper will practically be hidden from your sight. But the downside is that it is quite impractical since you have to open your drawer or cabinet first to get them.

The side of your vanity cabinet

Another way to hide the bathroom paper towel holder from your eyesight is to install them on the side of your vanity cabinet. This way, it will be hidden from most angles but still handy and easy to reach.

The bottom of your floating sink

For you who don’t have a vanity cabinet in the bathroom, don’t worry. You can still hide your bathroom paper towel holder by hanging it at the bottom of your floating sink. This is a smart way to keep your toilet paper out of sight yet still reachable.

If the options above are not do-able for you, just get a fancy bathroom paper towel holder, so it is not only handy but it also doubles as a decorative element. There are many fancy holders in stores that you can choose from. So ease your mind and your aesthetic demand, your bathroom isn’t doomed with ugly paper towel holder forever.

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