How to Work White Secretary Desk to Any Room in the House

White secretary desk may not be an addition that homeowners would think of. But it is a classic piece that they may get from their parents or from the previous resident in their house. Even though white secretary desk may look old and antique, but it is actually great furniture to create an office corner in any room you want. It also has a lot of storage space that you can use. However, due to its classic and ancient look, you may find it hard to fit them in a room. So here are some ideas you can use to work your white secretary desk in the room.

Dining room

Having a white secretary desk in the dining room can look really natural, as you can use the storage space to store that antique beautiful dinnerware you’ve been keeping for special occasions. If your white secretary desk has a flat top you can also use them to display things like candlesticks, picture frame, or even use it as extra serving space during a party.


A white secretary desk in your foyer or entryway can provide you with a good storage piece. Not only you can store your keys, but it can also be some sort of custom mail storage. But you need to make sure that it is narrow enough even with the leaf down, that it will not block your entryway traffic.

Living room

If you have a tall white secretary desk with a lot of shelves, you can definitely work them in your living room. Put a lot of decorations on the shelves to avoid making your secretary desk looks like an unnatural addition to your living room.


Sneaking white secretary desk to your bedroom should not be very hard as it can double as a nice dresser as well. However, you may want to choose an upholstered chair with it so it won’t look like an office desk and disturb the peaceful and comfortable look of your bedroom.

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