How to Combine Blue Gray Pillows in Your Living Room

For a lot of homeowners, designing a living room is the most fun part in house remodelling. The living room is the most crucial part that represents the whole design. By making a strong living room, your home will leave a strong impression on your guest and define the house’s characteristic. But designing your own living room feels a lot like playing dress up. It sends a message of who you are and your style preferences to your guests.

Using elegant colour like blue and gray may be a great move for homeowners who want to instil calm and tranquillity in their living room. But if you’re not sure on how to mix the two shades together, using blue gray pillow can be your start. Here are some ideas and inspirations that you can use.

Use pattern

Blue gray pillows with solid colour may look too intimidating for your living room. Therefore, choosing patterned blue gray pillows may create a more welcoming ambience for your guests. Not to mention, the patterned pillow has a casual feeling to it so your guests will feel more at ease.

Create a colour balance

The key to working with a solid blue gray pillow is to create a colour balance between the two. You can do this by pairing blue gray pillows with different colour depth. This will add dimension to your living room and balance the whole look.

Add warmth

Using blue gray pillow only can make your sofa feels a bit too cold. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to add some warmth to the palette. You can use a warm coloured rug or wooden floor to balance out the cool tone.

Use natural colour

If you’re not sure what kind of blue gray colour you should use, try to look to nature. Using the colour present in nature, like blue sky and gray pebble can create a harmonious look.

After all, choosing what colour is right for your living room really depends on your preferences. So ask yourself again, what kind of blue gray pillows that you want.

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