How to Style White Round Pedestal Dining Table, Stunning Yet Classic!

White round pedestal dining table may be a classic piece that you feel rather uneasy about. This dining table has such a distinct look and it is quite hard to make it work with the surroundings. Even though it has a neutral colour, but when you mismatch it, the dining room can look a bit washed out and off-kilter. The round shape can also look weird and out of place with the surroundings. Yet if you can style them properly and create a good balance of design, you may not have to throw your white round pedestal dining table away and make it work in your favour. So here are a few tips on how to style a white round pedestal dining table.

Shabby Chic

If you’re into shabby chic style, white round pedestal dining table is your holy grail and it may not bother you a bit on how to style them. You can easily match it with pastel colour and cute pattern to create a cute and romantic look to your dining room. Don’t forget to put some vase and flowers just to accentuate that romantic vibe. But don’t go too sweet, as your dining room may look like an old lady weaving station instead.

Keep it minimal

So, shabby chic is not your style, and you’re dying just to get that flowery imagery out of your head. It’s okay, you can always keep things minimal. Try monochromatic look and pair your white round pedestal dining table with black or grey square dining set. This will balance the already embedded sweet look of white round pedestal dining table and give it a touch of masculinity.

Use contrasting colour

If you’re just not so into the monochromatic look but still resent the idea of using pastel and flowery pattern for your white round pedestal dining table, try to use bold contrasting colour instead like blue or red. This will send your neutral coloured white round pedestal dining table to the back and make your bold accessories pop instead.

Different colour tops

It never hurts to modify your white round pedestal dining table a bit. Try changing the tops or repaint them in different contrasting colour like black or dark brown. This will push the sweetness back a bit and keep your dining room looking classy and elegant.

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