How to Style Your Living Room with Leather Sofas and Loveseats

Working with classic furniture like leather is quite tricky. Although it is true that classic leather sofas and loveseats can be paired with so many things, but if you carelessly style them, you might waste their true potential. Expensive leather sofas and loveseats will seem lifeless and cheap if you don’t know how to style them properly. To avoid that nightmare, here are several ways you can style and pair your leather sofas and loveseats. Take notes that in the end, everything goes back to your creativity and aesthetic taste, but this may give you inspirations.

Exotic rug

Leather sofas and loveseats will look absolutely gorgeous and classy when paired with an exotic or ethnic rug. You can use Moroccan rug that goes well with everything, or kilim rug, or even a low-pile rug with exotic patterns. Be creative with your rug, since your sofas have no pattern, you have more freedom to play with a patterned rug.

Light neutral or rich bold colours

There are two ways that you can enhance the look of your leather sofas and loveseats. The first one is by using light neutral colours such as warm ivory, beige, cream, or white. These neutral colours will soften the look of your leather sofas and lighten up the whole room. The second is by using rich bold colours like a blue peacock or deep grey to create a classy and elegant look of your leather sofas, and the whole living room.

A touch of wood

Nothing goes better with leather sofas and loveseats than wooden furniture. Wooden coffee table or bookshelf will give your room a more natural feeling. It will also create a warmer look so your guests or family feel more welcomed.

Bright pillows

Leather sofas and loveseats typically come with natural or soft colours. Pair them with bright patterned pillows to lighten up the mood of your living room. You can even switch colours seasonally, according to your mood and taste.

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