How to Get Your Traditional Chandeliers for Dining Rooms Right

When it comes to dining room lighting plan, we will be faced with a lot of options and it may feel overwhelming. The best way to deal with these abundant options is by tackling it one by one. Let’s start off with ceiling mounted lights, what kind of fixture do you want? The classic and most popular one is traditional crystal chandelier. It will grace your dining room with such a classy and elegant ambience.

However, traditional chandeliers for dining rooms need to be well thought out. So before you choose and hang traditional chandelier for your dining room, you may want to figure these aspects first.


To get the perfect traditional chandeliers for dining rooms, you have to first know the measurement of your room and your dining table so you can decide how big your chandelier should be. As a rule of thumb, you may want to keep your chandelier width to be around half or two-thirds of the dining table’s width.


The dining room and dining table measurement will be an important factor to decide how high you should hang the chandelier as well. Typically, traditional chandeliers for dining rooms are hanged around 28 to 34 inches above the dining table. But you have to adjust them to create the right balance in your dining room.


When you already have the perfect traditional chandeliers for dining rooms, the next thing you need to consider is where to place them. You may be tempted to hang your chandelier right in the centre of your dining room. But this is not a good move since you will make the room look weird and scattered. You may want to keep the chandelier at the centre on your dining table, so it creates a good focal point and highlight the room’s function.


Remember, the chandelier is not the only light source in your room. And you don’t have to use them as the main source of lighting in your room. You can use the chandelier for other functions, such as ambient light, task light, or accent light. Know the function you want to assign to the chandelier, and create a good lighting plan to balance out your dining room.

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