King Size Platform Bed Frame Ideas for Your Comfortable Bedroom

Having a good bed base is extremely important if you want to enjoy great sleep. It can be an important investment because you spend a third of your life in bed. One of the best bed bases that can you get is a platform bed frame.

Platform beds don’t have springs, so it is very comfortable to sleep. It has a soft mattress that makes you will never want to leave your bed. It has king size which is perfect for you who want a bed to sleep with your lovely ones.

Here are some of king size platform bed frame ideas that surely will make you sleep soundly, comfortably and stylishly.

King Size Platform Bed Frame with Headboard

Headboards not only protect your head from a cold wall but also add a distinctive, personal touch to your space. So, having a king size platform with headboard can be an option if you want to get deeper comfort and stylish look to your bedroom.

King Size Platform Bed Frame with Storage

If you have a small bedroom, a king size platform bed frame with storage will add extra space for your stuff. The great things about storage beds are that although they hold a lot, they are not bulky. It will keep your bedroom organized yet make your bedroom look neat and tidy.

Solid Wood King Size Platform Bed Frame

If you wanted more rustic or cottage styles, you can choose a wood bed frame. A platform bed uses slats or a solid piece of wood to support the mattress. Wood is one of the best materials for a bed and it guarantees the quality and durability of your bed.

Metal King Size Platform Bed Frame

A king platform bed made from metal is a strong material type that will blend well with modern or industrial themes. It provides a level surface and stabilizes your bed. The sturdy and sleek design makes it a perfect way to make a statement in your bedroom.

Low-Profile King-Size Platform Bed Frame

Platform beds with low profiles will instantly make your bedroom look minimalist and modern. The low-profile design will encourage rest and relaxation. Moreover, low-profile platform bed works well in a bedroom with a low ceiling, because it doesn’t need a box spring. It will make your bed looks cozy, smart, and stylish.


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