How to Choose Outdoor Wicker Dining Set for Your Patio

Wicker dining set may be the best option out there for patio dining area. It creates a laid back, comfortable and slightly tropical look for your outdoor dining area. The material is also pretty durable and therefore may last for such a long time even with outdoor exposure, although you surely have to pick the ones with weather-proof quality.

Before you started, you need to first and foremost understand what wicker means. It is a nature-inspired woven material that can be made out of so many things, from the natural rattan to the synthetic ones like resin. So when we talk about wicker, this means any kind of woven furniture.

Without further ado, here are several things you need to understand when choosing outdoor wicker dining set.

Do your research

Before you go to the store or browse around the online marketplace, you need to do your research first on the wicker dining set. Decide whether you want to go with a natural based wicker dining set or the synthetic ones. This decision will largely depend on your value, your budget, and your preferences. So do your research well to understand what is out there and what works for your home and family.


Before you get any outdoor patio furniture, you need to know the measurement of your patio and how many spaces you have left for your furniture. The same goes with wicker dining set. Measure your patio and choose your dining set accordingly. Don’t forget to think about the space left when all the chairs are pulled out.


Wicker dining set came in many different style and sizes. Even though it is nature-inspired, but some wickers are more minimalist, or natural looking than others. So make sure that the wicker you’re going to buy will match the style of your home and patio so it will not look out of place.


It sure is nice to have good looking wicker that matches your style. But have you thought about how it will affect your budget? Some wicker dining set is more expensive than others. So be wary about the price and find yourself the best deal. After all, you will not want to over limit your budget for something that you can skip altogether like outdoor dining set.

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