How to Set Up Mini Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island: A Simple Guide

Kitchen Island is a great addition that every kitchen needs to have. It gives extra storage and working surface on your kitchen. Furthermore, a kitchen island can replace the function of the dining table in small apartments or houses. Pair them with stools and the right lighting, and you will have a great place to hang around with your loved ones.

Good lighting is paramount to a kitchen island. As this piece of furniture can be used for various kinds of activities, keeping it well-lit is a logical thing to do. One of the most common ways to light your kitchen island is by using mini pendant lights. Here are the guides on setting up mini pendant lights for kitchen island.

What is the lighting for?

You need to decide the function you desire from the mini pendant lights. Whether you want it to serve as task lighting to help you with cooking or washing in the kitchen island, or you want to keep it as ambience lighting. When you already know what you want exactly from mini pendant lights in your kitchen island, it will be easier for you to choose the right fit and set it up on your kitchen.

The height

Notice that mini pendant lights need to be hanged on a certain height so it can provide good lighting for your kitchen island. But to find the right height, you need to first measure your kitchen island and your ceiling. Typically, mini pendant light needs to be hung 30 to 36 inches above the kitchen island. But you can adjust them to your liking. Just make sure that you don’t hang them too high that the light bulbs are visible, or too low that it may interfere with the activities below.

The style

Consider the style of your mini pendant lighting for kitchen island, whether it is cohesive with the rest of the room or not. You want your mini pendant lighting to look nice but don’t overwhelm your kitchen. Choose the same finish for your mini pendant lights as the other fixtures to create that cohesive feeling.

The maintenance

Having mini pendant lights in the kitchen, even though it is very common, but it is actually rather hard to maintain. Just like the other fixtures in your kitchen, mini pendant lights are prone to grime and dirt from all the cooking grease and dust. Therefore, you need to clean them routinely every couple of weeks.

After all, mini pendant lights are a good choice for a kitchen island, as it will provide nice lighting yet it won’t disturb the balance of your kitchen. It will also look nice as a decorative accent. Just make sure you follow the guides above to find the right pendant lighting for your kitchen island.

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